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Muster Roll of 23rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.


Jno. Allison, Captain

A.C. Gould, Colonel

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Vol.9, No. 2, June 1964

Contributed by Dorothy Fry Rowley (Mrs. Spencer Ernest), OGS Member, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Transferred to Electronic form by Jo White


Original of this Muster Roll is in possession of Lucy Bedford Mullins Young (Mrs. W.H.), Columbus, Texas, daughter of ** M.J. Mullins.  Captain Allison gave it  to another daughter, Lou Mullins Rowley (Mrs. Spencer Ellsworth) in the presence of her niece, Pearl VanDyke Smith (Mrs. Irby) about 1912 – probably at the Mullins family home near Clarksville, Texas.  This copy made Oct. 7, 1962 by Dorothy Fry Rowley (Mrs. Spencer Ernest) with known errors in spelling on the original uncorrected.  Where the handwriting was illegible it was underscored or questioned (?) on this copy.

In 1963 a notebook of Lou Mullins Rowley was found with the following information source unknown:

·        23rd Tex. Cavalry was organized May 1, 1862, at Coleman Springs.  M.J. Mullins 3rd Lieut. Oct. 24, 1862, took Jones’ place who resigned.  Col. N.C. Gould of Ky. K.B. De Bray French General – Velasco on Brazos.  Going to Albert S. Johnson and was killed, also Gould  was killed there. – Was organized for east Miss. But Gould took them to Brazos. – Louisiana campaign in middle of April and ended May 18, 1864.  Matagorda, Tex., April 10, 1862.  – First fight at Blairs’ Landing, La., down Red River, fighting (every) day from B.L. to Sim’s Port at Yellow Bayou at Monroeville April 17, - 18 of June 1862 to 24 of May 1865. – Campaign ended at Yellow Bayou, La. May 18 [Ed.] 1864 – Allison speaking “I fought nearly every day till Sept.  Sent back with a command in Dec. & Lt. Mullins placed as picket at Mrs. Gordon’s ferry on Oylchafalay (pro. Chafalia) River.  Was at Pleasant Hall, Blair’s Landing & ending at Yellow Bayou.  Brigade held at Monroeville until 12 infantry passed.  Major commanded two companies to drive sharp shooters and went 2 miles.  Lt. Mullins right by me all the time.” – Gen. McGuger – Was mustered out at Hempstead, Tex., May 24, 1865 --    Col. Gould was discharged at Richmond, Tex., on Brazos River in March, 1865.  When regiment dismantled the men were sent home in March 1865. – Mustered into service June 24, 1862.  --  John Allison was Capt. Of Company C, & M.J. Mullins Lieutenant




Roll of Co. C, A.C. Gould's Regiment, 23rd Texas Cavalry, C.S.A., May 1st, 1862


































Allison, John

Fulton. J.W. Transf. To Battery 1863

Price, G.W.

Adams, R.E.

Faquhar, David

Phillipps, Chas.

Ames, G.W.

Freeman, C.A. Disch. 1964 Disability

Pugh, Allen

Basham, John - Died in camp 1863

Freeman, R.W.

Rogers, J.S.

Boothe, W.M.

Finley (Finey), A.J.

Robinson, L.

Boothe, J.S.F.

Grigsby, W.C.

Sevier (?), R.W.

Bryant (Bryan), J.E.

Griffis, J.Q.A.

Snell, S.F.

Bryant (Bryan), J.L.M.

Hiler, G.W.

Speagle, W.H.

Bryant, J.A.

Holloway, J.K.P. D. in LA 1864, Clanterville

Sullivan, Ambrose

Bryan, Rufus

Head, J.M. D. at home 1862

Starmer, Geo. A. D. 1863 in Camp

Betsil, T.W. - Died in LA 1864

Head, D.M. D. at Velasco 1863

Smith, S.C.

Baldwin, E.E.

Henderson, A.J. Transf. From Whitfield Legion, 1864

Strange, Ed

Blackburn, Samuel

Steel, Aquila

Blackburn, W.J.

Icenhour, William

Trimble, A.M.

Baker, J.W.

Jones, A.J.

Thompson, H.C.

Bowles, M.R., M.D. - Detailed to practice medicine 1862 in Red River County.

Kilburn, Thos. H.

Watson, F.M.

Kemp, W.D.

Wilson, J.G.

Bagwell, N.R.

Johnson, J.O.

Wilson, Geo. W.

Covington, A.M.

Laboon, John

Walton, H.C.

Calhoun, J.J.

Landreth, J.S.

Woods, O.R.

Chesser, John

Landreth, G.W.

Webster, T.E.

Cole, S.B.

Lowe, James

Ward, J.M.

Coffey, Berry

Leath, J.M.

Ward. Albert. Transf. From Whitfield Legion 1864

Deshong, J.C.

Moore, C.J. D. in camp 1863

Dunagan, W.S.

Marshall, Calvin

Walls. P.D. Transf. From Whitfield Legion 1864

Elam, Geo.

McConnel, S.S.

Eidson, Thos.

McLarrin, L.L.

West, A.J.

Forbs, M.W.

McGill, A.J.

Wilson, H.W.

Finch, Robd (?)

Nicks (or Hicks), R.A. Transf. From De Morse Reg. 1, 1864

Yates, J.B.

Finch, Geo.

Barnwell, James

Finch, Daniel - Died at Keu(n?)chi, LA 1864

Price, Wash. Transf. To McMahans Battery 186

Humphreys, Wm.

Finch, James

Humphreys, Starling

Fisher, J.A. - Trans. To Battery 1863

Price, B.F.





















The Officers of the Company C - 23rd Regt., Texas Cav., Organized May 1, 1862






















Allison, John

2nd Sergt.

Deshong, Jesse (or J.C.?)

1st Lt.

Hiler (or Wiler), G.W.

3rd Sergt.

Speagle, W.W. (or W.H.?)

2nd Lt. (Resigned 1864)

Bagwell, N.R.

4th Sergt.

Bryant (Bryan), J.E. (Corrected)

3rd Lt. (Resigned Oct. 24, 1862)

Jones, A.M. (or J.?)

5th Sergt.

Finch, Geo.

1st Corp.

Bryant (Bryan), J.L.M. (Corrected)

3rd Lt. (In Jones' place, Oct. 24, 1862

Mullins, M.J.**

2nd Corp.

Fisher, J.A. (Successor H.C. Walton 1863)

3rd Corp.

Sullivan, Ambrose

1st Sergt.

Boothe, Wm. (or W.M.?

4th Corp.

Holloway, J.K.P.




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