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Myers/Brawley Family

To the Right:  is Mary Jane "Molly" Brawley and her husband William Henry Harrison Myers.  They came to the Indian Territory in the 1870's and ran a cook tent for the railroad when the Santa Fe railroad grade was being built.  When they got to the location of Davis, they settled down in the area of Ft. Arbuckle.  William is buried in the Myers Family Cemetery near Ft. Arbuckle.  Mollie is buried in the Green Hill Cemetery in Davis.

Myers Family Cemetery

Ft. Arbuckle, Murray County, Oklahoma


This cemetery is located about 400 yards south of the old Ft. Arbuckle site in western Murray County.  It is on private property and I have not been to the site as of yet.  I learned about the existence of the cemetery last spring from a landowner that adjoins the property.  He told me that the current property owner wants to clean it up and mend the fences.  I will attempt to contact him this fall and assist with the cleanup.  Also pictures and a complete registry will be attempted then.  In September, I received an email from a member of the Myers Family who wanted to know the location of the  cemetery.  We put our heads together and decided that this cemetery must be one in the same.  The tiny cemetery now has a name.  The following list of those interred in Myers Family Cemetery is listed below.  Following the list of names is a copy of the email that I received from the family member who contributed the names.  Sorry that there are no dates but the list of names are said to be inclusive.  There are 9 resting souls that are known.


Winfield Scott Myers

Elizabeth Bunch Brawley

Mary Elizabeth Myers

W.H.H. Myers

Alice Magnolia Myers

Infant of Alice Magnolia Myers

Gretchen Ethel Myers Freeman

Infant of Gretchen Ethel Myers Freeman

Herman Slaughter





To the Left:  is the family of William and Mary Jane Myers in about the year of 1889.  The man standing is Winfield Scott Myers beside his sister Pearl Elizabeth Myers (Slaughter).  Seated  is William Myers next to his wife Mary Jane.  Seated in William's lap is Samuel D. born in 1888.  The child to the right of Samuel is Mamie Frances Myers.  Charlie and the youngest son Bill were not born when this photo was taken.

Photo on the left was taken in the Summer (June) of 2001 at the Myers Family Cemetery, 400 yards south of Ft. Arbuckle.  Pictured are left to right, Elwanda Brawley Barnett, Theresa Brawley and Gene Brawley.  Elwanda and her brother Gene are descendents of the people buried in the Myers cemetery.  I went to the cemetery with the Brawleys and had a very interesting day.


Pearl Elizabeth Myers