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<U><BOLD>Childers Alumni 1955 - 1960, Childers, Nowata Co., Oklahoma

Childers Alumni 1955 - 1960
Childers, Nowata Co., Oklahoma

Copyright 1989-2017 by Sharlee Farrell

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Source: by Nita Wesson
The Alumni file was something Nita put together by getting information from old newspapers write ups on the Graduates, from the people that attend the Childers Reunion, we have had every year since 1970.
March 22, 2007

If you find that we are missing some names, please let me know.

1955 1958 1960
Bass, Mr. (Supt.) Collins, Arlene Bitters, Richard
Blum, Edith Daniels, John Carter, Darrell
Bowden, Esther Harrington, Rebecca Gullett, Carl (Principal)
Campbell, Rosalie Harvey, Iva Sue Reed, Anna Mae
Ewers, Mary Hundley, Jerry Ridenhour, Pat
Hickman, Bob Morgan, Cecelia Scott, Hoyt (Supt.)
Hicks, Lue Pace, Alwida Sprugeon, Carol Jean
Reed, Bill Spears, Dorothy Tatum, Paul
Reed, Horace Spurgeon, John
Ridenhour, Bill Summers, June
Scott, Hugh Taylor, Delano
Spears, Wayne Taylor, Owen (Supt.)
Tully, James Vaughn, Lois
Walton, Jim Vinita, Patsy
Walton, Karen
Crupper, Charlene
Hickman, Leona Mae
Hicks, Dora Fern 1959
Lilburn, Jim Barnes, Jim
Martin, Patsy Blackburn, Mary
Randall, Brenta Dixon, Jerry
Ridenhour, Sylvia Ewers, Jim
Shipley, Bill (Supt.) Frauenberger, Ralph
Vinita, Gene Fry, Gale
Vinita, Mary Harrington, Mary
Hicks, David
1957 Hughes, Orville
Barnes, Bob Martin, Ruth
Ewers, John Randall, Sharlene
Grey, Ann Speer, Sam
Harrington, Wilma Spurgeon, Allen
Hester, Shirley Tatum, Barbara
Parrett, Melvin Taylor, Brenda
Pruett, Arlene Taylor, Owen (Supt.)
Reed, Charley Vinita, Ruth Ann
Sparr, Jake Wattenberger, Jerry
Taylor, Owen (Supt.) Wesson, Hoyt
White, Ruth Wilson, Eldon

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