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Tidwell Family Bible Records


From the Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 2; June 1980

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White.




Submitted by J.B. Gordon, Moore, Oklahoma. No dates available on publication of the Bible.



K.M. TIDWELL Came to this Country October 18, 1894 and Rented Land from Captain Jackson and Remained Till Dec. 1895 K.M. TIDWELL is a Son of Mansil (?) TIDWELL






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        John Cotton and Lucy Marlow was married August the 15th, A.D. 1824

        Silas M. Grace and Lucy Cotton (late widow of John Cotton) was married March 22nd, A.D. 1837

        W. Jefferson Tidwell and Sallie G. _____ was married Feb 25th, 1897

        James M. Walker died April 1st 1942

        Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Walker ided (sic) Jan. 24-1948

        Charles Edgar Walker died April 17-1960


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        Martin V. Mosely was married to Marthina Grace February the 15th A.D. 1857

        John W. Mosley was married to _____ E. Maloney _____

        Kinny M. Tidwell and Marthina Mosley was married January 2nd, 1867

        Alonzo Alexander Walker was borned Dec. 9 1858

        Mary Elizabeth Mosley was borned Jan. 25, 1861

        Alonzo A. Walker and Mary Elizabeth Mosley were married January 13th, 1876




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        John Cotton was born March A.D. 1792

        Lucy Marlow (Cotton ) was born November the 4th A.D. 1810

        Sarah Cotton was born October the 13th A.D. 1825

        John Cotton, Jr. was born December the 28th A.D. 1828

        Thomas Cotton was born May 26th A.D. 1831

        Elizabeth Cotton was born December the 27th A.D. 1833

        Martin A. Walker was borned August 24 _1877

        James M. Walker was borned Dec 19 _1879

        Cora A. Walker was borned February 25 1882

        Lucy Emma Walker was borned March 10 _ 1885


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        Silas M. Grace was born March the 11th A.D. 1811

        James Grace was born March the 1st 1838

        Marthenia Grace was born April the 27th A.D. 1839?

        Jefferson Grace was born October the 1st A.D. 1841

        Nancy Grace was born August the 28th A.D. 184_

        Manda M. Tidwell was borned February the 3rd 1881

        David P. Tidwell was borned _____

        _____ M Tidwell was borned October _____

        Maggie O. Walker was borned January 3rd 1890

        Charley Edgar Walker was born March 13, 1896





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        M.W. Mosley was borned July 22 (?) A.D. 1835

        Marthenia Mosley was Borned (sic) April the 21, 183_

        Martin V. Mosley and Marthenia Grace was married February the 15 A.D.1857

        John W. Mosley was borned January the 8th A.D. 1839

        Parsala/Parsada E. Mosley was borned April 13th, A.D. 1843

        John A Tidwell was borned January the 8th A.D. 1839

        _____ B. _____ Tidwell was born January the 9th _____

        Martin _____ Walker was borned August the _____, _____

        Lukes _____ was borned October the 22nd _____


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        Lucy Emaline Mosley was borned March the 26th, A.D. 1858?

        Mary Elizabeth Mosley was born the 25 January 1861

        Mary Caroline Mosley was born December the 28 A.D. 1863

        Emma M. Tidwell was borned January 12th 1869

        Nancy J. Tidwell was borned March the 2nd 1870?

        W.J. Tidwell was born January the 11 __ 1874





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        John Cotton departed this life January the 22 A.D. 1837, aged 45 years and 10 months.

        Sarah Cotton departed this life August the 12th A.D. 1828 aged 2 years 9 months and 29 days

        John Cotton departed this life January the 15, 1858

        Elizabeth Cotton departed this life January the 18th 1858

        Thomas Cotton departed this life May the 7, 1857

        Oather Cotton was borned Nov 29, 1893

        Emma Franks died February 26, 1937

        A.A. Walker died 23 March 1930


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        Silas M. Grace departed this life January the 20? th (sic) A.D. 1857

        Lucy Grace, the wife of Silas Grace departed this life January the 11th ? A.D. 1857

        M.V. Mosley departed this life May the 30th 1863 aged 26 years and 10 months and 8 days

        Elizabeth Parsaela/Parsada Mosley departed this life June the 1st A.D. 1864 aged 21 years 1 month and 18 days

        Nancy J. Tidwell Departed this life Sep 16 A.D. 1871?

        Martin A. Walker Departed this life October 22, 1881

        Cora Alice Walker Departed this life May 11, 1887

        William B. Tidwell was Born March 15? - _____

        Sallie G. Tidwell was Born February 2nd, 18__



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