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Okfuskee County Maps & Photographs 



County Map - Old Voting Precints and School Buildings (b/w) (large file)
County Map - Cemetery locations (color)
County Map - Detailed County map with towns and roads shown (color)
County Map - Highway map showing highways, section lines, etc. (b/w) (large file)
County Map - 1910 County map shows surrounding counties and railroads (color)

State Map - 1895 Oklahoma - Indian Territory (color) (very large file)
State Map - Simple state map with Okfuskee highlighted and all counties named


Attorney W. H. Dill's Office
Bark House, first house in Okemah
Bank of Boley, date unknown
Boots Jeffers, Sheriff
Canadian River Ferry, date unknown
Chief Okemah, date unknown
Citizens State Bank, Okemah
First National Bank, Okemah
Indian Grave - Stone Construction, January 2000
Indian Grave - Wood Construction, January 2000
Pinwa Harjo
Mason High School, Junior Class, 1935-36, April 8, 1936
Morse #1, date unknown
Morse Man, date unknown
Morse School #1, date unknown
Morse School #2, date unknown
Morse School #3, 1923
Morse School #4, date unknown
Morse School #5, date unknown
Okemah General Store, interior, circa 1920
Okemah Junior/Senior High Schools, exterior, date unknown
Okemah I.T. Telephone Directory, 1903
Okemah Barber Shop, 1925
Okemah Bird's Eye View, circa 1910
Okemah Oil Fields, 1941
Okemah Wagon Yard
Okemah Art Needlecraft Club, 1949
Okfuskee County Court House, Okemah
Okfuskee Community School, date unknown
Okfuskee Sheriff Confiscates Still, May 1921
Okfuskee Sheriff Displays Confiscated Bootleg, 1936
Okfuskee Sheriff Transports First Prisoners to State Penitentiary, date unknown
Pleasant Hill Church, March 2000
First National Bank, Okemah
Rusk School, March 2000
Van Zant School/Church, March 2000
Welty School, January 2000

Recently Added

Blackwell-Sessions Family
Stella Priest, Teacher, Okemah High School, 1915
Sheriff L. M. Collier 1922
Weleetka High School
Hotel Florence - Weleetka

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