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Western Trails Newsletters

Our Newsletter is published 4 times yearly. These are sent to our members around the country. The Newsletter is also exchanged with other Genealogy Societies. Members may place free queries and may find contacts with others that are searching Old Greer County. These Newsletters contain history of the area, information on our research materials available and stories about our early pioneers. They began in 1988, and we are now mailing____ Newsletters out quarterly.

Table of Contents, Western Trails Newsletters
Volume I, NO. 1 January, 1988
p. 2...Map, Great Western Cattle Trail
p. 3...Great Western or Dodge City Trail
p. 4...Doan's Crossing
p. 7...Abstracts, Obituaries and Marriages
p. 10..Book List

Volume I, NO. 2, May, 1988
p. 12..Computer Genealogy Workshop
p. 12..Warren Centennial
p. 12..Queries
p. 13..Jackson County, OK Map
p. 14..By Gone Days - The Rise and Fall of Frazer
p. 16..Oil Mill For Leger
p. 17..Abstracts, Obituaries and Marriages
p. 19..Help!!!!!!!!!!
p. 20..Acquisitions

Volume I, NO. 3, July, 1988
p. 21..Letter From The Editor
p. 22..Greer County Map - 1890
p. 23..Warren Community History
p. 25..Warren School
p. 25..N. J. McElroy, Unwilling Pioneer
p. 26..First Store
p. 27..Warren Cemetery Report
p. 28..Tax Roll - Warren - 1896-1897
p. 28..Queries
p. 29..Coming Up
p. 30..Acquisitions

Volume I, NO. 4, October, 1988
p. 32..Map: Forts and Military Roads
p. 33-37..The Empire of Old Greer County
p. 38..Queries
p. 39..New on the Shelf
p. 40..Acquisitions

Volume II, NO. 1, January, 1989
p. 2...Oklahoma Overland, by Claudine Dollar
p. 3...Cattle Industry of Texas
p. 3...Commissioner's Court Docket - Greer County, TX
p. 5...Attention! Pocahontas Descendents
p. 6...Queries
p. 7...Abstracts, Marriages and Obituaries
p. 9...Lost Cemetery
p. 9...Pruitt Newsletter
p. 10..Acquisitions

Volume II, NO. 2, May 1989

Volume II, NO. 3, July, 1989
p. 22..Members Provide New Books
p. 23..Commissioner's Court Minutes - 1886
p. 25..Book Reviews
p. 26..Abstracts, Marriages and Obituaries
p. 29..Querie
p. 30..Acquisitions

Volume II, NO. 4, October, 1989
p. 32..Oklahoma Overland
p. 33..Abstracts, Marriages and Obituaries
p. 34..Jackson County Map
p. 35..Jackson County Land Patents
p. 36..Greer County
p. 37..Greer County Deed Book #1
p. 38..Greer County, Texas Tax Records
p. 40..Queries
p. 40..Acquisitions

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