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Roster of Bean’s Rangers

Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma

August 25 – October 31, 1832



From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 24, No. 1 1979

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White


From Appendix II – of Western Journals of Washington Irving; Edited and Annotated by John Francis McDermott; Published by University of Oklahoma Press, 1944.  Reprinted here by permission.  Submitted by Mrs. Joyce A. Rex.


“Act of Congress approved June 15, 1832, authorized the President to raise a battalion of 600 mounted rangers to serve on the frontiers.”  Rangers were to be “Active men, under 40 years of age, capable of enduring all the fatigues of arduous service.”  The following list from the National Archives was made from the first muster rolls at Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.  Most of the men were enlisted by Jesse Bean from his own Batesville, Independence Co., Arkansas area.  Possibly many were future Oklahomans.





Jesse Bean, Capt.               

Joseph Pentecost, 1st Lt.     

Robert King, 2nd Lt.

George Caldwell, 3rd Lt.                    


John W. Patrick, 1st Corp.

Annanias Erwin, 2nd Corp.

James Elms, 3rd Corps.

Jarrett Wayland, 4th Corp.

John England, 5th Corp.


Edward W. Scruggs, 1st Sgt. 

Robert A. Gibson, 2nd Sgt.

Morfet E. Trimble, 3rd Sgt.

Isaac Bean, 4th Sgt.

Furgus S. Morrison, 5th Sgt.





Elijah G. Shrum, Musician

Alexander C. Childers, Musician





Aikin, Eli V.

Allen, Washington

Archer, Andrew B.

Alston, James

Allen, Westly

Bennett, James H.

Barr, James

Baird, Benjamin

Brounts, Joshua

Bayles, Caleb

Compton, John B.

Clements, Jeremiah C.

Caldwell, James

Caldwell, Abiram

Dupuy, David

Davis, Abner

Dudley, William

Darter, Hezekiah

Davis, Johnson

Dennis, John

Dillard, John

Elms, Garrett

Elms, David M.

Fulbright, William

Gill, Addison

Guist, Isaac

Griggs, Samuel

Garner, John C.

Hammon, John

Hammon, James M.

Hulsey, William B.

Hogan, John W.

Hyles, David

Hyde, Ezekial

Howell, Harvey B.

Ivy, Thomas G.

Johnson, Samuel

Johnson, Marbree

King, Drury

Kister, John (Also spelled Kester.  Died 30 Oct 1832)

Kellet, William

Kavanaugh, John

Litchfield, Samuel

Labass, John

Logan, Massa

Logan, Bennett T.

Lee, John

McClenden, Willis

McKinney, Clark S.

McCloud, Neil

Meacham, James A.

Meacham, Christopher

Murphy, Mark

Markham, Thomas Sr.

Markham, Thomas Jr.

Manson, William

Martin, James

Nipper, Solomon

Newcomb, Thomas

Newman, John

Nelson, Charles

Osburn, James

Oneal, John

Powers, Simmeon

Palmer, David M.

Palmer, King L.

Penter, Martin

Peel, Richard

Peel, John

Peel, William

Pool, Washington

Palmer, John J. (Died 27 Sept 1832)

Price, Jacob

Peryhouse (?), Nelson

Ryan, John

Russell, Samuel

Raney, David J.

Ryan, William

Stokes, James

Shaddon, Lewis

Sawyers, William

Turley, Thomas S.

Tate, William C.

Turney, Isham

Taylor,  Wiley

Vickers, William

Wilson, John S.

Wilson, Absolom

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, Daniel

Wilson, Joseph

Wyatt, Joseph S.

Wilson,  William

Wayland, James

Welborne, Melton

Young, Harvey K.

Zeachsa, Burr H.


Replacements for the two deaths were Dolson Howell and Phillip Howell.  Their origin is not noted.



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