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William H. WALKER

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William H. Walker

b.1844 Greene County, Ohio - d. 1926 Lacey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.
1889 Settler of Lacey Township 19, Range 8 WIM, Section 19, Kingfisher Co, Oklahoma.

Spouse of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wolcott Walker b. 1861 Indiana - d. 1919 Lacey, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

Son-in-law of William Wolcott fellow 1889 Settler of Forest Township 19 North, Range 9 WIM, Section 12, Kingfisher Co., Okla.

Father of Ben Walker, Lacey, Oklahoma pioneer, b. 1885, Kansas - d. 1958 Lacey, Kingfisher Co., Okla.

Great Grandfather of current Kingfisher Co. residents
Paul K. Walker, Lacey, Ok., and Rudolph "Rudy" E. Walker, Hennessey, Ok.


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