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Wall-Aldridge-Owens Bible Record


From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 11, Nos. 3 and 4, (For) September & December 1966

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White





·        Abraham Wall was born at City of Stroud, Gloucestershire, England on the 1st day of April 1809.  Elizabeth his wife was born Oct. 8, 1804.

·        Rebecca his wife was born March 18, 1818

·        Hannah Wall was born April 5, 1835 at 10 o’clock at night

·        Emma Wall was born at 11 o’clock p.m. May 28, 1836

·        James Wall was born at 11 o’clock p.m. April 1, 1838

·        Martha D. Wall was born 11 o’clock p.m. Aug. 21, 1839

·        Mary G. Wall was born 11 o’clock p.m. Aug. 21, 1839

·        John Wall was born Oct. 12, 1843

·        William Henry Wall was born March 31, 1849

·        Joseph F. Wall was born June 18, 1850

·        George S. Wall was born Sept. 21, 1851

·        Nancy A. Wall was born Aug. 21, 1853

·        Samuel L. Wall was born April 30, 1855




·        Elizabeth wife of Abraham Wall died August 2, 1846

·        Hannah Wall died Oct. 13, 1837 (when we were on our journey to America)

·        Emma Wall died Nov.  22, 1855

·        Nancy A. Wall died Aug. 2, 1868

·        Rebecca wife of Abraham died

·        James Wall died

·        John Wall died March 24, 1924

·        William Henry Wall died Nov. 27, 1933

·        Abraham Wall died

·        Mary Wall died

·        Martha Wall died

·        Joseph F. Wall died May 7, 1939




·        Abraham Wall and Elizabeth Aldridge were married at Rodborough Church Oct. 2, 1834

·        Abraham Wall and Rebecca Owens were married June 15, 1848

·        William H. Wall & Julia E. Edwards were married Feb. the 29th 1874

·        Samuel L. Wall & Mary J. Taylor were married Dec. the 5th 1878

·        George S. Wall & Martha L. Talboy were married May the 8th 1879

·        J.F. Wall & Emma A. Warner were married Jun the 9th, 1880


The Bible is now owned by Calvin M. Wall, grandson of Abraham.  It was copyrighted 1870; “New illustrated devotional and practical polyglot edition”; and published by the National Publishing Co. and Jones Brothers and Co.  Abraham married Elizabeth Millward by banns, Rodborough Parish Church, Gloucester.  They emigrated to Beaver Co., Penna.  He is one of six known Wall brothers who came to America;  Namely, I Samuel b. 3 Apr. 1801 m (1) Ann Rodmoor, who remained  in Eng., and (2) Abalona Brinker (3) Ann Engle; II William b. 1803 m Elizabeth _____ and had dau. Sarah, b. 1823 Gloucestershire; III George b. 1805-07; IV Abraham (Bible record above); V Nathaniel of the following Bible record; VI John b 1816;  Record contributed by Zora Merrifield Garland, great granddaughter of Samuel born 1801.  Address inquiries about Wall brothers, excluding Nathaniel, to Mrs. Garland, Wall genealogist.



        Wall – Craddock – Kent Bible Record


·        Silas H. Kent died Thursday, April 26th, 1855 aged about 90 years

·        Silas H. Kent was married to Sarah Wall, Sunday, the 4th day of February 1855

·        Nathaniel Wall died July 21st 1850

·        Nathaniel Wall was born August 1st 1811 at 91/2 o’clock

·        Sarah Craddock was born April 9th, 1812

·        Mary Ann Wall was born March 4th, 1836

·        Thomas Wall was born December 10th 1838

·        Sarah Ann Wall born February 25th 1840

·        George R. Wall born April 5th 1844

·        John Edward Wall born January 2nd 1848

·        Lucy Armories (Armoria) Wall b May 7, 1849

·        Mary Ann Wall was married Sept. 25, 1856


This Bible is now owned by Charles E. Wall, Cheyenne, Wyoming, great grandson of Nathaniel Wall and Sarah (Craddock) Wall.  The Bible, dated 1848, is the Polyglot published by Joseph Steen & Co.  and G.H. Salisbury of Brattleboro, Vt.  Nathaniel Wall and Sarah Craddock were married March 29, 1835, by the Vicar, Church of England at Cam, Gloucestershire.  They were then both residents of Cam. 


Sarah (Craddock) Wall married (2) Silas H. Kent.  She died 2 June 1872.  Nathaniel and Sarah came to America in 1836 and lived in Beaver Co., Penna; Lisbon and Steubenville Ohio; near Ottumwa, Iowa; and Sarah died and is buried near Eliott, Iowa.  Her tombstone reads “Sarah Kent.”  Nathaniel Wall and Silas H. Kent are buried near his farm in Wapello Co., Iowa.  Their graves are  not yet located.  Notes added by Dorothy DeWitt Wilkinson, granddaughter of Sarah Ann Wall.



The above lines were typed several months ago.  Information received since then is that the WPA record of Wapello Co. Cemeteries shows Silas Kent d. 1847, aged 55, McElroy Cemetery, Center Twp.; Nathaniel Wall d. 1850 aged 78 years, McElroy Cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa.  Since Nathaniel was born 1 August 1811, his age was 38 years +.  He died intestate.  Probate action was initiated 8 August 1850.  Silas Kent died in 1855.  His age of “about 90” is doubted because he was a freighter driving between Oskaloosa, Iowa (where he was exposed to cholera on his last trip) and Ottumwa, Iowa.  He managed to reach home, which was enroute, and died a day or two later.


The 1847 Iowa State Census shows Nathaniel as age 30-40; the 1850 census shows him as age 39 on enumeration of 21 Oct. 1850 although his estate was already being probated; the 1856 census shows Sarah (Craddock) (Wall) Kent widowed.  These census records support Nathaniel’s age as 38 and Silas Kent’s death in 1855.   And for the beginner – this is an example of resolving discrepancies.


The 1847 Iowa State Census also contains the name of J.M. Craddick age 20-30; 1 female under 10, and 1 female 20-30.  Nothing is known about this Craddick family or if related to Sarah (Craddock) Wall Kent.    Her brothers, Edward C. and Samuel, and sister Anne were emigrants in 1839 from Gloucestershire to Sydney, N.C.W., Australia.


Information in the two paragraphs above is taken from a report compiled by a very fine Iowa professional genealogist. . .



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