This is the Entrance to the Enterprise Cemetery There used to be an old school here that got destroyed in a tornado back in the 60's. The bell, however, is still standing. This building was erected after the tornado and stands where the school used to be.

Adams, Andrew J
Adams, Betty Lorene
Adams, Mary E
Beebe, W H
Bradshaw, John O. & Dora A.
Bradshaw, John Ivy & Ellie May
Bryant, Pearl
Cannon, Fred L
Cauthen, Infant Son of J. W. Cauthen
Cauthen, John W. & Ola Vada
Cauthen, Mellie
Cauthen, Sidney Arben & Thelma Jean
Channell, Homer Eugene
Channell, Jake R
Daley, Cordie Fee
Daley, George A
Darter Family
Darter, Claude F.
Darter, Hiram R. Jr.
Darter, Hiram R. & Nannie E.
Darter, Mary Blanche
Darter, Rachel V.
Deaton, Donene Tate
Dennis, Opal J.
Dollar, Norwood N.
Dollar, Quinnan D.
Dupre, Bertie Lee
Dupre, Bessie Louise
Eaves, Dorse Annett
Eaves, Earl & Mary Ann
Ellett, Charles H.
Ellett, Henry W
Ellett, Mattie Hammond
Garrison, Frank T. s/o Son of Edgar & Minnie Garrison
Garrison, Carl Wayne s/o Son of Edgar & Minnie Garrison
Garrison, Edgar
Garrison, Minnie d/o Louis & Fannie Walters
Garrison, Vergie Mae, daughter of Minnie and Edgar Garrison
Gary, Alvie B.
Gary, Clifton F.
Gary, Henry (Doc) & Mona
Gary, Henry Glen
Gary, J. L. & Ida
Gary, Roy O.
Gary, Roy O. & Jewel "King"
Goforth, Eli P. & Sophina
Goforth, Irene S.
Goforth, Louesia
Goforth, Mattie
Goforth, William
Harrington, Elmer
Harris, J. D. Jr.
Hudson, Hazel M.
Hudson, Jack
Hudson, Walter & Mary R.
Hudson, Leonard Leeroy
Hurt, Billie
Hurt, Evelyn
Hurt, Francis G.
Hurt, Hamble Roy
Hurt, Henry Irton
Hurt, Infant of LR and ML
Hurt, John Wesley
Hurt, M Lillian
Hurt, Pearl
Hurt, Roy H
Hurt, William C
Iker, Ada
Irving, Melissa M
Jackman, Jackie D
Jackman, Lena E
Jackman, Ronnie
Jackman, William H
Jones, James F
Keeling, David Michael
Kennedy, Andrew L
Kennedy, Elvis L
Kennedy, Fee Lona
Kennedy, Marion Zeb
Livingston, Herman H, Sr
Livingston, Nell Ruth
Lowe, Alton Wayne
Lowe, Carlous A
Lowe, Harden Lewis
Lowe, Idella K
Lowe, May Hammons
M, Ira
Marical, Giles W
Marical, Maud Sayre
McDaniel, Joe Paul son of Ray and Ruth McDaniel
McDaniel, Linda S
McDaniel, Linda Sue
McDaniel, Ted W
McDaniel, Rachel mother of Fanny Walters
McDaniels, Ray
McDaniels, Ruth
McDonald, Robie
McEachern, Bascom C
McEachern, Mary Sue
McEachern, Tennessee
McGaugh, Gavin
McKay, Aaron C
McKay, Alford Clifton
McKay, baby of AC and Stella
McKay, Stella M
McKee, Jack E
McKee, Juanita Tate
McKee, Norma D
Nail, Quinton
Nail, Sheridith Kay
Nail, V Fern
Ogden, Loraine
Ogden, Omer
Perry, Clinton A
Perry, Willie I
Potter, Roy
Potter, Velma
Riley, Cora Mae
Riley, Larry Leon
Riley, Loris L
Robbins, Willy Mae Dollar
Robinson, Bessie
Robinson, Major Pitts
Robinson, Wayne
Rushing, Ivy Roy
Sayre, W E
Shann, Grandmother
Simpson, Bulah Robinson
Sliger, Gaired JG
Sliger, Rosie
Spurlock, Baby
Walters, Grady
Walters, J C
Walters, John W Nephew of Louis Walters
Walters, Leon
Walters, Louis W
Walters, Murldeen
Watson, Martin
Willingham, James E
Willingham, Jessie JW
Willingham, Jessie
Willingham, Ola Bell
Willingham, Willie
Willingham, Eula V
Willingham, George J
Worthy, W W

  State Coordinator
 Marti Graham
27 Oct 2004

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