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Ft. Arbuckle Cemetery

Major Joel Elliott was buried at Ft. Arbuckle when he was killed at the Battle of the Washita with Custer's 7th Cavalry. Only death dates are available.  It was later determined, by an army grave relocation team in 1872,  that 54 additional graves existed at Ft. Arbuckle and 26 soldiers were buried on Guy Sandy Creek who died of cholera.  These additional graves were never located.  The area was allowed to burn off and that destroyed the wooden grave markers and the location of the graves.  When Ft. Arbuckle was decommissioned in 1870, the names listed below were moved to Ft. Gibson, OK and re-interred at the National Cemetery.  Fifty four others were not moved.

Blue background names were removed to Ft. Gibson in 1872.

Yellow background names still buried at Ft. Arbuckle somewhere.

Mrs. Blinn and her son Willie were captives of the Kiowa when Custer attacked the Cheyenne village of Black Kettle.  Several weeks later the Army returned to try and locate the bodies of Major Elliott and his troop.  They did and went on to the Kiowa camp 2 miles down stream.  The Village was abandoned and the bodies of Mrs. Blinn and her child were discovered.  Their bodies were taken to Ft. Arbuckle for burial along with Maj. Elliott.



Death Date

Original Burial Place

BUTLER, John, Pvt. Mar 29, 1868 Fort Arbuckle
CAMPBELL, Jim G., Civilian Apr 24, 1860 Fort Arbuckle
CARROLL, M. L.,  Pvt.  Nov. 24, 1858 Fort Arbuckle
CLACKIN, Wm.,  Sgt. Oct 11, 1867

Fort Arbuckle

DORSEY, James,  Pvt. Feb. 6, 1870 Fort Arbuckle
ELLIOTT, Joel H.,  Major Nov 27, 1868 Fort Arbuckle
NEVILLE, John Pvt. Oct. 12, 1869 Fort Arbuckle
POWELL, William, Civilian no dates Fort Arbuckle
REVES, Joseph, Pvt.


Fort Arbuckle
ROBENT, John, Pvt. Apr 28, 1866 Fort Arbuckle
SEARLES, James, Pvt. Sep 6, 1868 Fort Arbuckle
TAYLOR, Samuel, Pvt. July 7, 1867 Fort Arbuckle
WHEELER, H. Pvt. Apr 22, 1868 Fort Arbuckle
BLINN,  Clara Harrington Nov 27, 1868 Fort Arbuckle
BLINN, Willie, s/o Clara Nov 27, 1868 Fort Arbuckle
Andrews, John, Pvt. Nov 16, 1866 Fort Arbuckle
Borsess?, John, Pvt.  Nov. 19, 1866 Fort Arbuckle
Johnson, Orin, Pvt. Nov. 28, 1866 Fort Arbuckle
Pe-A-Tah-Kak, Kickapoo March 1854 executed for murder
So-Kok-Wah, Kickapoo March, 1854 executed for murder


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