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Marshall County, Oklahoma


This cemetery is located about 1 1/2 miles east of Lebanon, Oklahoma: on private property and is not open to the public. These are the names and dates on the markers of people buried in the cemetery . There are probably other graves that are unknown and unmarked.

M. E. Archerd    7/2171882  --- 9/14/1883

M. I. Archerd   7/1671884  --- 7/2/181886
Bdel wife of B. Arterberiy   3/17/1832  --- 1/16/1886

Murrell Askew   3/4/1811  --- 1/4/1884

Jasper Askew   12/17/1890  --- 12/27/1890

Lucy Askew daughter of W. T. & Bettie Askew Aaron Askew --- 3/17/1867  --- 12/11/1891

M. A. Bowen   12/31/1819  --- 6/12/1885

George Bowen   10/7/1884  --- 1885

Molcie Covey, wife of J. M. Covey   3/21/1866  --- 2/28/1884*** *****(See footnote)******

Esstla Escue daughter of J.W. & P.P.Escue&nbap 12/5/1881  --- 7/30/1882

P.P. Escue, wife of J. W. Escue    /18/1885

W. L. H. Goodwin 11/10/1825__ (Hattie Pratt's grandfather) ****(See footnote)***

Mary Agnes Holford   11/26/1867  --- 4/12/1884

Otb'irst wife of G. M. D. Holford)     ***(See footnote)***

George F . James   12/25/1870  --- 11/17/1872

Simon D. James   7/28/1848  --- 11/1/1885

George D. James ***(See footnote)***

Nancy L. O'Neal   1/17/1844  --- 12/25/1885 (Blye O"Neal Kirtley's grandmother)

Charley Pert   ca 9 yrs  --- OCT_1886

Iera F. Splawn daughter of S. B &   8/26/1881  --- 3/7/1884 S. L. Splawn Footnotes:

W. L. H. Goodwin- There is a General Affidavit on page 4 of the Lebanan Cemetery by Nova A. Lemons stating that on the third day of September 1884 that the affiant attended the burial of William Goodwin who was entered in the Lebamn Cementery and he was the same William Goodwin who was the -lawful husband of Susan Arterbexry.

Mary Agnes Holford-See Holford, George Mifflin n7 F218, Page 178 of memories Of Marrshall County, Oklahoma. Mary Agnes James and George M. D. Holford were married 1882 and were expecting their first child in the spring of 1884 when she was bitten by a rabid animal. She developed rabies and died April 12, 1884. Stories have circulated that since the Bolfords were a well-to-do family, money or jewelry was probably buried in the cave, therefore, it was later disturbed by would-be grave robbers.

Molcie Covey - See Holford, Walter Alley F219 Page 179. It states that Molcie was the daughter of Walter A., and that she was born 21 March 1865 and died 2 October 1883, and that had married John M. Covey in February 1882.

George D. James - See Holford, Walter Alley, F219, page 179 in regards to George D. James marriage to Amanda Holford's mother. Given by: Lily Jean Morgan Robertson.

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