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and November 1875, Nov 1876, Nov 1877, Nov 1878, Nov 1879, Nov 1880, Nov 1881, Nov 1882 Nov 1883, Nov 1884 and November 1885, (Only the months of November for these years) MONTGOMERY COUNTY KANSAS OBITS.

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She had copied these from the mircofilm of the various Nowata Newspapers
Contributed by her daughter Nita Wesson July 9, 2007

WILLIAM FISHER FRY, aged two years, two months and six days old, was buried in the City Cemetery on March 26, 1907. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fry, who reside five miles east of town. The services were conducted by the Baptist pastor. May the Lord comfort the sorrowing ones.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday, March 29, 1907

MRS. GEORGE W. MARTIN, of Ruby, died last Sunday (April 14) in Colorado of consumption. The body reached Nowata Wednesday. Interment was held in the Martin Cemetery near Ruby. Mrs. Martin was a well know woman and her death is very generally mourned. She was a daughter of Postmaster, L.R. Schreck of Ruby. Mrs. Martin went to Colorado several months ago in the hope of regaining her health.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday April 19, 1907

The Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. ASA NANCE, residing near Wann. died Sunday (April 21) and was buried Monday in the Lenapah Cemetery.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday, April 26, 1907

CHARLES RAINEY, a former resident of Watova and well know here, a light car repairer employed by the Missouri Pacific Railway Company in its Coffeyville yards, met a sad and tragic death Monday (April 22) morning a little after nine o'clock.

He was engaged in repairing the safety appliances on a box car, which stood on a siding in the yards, about 100 yards south of the Fourteenth street crossing, when another car was shunted down the track, striking the car that was being repaired with sufficient force to cause it to knock the man down and pass over his prostrate body.

The wheels of the car passed over Rainey’s body just above the waistline, cutting the garments, crushing the flesh and completely disemboweling him. Unconsciousness did not follow for some time. The mangling was so great as to make the case absolutely helpless and medical or surgical aid was powerless. Rainey lived perhaps 40 minutes after the accident occurred.

The boxcar on which Rainey was working was not standing on the regular repair track, it is said, but was standing on a track used in switching. The crew did not know, it is claimed, that any work was being done on the car at the time; mush less did they know the shunting of another car down the track would kill a man. The crew, which shunted the car, was grief stricken, and the scene following the accident was most as pitiful as the tragedy itself.

Charles Rainey was a single man, was about 26 years of age. He leaves an aged mother and a brother to suffer his loss.. Until a year ago when he went to Coffeyville, he lived in Watova. He had many friends here.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday, April 26, 1907

MISS JULIA COX, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.M. Cox, residents of the High Prairie neighborhood west of Nowata, died Wednesday (June 5) in the University hospital in Kansas City. Miss Cox, who had been ill for several weeks, was taken to the Kansas City hospital last week, where an operation was performed. She never recovered from the operation. Cancer was the cause of death. The funeral services were held from the home of L.T. Burch, in the south part of town, this morning at 10 o’clock, Rev. H.R. Skimmerhorn officiating. Interment was held in the Nowata Cemetery. Miss Cox was an unusually sweet and charming young woman and her death will be widely mourned.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday, June 7, 1907

LEE E. GALBRAITH, youngest son of Howard H. Galbraith, was instantly killed, a few minutes after 12 o'clock Saturday (June 29) night on the lease of the Fullerton oil Company, in 34-27-13, northwest of Lenapah, in the Territory.

The young man had been working for his father. Lee went to work at 12 o’clock that night. The men had been putting casing in the well and the sand line had become disarranged. It was not in the groove of the pulley at the top of the derrick, when the engine was started, and the sand line lever applied. There was a fearful jerk and the pulley fastening gave way. The pulley shot down from the top of the derrick with tremendous force, as if from the mouth of a cannon. It struck Galbraith on the top of the head, a glancing blow, killing him instantly and inflicting an awful sound.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday, July 5, 1907

JAMES L. McMAINS, one of the oldest and best-known citizens of northern Indian Territory, died very suddenly Tuesday (July 16) evening at 10 o'clock at the home of his son, Webb McMains, near Hayden. Paralysis was the cause of death.

Mr. McMains was up and around all day Tuesday and ate a hearty supper that evening. He retired early and soon was the victim of the stroke, which within a short time proved fatal.

The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock, conducted by Rev. William B. Barr, with the interment in the McMains family cemetery near Ruby.
THE NOWATA ADVERTISER, Friday, July 19, 1907

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Jeannie Inman wanted Vivian's work linked so everyone could find this valuable information.
Sharlee Farrell Nowata County Oklahoma Coordinator, July 7, 2007.

MCGILL, Ada E - - Surnames: Barr, Coker, McGill

CONNOR, William "Bill" - - Surnames: Connor, Guerra, Harners, Karacostas, Manis, Roszel, Smith, Sollitt, Whicker

MATTIX, Leona M. - - Surnames: Blasingme, Elledge, Foster, Mattix, Pearce, Pierce, Smith, Stegal, Terrell

STEWART, Florence P. - - Surnames: Cannell, Hite, McNeal, Peterson, Stewart

TINSLEY, Etta Mae - - Surnames: Adams, Davis, Martin, Scott, Tinsley

HATHCOAT, Charles W "Dub" - - Surnames: Chesbrough, Hathcoat, Kuykendall, Wing

WHEALTON, Flossie C. - - Surnames: Colley, Ferguson, Whealton

JORDAN, LeRoy - - Surnames: Allison, Clark, Jordan, Lippitt, Ralston

THOMAS, Eva M. - - Surnames: Barksdale, Farmer, Rogers, Thomas, Vann

MIDDENDORF, M. Pauline - - Surnames: Huey, Middendorf, Sage, Shoemaker

WINTERS, Lorane L. - - Surnames: Hutton, Parker, Payton, Secondine, White, Winters

ENDICOTT, Charles R. - - Surnames: Ausbern, Cook, Corley, Endicott, Floyd, Hawn, Jacobs, McCoy, Sherrill, Tilley, Williams, Wren

MCLEAN, Bruce M. - - Surnames: McClean, Smedley, South

HOGIE, Marvin J. - - Surnames: Bradley, Carson, Cook, DeLeon, Denson, Hogie, Lentsch, Schmidt, Tendick

IRELAN, Janet - - Surnames: Bumgarner, Davis, Eve, Glenn, Irelan, White

HARSHMAN, Arthur W, Jr. - - Surnames: Chitwood, Clingan, Harshman, Stayner

ALLISON, John E. - - Surnames: Allison, McPheeters, Myers, Roberts, Stinnett

CLINE, Dorotha L. - - Surnames: Alford, Cline, Lay, Richardson, Shipley

SORRELL, Maudie M. - - Surnames: Green, Parrett, Sorrell, Sutherlin, Tull

HEAPE, Dora M. - - Surnames: Barbosa, Collier, Heape, McKnight, Miller, Parret, Pryor, Sanders, Sisco

PADGETT, Vada B. - - Surnames: Bricker, Epperson, Harrin, Padgett, Williamson

NEFF, Edith N. - - Surnames: Baker, Henry, Mendell, Mow, Neff, Todd, Wood

OWENS, Virginia L. - - Surnames: Dunkle, Hahn, Horton, Johnson, Murray, Owens, Scholl

HUTCHERSON, Nora Grace - - Surnames: Foster, Gorman, Hutcherson, Howerton, Kiser, McFarland, Riefstack, Toliver

CEASE, Pauline - - Surnames: Cease, Crupper, Dunn, Gillesprey, Long, McKellips, Pullins, Thompson

KEITH, Leila I. - - Surnames: Alfrey, Berry, Johnson, Jordan, Keith, LeNoir, Lowe, Rotert

FRAUENBERGER, Auddria - -Surnames: Barnes, Frauenberger, Moore, Secondine

TANNER, Inez Mae - - Surnames: Hankins, Hereford, Lott, Rollins, Rowe, Tanner, Thomas

HUGHES, Flois E. "Gene" - - Surnames: Faught, Hughes, Mangrum, McDrummond, Osten, Seamen, Shelton, Thomas

MAY, Lois G. - - Surnames: Armstrong, Benton, Colston, Ellis, Goatley, Hill, Hughes, May, Worrell

STROYICK, Forrest A. - - Surnames: Hagan, Irwin, Meeks, Stroyick

HUTTON, Ruth E. - - Surnames: Hagebusch, Hannigan, Hutton, McKay, McKibben, Paret, Reeves

HINDMAN, Ashleigh - - Surnames: Hindman, Poe, Simmons

HESSONG, Terry L. - - Surnames: Adams, Clarkson, Hessong, Schwab, Waddell

PATTON, Robert M. "Butch" - - Surnames: Harper, Meador, Passmore, Patton, Stinnett

PATTERSON, Betty Jane - - Surnames: Fauvergue, Patterson, Shimizu, Valine

DUGGINS, Carroll Eldon - - Surnames: Donegon, Duggins, Gardner, Green, Smith

GARRISON, Erica R. - - Surnames: Battenfield, Garrison, Mayo

BUSHYHEAD, Marjorie A. - - Surnames: Beeman, Bushyhead, Stoetzel, Tooker

FARNUM, David E. - - Surnames: Chwastek, Farnum, McCaskill

MARSHALL, Susie B. - - Surnames: Allen, Marshall, Ross, Yada

CANON, Patricia - - Surnames: Allen, Canon, Croak, Dancer, Dugan, Halbert, Myers

SORRELS, Winnie L. - - Surnames: Hooper, Smith, Sorrels

WORDEN, Hazel I. "Jean" - - Surnames: Moseley, Norman, Pritchard, White, Worden

TEAL, Nellie M. - - Surnames: Carey, Chaney, Mils, Teal

SMITH, Earl L. - - Surnames: Archambo, Crume, Derryberry, Franklin, Ostrander, Smith, Stewart, Summers, Tomlinson, Woods

SHIPLEY, Kenneth E. "Kenny" - - Surnames: Cline, Gaut, Harrison, Hester, Inman, McKee, Rhynerson, Rust, Shipley, Watson

WILLIS, George E. - - Surnames: Clark, Cunningham, Holt, Koski, Trissell, Willis

STONE, Royal H. - - Surnames: Ames, Forcade, Henderson, Newton, Stone, Straughn

SHIPLEY, Terry L - - Surnames: Cline, Hester, Lay, McKee, Richardson, Shipley, Shirk

ALFORD, Pamela M. - - Surnames: Alford, Chambers, DeSilva, Hubbard, Iwelomen, Kelly, Kirkendoll, Longhorn, Phillips, Roberts, Timon

DUNN, Edmond K. - - Surnames: Armstrong, Dunn, Green, Hayes, Howe, Hughes, Roberts, Thomas

REED, Nora E.M. - - Surnames: Carpenter, Davis, Logsdon, McCoy, Reed, Ward, Wood

MILLER, Helen A. - - Surnames: Cox, Fox, Miller, Morgan

MORGAN, William "Bill" L. - - Surnames: Dillow, Johnson, Morgan, Stueckemann

MARTIN, Louise S. - - Surnames: Cartwright, Gorham, Martin, Sanders, Scott

BAUMFALK, Ella G. - - Surnames: Baumfalk, Foster, Mathews, Neumann, Utter

MOONEY, A.T. - - Surnames: Dennis, Edwards, Flemming, Freeman, Holland, Melee, Mooney, Moore, Norton, Plank, Roe, Sellers, Slead

DEWITT, Bruce T. - - Surnames: Cook, DeMoss, DeWitt, Eichenberger, Hall, Pierce

DUSTIN, Richard "Dick" D. - - Surnames: Barker, Barrett, Beard, Dustin, Epple, Gowan, Jenkins, Lane, Mitchell, Pongrantz, Whitmarsh

FISHER, Glen B. - - Surnames: Barrick, Bugher, Fisher, Mueller

CLARK, Ben - - Surnames: Barks, Bellamy, Clark, Cobb, Fieldworth, Howard, Williams

HICKS, Ada - - Surnames: Hayes, Hicks, Patterson, Saine

HILL, Shantel - - Surnames: Harris, Haynes, Hill, Lynch

WATSON, George S. - - Surnames: Barcus, Cooper, Langley, Watson, Weldman, Woods

NOBLE, James Edward "Ed" - - Surnames: Blair, Heneger, Noble, Ringo, Yukl

HADDOX, Martha Alta - - Surnames: Fowler, Haddox, Lawson, Page, Stickney, Thompson, Watson

COLEMAN, Paralee T. - - Surnames: Coleman, Davis, Jackson, Smith, Walker, Williams

EADES, Ann - - Surnames: Avery, Breshears, Briggs, Eades, McDonald, Montgomery, Parker

STOOKEY, Robert - - Surnames: Anderson, Ballard, Hixon, Mabry, Scott, Shull, Speer, Stierwalt, Stookey

CASSELL, Dr. Lucille "Lucy" - - Surnames: Butzer, Cassell, Galica, Hanslovsky, Nerad, Simmons, Werner

MCINTIRE, Virginia I. - - Surnames: Blaisdell, Craig, McIntire, Robertson, Smith

FLYNT, Gary N. - - Surnames: Flynt, Gibson, Hewitt, McGraft, McGrath, Sherman, Sykes, Tammer, Wisniewski

CARTER, Dorothy M. - - Surnames: Carter, Chambers, Ewers, Hash, Joyce, Shearer, Smith

MILLER, George "Sam" - - Surnames: Campbell, Hixon, Jackson, Kirkpatrick, Leatherwood, Miller, Moore, Nave, Riner, Taylor, Templeton, Thompson, Wilhite

HOLLAND, Ronald L. - - Surnames: Allen, Holland, Jarrett, Lindersmith, Stuller, Tandy

REDMAN, Edith M. - - Surnames: Love, Redman, Sitsler, Stark, Voris

ALLOWAY, Shirley - - Surnames: Alloway, Lewman, Milligan, Nunnallee

BARRON, Lourine - - Surnames: Barron, Huffman, Mattis, Melton, Swalley

WYCKOFF, Jewell G. - - Surnames: Bowden, Cahill, Collier, Fuller, McKellip, Shipley, Turney, Worthington, Wyckoff,/a href>

HAVENS, Fred - - Surnames: Alleger, Bright, Havens, Holt, Laughlin, Lyman, Murphy, Schaffer, Smith, Woodruff

CRUPPER, Ruby - - Surnames: Cease, Crupper, Earnhart, Gillespey, Lane, Truelock

BODLE, James H. - - Surnames: Bodle, Ellis, Evans, Forbes, Headrick, Hoffman, House, Miller, Skinner, White, Wyckoff

WILSON, Gerald - - Surnames: Cummings, Kinslow, Koerner, Martin, Meizer, Montgomery, Schinnerer, Stovall, Willoughby, Wilson, Wooten

GABRIEL, Calvin C. - - Surnames: Barone, Dumford, Gabriel, George, Kilgour, Sidener

MITCHELL, Letha - - Surnames: Daniel, Erne, Harp, Howard, Jerger, Mitchell, Perkins, Rhodes, Shutte

SPARKMAN, William J. - - Surnames: Eden, Inman, Sparkman

RICHARDSON, Delmar - - Surnames: Bolt, Earnshaw, Keene, Kelly, Richardson

LANDERS, Erma/Emma - - Surnames: Berentz, Brookshire, Brown, Landers, Lupfer

HOUGH, Laura - - Surnames: Beason, Hough, Lasley, Rankin, Reynolds, Seaton, Stewart, Stroud, VanHoose

ROBERTS, Mary Alice - - Surnames: Chisum, Roberts

COREY, Leland - - Surnames: Brewer, Corey, Kilmartin, McGee, Patton

BRADY, Donald - - Surnames: Brady, Doshier, Gatton, Gray, Guthrie, Hagebusch, Noel, Whan

LARISON, Walter - - Surnames: Barnes, Harrington, Larison, Pope, Wickliff

JOHNSTON, Lena - - Surnames: Hamil, Johnston, Keller, Parrish, Payne, Reeder, Schwab, Shouse, Sorrell, Thacker, Uber, Vaughan

FRY, Alma - - Surnames: Coker, Fry, Hendrickson, Johnson, Munsinger, Nielson, Rowland, Uttermark, Wall

HESSLEN, Milford - - Surnames: Fields, Hesslen, Hicks, Kincaid, Paulseen, Peck, Ryley, Walls

ROGERS, Itris - - Surnames: Anderson, Elam, Lively, McKean, Priebe, Rogers, Russell, Wooten

KIRK, Letha - - Surnames: Baird, Cates, Ferguson, Kirk, Parkinson, Perry

PATTERSON, Cecil Mae - - Surnames: Anderson, Holladay, Jones, Linn, Patterson, Sharpless

SHUFELDT, Eugene - - Surnames: Cole, Garr, Gaskill, Johnson, Moore, Richey, Shufeldt, Usher, Vernon

PARKS, Velma - - Surnames: Albert, Ashe, Cooper, Foster, Hewitt, Lachut, Parks

CARTER, Norma - - Surnames: Carter, Davidson, Morgan, Parks

MESSERSMITH, Aletris - - Surnames: Eutsler, Martin, Messersmith, Russell

BOLING, Patricia - - Surnames: Boling, Huff, Leard

YEUBANKS-COLLETT, Vicki - - Surnames: Bernard, Collett, Yeubanks

JACKSON, David Lee - - Surnames: Byrd, Coles, Harrell, Jackson, Merritt

SANDERS, Harold - - Surnames: Colton, DeVores, Fussell, Harrington, Harrison, Pendleton, Sanders, Tennant

LANDRUM, Ruth - - Surnames: Gatewood, Hersey, Landrum, Musgrave, Parks, Ross, Thomas

SPACE, Everett - - Surnames: Gerber, Newsom, Ools, Owens, Presley, Space, Taylor

MCMAINS, FLoyd "Gene" - - Surnames: Ballard, Burkouin, Green, Hull, Larsen, McMains, Riley, Utter

JONES, Sallie - - Shawnee Indian woman

MARTIN, Howard A.

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Deaths from October 30, 1875, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Bowen, Harris, Hoppeler, Shipman, Wilson

Deaths from November 6, 1875, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Bartholomew

Deaths from November 13, 1875, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Barnes

Deaths from November 20, 1875, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Jones, McGreggor, Neil, Turner

Deaths from November 27, 1875, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Bennett, Curry, Stephens, Woolsey

Deaths from November 27, 1875, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Allen

Deaths from November 4, 1876, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Ferguson, Scales

Deaths from November 18, 1876, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Herman, Hopkins, Miller

Death from November 10, 1877, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Herbert

Death from November 17, 1877, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Dimmitt

Death from November 24, 1877, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Noblet

Deaths from November 2, 1878, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Calvert, Endsley, Katzman, Lamb, Spaulding, Stowe, Turner, Wade

Deaths from November 9, 1878, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Hunt, Munsterman

Deaths from November 30, 1878, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Coblentz, Dondna, O'Leary, Witt

Deaths from November 1, 1879, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Becker, Taylor, Weir, Wells

Death from November 8, 1879, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Byrd

Death from November 15, 1879, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Thorp

Death from November 22, 1879, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Bishop

Death from November 20, 1880, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Crisp, Sheafer

Deaths from November 27, 1880, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Brooks

Deaths from November 5, 1881, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Backer, Cockerll, Kraut

Death from November 19, 1881, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Buckner

Deaths from November 26, 1881, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Post, Taylor, Tibbils

Death from November 4, 1882, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Crutcher

Deaths from November 11, 1882, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Brown, Bushyhead, Rogers, Schrimsher, Sherburne

Deaths from November 18, 1882, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Hatch, Housel, Slosson, Smith

Death from November 25, 1882, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Currier

Deaths from November 3, 1883, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: McDowell, Moore, Murphy

Deaths from November 10, 1883, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Blackmore, Lillibride, Million, Wilkinson The Coffeyville Journal

Deaths from November 17, 1883, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Harris, Hatton, Sullivan, Wolf

Deaths from November 24, 1883, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Carey, Jones, Scoville, Simpson

Deaths from November 1, 1884, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Cooper, Fordham, Hall, Nicholas

Deaths from November 8, 1884, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Dresser, Holliday, May

Death from November 15, 1884, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Phillips, Schlafman

Death from November 29, 1884, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Hoke

Deaths from November 7, 1885, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: Brooks, Cave, Manis, McCormack, Moore, Sund

Death from November 14, 1885, Coffeyville Journal - - Surnames: White

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