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Microfilm of Records of Old Greer County
These rolls of microfilm deal with records from Old Greer County during the period of 1880-1900. This information is especially useful as there was not a census for this area prior to 1900.

Roll #35 - Court Records 1884-1900. Contains records of inspection animal hides, butcher's records of cattle slaughtered, commissioners court docket and minutes, deed of trust, index to deeds, records of bonds, liquor licenses and marks of brands
Roll #36 - 1888-1898; Notarial bond records, road minutes, county school superintendent records and survey records.
Roll #37 - Appearance dockets, justice dockets for precinct one and two, execution docket index, district court minutes index and civil subpoenas
Roll #38 - Criminal Dockets, motion dockets, foreign sheriffs accounts, grand jury minutes and prisoners register.
Roll #39 - 1888-1905; Criminal records, jail calender, sheriff's accounts, witness accounts, attorney's receipts and scire facias dockets.
Roll #42 - Treasurer records 1877-1906, assessment roll for Altus for 1889, school account register and private papers of various Greer County citizens from 1887-1896.

Other Court Records
Greer County, OK Registered Voters, 1916-1920, compiled and donated by Jodean Martin
1896-1897 Tax Roll, Warren Community, Greer Co. IT
Greer Co. OT, Homestead Patent Records
Greer Co. OT, Deed Books
Greer Co. TX, Taxes, 1881-1886
Greer Co. TX, County Commissioner's Court Docket, 1891
Greer Co. TX, County Commissioner's Court Minutes, 1886

Out of State Legal Records
Republic of Texas Poll Lists, 1846, donated by Anne Lee Chapter, NSDAR, in Memory of Irma L. Bruce
Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages, donated by Anne Lee Chapter, NSDAR, in Memory of Mrs. Charles (Gladys) Weaver
Virginia Marriage Records
Index to Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun, 1837-1850, and Index to Marriages in the Baltimore Sun, 1851-1860, Both compiled by Thomas L. Holowak. Donated by Walt and Mary Brunell
Ellis Co.TX Marriage Records, 1850-1878, by Weldon I. Hudson, donated by Jodean Martin
Alabama Records, Compiled by Pauline Jones Ganrud, Donated by Claudine McCallay Dollar
Vol. 19: Jackson County
Vol. 113: Madison County
Vol. 108: Greene County
Vol. 239: Clarke County
Vol. 52: Sumpter County
Vol. 12: Newspapers, Huntsville Democrat

This is a sampling of the types of records we have in the library.

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