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Books and Film

We are a depository for historical documents, family, county, community, school and church histories that contain names of the people who have lived in the counties of Beckham, Greer, Harmon and Jackson Counties. These counties were in the original OLD GREER COUNTY OF TEXAS

Western Trails Genealogy Society are the holders of this information held at the at the Public Library. If you have any family or genealogical materials, that you would like to donate copies of, please contact one of our officers, at the Western Trails Genealogy Society.

We would like to be a depository for all genealogy material that have no permanent home. We will provide a home for books, newsletters, microfilm, family pictures and family paper collections from estates that people receive and are ready to store in the library.

Oklahoma: The First 100 years, edited by William Zelner. Altus Public Library
Greer County OK Registered voters, 1916-1920; compiled and donated by Jodean Martin
Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776; Donated by Ann Lee Chapter, NSDAR, in memory of Irma L. Bruce
Maryland Revoluntionary Records; Purchased by Altus Public Library
The Ladder of Rivers, The story of I. P. (Print) Olive and the Western Cattle Trails, Donated by Bernice Stephens
A Williamsburg Hornbook - The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock
The Tall Grass Country - History of Blair OK, on loan from Sandy Dillon

Family History Books
Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, Vol. 1:Biographical Sketches, 1880s, From Claudine Dollar
Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, Vol. 5: Biographical Sketches, 1880s, From Claudine Dollar
Twigs and Branches from the Archer - Harper - Henderson - Reeves Family Tree. From Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson in Memory of Mrs. Bula Booker Bessire
The Grider Family from MD, NC, TN, AL, TX and OK - Compiled by Sandy Dillon
Early Settlers of GA - Donated by Ann Lee Chapter NSDAR in Memory of Buford Dollar
A Branch of the Haworth Family - by Faye Roberts Haworth, donated by author
Early Settlers of Cane Hill - Washington Co. AR donated by Terry Montgomery
First Settlers of Tarrant Co. TX -1841-1859, Vol. 1 - donated by Jodean Martin
The Brazell Clan 1787-1984 by Sammye Brazell Cupp, donated in honor of her father, James Hurshell Brazell, Warren Community.

These are just a small portion of the books and family records we have in our WTGS Genealogical Collection.

Microfilm of Records of Old Greer County
These rolls of microfilm deal with records from Old Greer County during the period of 1880-1900. This information is especially useful as there was not a census for this area prior to 1900.

Roll #35 - Court Records 1884-1900. Contains records of inspection animal hides, butcher's records of cattle slaughtered, commissioners court docket and minutes, deed of trust, index to deeds, records of bonds, liquor licenses and marks of brands
Roll #36 - 1888-1898; Notarial bond records, road minutes, county school superintendent records and survey records.
Roll #37 - Appearance dockets, justice dockets for precinct one and two, execution docket index, district court minutes index and civil subpoenas
Roll #38 - Criminal Dockets, motion dockets, foreign sheriffs accounts, grand jury minutes and prisoners register.
Roll #39 - 1888-1905; Criminal records, jail calender, sheriff's accounts, witness accounts, attorney's receipts and scire facias dockets.
Roll #42 - Treasurer records 1877-1906, assessment roll for Altus for 1889, school account register and private papers of various Greer County citizens from 1887-1896.

We also have an extensive library of Census records on microfilm, too numerous to list here.

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NOTICE: Western Trails Genealogy Society grants that this information and data may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material, for personal and genealogical research. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation without written permission of the officers of WTGS