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Delaware Indian Pupils attend Baptist Mission School (Kansas Territory) November 21, 1867
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list of Delaware indian pupils in attendance at Baptist Mission
School  (Kansas Territory) Delaware Reservation, Kansas, for the six
months ending December 31st 1867. Page 511, Clinton A. Weslager 
Delaware Indians:A History (spelling has NOT been changed)
Name Age Name Age
Anderson Daniel  12 Hawk Willie  13
Armstrong Fernandes 8 Hamilton Henry 12
Bullett  George  13 Journeycake Joseph  12
Buffalo James 10 Journeycake Issac   N 8
Bascom  Doctor 11
Brown  Starr  8 Ketchum Thomas 10
Compston Willie 6 Newcomb John 15
Clemens Thomas  12 Newcomb Cyrus  13
Connor Cyrus 9 Newcomb  Thomas  12
Connor Willison A 6 Newcomb   Joseph  10
Curleyhead Albert 12 Nichols  John 11
Elk-Hair Charlie 12 Randall Frank  11
Goodtraveller  J. W.  14 Smith Tommie O. 6
Goodtraveller  Horace 12 Swanuc James 14
Sacondie Simon  13
Griffey  J. W.  10 Swisher  Henry  6
HalfMoon Edgar 15 Tanner Charlie  6
Washington Esdson  9
Halfmoon John  10 Washington   Albert  9
Halfmoon    Fielding 8 Washington   Ryland  7
Honeywell   Ely  13 Washington    Cyrus 5
Honeywell Willie 6
Page 512
White Turkey Otis 10 Journeycake   Adeline 15
White Turkey    Dutchman 9 Journeycake  Emeline  15
White Turkey    Harry 8 Journeycake Anna E.  12
White Turkey Cootyarky 7 Journeycake Cora L. 8
White  Artie 11 Journeycake  Emma 10
Zeigler   John  5 Ketchum  Amanda  9
Zeigler Charlie 14 Konkupots (2) Mary Eliza  11
Konkupots    Hannah 9
Armstrong  L. Maria 13 Konkupots Rebecca 15
Armstrong Lillie  8 Newcomb  Mary R 13
Armstrong Caroline 10 Love Susie 6
Black Beaver   Lucy Jane 13 Randall   Mary  14
Curlyhead Lottie  14 Pratt   Lavonia 14
Curlyhead   Carrie 10 Sacondie  Matilda  15
Davis Malinda  14 Staggers   Mary Ellen 15
Fairfield    Amelia 11 Swisher  Mary F 10
Goodtraveller Charlie  14 Washington Julia  14
Griffey Hattie 10 Washington Sarah  7
Honeywell Susie 14 Williams   Julia A.  7
Hill Elizabeth A.  10 Ketchum Mary L.  20
Halfmoon Lizzie  10 Ketchum Jane  10
Boys  47
Girls 34
Total--- 81
Studies pursued were Readin, Writing, Arithmatic, Spelling, Defining
Composition and Bible Lessons
Elizabeth S Morse Teacher
N.M.Pratt Supt.

Courtesy of Patti

Kansas Territory website

The Delaware Baptist Mission school is built near Andersonīs Town (present site of Edwardsville, Kansas).

5 February 1835 - Agent Cummins and the Delaware chiefs gave permission for the construction of a Delaware Baptist Mission school.

Delaware Indian Leaders who Participated in Negotiations in Washington, D.C., in 1867

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