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Lovell School History

The early settlers that came to Perth, which is now Lovell, taught their children in homes, with parents taking turns having the children come to their home.  Children went from home to home until the first log cabin was built in 1890.  The first school was taught in a log cabin by Mrs. Cora H. HOAGLAND, which was located just west of the railroad track on the north side of the road.  The log cabin school had desks and benches made from split logs which were placed around teh side of the room.  The teacher used a homemade desk that was in the center of the room.
Some of the first students were Mamie, Maggie and George FRY, Amanda WILLIAMS, and Grace and Effie LOVELL.  There were many others, but names can't be remembered.

The log cabin was replaced by a 24 by 30 feet frame building in 1892 and lasted until around 1905 when it was destroyed by fire.  The building was rebuilt and later two rooms were added.  Enrollment reached 90 pupils and three teachers.  At one time the school had two years of high school.

A contract for a new school was made in 1936.  In order for work to be started on the new building, students were moved to different locations in town.  Mr. Ralph LONG taught the upper grades.  He and his students went to the Christian Church.  Mrs. Grace BEAUCHAMP taught the lower grades and her students went to school in an old tin building on the west side of the street.  Classes were held in this manner in the fall of 1936 and the spring of 1937.  In 1937 the teachers were Minnie Sartain PEACH and Ralph LONG.

The school consolidated with Marshall in 1955.  That year there were only six students in school.  They were:  Anna PATA, Jimmy DeJARNETT, Beverly and Roxine TARRANT, Linda Jean and Glenda Sue DAVIS.  At the time school closed, the board members were Loren POLLARD, Ralph TARRANT, and Percy GRAY.   Mrs. George DeJARNETT was the school lunchroom cook, and the teacher was Miss Marion EWING.

The list of teachers who taught at the Lovell Highview School includes:  Mrs. Cora H. HOAGLAND, Wildord HILTON, Oscar HILTON, Jack BOWERSOX, Stella NOBLE, Elsie McGinty NORRIS, Lester MELENDA, Claus BOGGESS, Laura Boggess STOBAUGH, Anna Lightle RISING, Charity RAY, Hazel LOVELL, Lena Fisher COLE, Elva Whitehead POLLARD, Opal Elrod McLOUGHLIN, Anna STANSBURY, Daisy JOHNSON, E.S. STONER, Leah Wood COOPER.

Also, J. M. HAGER, Lela HAGER, G. Ray SMITH, Lusina Redman WEHRENBERG, Eunice Williams LEMLEY, Martha Sample GORDON, Susan JOHNSON, Sypert JOHNSON, Audra Spencer McINTYRE, Opal POINDEXTER, Paul H. SHIRER, Leta Boggess DOLLISON, Mr. and Mrs. Chester WOODRUFF, Martha WILLIAMS, Ora McANALLY, Grace BEAUCHAMP, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce WILLIAMS, Ralph LONG, Minnie Sartain PEACH, Geaorgia Gardner CULP, Elsie KROBER, Jessie Lovell LANE, Winnie GOODHUE, Clyde LONG, Jay CROWLEY, Bengie BALLENGER, Agnes Pollard OLTMANNS, Pansy Booth POLLARD, Lavone Jones PFRIMMER, Lawrence RAMSEYERE, Telmann DRENNEN, Leo HEDRICK, Jennie MASSEY, Nettie SHEPHERD, Vesta MEEKS, Irene REED, and Marion EWING.

School reunions are to be held every three years on the last Sunday in May before Decoration Day.

The history of the school was written by Evelyn DAVIS and was read by Agnes OLTMANNS at the reunion held Sunday, May 30, 1982.

(Extracted from The Leader, Guthrie, Oklahoma, Sunday, June 10, 1982)

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