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Standing, left to right:
Joanna Harriett (Jo) McCarty (Willis)
Honora Elizabeth (Nora) McCarty (Renshaw)
Margaret Jane (Maggie) McCarty (Renshaw)
Ellen Maud (Nellie) McCarty (Rose)
Catharine Geneva (Kate) McCarty (Briix)

Seated, left to right:
Teresa May McCarty (Moore)
Catharine Kennedy McCarty
Mary Agnes McCarty (Renshaw)

The date and location of the picture are unknown. However, the picture was probably taken at Lacey or Hennessey, Oklahoma, around 1895. The McCartys homesteaded near Lacey. Teresa, the youngest of the sisters, was born in 1879 and appears to be about 16 years old in the picture. The picture was almost certainly taken before 1900, by which time Teresa had married and moved to Kansas.

submitted by Jim Owens and Marilyn Moore

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