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Halsey Family Photos

Three generations of the
of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

Photograph taken in 1916.

Andrew McMillan HALSEY and son Andrew Frank HALSEY, with his bride to be, Verna Esther CASE.
(The older woman is not yet identified, but is probably the mother of Verna Esther Case.)

After discussions with Paul Halsey, son of Andrew Frank Halsey and Verna Esther Case, it has been determined that this photo was taken in 1916, probably at an engagement party, prior to the death of Andrew McMillan Halsey on June 12, 1916. Andrew Frank and Verna Esther were married the following year on March 3, 1917.

A close-up of the above photo.

Photograph taken in 1916, after the funeral of A.M. HALSEY.

The nine sons and daughters of Andrew McMillan HALSEY and Susan Frances WYATT.

Seated: Andrew Frank Halsey, Joseph Horn Halsey, Burgess Halsey, John Miller Halsey.
Standing: Beulah Viola Rose [Halsey] Pedigo, Carolina "Nina" Elizabeth [Halsey] Yount, Annie Laurie [Halsey] Jones, Minnie Adella "Addie" [Halsey] Smith, Annie Elizabeth [Halsey] Bell.

Wedding photo of Joseph Horn HALSEY (son
of Andrew McMillan HALSEY) and
Ida Myrtle WILLEY, married April 11, 1905.

These are my grandparents; she was the daughter
of Joseph Malvuren WILLEY and Harriet PHILLIPS,
of Caddo County, Oklahoma.

Ida Myrtle [WILLEY] HALSEY and son
Andrew Raymond HALSEY in 1912.
(Wife and son of Joseph Horn HALSEY.)

Andrew Raymond HALSEY, born
August 2, 1907. In his Boy Scout uniform,
(Son of Joseph Horn HALSEY)

My Uncle Ray, for whom I was named,
lives in Perryton, Texas.

Joseph LeRoy HALSEY, born January 23,
1923, son of Joseph Horn HALSEY and

My dad... 8-)

submitted by LaRae Halsey-Brooks

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