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Biographies of Prominent Men in Oklahoma History

Biographies of the Governors

Hernando De Soto Francisco Vasquez Coronado Bernard de la Happe The Chouteau Brothers Lewis & Clark Zebulon M. Pike James B. Wilkenson
Captain Richard Sparkes General Andrew Jackson Thomas Nuttall Stephen H. Long Sequoyah or George Guess John Ross Elias Boudinot
The Ridge or Major Ridge John Ridge Opothleyahola General Stand Watie Colonel William Penn Adair Allen Wright Jesse Chisholm
Joseph G. McCoy David L. Payne David A. Harvey Dennis T. Flynn
James Y. Callahan Bird S. McGuire Pleasant Porter
William H. Murray Thomas P. Gore Robert L. Owen
Robert M. French Samuel M. Rutherford William Penn Adair "Will" Rogers The Phillips Brothers William "Bill" Keeler

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