Guide to Collections

  I. Web Pages - for Archives/Genealogy
   Northeastern Oklahoma State University Archives
   Tahlequah Genealogy
II. Cherokee County Records - permanent loan to Oklahoma Historical Society
III. Federal Census   *
IV. Cherokee Dawes census cards / Miller applications   ( Miller Roll   * )
V. Card Catalog   *
VI. Aerial Maps of Cherokee County, 1938   *
VII. Cemetery Map   *
   [from OUR PEOPLE AND WHERE THEY REST, volumes 1-10]
VIII. Obituaries   *
   [mainly 1970ís, 1980ís and early 1990ís from local newspapers]
IX. List of Cherokee rolls/indexes held   *
X. List of Recent Acquistions as of April 2004   *
     *  denotes only available for viewing to visitors in the Ballenger Room.