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The Genealogy Department of the Buckley Public Library is sponsored by the Poteau Valley Genealogical Society.

The Poteau Valley Genealogy Society will do research in the genealogy library for $10.00 per hour, with a minimum of $10.00 plus copies @ .10 each. All proceeds are used to obtain additional research materials for the genealogy library.

Each request should state exactly what information is desired. Family charts and any information you have should be included. the more information we receive, the easier it is to locate the information requested.

To save time and postage, please send the minimum fee of $10.00 (check should be made payable to Poteau Valley Genealogy Society) and advise of the maximum amount you are willing to pay. P.V.G.S. will bill you for the remainder, up to your limit, if the research takes more than one hour.

The Poteau Valley Genealogical Society receives many requests for research. These requests are handled by volunteers as soon as possible, but be prepared for a possible delay.

      Request for research should be sent, along with a self addressed, stamped, legal size envelope to:
                                                   Poteau Valley Genealogy Society
                                                                 P.O. Box 1031
                                                             Poteau, OK  74953

Genealogy volunteers may be reached during library hours by calling 
                                 (918)647-3833 or emailing buckley@oklibrary.net


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