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Tidbits from the OGS Quarterly

Taken from Volume 9, No. 4, December 1964

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



FACT OR FICTION – John3 Cox  (Philip2Isaac1) is said to have married Elizabeth de Carteret born 1653.  Need her ancestors to prove or disprove a report that Elizabeth was the daughter of Mary Stuart, Princess Royal, (daughter of King Charles I of England) by a secret and brief second marriage about 1652 to Sir Phillip de Carteret.  Was this marriage annulled?  Elizabeth said to have been married to Phineas Graves and had a daughter Dorcas Graves who married Philip Cox.  Philip died 1736 near Bound Brook, New Jersey.  Is this marriage of Mary Stuart, Princess Royal, to Sir Phillip de Carteret a historical fact or fiction?  If a fact, what references are available?  If fiction what is the bit of historical truth which brought about the story?  (Name and address of inquirer furnished by the OGS Editor at the request of any one who wishes to reply directly in preference to replying to the OGS Editor.)  [Page 548]



LINEAL AND COLLATERAL RELATIONSHIPS – A lineal blood relationship exists between persons when one individual is directly descended from the other.  Example: you and your parents.  A collateral blood relationship refers to persons who are in different lines of descent from a common ancestor.  Example: you and your brother, uncle, or cousin.  (Daily Oklahoma Information Bureau Column, date unknown but before copyright.)  [Page 548]



BROTHERS AND SISTERS-IN-LAW – When sisters marry, their husbands are not the “brothers-in-law” to each other.  Example:  Rebecca and Rachel, sisters, marry John and William respectively.  John is a brother-in-law to Rachel because she is his wife’s sister, but he is not brother-in-law to William.  (Adopted from suggestion by Mrs. R.J. McCullough.)  [Page 558]



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