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This is a picture of my grandfather Clarence Mead. He grew up in Wann and lived in Nowata through the 20's to the 60's. He lived at stop 38 outside of Nowata then he moved to Pecan Street in Nowata in 1961. He died in 1968, this picture was taken at his cafe called "Coney Island Cafe" in Nowata, the waitress on the left was named Gladys I don't remember her last name. The woman in front of her was Mrs. Heep. Not sure who the others in the picture are. I do remember the younger girl in the middle was the dishwasher. The picture was taken in the 50's with a brownie camera.
Courtesy of Rick Mead


I have another picture I would like to submit, it is of Evert Austin Mead and his Wife Shirley Jo (Pittman) Mead. Evert was born in Wann Feb 10 1927. He grew up in Nowata. His parents were Clarence Evert Mead and Lena Mildred Brown. He played for the Nowata Ironmen. He broke his arm in a game.

When he graduated from High School he was drafted into the army. He was on a ship headed for the invasion of Japan when we dropped the bomb. He spent his tour of duty there delivering the mail and chocolate bars to the kids.

He got out of the army stayed in Nowata about a week and headed for Oklahoma City to work for Phillips. My grandfather took him home to meet his daugher and they were married May 3, 1947 in Independence Kansas. After his wife Shirley died in 1982 he married his high school sweetheart Billy Bean whom he ran into at a Nowata reunion and she took good care of him for 12 or 13 years until he died in Deer Park, Texas Feb 11, 1995. Rick Mead

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