March 10, 2004

These records are not complete, and is an ongoing work by Margaret Parker.  Check back often as we will be adding more off and on as they are completed.  Information is being taken directly from the record books.


Adams Alice Marie,born,May 11-1912,Meeker Okla.,died,Sept.27-1994,home-Afton Okla.,homemaker,,lived Afton 54 years,
father,Robert Baxter Pruett,mother,Lillie Bell DeWitt,burial,Olympus cemetery,Grove Okla.,,daug.-Lillie Morrison,Afton Okla.

Adams John Quiney,born,May 5-1937,Naraissa Okla.,died,June 3-1992,Grove Okla.,Afton Coop,s.s.,father,Harry Adams,
mother,Alice Marie Pruitt,burial,Olympus cemetery,Grove Okla.

Adams Viginia ,born,March 3-1920,Afton Okla.,died,March 7-1990,Tulsa Okla.,Executive Secrety Bank of Okla.,,married,
lived Tulsa Okla.,father,Walter H.Hill,mother,Mary Ann Hudspeth,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,sister-Mary Lou Wetzel.

Ailer David L.,born,Nov.25-1889,Glenville West Viginia,died,Nov.21-1978,Afton Okla.,Carpenter-Builder,,widowed,
father,Lurther Ailer,mother,Nancy Kellar,here from Cailf.5 years,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Lillian Barker,Afton Okla.

Allen Harold Wayne,born,July 24-1928,Bolivar Mo.,died,Jan.17-1997,Grove Okla.,Cattle Buyer-Joplin Mo Stockyards,,married,
wife,Lois M.Stewart Allen,lived state13 years,father,Artis Allen,mother,Laura Boswell,burial,Woodlawn cemetery,Claremore Okla.

Allen Lois M.,born,March 8-1930,Muskogee Okla.,died,Joplin Mo.,housemaker,wiowed,husband,Harold Wayne Allen,
father,Harvey Stewart,mother,Beulah Ruby Ennis,burial,Woodlawn cemetery,Claremore Okla.,,son-Michael Clem,Springfield Mo.

Allison Hiram Judd,born,Dec.8-1915,Afton Okla.,died,Feb.14-1977,Miami Okla.,Lumber Yard-Owner,WWII,married,
wife,Peggy Allison,Afton Okla.,father,Hiram Judson Allison Sr.,mother,Annie Lula Nidiffer,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Anderson Adolph ,born,April 11-1916,Van Nap Calif.,died,Dec.14-1986,Afton Okla.,Camotion Dairy,WWII,lived Okla.11
years,married,wife,Dorothy Anderson,father,father,Ernest W.Anderson,mother,Matilda Goldeberger,burial,Ralston cemetery,Monkey Island.

Anderson Jesse Paul,born,Aug.9-1915,Lake View Height Mo.,died,Dec.10-1977,Afton Okla.,Sawmill-Worker,,WWII,
single,father,Charles Jesse Anderson,mother,Eva Burns,burial,Brushy cemetery,Cole Camp Mo.,,bro.-Roy Anderson.

Anderson Raymond L.,born,April 30-1919,Hutchinson Kan.,died,Aug.15-1999,Okla.City Okla.,Diesel Mechanic-Roadway & Eagle Picher,
WWII,lived Okla.35 years,father,Noble Keith Anderson,mother,Viola Enmery,burial,Hickory Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.

Anderson Roy ,born,June 22-1918,Zora Mo.,died,Dec.22-1994,Miami Okla.,Sawmill, married,wife,Martha Anderson,
father,Charles Jesse Anderson,mother,Eva Burns,Cremation-burial,Ozark Mem.Park cemetery.

Armstrong Hilda Ann,born,Sept.11-1915,died,May 8-1981,Afton Okla.,Manager Stardust Motel,lived Fairland Okla.,
Divorced,father,Fred Niehaus,mother,Sophia Sellmaker,burial,Fairland cemetery,Fairland Okla.,,son-Charles A.Armstrong.

Ash Arnold Clay,born,Feb.4-1926,Bernice Okla.,died,July 31-1978,Truck Driver,WWII,married,wife,Darlene Ash,
father,Floyd Ash,mother,Maude Lingo,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Ashford Clyde P.,born,Dec.10-1905,Bokchita Okla.,died,July 30-1991,Grove Okla.,Law Enforement,widowed,father,
J.D.Ashford,mother,Caroline Jones,burial,cemetery next to wife,,Jolene Pickett,Tulsa Okla.

Ashford Willie E.,born,Dec.14-1908,Beggs Okla.,died,April 2-1988,home-Afton Okla.,retired Teacher-Afton Public School,
married,husband,Clyde P.Ashford,father,Joe Collage,mother,Birdie Parrot,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Atchison John Samuel,born,Dec.27-1888,Indianapllis Indiana,died,June 25-1986, retired Auto Dealer,,lived Afton since 1926,
widowed,wife,Maryette Anges Atchison,father,O.P.Atchison,mother,Mary Conn,burial,Rose Hill cemetery,Okla.City Okla.,,daug.-
Elizabeth Victor & Robert Atchison.

Atchison Maryette Anges,born,Jan.19-1891,Charles City Iowa,died,April 25-1985,Afton Okla-59 years.,housewife,,married,
husband,John Samuel Atchison,father,Charles F.Morean,mother,Agnes Coffin,burial,Rose Hill cemetery,Okla.City Okla.


Bacon John Ben,born,Sept.25-1902,Emporia Kan.,died,Oct.2-1985,Joplon Mo.,Air Capital Moteor Co.-Owner & Phillips 66,Afton Okla.,
1969 from Wichita Kan.,married,wife,Ruby Lee Bacon,Afton Okla.,father,John T.Bacon,mother,Hanna H.Jackson,burial,Mt.Hope cemtery,
Afton Okla.

Bacon Ruby Lee,born,Jan.16-1909,Prarie Grove Ark.,died,Aug.8-1991,Miami Okla.,housewife,(Amercian Indian)widowed,
husband,John Ben Bacon,father,Edward Tulla Anson,mother,Hattie Jane Sutton,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Buddy Palmer,
Miami Okla.

Bade James Franklin"Jim",born,Oct.30-1913,Panama Nebraske,died,Sept.5-1994,home-Afton Okla.,retired Minister,
widowed,wife,Mabel Orvene Bade,father,Franklin Bade,mother,Jennie Miller,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Duane Bade,
Fair Grove Mo.

Bade Mabel Orvene,born,Feb.18-1914,Douglas Nebraska,died,Feb.7-1983,Afton Okla.,housewife,,lived Afton 10 years,
married,husband,James Franklin "Jim"Bade,father,Luke Roberts,mother,Ida Dufman,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Baker Clifford Bryan,born,Feb.13-1898,Narcissa Okla.,died,June 11-1976,retired Cafe & Motel Owner,WWI,
married,wife,Mary N.Baker,father,John Baker,mother,Juett Irvin,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,Curley Baker Jr.

Baker Mary N.,born,Sept.1-1903,Enid Okla.,died,April 25-1977,Miami Okla.,housewife,s.s.486-24-5712,widowed,husband,Clifford
Bryan Baker,father,Love Rogers,mother,Cola Mayes,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,C.B.Baker Jr.,Afton Okla.

Baker Oliver Raymond,born,May 12-1903,Narcissa Okla.,Jan.25-1980,Eugene Oregon,left Okla.& moved to Oregon 20 years,Electrician-
Golden, Rod Mines-Picher Okla.,married,wife,Sybil Baker,father,Oliver Baker,mother,Bertha H.Olson,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.,Dale Workman,Nowata Okla.

Baldridge Norma Gayle,born,July 21-1936,Enid Okla.,died,Jan.11-1998,residence-ClaremoreOkla.,homemaker,husband,
Bob Baldridge,father,Clark Wheeler,mother,Ruth Taggert,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Larry Baldridge.

Ballard Sally Undine,born,July 30-1903,Pryor Okla.,died,Jan.16-2984,home-Hot Springs Ark.,retired Nurse-Baptist Hosp-35 years,
,married,husband,Charles Ballard,mother,lived in Hot Springs Ark.17 years,father,Jess E.Wright,mother,Mary West,burial,Ballard cemetery,
Bernice Okla.

Barber Charles L.,born,Jan.23-1933,Dennis Kan.,died,Sept.17-1993,Fayetteville Ark.,Sevices Station-self,,Afton 11 years,
married,wife,Carolyn Barber,father,Lowell L.Barber,mother,Emma Folmer,burial,Ralson cemetery,Monker Island.

Barnes Herbert P.,born,Dec.23-1910,Afton Okla.,died,Feb.22-1988,Grove Okla.,City Cleaner-self,married,wife,Lela
Barnes,father,John S.Barnes,mother,Ada Ellen Herndon,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.

Barnes Lela,born,June 7-1915,Old Bernice Okla.,died,May 16-1995,Joplin Mo.,City Cleaners-Owner,Afton Okla.,,widowed,
husband,Herbert P.Barnes,father,William Franklin Dillinger,mother,Amanda Elizabeth King,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.

Barnes William  Herbert,born,Jan.29-1898,Newota Okla.,died,Feb.22-1978,Afton Okla.,Carpenter,,married,wife,Verta
Barnes,father,Will Barnes,mother,Mary Emma Elliott,burial,Ketchum cemetery,Ketchum Okla.

Barrett Oran S.,born,Sept.5-1909,Beaver Co.Okla.died,Sept.14-1986,home-Ada Okla.,retired B.F.Goodrich-Miami Okla.,married,wife,
Geneal Rose Willie Barrett,(m) May 13-1940,father,Jesse Barrett,mother,Estelle Hoff,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Bartholomew Audrey Evelyn,born,May 31-1919,Conway Kan.,died,May 21-1985,Tulsa Okla.,retired Sear & Roebucks,Miami Okla.,
moved from Coffeyville Kan.15 years ago.,married husband,Carl L.Bartholomew Sr.,Afton Okla.,father,Kirkland Scholey,mother,
Audrey Lockard,burial,McLaughlin cemetery,Cleora Okla.

Bartholomew Carl L.Sr.,born,Jan.2-1918,Coffeyville Kan.,died,Oct.1-1997,Tulsa Okla.,Advertising -self,WWII,Navy,
widowed,wife,Audrey Evelyn Bartholomew,father,Harry Bartholomew,mother,Pearl Thomason,burial,McLaughlin cemetery,Cleora Okla.

Barton Ricky Dion "Rick",born,Feb.18-1959,Miami Okla.,died,May 21-1996,Chico Calif.,Construction-Larry North Construction,
,married,wife,Cindy Barton,Afton Okla.,father,Jess R.Barton,born,Mo.,mother,Dorothy L.Lee,born,Okla.,cause of death,Industrial
Accident,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Bassett Franka,born,Jan.15-1896,Dade Co.Mo.,died,March 13-1981,Afton Okla.,Operated Bassett Grocery-Afton Okla.,
since 1915,widowed,husband,Thomas Grover Bassett Sr.,(m) June 1-1918,father,James F.Irby,mother,Clara Withrow,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,
Afton Okla.,,son-Thomas Grover Bassett Jr.

Bassett Helen Christine Boatman,born,June 24-1922,Fairland Okla.,died,May 8-1981,Claremore Okla.,Grocery Emp.
married,husband,Thomas Grover Bassett Jr.,(m) Aug.3-1941,father,Frank Adkison,mother,Fannie Chandler,buril,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton

Beall Arthur Richard"Buddy",born,Jan.5-1910,Apache Okal.,died,Nov.9-1985,Altas Okla.,retired Rancher-self,,moved
from Welch Afton 1978,married,wife,Hazel Boatman Beall,father,Fred Beall,mother,Martha Jackson,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,
Afton Okla.

Bell Era E.,born,Nov.5-1908,Adair Okla.,died,Grove Okla.,Owner & Operater Cafe,,husband,Lloyd Walter Bell,father,
Love Rogers,mother,Cola Burton,burial,Mt.Hopr cemetery,Afton,daug.-Nancy Jenkins.

Bell Lloyd Walter,born,July 17-1916,Afton Okla.,died,Oct.31-1989,Grove Okla.,Cafe-Owner & Operater,,WWII,
Army,married,wife,Era E.Rogers,father,Walter Louis Bell,mother,Maggie Warren,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,daug.-
Nancy Jenkins.

Bell Wiley E.,born,June 25-1906,Spavinaw Okla.,died,Feb.22-1989,Miami Okla.,Produce-self.Emp.,, Afton since 1979,
married,wife,Elizabeth Bell,father,Willie Bell,mother,Mamie Floyd,burial,Spavinaw cemetery,Spavinaw Okla.,,daug.-JoAnne Victor.

Bemis Charley D.,born,Oct.29-1910,Loverne Okla.,died, Jan.22-1979,home-Afton Okla.,Photographer,,Divorced,
father,James Bemis,mother,Bessie Dawson ,burial,Speermore cemetery,Loverne Okla.,,bro.-T.R.Bemis.

Bench Pearl M.,born,Nov.6-1904,Beaty Ark.,died,April 19-1991,Fairland Okla.,housewife,s,father,John Fletcher Beaty,
mother,Mary Effie Towler,burial,cemetery,,Opal Bruse.

Bickford Ira J.,born,July 24-1891,Lewis Co.Mo.,died,May 19-1977,Miami Okla.,retired Farmer,,in state 8 years,married,
wife,Effie Bickford,Afton Okla.,father,George Bickford,mother,Mary Lucenda Ruth,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Black Roscoe Striden,born,Aug.17-1903,Langden Kan.,died,July 7-1983,retired Rail Road-Santa Fe.,WWII,Afton Okla.18 years,widowed,
father,William Clinton Black,mother,Elsie Etta Fensol,burial,Rose Hill cemetery,Tulsa Okla.

Blaikie James,born,May 15-1938,Siloan Springs Ark.,died,March 8-1994,Miami Okla.,Maintenance-Hormel Meat Packing,
lived hare 50 Years,married,wife,Freida Blaikie,father,John William Blaikie,mother,Blanche Sharp,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Bland George Washington,born,Feb.24-1913,St.Louis Mo.,died,April 14-1981,Miamii Okla.,Pho-Golfer,WWII,
resident 6 years,married,wife,Jean Bland,father,George Bland,mother,Minnie Garman,burial,Memorial Park cemetery,Tulsa Okla.

Blankenship Clara ,born,Nov.24-1880,Ohio,died,July 7-1978,Miami Okla.,housewife,widowed,husband,Charles Blankenship,
married 1899,father,Augustus A.williams,mother,Rebecca Ludrick,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Iney Todd,Tulsa Okla.

Blevins Cody Lee (infant Twin),born,May 8-1994,3 weeks old,GroveOkla.,died,May 29-1994,Tulsa Okla.,father,Ellis Blevins Jr.,mother,Robin Lee Petras,burial,Zena cemetery,Grove Okla.

Blythe Anges G.,born,Oct.4-1915,Poteau Okla.,died,July 15-1987,Tulsa Okla.,housewife,,married,husband,Leo Blythe,
Afton Okla.,father,Clene Hogan,mother,Hattie Barrett,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Blytle Woodrow E.,born,Sept.14-1914,Afton Okla.,died,June 27-1988,Miami Okla.,Trucker-self.,,married,wife,Ziritta Tipton
Blytle,Afton Okla.,father,John Ellis Blytle,mother,Emma Cox,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Bohannan Della Mae,born,Oct.27-1919,Sedlia Mo.,died,Feb.18-1986,Joplin Mo.,housewife,widowed,husband,Cecil Everett
Bohannan,father,John Elliott,mother,Mary Harding Todd,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Bond Pearl Rosezena,born,Jan.28-1900,Vinita Okla.,died,Dec.28-1996,Grove Okla.,(Native American Indian),homemaker,
widowed,husband,Fred J.Bond,father,John Doddin,mother,Minnie Elliott,burial,Ozark Memorial Park,Joplon Mo.,,daug.-Carol Garrett,Joplin Mo.

Boner Dorothy M.,born,June 20-1919,Joplin Mo.,died,April  24-1995,Joplin Mo.,Plaza Cleaners-Joplin Mo.,widowed,
husband,Kenneth D.Boner,father,Clifford Layman,mother,Louise Rose Wagner,burial,Ozark Memorial cemetery,Joplin Mo.,,son-
Robert Brotherton,Afton Okla.

Boner Kenneth D.,born,March 21-1913,Afton Okla.,died,April 1-1983,Grove Okla.,Ken's Sports Shop-self,WWII,
married,wife,Dorothy M.Boner,Afton Okla.,father,Fred Boner,mother,Bertha Starbuck,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Boultinghouse Dora E.,born,April 10-1882,St.Joseph Mo.,died,Jan.22-1978,Afton Okla.,housewife,,father,Henry Tryan,mother,
Marion Glendenning,burial,Mt.Hope,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Elnora Harveston.

Bowlin Christopher Franklin,born,Oct.9-1893,Paint Lick Ky.,died,Aug.24-1980,Miami Okla.,Farmer,s.s.441-36-6180,widowed,wife,Hattie Bowlin,
father,William Bowlin,mother,Oretta Painter,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Marvin E.Bowlin.

Bowman William Jenning"Bill",born,May 18-1915,Fronteac Kan.,died,Sept.13-1976,Tulsa Okla.,Engineer-Tulsa Corp.,27 years,s.s.442-18-2607A, WWII,Divorced,father,Charles W.Bowman,mother,Southey Elizabeth Thomas,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Mrs.Violet Hudson,
& Mrs.Theodose,& John Y.Bowman,Tulsa Okla.

Boyd Opal M.,born,Feb.20-1904,died,May 24-1987,Grove Okla.,housewife,married,husband,Ralph D.Boyd,father,Charles A.
Mitchell,born,LaGrange Mo.,mother,Mattie Lamar,born,Hickory Grove Okla.,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Boyd Ralph D.,born,Aug.18-1899,Diamond Mo.,died,Sept.21-1989,Miami Okla.,Rural Mail Carrier,,widowed,wife,Opal M.Boyd,
father,Charles M.Boyd,mother,Mary Ellen Wade,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,grandson-Dennis Boyd.

Braden Lewis E."Todd",born,July 18-1930,Sparts Mo.,died,July 15-1979,home-Afton Okla.,Truck Driver-self,,married,wife,
Delma Braden,father,Homer Braden,mother,Emma Johnson,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Braden Ryan Dean,born,March 11-1979,Miami Okla.,died,March 11-1979,Miami Okla.,Infant ,father,Lawerence Braden,mother,Penny Mattingly,
burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Braught Counsel Jane,born,Nov.20-1890,Afton Okla.,died,Jan.15-1981,Miami Okla.,housewife,,widowed,husband,Zelotes
Braught,father,Joseph Dawson,mother,Florence Jackson,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,sister-in-law,Jeanie Dawson.

Brink Lory Elmer,born,June 19-1883,St.Joseph Mo.,died,Vinita Okla.,Farmer,widowed,lived Afton since 1939,father,Hybest Brink,mother,
Beliah Robinson,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Elmer Jo Markes.

Broaks Robert L.,born,March 12-1929,Afton Okla.,died,Nov.25-1983,home-Afton Okla.,Korean Conflict,father,Leroy Broaks,
mother,Mary Lela Cox,burial,McLaughlin cemetery,Cleora Okla.,,sister-Wanda J.Spain,Huston Texas.

Brock J.Herman"Pete",born,June 1-1911,Fairland Okla.,died,April 21-1979,Afton Okla.,Farmer,,married,wife,Marjorie Brock,
Afton Okla.,father,William Forest Brock,mother,Ann Cassie Tanner,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Brock Pearl,born,Nov.11-1902,Somerset Ky.,died,Feb.15-1977,Tulsa Okla.,housewife,,lived at Afton Okla.,widowed,
husband,William Forest Brosk,father,Rueben Burch,mother,Rachel Fulcher,burial,Mt.Hope,Afton Okla.,,bro.-Jewell Burch.

Brock William Forest,born,Sept.29-1899,Fayettville Ark.,died,Aug.15-1976,Tulsa Okla.,Farmer,,Ottawa Co.46 years,
married,wife,Pearl Brock,father,William Franklin Brock,mother,Ann Cassie Tanner, burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Bronaugh Claude,born,July 18-1909,Afton Okla.,died,Jan.30-1999,Grove Okla.,Professer-Teacher,Okla.University,WWII,widowed,
father,William Bronaugh,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,nepheu-Mike Bronaugh.

Bronaugh Hazel,died,Sept.5-1998

Bronaugh Louis Woodford,born,March 21-1921,Mammoth Springs Ark.,died,Oct.26-1981,Vinita Okla.,Farmer,,WWII,married,
wife,Ada Bronaugh,(m) Dec.7-1958,father,Claude Yelverton Bronaugh,mother,Mary Dugan,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Brown Shirley Ruth,born,No.20-1937,Clouis New Mexico,died,May 26-1998,home-Towne Okla.,Secretary,,married,husband,
Bill Brown,father,Thomas Fldred,mother,Evelyn Glayds Lovett,burial,Lanno cemetery,Amarillo Texas.

Browning Melvin Tom,born,May 27-1907,Pineville Mo.,died,May 1-1986,Grove Okla.,Carpenter-self, married,wife,
Sadie Browning,father,A.B.Browning,born,Mo.,mother,Ora Johnson,born,Mo.,burial,McLaughlin cemetery,,Cleora Okla.

Browning Sadie ,born,March 29-1914,Flint Creek Okla.,died,Sept.20-1994,Grove Okla.,homemaker,Afton Okla.,since 1961,
widowed,husband,Melvin Tom Browning,father,William A.Laraman,mother,Lena Thompson,burial,McLaughlin cemetery,Cleora Okla.,,
daug.-Debra Dunn,Vinita Okla,& son -Jesse Browning.

Bruner Lela,born,April 11-1946,Fairland Okla.,died,Jan.6-1998,Joplin Mo.,Home Health Nurse- Trinity Life,\,father, Claude
Ernest Thomas,mother,Edna Mae Mohler, burial, Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Steven Bruner.

Buckallen Anna C.,born,March 30-1894,Afton Okla.,died,Dec.21-1981,Afton Okla.,housewife,\widowed,husband,Sam
Buckallen,father,John Giyer,mother, Rachel Walton,burial,Williams Timber Hill cemetery,east of Welch Okla.

Buckallen Sam Ray,born,Sept.19-1917,Welch Okla.,died,Sept.29-1991,Vinita Okla.,Mechanic-Afton Coop.,\married,
wife,Oma Buckallen,father,Sam Buckallen,mother,Anna C.Giyer,burial,Williams Timber Hill,east of Welch Okla.

Bulman Gene Allison,born,May 12-1908,Alamakee Co.Iowa,died, March 25-1989,Grove Okla.,Maintance-K.C.Kan.School,\
Afton since 1972,widowed,wife,Laura Mathilda Bulman,father,Jason Clement Bulman,mother,Margaret Amelon ,burial,Luthers cemeter,
Fairland Okla.,,son-Thomas A.Bulman & Virginia Bulman.

Bulman Laura Mathilda,born,Jan.9-1909,Independence Minnesta,died,April 11-1984,Afton Okla.,Gilbert Airport Post,Afton Okla.13 years,
married,husband,Gene Allison Bulman,Afton Okla.,father,Andrew Johnson,mother,Nettie Larson,burial,Luthers cemetery,Fairland Okla.

Bunch Billie G.,born,April 5-1930,Vinita Okla.,died,April 26-1991,home-Grove Okla.,Manager-Union Gas,Bernice  & Vinita,\
WWII,married,father,Grove O.Bunch,mother,Ronde Morris,burial,Ralston cemetery,Monkey Island,plot side of mother grave,,Billy &
Jim Green.

Burch, Margret, b. June 14, 1927, Thayer, MO., d. Oct 15, 1994, home-Berneice, OK, homemaker,\ lived Bernice since 1959, father Charles Halloway, mother Etta Irene Piland, burial Ralston Cemetery, Monkey Island, info by son Jim Green and Rhonda O'Brien

Burket, Evenell F. b. Nov 25, 1919, Altoona PA, d. Feb 2, 1986, Baptist Hosp., Miami, OK, Kitchen work - Afton Memorial Hosp., \, husand, Leo Burket, Afton, OK, lived here since 1979, father Russell Rowland, mother Maude Featherman, burial Sixkiller Cem., Afton, OK

Burton, Carmel E.  b. Mar 15, 1905, Halfjeary Mo., d. Feb 5, 1989, St. Francis hospital, Tulsa, OK, retired Farmer, \ lived Afton, OK, 40 yrs m. to Georgia Burton, father Eli Burton, mother Lottie Mayberry, burial Mt. Hope Cem., Afton, OK.


Calhoun, Earll b. Sep 1, 1894, Montrose, MO d. Sep 29, 1984; d.o.a. Afton Memorial Hosp., Afton, OK, retired Postal Cler, wife Verda Calhoun, lived Afton since 1968, father C. J. Calhoun, mother Lynia Sageser, burial Rose Hill Cemetery.

Camera, Ethel Elizabeth "Chooks" b. Sep 2, 1906, Sacramento, CA., d. Oct 13, 1992, Fairland Nursing Home, Fairland, OK.  Government Work, , widowed, father Marcus Hook, mother Marie E. Santry, cremated info by Diane Langley, Afton, OK.

Canada, Stella Marie, b. Jul 14, 1904, Oologah, OK, d. Oct 18, 1977, Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK, housewife, husband Shelby Canada, Fairland, OK  father Omer Dale, mother Frances Snade, burial Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, OK

Carr, Ollie May, b. Nov 27, 1894, Craig Co., OK; d. Apr 16, 1986, Medical Lodge Nursing Home, Columbus, KS, housewife widowed from Jacob Carr, father Thomas Alexander Krr, mother Susan Tolbert Scott, live in Vinita - Afton, OK - 1963, Columbus KS-1975, bur. Mt. Hope Cem., Afton, OK, info by daughter Lena Vanwinkle, Columbus, KS

Carroll, David Allen, b. Mar 26, 1948, Miami, OK, d. Oct 19, 1993, Claremore, OK., Truck & Tractor repair,  married, Rosalind Carroll, Afton, OK, father Arley Gene Carroll, mother Maxine McClintic, bur. Mt. Hope Cem., Afton, OK.

Caywood, Lawrence Robert b. July 8, 1901 Neosho, MO., d. Sep 10, 1980 Grove General Hospital, Grove, OK, lived in Bernice, OK, retired Rock Mason widowed, father Robert G. Caywood, mother Caroline Reed, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK.

Caywood, William L.  b. Jan 2, 1925 Bernice, OK, d. Nov 15, 1987, Grand Lake Manor, Grove, OK., School Teacher, WWII   divorced, lied at Boise, Idaho, father Lawrence Caywood, mother Agnes Harner, burial Ballard Cementery, Bernice, OK info by son Ken Caywood, Ulpus, KS

Chandler, Abe L. b. Mar 4, 1905, Tahlequah, OK; d. Dec 24, 1995 Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK, Gardner,  widowed, wife Agnes Geneva Hogan, father Joe Chandler, mother Alice Sills, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by son Jerry Chandler & daughter Geneva Miller

Chandler, Alton "Red", b. July 10, 1939, Afton, OK, d. Sep. 25, 1993, St. John Hospital, Joplin, MO., Construction worker,  married, Margie Chandler, father Abe Chandler, mother Agnes Hogan, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Chandler, Brodie David, Jr.  b. July 15, 1923, East Point, LA, d. Mar 4, 1990, Miami Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK., WWII - Air Force, lived at Ketchum, OK 40 years.  father Brodie David Chandler, Sr., mother Ada Mae Barham, burial Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, OK, info by Aunt Dollie Harrington.

Chandler, David Wayne, b. Sep 6, 1981, Miami, OK; d. May 17, 1998, DOA Miami Hospital, Miami, OK., Maintenance worker at Miami Golf & Country Club, father Charles Chandler, mother Laura Blackwell, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Chandler, Earl J. b. Dec 12, 1923, Afton, OK, d. July 19, 1999, Grove OK, Construction Blades,  WWII, wife Artie Wethey, father Charles Chandler, mother Hattie Gavett, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Chandler, Hearl, b. Feb 6, 1901, Jamestown, MO, d. Dec 30, 1996, Betty Ann Nursing Home, Grove, OK., Railroad & Farmer,  widowed, wife Nellie Chandler, d. 1989, father Joe Chandler, mother Alice Sills, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton OK, info by son James Chandler, Fairland, OK.

Chandler, James E. b. March 20, 1920 Altus, OK, d. Dec 3, 1993, Grove General Hospital, Grove, OK, lived OK since 1989, Real Estate, , WWII  married to Erma Chandler, Afton, OK, father William S. Chandler, mothr Clara Beason, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Chandler, Nellie M.  b. Jan 1, 1911, Cleburne, TX, d. Nov 24, 1989 N.E.O. Medical Center, housewife, , married, father Allen D. Carroll, mother Cynthia E. Goodman, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK.  Info by son Jim Chandler.

Chandler, Preston Abe, b. Jul 6, 1937, Afton, OK, d. April 29, 1996, Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK., Welder,  married to Linda Chandler, Bluejacket, OK, father Abe Chandler, mother Agnes Hogan, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Chastain, Dora E.  b. Nov 17, 1894, Red Star AR, died, May 3, 1987, Grove, OK, lived Vinita OK, housewife, , widowed, father Thomas N. Smith, mother Frances Edwards, burial McLaughlin Cemetery, Cleora, OK, info by daughter Marie Prise.

Cheek, Edith S. Jackson b. Oct 18, 1899 Cleora, OK, d. Sept 5, 1979, Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, AZ, housewife, SS# 525-94-6760 lived AZ 1 1/2 yrs., widowed, husband was Elmer C. Cheek, Sr., father ?? Jackson, burial Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, OK info by Lillie Mae Landrum - Old Bible

Cheek, Elmer C. St. b. April 25, 1900, Campbell, TX; d. Dec 24, 1977, Craig General Hospital, Vinita, OK, retired Engineer,  married to Edity S. Cheek, Afton, OK, father Jim Cheek, mother Tempa Sexton, burial Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, OK

Cheek, Lewis Lemay b. Aug 23, 1923, Afton, OK d. Oct. 11, 1996, Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK, father William Troy Clark, mother Cora Louella Worley, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by sister Rosemary Cheek, Afton, OK

Childrey, Fred C.  b. Dec 12, 1910, Halifax, VA, d. July 27, 1984, Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK, retired Tobacco Farmer & Painter, S here since 1956, married to Pearlie Childrey, father Calvin Childrey, burial Sixkiller Cementery, Afton, OK.

Christopher, Howell Paul, Jr.  b. Sep 12, 1924, Port Huron, MI; d. Aug 12, 1984, home TV repairman, , WWII, divorced, father Howell Paul Christopher, Sr. mother Flossie Mae Hill, Tulsa, OK.  Cremated info by sister Myrlene Osborn.

Church, James R. "Jimmy" b. Sep 19, 1954, Baltimore, MD, d. Jun 23, 1989, home-Valley Center, KS, Kansas Gas & Electric, married to Mary Church, father Jim Church, mother Imogene Church, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Church, Jim, b. Oct 26, 1933, Princeton WV, d. Jan 24, 1986, home Afton, OK, Truck Driver, American Tripoli,  married, wife Imogene Church, lived OK since 1957, father Emmett Church, mother Alice Church, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Church, Roger Curtis, b. Feb 23, 1959, Afton, OK; d. Mar 2, 1977, Lamar, MO. High School , single, father Jimmie Church, mother Imogene Thalls, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Clem, Leberta Mae b. Jul 27, 1941, Council Bluffs, IA; d. Aug 29, 1981, Freeman Hospital, Joplin, MO., housewife, , married to Marion Eugene "Gene" Clem, lived Afton 20 years, father Lebert Shutters, mother Dorothy May McMartin, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Coffman, Baby Boy b. Oct 4, 1983, Miami Hosp., Miami, OK; d. Oct 4, 1983 Miami Hospital, father Neil David Coffman mother Sherry Lynn Fowler, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Coin, Joseph Francis b. April 15, 1912, Bennington, OK, d. Aug 22, 1983, OK Osteopathic Hospital Tulsa, OK, Painter,  married to Fern Coin, Afton, OK lived in Afton since 1972, father Foster Coin, mother Flora Mae Foulk, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Collins, Jack Dean b. Nov 14, 1947, Afton, OK; d. May 14, 1991 Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK; Rancher & Carpenter  married to Sanda Collins, Afton, OK, father Paul E. Collins, mother Ruby Seaton, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Collins, Paul E. b. Feb 25, 1923, Afton, OK; d. Mar 14, 1994, St. John Hospital, Joplin, MO., Framer & Carpenter,  father Henry Lewis Collins, mother Katie Wray, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Jerry Collins.

Collins, Robert, b. Sep 20-1909, Paint Lick, KY, d. Sep 4, 1995, Grove OK., Farmer & Rancher, WWII, married to Alta Collins, Afton, OK; father Henry Lewis Collins, mother Katie Wray, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Combs, Virginia M.  b. Dec 19, 1927, Bartlesville, OK; d. Aug 16, 1980; Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK, housewife,  married to Carlyle R. Combs, Bernice, OK; fathr Foy Moore, mother Hattie Crout, burial Dewey Cemetery, Dewey, OK

Cook, Hava Marie, b. Feb 23, 1911, Lincoln, AR; d. Dec 15, 1989, Miami Nursing Home, Miami, OK, retired Restaurant Owner - Green Acres Cafe, widowed, husband Ralph Cook, father Dennis C. Kark, mother Lydia R. White, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by son Ralph Cook, Commerce, OK.

Copeland, Floyd Edward, b. Oct 25, 1919, Western, OK; d. July 16, 1991, Grand Lake Manor, Millright & Carpenter,  wife Willadean Copeland, father Joshua Copeland, other Mary Elizabeth Gizer, (true spelling Giyer, per g-grandaughter)  burial Fairland Cemetery, Fairland, OK.

Countryman, Arthur Wayne b. Aug 11, 1903, Bluejacket, OK; d. Mar 27, 1980, home Huntsville, TX, retired B. F. Goodrich, wife Bertha Countryman, father George Countryman, mother Clare Humbard, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Countryman, Iney, b. Dec 27, 1910, St. Joe Ark. d. Feb 7, 1981, Afton Memorial Hospital, Afton, OK; housewife  widowed, father Joseph Speak, mother Laura Brown, lived Afton since 1945, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK info by daughter Marion Mills.

Countryman, Susie Jane b. Dec 3, 1903; d. Sep 20, 1982, Afton Memorial Hospital, Afton, OK housewie  father Robert G. Coywood, mother Rachel Reed, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK; info by daughter Mary Countryman

Cox, Arthur H. b. Aug 4, 1911, Joplin, MO; d. May 29, 1991, Inola Nursing Home, Cox Food Market, ; Navy married, father Benjamin Cox, mother Gladys Swoverland, burial Highland Cemetery; info by Sandra Adams, Afton, OK

Crawford, Patricia, b. Aug 8, 1912, IL; d. Oct 24, 1984, Wood Manor Nursing home Claremore, OK; housewife; SS#509-10-3292; husband Forrest Crawford, Chelsea, OK. liveed here 11 years, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Crawford, William F. b. Sep 11, 1906, IL; d. Aug 25, 1994, Claremore, OK; Oil Business  lived Chelsea, OK, father James William Crawford, mother Barbara Jane Cople, burial Mt. Hope Cementery, Afton, OK, info by Sam Williams, Chelsea, OK.

Crosby, Allen Lee, b. Sep 29, 1928Anderson, MO; d. Jan 24, 1981 Bernice, OK; Pipe Line & Bulldozer Operator, ; Korean Conflict, married to Billie Crosby, Afton, OK; lived Afton 22 yrs.; Father James Crosby, mother Bessie Epperson, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Cunningham, James Wilton, b. Aug 28, 1894, Afton, OK. I.T., d. Apr 28, 1981; Afton Memorial Hospital, Afton, OK; retired Rail Road - Frisco, WWI, wife Ethel Cunningham, father J. L. Cunningham, mother Lulu Johnson, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Cunningham, Leona, b. Sep 26, 1897, Afton, OK; d. Feb. 10, 1993 Miami Nursing Center, Miami, OK; homemaker,  widowed, father S. C. Williams, mother Rosa Montgomery, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by Doris Kirk


Davis, Thomas Perry, b. Dec 7, 1937, Barry Co., MO; d. June 2, 1989, home, Afton, OK; truck driver - Green Country Cafe;  married to Patty Davis, moved to Afton 7 years ago from Purdy, MO; father Lawrence Davis, mother Oleta Davis, buried Bethel Cemetery.

Dawson, Jean Agnes, b. Mar 21, 1918 IL; d. Aug 26, 1987 Neosho, MO; housewife,  moved to Afton 40 years ago; widowed, father Walter Jusczak, mother Agnes Ptzbylsbi, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by friend Colleen Tipton

Day, Virginia I. b. Sep 21, 1939 Kansas City, MO; d. June 21, 1989 Grove Hospital, Grove, OK; housewife,  widowed, father James J. Wilhoit, mother Norma Bousher, burial Lee Cemetery, info by daughter Patricia Cook.

Dile, Deva Maude, b. July 1, 1903, Miami, OK; d. May 18, 1979 Jplin, MO; housewife ; widowed, father John H. Turner, mother Lena Ilshire, burial Mt. Hope, Afton, OK; info by brother Otis Turner

Dillinger, Wilber W. b. Dec 4, 1917, Bernice, OK; d. May 28, 1993, Hillcrest Medical Center, Contractor-Turnpike Authority, WWII  wife Nera Beth Dillinger, Afton, OK; father William F. Dillingr, mother Amanda King, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK

Dillingham, Meada Faye, b. Aug 12, 1906, Waukomis, OK; d. Jan 26, 1994, Miami Nursing Center, Miami, OK; housewife, , widowed, father Frank Taggart, mother Laura Hilbial, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by David Dillingham, Afton, OK.

Donaldson, Sarah, b. July 29, 1891 Marshall, MO, d. Feb 28, 1976, Commerce, OK, housewife, , widow of William H. Donaldson, father Alling Bung, mother Anna Blackburn, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; lived in Afton since 1931

Dooley, Deborah M. b. April 16, 1952, Miami, OK; d. Sept. 28, 1995, home in Afton, OK; Beautician-self employed, husband Tim Dooley, father John Robert Korb, mother Norma Jean Rider, burial Sixkiller Cemetry, Afton, OK

Dorsey, Darlene Annette, b. Nov 6, 1963, Miami, OK; d. March 20, 1981, Grove, OK, Student Afton High School, single, father William Dorsey, mother Polly Duff, lived 5 years Afton, OK, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Dugan, Elva Cleo, b. Jan 10, 1909, Arcadia, KS; d. Aug 29, 1983, Grove, OK, lived Afton, OK, since 1942, housewife,  widowed, father Josh Griffith, mother Mary Wilson, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by daughter Barbara Coffman.

Dugan, Roy Dean, b. Mar 13, 1928, Marland, OK, d. July 26, 1994, Baptist Hospital, Miami, OK; Mechanic & Welder, U. S. Air Force, married to Ruth Dugan Afton, OK, father Elmer Dugan mother Elva Griffith, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Dunkin, Georgia b. May 3, 1937, Craig Co., OK; d. Aug 8, 1995, Grove Hospital, Grove, OK; Waitress married to Mickey Dunkin, father Lloyd Brown, Ivy; mother Mildred Mac, burial Ghormley Cemetery, Pensacola, OK, Craig Co.


Eden, Oliver, b. June 12, 1922, Jay, OK; died March 18, 1999, Broken Arrow Memorial Hospital, Broken Arrow, OK; Laborer,  WWII-Purple Heart (American Indian) married to Vera Eden, Afton, OK, father James Eden, mother May "Maness" Goodwin, burial Yellowtree Cemetery, Mayes Co., OK

Edwards, Kenny, b. July 2, 1939, Chouteau, OK; d. July 4, 1995, home Afton, OK; Maintenance-UNARCO, , Navy, Diorced, father Clifford Branton Edwards, mother Della F. McClary, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by step-mother, Maxine Reed, Oklahoma City, OK

Egger, Robert Lee b. Oct 7, 1930, Wichita, KS; d. April 10, 1977, Afton, OK; U. S. Army-Career,  married to Darlene Egger, Afton, OK, father John C. Egger, b. Hanover, PA, mother Boma A. Richard, b. Wichita, KS, cause of death Accidental Shooting, burial McLaughlin Cemetery, Cleora, OK

Ellis, Richard M. b. Aug 4, 1916, Centerville, MO; d. May 22, 1978, Kansas City, MO; retired Santa Fe-Rail Road Conductor married to Ardell Ellis, Afton, OK, father George E. Ellis, mother Ella M. Elzea, vurial McLaughlin Cemetery, Cleora, OK

England, Bessie O.  b. May 11, 1894, Verona, MO, d. Dec 7, 1983 Grove, OK retired Farmer,  lived Afton since 1920, widowed, husband was Grover C. England, father A. L. Nash, mother Annie E. Gilpin, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by son Melvin England

England, Grover C. b. July 4, 1893, Cleora, OK; d. July 24, 1981, Grove, OK, Farmer  married, livee Afton since 1920 wife Bessie England, father Joe England, mother Martha Shannon, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

England, Hattie M. b. Oct 12, 1902, Florida, MO; d. March 11, 1990, Miami Hospital, Miami, OK , widowed lived Afton, OK 39 years, father George Thomas Prewitt, mother Olive Mae Norman, burial McLaughlin Cemetery, Cleora, OK; info by daughter Eva Fay McCoin.

Erher, William L. b. July 1, 1916, Sheffield, AL, d. Aug 27, 1987, Miami, OK, Truck Driver Roadway Express , Afton area since 1964, married, Joyce Erher, father Frank Erher, mother Annie Mills, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Estes, Lorene Dowell, b. July 13, 1918, Clever, MO; d. Sept 28, 1982, Kansas City, MO; Maintenance  WWII, lived MO all life, married, Maxine Estes, father Lon Estes, mother Alice Pope, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK

Etzel, John "Blackie", b. Sept 12, 1903, Alpine, TX; d. Aug 30, 1985, Afton, OK., Coin Machine Mechanic,  married to Myrtle Simmons Etzel, OK, 40 years, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Eubanks, Barber "Tex", b. Jan 16, 1895, Bell Co., TX; d. May 23, 1893, Grove, OK, retired Rancher, WWI,  lived Afton 30 years married to Mabel Eubanks, father Winfield Scott Eubanks, mother Madora Egin McCasland, burial Glen Abbey Cemetery, Miami, OK

Eubanks, James Kent, b. Feb 8, 1954 Miami, OK; d. July 30, 1985 Duncan Hospital, Duncan, OK, Accountant-Rocket Oil Co., Duncan, OK; divorced, father Tyson Eubanks, mother Bobbie Boynton, burial Glen Abbey Cemetery, East of Miami, OK; info by Tyson Bobbie Eubanks

Eubanks, Mabel, b. Nov 27, 1898, Ellis Co., TX; d. Nov 15, 1987, Grove, OK, School Teacher, lived Afton since 1952, widowed, husband Barber "Tex" Eubanks, father James Vaughn, mother Ida Williford, burial Glen Abbey, Cemetery, info by son Tyson Eubanks.

Evans, James C. "Tonk" b. Jan 22, 1923, Afton, OK; d. Dec 20, 1980 Tulsa, OK; self-employed, WWII, widowed, wife Phyllis Ann Klaus Evans, father Charles W. Evans, other Julia Truman, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by sister Beaulah Merritt & Richard Evans.


Fevers, Vera Mae, b. Sept 9, 1910, Peabody, KS; d. Sept. 22, 1983, Craig Co., Vinita, OK, housewife, Afton, OK since 1976;  married to Warner Fevers, father Beecher Cline, mother Sophia Hall, burial, Copeland Cemetery, Copeland, KS

Fletcher, George W. b. Sept 12, 1901, Pulaski Co., MO; d. May 22, 1982, Grove, OK, Farmer-Carpenter, since 1915, married to Lucinda Alice Fletcher, father William Garrett Fletcher, mother Sarah Caroline Steward, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Fletcher, Lucinda Alice, b. Dec 23, 1908, Fairland, OK; d. Jan 23, 1998, St. Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK, widowed, husband George W. Fletcher, father George Washington Bandy, mother Martha Long, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Fowler, Mary Catherine, b. April 11, 1889, Billing, MO; d. Nov 18, 1978 Choctow Memorial Hospital, Hugo, OK, lived OK since 1909, housewife, widowed from Gilbert S. Fowler, d. Aug. 9, 1951, father Rev. Robert H. Long, mother Lucinda Holt, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by son Littleton Fowler

Frances, Irene Alice, b. Nov 21, 1904; d. June 10, 1990, Grove, OK; Beauty Operator, widowed, father Frank Greenwood, mother Edna Stevens, vurial Sunset Memorial Garden Cemetery, Greeley Colorado; info by Beverly Tharren

Franks, Charles Henry, b. Jan 29, 1915, d. Dec 27, 1981; home-Afton, OK; Service Career, WWII-Korea, , since 1977, married, to Marcella Franks, father Harry Franks, mother Elizabeth Premiss, burial Military Cemetery, Leavenworth, KS

Frellick, Eliza Agnes, b. Mar 11, 1901, Paint Lick, KY; died Jan 3, 1982 Miami, OK since 1905, housewife,  widowed from Rufus Pat Frellick, father John Allen Todd, mother Permelia Gates, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Foren, Margaret Ann Shotts, b. Feb 9, 1947, Afton, OK; d. Dec 9, 1987, Miami, OK; Factory Worker,  father Leo Blythe, mother Zella Rommling, burial Ozark Memorial Park (cremation)

Frost, Thomas Dixon b. Oct 15, 1913 Catoosa, OK; d.March 26, 1987 Vinita, OK Mechanic, WWII, widowed wife Opal Watts Frost, father Samuel Frost, mother Lens Dixon burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by Freida Blaikie

Fultner, Alfred Henry, b. Oct 11, 1916 Carterville, MO; d. May 22, 1988, Bedford, TX, Afton for 10 years, Operating Engineer-Hillcrest Medical Center, WWII, widowed, father Henry Fultner, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Fultner, Frank Evert, b. July 6, 1926, Picher, OK; d. July 6, 1996, V.A. Hospital, Muskogee, OK, Heavy Equip Operator  Navy 30 years, Afton from Joplin, MO, married, Della Fultner, Afton, OK, father Alfred Henry Fultner, mother Flora Ellen Smith, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Fulton, Hester Byington, b. April 5, 1920, Lequire, OK; d. May 7, 1987, Afton, OK, Janitor Rooney Oil Co.,  married, father Henry Phillip Byington, mother Lorena Garland, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Peggy Gwinn.

Funkhouser, Emma M. b. April 23, 1902, Ottumwa,IA, d. May 24, 1986, Miami, OK; Afton since 1919; housewife,  widowed, father Gehard Thieler, mother ??? Atkins, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Fuser, Eva L. b. May 19, 1918 Blue Rapids, KS; d. Nov 15, 1997 Miami Hospital, Miami, OK; homemaker,  married to J. M. Fuser, Jr., father L. L. Stryker, mother Kathryn Kelley, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Fuson, Dovie Jane, b. Mar 26, 1909, Antlers OK; d. April 11, 1985, Tulsa, OK, housewife,  Afton since 1945, Tulsa 1 1/2 yrs., father Arthur Hatcher, mother, Mae West, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by daughter Revanell Garman, Tulsa, OK.


Gaddis, William George b. Oct 4, 1906 Talor Co., IA; d. Jan 22, 1979 Tulsa, OK; retired Owner and Operator Rogers Motel, WWII, lived Afton 20 years, married to Opal Churchill Gaddis, father Fred W. Gaddis, mother Cora Allen, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Gandy, Charlotte, b. Nov 24, 1938 Tulare, CA; d. April 19, 2000, home Bernice, OK, Truck Driver, , father Paul Nelson Perry, mother Freida Juanita Underwood, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK; info by Connie McCormick

Garman, Ravanell, b. July 14, 1926, Antlers, OK; d. Aug 19, 1994, Tulsa, OK, Sales Clerk-Woolco, married, husband Earl Garman, father Leander Fuson, b. Danville, AR, mother Dovie Jane Hatcher, b. Platter, MO, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Garrett, Arnold John, b. Feb. 8, 1940, Chelsea, OK; d. March 17, 1987, Miami, OK; Mechanic, Army 1961-1963, single father John Henry Garrett, mother Etta Bolin, burial Mt. Hope Cem., Afton, OK

Garrett, John Henry, b. Feb 23, 1907, Union Co., Georgia; d. June 9, 1984, Miami, OK, retired Railroad-Frisco,  in state 66 years, married to Etta S. Garrett, father George Garrett, mother Mandy Woody, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

George, Phillip W. "Tib", b. Jan. 5, 1915, Afton, OK; d. Dec 7, 1987, Fayetteville, AR, Pipe Line,  WWII married to Lucinda George, Afton, father Bert G. George, mother Maude Racheal Doty, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Gibson, Bessie, b. Sept. 11, 1909, KS; d. Aug 31, 1995, Fairland, OK, homemaker, , widowed, husband, Maurice Lon Gibson, father Bert Boyd, mother Mac White, urial Fairland Cemetery, Fairland, OK; info by son Charles Gibson.

Gibson, Bobby Lee, b. Apr 25, 1965, Tulsa, OK; d. Aug 1, 1983, home - Mike Mayberrt, Allison Lumber, , single father, Vearl Gibson, mother Sandra Turner, cause of death Electrocution, burial Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, OK.

Gibson, Joyce, b. July 24, 1942, Afton, OK; d. Sept 17, 1995, home-Afton, OK, homemaker, married husband Robert Gibson, father Richard Knight, mother Lora Burns, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Gibson, Kenneth, b. July 13, 1938, Fairland, OK, d. Sept 7, 1995, home-Afton, OK, Electrical Tech-B. F. Goodrich, , Army married to Edith Lundy Gibson, father Maurice Lou Gibson, mother Bessie Boyd, burial, Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK

Gibson, Maurice Lee "Hoat", b. Oct 14, 1936, Afton, OK; d. May 22, 1991, Tulsa, OK., Afton Coop, , Army married to Sharon Gibson, Afton, OK; father Maurice Lou Gibson, mother Bessie Boyd, burial Fairland Cemetery, Fairland, OK

Gibson, Maurice Lon b. July 26, 1909, Ottawa, OK; died Jan. 24, 1990, Vinita, OK, Afton Coop, , married to Bessie Gibson, Afton, OK; father Clyde Wade Gibson, mother Stella R. Waugh, burial Fairland Cemetery, Fairland, OK

Gill, Sylvia Nadine, b. Sep 12, 1921, Mayville, OK, d. Octo 10, 1981, Joplin, MO., housewife, married to Edward W. Gill, father Clarence Parham, mother Floy Moore, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Goode, Ruby Ellen, b. Dec 26, 1898, Afton, OK; d. April 23, 1981, Tulsa, OK, retired School Teacher, , widowed, Husband James Kirby Goode, father Joseph D. Muskrat, mother Florence Roseborough, burial Mt. Home Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by daughter Mrs. Feni White

Goodman, Glenna Mae, b. Aug 24, 1918, Collinsville, OK, d. July 16, 1996, Grove, OK, School Teacher , widowed husband of Alfred A. Goodman, d. Feb. 19, 1976, father Glenn Thornton, mother Theresa Kees, burial Vet3ran's Memorial Cem., Houston, TX, info by son A. G. Goodman & daughter Janice Kelly

Gordineer, Ruth G. b. Oct 4, 1931 Enid, OK; d. March 18, 1993, homemaker, , married, father Frank Brandy, mother Agnes McCormick, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Theresa Hines, Afton, OK.

Greene, Norman, b. Dec 9, 1935, St. Louis MO; d. Nov 21, 1995, Tulsa, OK, Sales , divorced, Afton 9 years, father Chester Greene, burial Ozark Memorial Park Crematory; info by daughter Kristie Sponseller

Greeson, Mary K.  b. Jan 5, 1934, Afton, OK; d. June 26, 2000, Vinita, OK, homemaker, widowed, husband Neil R. Greeson, father James Franklin Jones, mother Florence Katherine Cox, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Carrie Henderson, Bluejacket, OK

Greeson, Mary M. b. Jan 28, 1903, Linnie, MO, d. June 27, 1979, d.o.a. Afton, OK, retired Nurse,  married to Neil L. Greeson, Afton, OK, 2 years from Montana, father Louise W. McCollum, mother Lulu Magruder, burial Hopewell Cemetery, Atlanta, MO

Grimes, Madge, b. Nov 22, 1912, Afton, OK; d. Jan 10, 1990, Vinita OK, housewife, , married husband Everet5t Grimes, Afton, OK, father Roney Johnson, mother Dee DeMullanex, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Grimm, Dorothy Mae, b. Feb 2, 1903, Okla. City, OK; d. March 8, 1992 home-Afton, OK, housewife , married to Vern Grimm, father John Morton, mother Betty Scott, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK

Grimm, Vern, b. Jan 23, 1908, Hennessey, OK; d. Feb 16, 1994, home-Afton, OK, retired Cook, , widowed, wife Dorothy Morton Grimm; father John William Grimm, mother Cora Adams, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK; info by Carolyn Kickertz, Bernice, OK

Grimm, Verna Lee, b. Sept 8, 1937, Phoenix, AZ, d. March 27, 1987, single, father Vern Grimm, mother Dorothy Morton, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK


Hagerty, Benton C. b. May 12, 1918, Kent, TX; d. July 25, 1986, V. A. Fayetteville, AR., lived Afton, OK 33 years, widowed, wife Mary Christina Hagerty, burial Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hugo, OK info by daughter Arcelia Rember.

Hagerty, Mary Christina, b. July 28, 1898, Gentryville, MO, d. March 29, 1986; Miami, OK, lived Afton, OK since 1914, housewife, married husband Benton C. Hagerty, Afton, OK, father Walter George, mother Rose Weese, burial Higgins Cemetery, Higgins, TX

Hale, James Arthur, b. July 21, 1970, Dae Jone South Korea, d. June 12, 1988, Hendrick Co., IN, Afton 8 years, lived Fairland, OK (Korean) Honda Shop, Dansville, IN, father James Hale, mother Kim Hye Sun, killed Motorcycle Accident, bur. Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hale, James H. b. Jan 5, 1961, Moundville, AL; d. July 30, 1988, d.o.a. Miami, OK, Shangri-La, Afton, OK  , married to Pamela Hale, father H. A. Hale, mother Ann Stone, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, AFton, OK

Hall, Earl Kelsey, b. Jan 8, 1890, Malden, MO, d. March 28, 1982, New Mexico, wife Vinnie D. Dawson Hall, father Otis Skinner Hall, mother Ida May Stacy, burial, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by Idalice Boyd

Hall, Julia Opal, b. Sept 2, 1904, Miami, OK, d. Oct 25, 1981, Vinita, OK, housewife,  widowed, father William Stafford, mother Martha Berry, burial Bluejacket Cemetery, Bluejacket, OK, info by daughter Ada Bronough

Hall, Linda Kay, b. Jan 10, 1946 MO, d. Jan 27, 1995, Tuscaloosa, AL, Account Executive-Newspaper, , married to Pat Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL, father Willard L. Henry, mother Virginia Carrie Still, burial Hickory Grove Cem. Grove, OK

Hammer, Mary Frances, b., Feb 28, 1923, Yankton, SD, d. Aug 14, 1986, V. A., Okla. City, OK, houewife, , WWII, married to Ralph Hammer, Afton, OK, Afton 8 years, father Ancil Hargett, burial McLaughlin Cemetery, Cleora, OK

Hammock, Ralph Lee, b. May 3, 1932, Afton, OK; d. Jan 30, 1994, Miami, OK retired Contractor-self, , lived Afton 4 1/2 years, married, Barbara Hammock, father George Hammock, mother Elizabeth Collins, Afton, OK, burial Ozark Memorial Cemetery.

Harden, Bland, b. May 22, 1896, d. March 2, 1984, Afton osince 1950, Production Teacher,  WWI & WWII (Indian) married to Kathy Harden, Afton, OK, father Andrew Harden, mother Elizabeth Neighbors, burial Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK

Harper, Leo Bert, b. March 13, 1918, Afton, OK; d. Oct 7, 1976, d.o.a. Miami, OK, Farmer, , married to Mary I. Harper, Afton, OK, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Harris, Berniece Vivian, b. July 10, 1923, Cushing, OK, d. May 23, 1996, home Afton, OK, homemaker, , married to Guy Ronald Harris, Afton, OK, father Luther R. Rains, mother Myrtle Estelle O'Kelley, burial Stroud City Cemetery, Stroud, OK

Harris, Guy Ronald, b. Dec 12, 1920, Stroud, OK, d. Aug 1, 2000, Joplin, MO., Spencer-Gulf Chemical, WWII, widowed, wife Berniece Vivian Rains, father Ernest Harris, mother Lana Pike, burial Stroud City Cemetery, Stroud, OK., info by Paula Wyczynski, Quapaw, OK

Harris, Roberta Ann, b. June 29, 1899, Afton, OK, d. May 3, 1989, Ponca City, OK, homemaker, , widowed, father Matthew A. Painter, mother Mary Laverne Graham, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Marguerite Thompson

Harrison, Mack M. b. Sept. 13, 1910, Chelsea, OK, d. Nov 6, 1980, Tulsa, OK, retired Buesiness Man, married to Genevieve Harrison, father Charley Harrison, mother Allie Condrey, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Harveston, J. Harold, b. Dec 19, 1909, Rockford, TN; d. May 6, 1980, home Afton, OK, retired Navy Officer, WWII, , Afton 7 years, married to Elnora Harveston, father John Henry Harveston, mother Nora Birchfield, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hatfelt, Mary Louise, b. June 11, 1931, d. July 14, 1982, Tulsa, OK, Clerk, , 12 years, married to Clarence Hatfelt, Tulsa, OK, father Edward Tourelle, mother Fraice Danas, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hayes, Avery K. b. May 6, 1923, Jenks, OK, d. May 31, 1988, Vinita, OK, Truck Driv er, , WWII, lived Afton 25 years, married to Mildred Hayes, father, Frank M. Hayes, mother Carrie Martin, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Haynes, Bernard Wayne, b. June 26, 1915, Achille, OK, d. Dec 4, 1989 Grove, OK, Carpenter,, WWII, Aftin since 1965, married to Maxine Haynes, father Frank Taylor Hayes, mother Mattie Shipman, burial I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Norman, OK.

Haynes, John W.  Jun 25, 1922, Norman, OK, d. Aug 11, 1991, Grove, OK, Construction Work, , father Frank Taylor Haynes, mother Mattie Shipman, burial I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Norman, OK info by Louise Heims, Afton, OK

Heaton, Merton C., Jr. b. Nov 5, 1922, Joplin, MO; d. Sep 25, 1990, Grove, OK, Air Force 23 years, Korean & Vietnam,, OK 12 years, married to Cathryne Heaton, Afton, OK, father Merton C. Heaton, Sr., mother Georgia Conway, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Helm, Carole Anna, b. Dec 30, 1950, Vinita, OK; d. Oct 11, 1994, home Afton, OK, homemaker, , married to Lawrence Eugene Helm "Gene", father Charles L. Ryan, mothr Anna Mae Roberts, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Helm, Lawrence Eugene, b. Feb 28, 1948, Vinita, OK, d. Jan 22, 1995, Miami, OK, Machinist, , Vietnam, widowed wife, Carole Anna Ryan Helm, father James L. Helm, mother Daphne Hanna, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Arlena Helm & Thomas Helm

Helmick, Alice Marie b. Oct 13, 1916, Cherokee Co., KS; d. Feb 17, 1987, Joplin, MO., housewife,  Afton since 1937, widowed, husband Howard Raymond Helmick, father John Pliler, mother Eliza Jane Harbour, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by son Delmar Helmick

Henry, Virginia Carrie b. Sep 5, 1919, Washburn, MO; d. Jan 16, 1993 Vinita, OK, retired Cook,  widowed, husband, Willard Lawrence, "Hank" Henry, father Thurman Still, mother, Carrie Elizabeth Frost-Pillcan, burial King Cemetery, Seligman, MO., info by Carl Henry, Tomball, TX

Henry, Willard Lawrence "Hank" b. Aug 2, 1915 Barry Co., MO; d. Oct 31, 1988, home Afton, OK, Truck Driver Roadway, married to Virginia Henry, Afton, OK since 1955, father John L. Henry, mother Laura Ellis, burial King Cemetery, Seligman, MO

Hensley, Grandville Louis, b. May 17, 1900, St. Louis, MO; d. Dec 25, 1981, Vinita, OK, Pipe Line & Farmer, , OK 50 years, married to Irene Knox Hensley, father James Hensley, mother Addit Whiteworth, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hensley, Irene E. b. June 8, 1905, Keifer, OK, d. June 12, 1998, Grove, OK, homemaker , widowed, husband Grandville Louis Hensley, father John Knox, mother Pearl Brothers, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by son Jack Hensley, Afton, OK

Hensley, John W. b. Feb 2, 1931, Afton, OK; d. Jan 17, 1994, Grove, OK retired Farmer & Rancher, father Grandville Louis Hensley, mother Irene Knox, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by Johnnie Hensley, Afton, OK

Hester, Jeremiah, b. Sep 28, 1973, Ft. Campbell, KY; d. Sept 23, 1995, Hopkinsville, KY, lived Afton since 1978, single U.S. Army, , father Johnny Eugene Hester, mother Sheilah L. Miller, cause of death Gunshot wound, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hester, Johathan Elijah, b. Mar 2, 1989, Waxachie, TX, 2 weeks old, d. Mar. 16, 1989, father Johnny Hester, mother Denice Purvis, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hicks, Patty L. b. March 17, 1922, Pryor, OK, d. July 31, 1977, Afton, OK, retired Safeway Emp., , married, husband William O. Hicks "Bill", father Poscal Land, mother Gertrude Sexton, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Highland, Mary Jane, b. Jan 1, 1924, Ada, OK; d. Sept 30, 1976, Miami, OK, housewie,  OK, 3 1/2 years, married to Raymond Highland, father Charles Craddock, mother Pearl Scroggin, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Highland, Thelma, b. June 12, 1927, Hinton, OK; d. May 7, 1985, Miami, OK, Afton 9 years ago from Maryland, housewife, married to Raymnd Highland, Afton, OK, father Lewis Melott, mother Nellie Hicks, burial G.A.R. Cemetery, Miami, OK

Hines, Richard  Bradley, b. Jan 16, 1943, Tulsa, OK; d. Jan 1, 1993, Joplin, MO., Salesman-self, , married to Theresa Hines, Afton, OK., father Merl Hines, mother Mable Webb, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hittson, Mason A. b. March 8, 1912, Afton, OK; d. Feb 18, 1993, Fremont, NB, farmer married, info by Eldon Hittson, Fremont, NB, father William Hittson, mother Suzie Fisher, burial Sixkiller, Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hollin, Mary Ellen, b. Feb 17, 1922, Demming, NM, d. March 16, 1997, Grove, OK, Nurse, married to Ottis Hollin, Afton, OK, father James Holliman, mother Hattie Smith, state 8 years, burial Ozark Memorial Park, Joplin, MO

Hollin, Ottis, b. Oct 2, 1922, Demming, NM, d. March 16, 1997, Grove, OK, Nurse, married to Ottis Hollin, Afton, OK, father James Holliman, mother Hattie Smith state 8 years, burial Ozark Memorial Park, Joplin, MO

Hood, Olive Anna, b. Aug 21, 1897, Wentworth, MO, d. Aug 16, 1983, Miami, OK, Cook widowed, father, Clement B. Abbott, mother Dorothy A. Hagebusch, burial, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Oletha Bandy, Afton, OK

Hopper, Norman Eugene b. April 15, 1930, Rabbit, OK, d. Sept 9, 2000, Miami, OK, Steelworker U.S. Steel Mill, Korea married to Rema Hopper, Afton, OK, father William Delbert Hopper, mother Willie Mae Helm, burial Hickory Grove, Cemetery, Grove, OK

Houck, Bernard,  died June 13, 1998

Hubbard, Maude Frances, b. March 28, 1896, Afton, OK; d. Aug 28, 1981, Afton, OK, homemaker,  single, father Dr. Frank Hubbard, born IN, mother Lillie Erenest Kirk, b. Seneca MO, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by sister Myrtle Hubbard

Hubbard, Myrtle M. b. Nov 18, 1894, Seneca MO, d. May 30, 1986, NM, lived New Mexico, single School Teacher, , father Dr. Franklin Hubbard, b. IN, mother Lillie Erenst Kirk, b. Seneca, MO., burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by nephew, Kenneth Hubbard

Hudspeth, John b. Sept 3, 1913, Afton, OK, d. July 19, 1995, home Afton, OK, retired Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Air Force,  married, Dorothy P. Cole Hudspeth, Afton, OK, father John A. Hudspeth, mother Pearl Fanning, b. Berryville, AR, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Hudspeth, Maxine Lorraine, b. Feb 1, 1905, Indian Territory, d. March 24, 1993, Miami, OK (American Indian), Pharmacist,  widowed, husband Ollen B. Hudspeth, father Wilburn Dawson "Wig", mother Maud Howell, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Tommy Hudspeth, Tulsa, OK

Hudspeth Ollen B. b. July 8, 1917, Blakley, GA, d. Oct 6, 1989, Miami, OK, Painter SS#257-18-3729, WWII, divorced, in Afton 5 years, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by son Eddie Hudspeth

Hughes, John Monroe, b. Aug 13, 1927, Blairstown, MO, d. Oct 3, 1983, home Afton, OK, Disabled Vet, , WWII single father Charley C. Hughes, mother Dorothy U. Hood, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by brother Jerome Hughes


Infield, Buddy E. b. Jan 13, 1937, Afton, OK, d. Feb 11, 1992, Grove, OK, retired Carpenter-Construction,  married, wife Violet Infield, Grove, OK, father Alvin Ray Infield, b. Little Rock, AR, mother Kera Woody, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Infield, Margaret C. "Maggie", b. Oct 8, 1904, Pulaski Co., MO, d. May 31, 1983, Grove, OK, retired Telephone Operator-Southwest Bell,  widowed, husband William Henry Infield, father William G. Fletcher, mother Carrie Steward, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; inf oby nephw Bud Palmer

Ingram, Hubert Alfred, b. July 16, 1911, Afton, OK; d. Oct 12, 1980, Miami, OK d. Oct 12, 1980 Miami, OK retired Mechanic, , Divorced father, Alfred Bart Ingram, mother Maude Parks, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by sister Ann Cole

Ingram, Maude Martha b. July 20, 1884, Macon, GA; d. April 3, 1978 Vinita, OK, housewife, , widowed father E. F. Parks, mother Mary Anderson, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery Afton, OK info by daughter Mrs. Opal Bryant, Tulsa, OK


Jackson, Emmet Merl, b. Jan 10, 1909, Ketchum, OK, d. Feb 7, 1978, Vinita, OK, reti4red Steelworker, , single, lived Bernice, OK father James Johnson, mother Lillie Mae Scott burial Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, OK info by Herschel Barnes, Afton, OK & Mrs. Edith Cheek

Jantzen, Lillie b. Oct 1, 1909, Ringwood, OK, d. Jan 22, 1976, Miami, OK, housewife,  widowed, husband Theodore Jantzen, father Andrew Eck, mother Mary Schmidt, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by daughter Mrs. Jim Baldwin

Jarvis, Alonzo, Jr. b. Nov 16, 1945, Miami, OK, died at home Grandview MO., brick layer, mason, , Vietnam, divorced, father Alonzo N. Jarvis, Sr., mother A. Lorene Dixon, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Alonzo Jarvis, Sr., Bernice, OK

Johnson, Barnie L. b. Aug 30, 1923, Afton, OK; d. Jan 8, 1987, McCullen, TX, retired Truck Driver,  WWII, married, wife Juanita Johnson, Afton, OK, fathr Floyd A. Johnson, mother Flora Ella Dyker, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Johnson, Euretha Mae b. Dec 29, 1896, Gravett, AR, d. Nov 27, 1976, housewife,  since 1924, widowed, husband, Sullivan W. Johnson, father Alfred P. Chandle, mother Mary Ann Hadley, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Dr. Lawrence K. Johnson & Clarence H. Johnson, Afton, OK.

Johnson, Mattie Frances, b. Oct 17, 1910, Paint Lick, KY; d. Dec 9, 1983 Vinita, OK, housewife, , married to Bob Johnson, Afton, OK, father Henry L. Collins, mother Katie Wray, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK.

Johnson, Roy, b. April 16, 1940 Eucha, OK, d. Dec 5, 1997 Tulsa, OK, Carpenter  wife Georgia Dugan Johnson, father Ray Johnson, mother Opal Finney, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Johnson, Vornel D. b. Aug 17, 1910, d. May 3, 1982, Vinita, OK, Farmer-Stockman,  married to Malle Johnson, Afton, OK, father Charles M. Johnson, mother Deedie Mulinix, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Jones, Elery "Shorty" b. Oct 19, 1925, Centralia, OK, d. March 8, 1996, home, Afton, OK, retired Security-Eastern State Hospital Vinitak OK , married, wife Betty Hale Jones, Afton, OK, father Charlie Jones, mother Rose Culver, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Jones, James Franklin, b. June 29, 1873, MO; d. Feb 26, 1986, Paris, AR, retired Farmer,  widowed, mother Cordelia Heatherly, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by son Kenneth Jones, Magozine, AR

Jones, Lo Ranzy "Ted", b. Dec 2, 1909, Spring Dale, AR, d. Aug 2, 1989 Grove, OK, Water Dept., Afton, OK , marriedto Mabel Jones, Afton, OK, father James H. Jones, mother Mary J. Foster, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK


Keith, Tiera L.  b. Sep 17, 1903 Russell Co., KS, d. May 21, 1981, Coffeyville, KS, housewife, widowed C. Darrell Keith, lived in Coffeyville, KS 13 years, father Thomas R. Hall, mother Ida Bates, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Delvine Nally

Kerr, Letha Pauline, b. Jan 29,1918, Zincville, OK, d. Dec 9, 1984, Afton, OK, retired Unionzas Co.,  divorced, father Aaron H. Cauthon, mother Alfretta Shipley, burial G.A.R. Cemetery, Miami, OK, info by daughter Kay Benge

Kerry, Lyle W. b. Oct 12, 1914, North Miami, OK, d. Nov 16, 1985, Vinita, OK, retired Maintenance work, , single, lived Afton 2 years from Reno, NV, WWII, father Fred Kerry, mother Minnie Ragsdale, burial G.A.R. Cemetery, Miami, OK, info by brother George Kerr

King, Emmett L. b. Aug 20, 1925, Kaw City, OK, d. Jan 23, 1985 Afton, OK, retired Welding Instruction,  WWII, civorced, lived Afton 1 1/2 years, burial Woodlawn Cemetery, Claremore, OK, info by son Bill King

King, Esther H. b. July 19, 1909, Carterville, MO, d. Dec 19, 1987, Grove, OK, housewife,  lived Afton, father Andrew A. Lennox, mother Della Tucker, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Martha Giles, Afton and Faye Moody

King, Grace b. Aug 29, 1913, Bernice, d. Jan 12, 1996, Miami, OK homemaker, widowed, husband Everett King, father John Bert King, mother Anna Marguerite Canada, b. Pierrce City, MO., burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by sister-in-law Cauline King, Afton, OK

King, Peggy, b. Jan 12, 1913 OK, d. Mar 20, 1985 home-Tulsa, OK, moved Tulsa 4 years, housewife, , father W. H. Shedlebar, mother Cora Jackson, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by dau-in-law Candice King, Tulsa, OK

Kirk, Thomas Wayne b. Mar 6, 1925 Afton, OK; d. Aug 23, 1988, Bakersfield CA, Construction Engineer-Asmer Oil Co.,  WWII in CA 1 1/2 yrs from Singapore, married to Thanh Kirk, Bakersfield, CA, father Dennis C. Kirk, mother Lydia R. White, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Kirkenall, Dayton R. b. April11, 1925, Prairie Grove, AR, d. Jan 28, 2000, Commerce, OK. 5 years, WWII, Minister , married to Dorothy Kirkendall, fathre Rubin Thomas Kirkendall, mother Ethel Collins, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Korb, Kristen Fawn, b. Apr 5, 1990 Tulsa, OK; d. Dec 23, 1995, Bernice, OK, single, twin bro. father Tommy Korb, mother Fawn Arnold Korb Jones, lived in Afton, OK, Killed - Accident Water Plant.  burial ????

Kuidera, Edward William, b. Sept 7, 1899, Anthem, IA, died April 29, 1983, Afton, OK, retired Farmer,  WWII, Afton since 1960, widowed, father Michael Kvidera, mother Mary Weaver, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Kulper, Marjorie A. b. Feb 20, 1927, Afton, OK, d. Apr 5, 1986, Miami, OK, Registered Nurse,  WWII, divorced, lived Afton, OK, father Cecil Tipton, mother Letha Baker, burial Benton Co. Crematory, Rogers, AR, info by daughter Patsy McCoin.

Kyles, Richard William b. Sep. 17, 1916, Bowie Co. TX, d Feb 15, 1986, Grove, OK, retired B. F. Goodrich Tire, , WWII married, wife, Twyla Joe "Tweak", b Afton, OK, lived Afton 33 yrs, father Johnny Lee Kyles, mother Lena B. Armstrong, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Kyles, Twyla Jo "Tweak", b. Feb 14, 1923, Afton, OK; d. Oct 2, 1995, home-Afton, OK, Secretary - Jim Thomas Funeral Home  widowed, husband Richard William Kyles, father William Tyler Scott, mother Willie Estella Pyatt, burial Mt. Hope, Afton, OK


Langley, Samuel David, b. Dec 1, 1990, NB; d. Dec 1, 1990, NB, lived NB, father Harold Langley, Jr. mother Carrie C. Hitton, Sixkiller Cemetery, Adton, OK

Lawrence, Geneva Marie Elaine, b. Feb 1, 1988, Grove, OK, d. Feb 1, 1988, Grove, OK, father Mike Lawrence, mother Lois Flippo, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Leonhardt, Leroy Jerome, b. Oct 17, 1902, Pratt Co., KS, d. June 19, 1982, Jay, OK, T. Farmer, , lived Afton 20 years, married to Josie Opal Leonhardt, father Alexander Leonhardt, mother Lora Boughner, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Joyce Erickson

Leonhardt, Josie Opal, b. Jan 24, 1897, Monett, MO, d. Nov 27, 1986, Jay, OK, housewife,  widowed, husband Leroy Jerome Leonhardt in Afton since 1961, father Cicero Porter, mother Martha Jane Routon, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by son Ray Nicholson

Little, Fletcher Wilkerson, b. Jan 7, 1901, Warsaw, MO; d. Feb 16, 1976, Miami, OK, Truck Driver-Roadway,  Afton since 1950, widowed, wife Maude Lingo Little, father John Little, mother Ira Edwards, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by step-son Clay Ash.

Logue Leslie Eugene, b. April 11, 1912, Paola, KS, d. May 25, 1984, home-Afton, OK, in OK since 1977, retired Cessna Aircraft, married to Wretha Logue, Afton, OK, father Amos Holmes Logue, mother Clara V. Ralson, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Mankato, KS

Long, Ray A., b. Apr 17, 1911, Afton, OK, d. Jan 24, 1989, Carpenter-Contractor,  married to Jessie Dillinger Long, father Rev. Isiah Long, mother Margaret Ketron, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK

Longlaw, Lila, b. Nov 8, 1906, Santa Rosa, CA, died Dec 24, 1997, Bluejacket, OK, School Teacher,  lived OK 3 yrs, father Walter Danells, mother Georgia Harris, burial Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, OK, info by Wilma Bates, Vinita, OK

Longley, Homer Lonzo, b. Oct 19, 1903, Westville Indian Terr. d. Dec 28, 1977, Afton, OK, retired Frisco Railroad, married to Beatrice Longley, father Marion Longley, mother Lena Hill

Lourance, Richard, b. Nov 29, 1914, Coffeyville, KS; d. Jan 6, 1983, Grove, OK, General Work,  widowed, lived Afton since 1966, father C. E. Lourance, mother Nina Feland, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Luce, Leroy Edward, b. June 7, 1917, Merrimill, OH; d. Aug 16, 1983, Joplin, MO, Crane Operator,  lived Fairland, OK 7 years, married to Virginia Luce, Fairland, OK, father Walter Luce, mother Dollie Gunder, burial Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, OK

Lynch, Minnie I., b. Aug 16, 1899, Afton, OK; d. Dec 26, 1987, Miami, OK, Cook-Buffalo Ranch,  father Charles Lynch, mother Mary Edmonds, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by neice-Sue Nell Robyler, Fairland, OK

M - Mc

Mahurin, Scott Michael, b. July 26, 1979, Ft. Campbell, KY; d. June 11, 1999 Joplin, MO., General Laborer city of Afton, OK,  single, father Carl Mahurin, mother Alice Mae Naughton, burial Union Cemetery, Anderson, MO

Mansfield, Emma Fay, b. April 24, 1924, Coodys Bluff, OK, d. Jan 8, 1984, Afton, OK, Cafe Manager,  married to William J. Mansfield, Afton, OK, father Elmer F. Wilmoth, mother Dora Lane, burial, Olympus Cemetery, Grove, OK

Marlow, Dora L.  b. June 24, 1908, Sallisaw, OK, d. Aug 31, 1983, Vinita, OK, worked in Ship Yards-Telephone Operation, married to Bert P. Marlow, father, James William Berkley, mother Ada Karr, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Marshall, James Joseph, b. Feb 25, 1913, St. Louis, MO; d. Oct 8, 1980, Grove, OK, Ft. Construction-Erby, , divorced, father William Marshall, mother Louise Klieman, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Mary Brumback

Matlock, Cara Mae Fuser, b. Jan 20, 1910, Afton, OK, d. Dec 24, 1981, Afton, OK, housewife,  married to Norman C. Matlock, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Matlock, Norman C. b. Mar 13, 1907, Afton, OK; d. April 9, 1983, Miami, OK., Agent Real Estate and Ins., , widowed, wife Clara Mae Fuser Matlock, father Sig J. Matlock, mother Ada H. Montgomery, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Matthews, John Hurley, b. Aug 23, 1915, d. Nov 3, 1988, Grove, OK, Rt Carpenter,  WWII, widowed, wife Irene Lane Matthews, father John Wesley Matthews, mother Mary Risenfawn, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Mefford, Thomas R. "Tom", b. Feb 4, 1905, MO; d. Sept 14, 1986, Tulsa, OK, Railroad Frisco, , Afton since 1925 widowed, burial Mt. Hoe Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by Donna Teague

Messimore, Amanda Ada, b. June 30, 1891, Wright Co., MO; d. Aug 5, 1982, Grove, OK, housewife, , lived Afton, OK, widowed, husband Eli Messimore, father William Bartley, mother Susan Ussery, burial Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, OK

Messimore, Delbert, b. Jan 21, 1928, Scales, OK, d. Feb 21, 1996, Joplin, MO., Construction, , married to Emma Shepherd Messimore, father Eli Messimore, mother Amanda Ada Bartley, burial Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, OK

Messimore, Emma, b. Jan 3, 1933, Spavinaw, OK; d. May 3, 1996, Grove, OK, homemaker,  widowed, husband, Delbert Messimore, father Lloyd Shepherd "Bill" mother Mazie Dodd, burial Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, OK

Mitts, Thomas E. "Ned", b. July 5, 1926, San Antonio, TX, died Oct 11, 1988, Tulsa, OK, Retail Salesman,  divorced, lived Afton, OK, father Thomas J. Mitts, mother, Ava Scott, burial, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Susan Magill

Mitchell, Delia Belle, b. Feb 24, 1898, Paint Lick, KY; d. May 18, 1979, Hugo, OK, housewife, married to Claude O. Mitchell, father Samuel Boone Reynolds, mother Elizabeth Collins, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Mitchell, James Joel, b. April 23, 1911, Afton, OK, d. Aug 1, 1981, Miami, OK, Rt Spt. Guard-B. F. Goodrich, WWII, married to Maxine Mitchell, Afton, OK, father William P. Mitchell, mother Matilda Lewis, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Morehouse, Harry T. b. Oct 10, 192, Springfield, MO, d. Feb 17, 1981, Afton, OK, Railroad-Frisco,  Afton since 1920 widowed, wife, Shirley P. Morehouse, father Oscar Morehouse, mother Millie Umbarger, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK, info by daughter Cynthia Martin

Morgan, Alma A. b. March 1, 1912, May, MO; d. May 12, 1983 Joplin, MO. Custodian, , lived Afton 9 years, widowed, husband Frank Edgar Morgan, father Albert Wright, mother Laura L. Poe, burial Ottawa Indian Cemetery, East Miami, OK; info by daughter Almeda Carroll

Morgan, Frank Edgar, b. May 13, 1909, Minden Mines, MO, died April 12, 1983, Miami, OK, Custodian, , married to Alma A. Morgan, lived Afton 9 years, father Arthur Morgan, mother Elsie Wilcos, burial Ottawa Indian Cemetery, East of Miami, OK

Mullin, Harold Ray, b. Aug 8, 1938, Zincville, OK, d. Oct 30, 1996, home-Afton, OK, Crusher-Lair Bros. Rock,  (American Indian), Vietnam, married to Charlotte Posey Mullin, Afton, OK, father James Mullin, mother Nellie Greenlee, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Mustain, Estella, b. March 17, 1900 MO, d. Oct 23, 1982, Afton, OK, housewife, widowed, father Sam Powell, jother Millie Grant, burial Chelsea Cemetery, Chelsea, OK, info by daughter Audrey Gilstrap

Mustain, Paul Albert, b. Jan 11, 1907, Oologah, OK, d. Aug 28, 1977, home-Afton, OK, Construction Worker, , married to Hazel Mustain, father J. F. Mustain, mother Sally Munds, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

Myers, Cletice N. b. Dec 24, 1911, Roy Co., MO; d. Jan 27, 1979, Great Bend, lives Rozel, KS, 5 1/2 yras. Mobile Home Builder, , married to Pauline Myers, father William Henry Myers, mother Eva Briggs, burial Fairland Cemetery, Fairland, OK

Myers, Ned Joel, b. Dec 30, 1946 Vinita, OK; d. Dec 6, 1979, Miami, OK, Printer, , married to Glenda Myers, Afton, OK, father Curtis Myers, mother Ester Brown, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK

McBride, Alma Lavone, b. Aug 21, 1911, Welch, OK; d. Nov 18, 1982, Okla City, OK, Manager School Cafeteria,  lived Afton, OK, widowed, father Elmer Mason, mother Alberta Foxworthy, burial Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK info by daughter Carolyn Dooley

McBride, Carl Wilbur, b. May 18, 1907, Henry Co,. MO; d. June 20, 1979, Joplin, MO, Afton, since 1958, Bus Driver, Afton Achools,  father William B. McBride, mother Rebecca Young, burial Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK, info by son Carroll McBride.

McCoin, James Edward, b. May 19, 1937, Miami, OK, d. Nov 6, 1996, Tulsa, OK, Auctioneer,  married to Gloria Jacob s McCoin, Afton, OK, father Elmer Edward McCoin, mother Gladys Katherine Geoug3, burial Mt. Home Cemetery, Afton, OK

McCoin, John Barney, "J.B." b. April 26, 1922, Fairland, OK, d. Jan 8, 1989, Tulsa, OK, Maintenance B.F. Goodrich, lived Afton, OK,  WWII, married to Eva McCoin, father James F. McCoin, mother Ethel Mae Darnell, burial Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Bluejacket, OK

McRee, Ella, b. July 19, 1902, Grove, OK, d. July 10, 1998, Buena Vista, CA, Sales Associate, , father Archable L. Ballard, mother Cynthia Ellen Gladney, burial Ballard Cemetery, Bernice, OK; info by sister Ruby Ludwig, Grove, OK

McWherter, Edward C., b. July 28, 1912, Clark Co., MO, d. April 18, 1982, Afton, OK, 15 years, Safety Engineer Boeing Aircraft,  WWII, married wife, Emma McWherton, Afton, OK, burial Benton Co. Cemetery, Rogers, AR


Nevius, James Theodore, b. April 16, 1904, Edna, KS; d. Oct 8, 1983, Tulsa, OK, Safety Supervision Hercules Powder Co.,  married to Bonnie Nevius, lived Afton 14 years from Lawrence, KS, father James Theodore Nevius Sr., mother Hettie Hawes, burial Ralson Cemetery, Monkey Island.

Nevius, Theodora F.  b. June 26, 1899, Edna, KS, d. April 3, 1985, Grove, OK, School Teacher, Hiawatha, KS,  single father James Theodore Nevius, mother Hettie Hawes, lived Afton 15 years, burial Ralston Cemetery, Monkey Island, info by sister Dorese Packard

Nicholson, Clarence J. "Dick" b. Nov 16, 1893, Payne Co., OK; d. June 11, 1983 Afton, OK, Mechanic-Self, , wodowed, wife Cleo Dawson Nicholson, father Robert Smith Nicholson, mother Ella Irene Armantrout, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by niece Lela Culver

Nicholson, Fannie, b. Sep 6, 1894, St. Louis, MO; d. Sep 27, 1976, Miami, OK, housewife,  married C. J. Nicholson, Afton, OK, father Dick Moon, mother Allie Holland, burial G.A.R. Cemetery, Miami, OK

Norton, Cora Iona, b. Sep 26, 198, Red Oak, IA, d. Jan 21, 1982, Afton, OK 26 years, housewife, , widowed, father William Spicer, mother Julia Petty, burial Gracelawn Cemetery, Edmond, OK, info by son Russell Norton


Oakley, Danny, b. April 21, 1958, Vinita, OK; d. Feb 21, 1996, home-Afton, OK, Truck Driver-self,  divorced, father Carl Oakley, mother Lula Mahurin, Afton, OK cause of death Gunshot Wound to head, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Oakley, Elmer Lee b. Dec 1, 1912, Afton, OK d. Aug 16, 1979, Miami, OK,  married, wife Imogene, Afton, OK, father Johathan Henry Oakley, mother Jessie Allen Turner, burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton

Oakley, Jennie P. b. Feb 8, 1900, Carroll Co., MO,; d. Dec 20, 1989 Grove, OK, Telephone Operator, Southwestern Bell widowed, husband Brooks Oakley, fathr Sherman Wagy, mother Dora Long, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, info by son Kenneth Oakley, Grove, OK

Oakley, Jessie Allen, b. March 27, 1890 Lawrence Co., MO, d. April 6, 1979, Miami, OK in state 69 years, housewife, , widowed, husband Jonathan Henry Oakley, father William J. Turner, mother Eliza Allen burial Mt. Hope Cemetery, Afton, OK info by Beulah Leslie Miami, OK

Oakley, Nolon Phillip, v. Aug 9, 1918, Afton, OK; d. Jan 1, 1998, Miami, OK, Farmer Carpenter  married to Doris Oakley, Afton, OK, father John Oakley, mother Mable Pyatt, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK

Oakley, Opal Irene, b. Aug 25, 1916 Booneville, AR; d. March 18, 1978 Tulsa, OK; housewife, , widowed, father Tony Nance, mother Chloe Vandermark, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by daughter Mary Sue Golden.

Oakley, Vernon J. "Shorty" b. Oct 18, 1915 Afton, OK; d. Oct 10, 1976, Marion, IN, Farmer, Widowed, father John Oakley, mother Mabel Pyatt, Ottawa Co., 33 years, burial Sixkiller Cemetery, Afton, OK; info by Norma Henley, Munice IN

Oakley Vernon J."Shorty",born,Oct.18-1915,Afton Okla.,died,Oct.10-1976,Marion Indiana,Farmer,widowed,father,John Oakley,mother,
Mabel Pyatt,Ottawa Co.33 years,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Norma Henley,Munice Indaiana.

Obarr Lela ,born,June 22-1903,Afton Okla.,died,Oct.10-1994,Grove Okla.,retired Cook-Various Cafe,father,George
Johnson,mother,Nancy Ann Moxley,,son-Frank Floyd,Bernice Okla.

Obarr Leslie E.,born,Aug.19-1895,Batesville Ark.,died,April 30-1987,Grove Okla.,Farmer,,married,father,R.H. Obarr,
mother,Julia Obarr ,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-in-law,Rosa Floyd.

Ogle Marvin Willard,born,June 11-1955,died,March 1-1994,Chickasha Okla.,Buyer-Mac's Wholesale,,father,Charles H.Ogle,
mother,Ibranell Butter,Afton Okla.,burial,Ozark Mem.Park cemetery,Joplin Mo.

Olson Carl Frederick ,born,Sept.2-1891,Leonardville Kan.,died,Aug.13-1977,Afton Okla.,retired Farmer & Racher,,widowed,
father,Oley Olson,mother,Lillie Gibbons,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Wonda Herman.

Olson Lily Doyle,born,Nov.10-1906,Greeville South Carolina,died,May 15-1988,Grove Okla.,lived Afton since 1958,housewife,
widowed,father,Joe Bagwell,mother,Cebelle Wright,burial,Ozark Mem.Park,Joplin Mo.,,Marie Creager.

Oulds Ina Leotta,born,Oct.21-1905,Mullen Texas,died,Jan.15-1978,home of son,retired Drapery Maker,widowed,father,
James William Oxley,mother,Sarah Elizabeth Fowks,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Coy Dale Coffman,Afton Okla.


Packard Eldon M.,born,Oct.13-1914,Edna Kan.,died,Nov.26-1986,Miami Okla.,Coop Refinery,,lived here 10 years,married,wife,
Dorese Packard,Afton Okla.,father,Benjamin Packard,mother,Maude Barker,burial,Rolston cemetery,Monkey Island.

Painter Gladys Lorraine,born,Jan.21-1897,Meramac Okla.,died,Nov.1-1984,Tulsa Okla.,School Teacher,,married,husband,Ray
Dale Painter,Afton Okla,father,Athton Percy Smelser,mother,Zule Zon William,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Painter Ray Dale,born,June 29-1897,Ind.Terr.-Afton Okla.,died,Dec.6-1986,Tulsa Okla.,Banker,WWI,widowed,wife,Gladys Lorraine Painter,father,
Matthew A.Painter,mother,Laverna Graham,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Dale Painter.

Palmer Erma L.,born,May 13-1929,Welch Okla.,died, Aug.26-1989,Tulsa Okla.,Mental Health Nurse-Eastern State Hosp.Vinita Okla.,
,married,husband,Lee Palmer,Afton Okla.,father,Alvin D.Collins,mother,Cora M.Rosa,burial,Walker cemetery,West of Welch Okla.

Parham Everett Dale,born,July 3-1918,Mayeville Ark.,died,Nov.11-1983,Pryor Okla.,retired Bus Driver-KGE Line Tulsa Okla.,
WWII,married,Wife,Margarette Parham,Salina Okla.,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,paid by,Margarette Parham & Floy Story.

Patrick James Dale,born,Feb.1-1908,Fairland Okla.,died,July 31-1981,Farmer,,single,father,John W.Patrick,mother,Zanie P.
Coats,burial,Hickory Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.

Pearson John Booth,born,Nov.10-1925,Plains Kan.,died,June 11-1985,Muskogee Okla.,retired Farmer,,WWII,lived Afton 8
years,married,wife,LaVerne Rogers Pearson,Afton Okla.,father,Fred H.Pearson,mother,Elizabeth Booth,burial,Memorial Gardens cemetery,
Liberal Kan.

Pendley James Riley,born,May 28-1924,Bluejacket Okla.,died,April 10-1987,home-Tulsa Okla.,Janitor & Frisco Rail Road & Union Pacific,
s.s.447-12-7054,Divorced,father,George D.Pendley,mother,Melvina Pryor,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,-daug.,Donna Raymond.

Perry Charlotte Gandy,born,Nov.24-1938,Tulare Calif.,died, April 19-2000,home-Bernice Okla.,Truck Driver,,father,Paul Nelson
Perry,mother,Freida Juanita Perry Underwood,burial,Ballard cemerty,Bernice,Connie McCormick,Afton Okla.

Petty Alva Claude,born,Feb.23-1907,Zena Okla.,died,Feb.18-1997,Bremeston Washington,Oil Fields-Loffland Brothers,widowed,wife,Elizabeth
Marie Rundell father,James Petty,mother,Maggie Petty,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Petty Elizabeth Marie Rundell,died,New Iberia La.,lived Louisana,married,husband,Alvie Claude Petty,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Phebus Ray Alexander,born,April 26-1898,SilomSprings Ark.,died, Jan.23-1985,Miami Okla.,Water Well Driller,,Divorced,father,
William Allen Phebus,mother,Jenny McMain,burial,Fairland cemetery,Fairland Okla.,,daug-Anna Green.

Pierce Margaret M.,born,Nov.21-1909,Fityhugh Okla.,died,Nov.12-1986,Afton Okla.,housewife,lived Afton 10 years,married,
husband,Edley D.Pierce,father,William H.Ready,mother,Sally Pryor,burial,Sunnylane cemetery,Del City Okla.

Plew Betty Jane ,born,Feb.13-1935,Carthage Mo.,died,March 15-1979,home-Afton Okla.,1 year,Ceramis,married,husband,
Henry Plew,father,E.S.Evans,mother,Sarah Hunton,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Plott Sheri Seaton,died,Nov.1-1998

Powell Olen C.,born,April 8-1906,Sholton Mo.,died,Jan.29-1984,home-Afton Okla.,retired Miner-Eagle Picher Okla.,,lived
Afton since 1945,married,wife,Thelma Powell,father,William Powell,mother,Ella Smith,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.


Quandt Earnest Fredrick,born,March 22-1896,Custer Co.Nebraska,died,March 19-1978,Miami Okla.,retired Farmer
married,wife,Ella Quandt,father,William August Quandt,mother,Mathilds Rosoka Whitaker,burial,Fairland Lutheran cemetery,Fairland Okla.


Rains Ralph Donald"Don",born,Feb.16-1925,Cushing Okla.,died,Dec.16-1995,home-Afton Okla.,Barber-selfmarried,wife,
Betty Rose Roberts Rains,father,Luther Rains,mother,Estelle O'Kelley,burial,Stroud cemetery.

Randolph Walter Ervin,born,Jan.6-1912,Joliet Illinois,died,Nov.28-1981,Vinita Okla.,Rail Road,lived Bernice Okla.,5 1/2 years
Okla.,married,Joseph Randolph,mother,Minnie St.Ange,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.

Ratyloff Fred,born,Jan.12-1909,Hillsboro Kan.,died,Sept.28-1979,Miami Okla.,lived Afton 22 years,retired Mechanic-self.,married,wife,Elvina
Ratyloff,father,William Ratyloff,mother,Anna Martin,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.

Red Willa Mae,born,April 12-1909,Butterfield Mo.,died,April 21-1990,Grove Okla.,Primer,lived Afton Okla.4 years,widowed,father,
Joseph B.Mullin,mother,Martha Ann Smith,burial,G.A.R. cemetery,Miami Okla.,,Loretta Steele.

Reed William Lester"Leck",born,Dec.13-1896,Rogersville Mo.,died,Jan.8-1981,Afton Okla.,retired Carpenter,widowed,father,
Richard E.Reed,mother,Mary Fesperman,burial,McLaughlin cemetery,,grand-daug,Carrol Caviness.

Revels Raymond Louis,born,Dec.9-1938,Ada Okla.,died,May 23-1989,Tulsa Okla.,Welder-Jery's Dock Service,,married,wife,
Rona Revels,Afton Okla.,father,Earl Revels,mother,Beula Crawford,burial,Rolston cemetery,Monkey Island.

Richards Eva Mae,born,May 23-1892,Bon Aqua Tennessee,died,June 20-1984,Miami Okla.,retired Waitness & Cook,in Afton
Okla.,64 years,widowed,father,Richard Tidwell,mother,Martha Fulmore,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,grandson-Dee Culver.

Rice Lloyd Farrell,born,Oct.29-1917,Afton Okla.,died,Oct.21-1990,Bridge Repairman-Frisco Rail Road,WWII,Divorced,father,
Nathan N.Rice,mother,Pearl Jarvis,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Tim Rice.

Rice Rex,born,Feb.15-1917,Tulsa Okla.,died,Sept.4-1995,Joplin Mo.,Sewing Machine Repair,lived Afton Okla.,Divored, x-wife,
Mary Jane Brown ,father,William P.Rice,mother,Mary Elizabeth Wakefield,burial,Ottawa Co.cemetery,county Burial,,nephew-William Rice.

Richardson Kenneth Emerick,Dec.3-1916,Edna Kan.,died,Feb.4-1980,Afton Okla.,Mainterance Man,,WWII-C.B.'S,married,wife,
Pauline Richardson,Afton Okla.,7 years form Tuscon Ariz.,father,Emerick Richardson,mother,Mary Stine,Ralston cemetery,Monkey Island.

Rider Clifton H.,born,Sept.3-1913,Antlers Okla.,died,Dec.28-1993,home-Afton Okla.,retired Coop-Afton Okla.,,married,wife,
Emmalease Oakley Rider,Afton Okla.,father,Claude M.Rider,mother,Susanna Wallis,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Roach Sherman Issac,born,Dec.18-1896,Miller Co.Mo.,died,Jan.15-1977,Miami Okla.,Afton Okla.3 years,Truck Driver,WWI,
Divorced,father,William Roach,mother,Elizabeth Miller,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,John Roach ,Afton Okla.

Roberts Charles E.,born,April 1-1924,Afton Okla.,died,feb.8-1990,Tulsa Okla.,Barber-self,Army Reserve,widowed,father,Alfred
Henry Roberts,mother,May Arlene Hall,lived Calif. 11 years,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-David Roberts.

Roberts Glenna Audrey,born,Feb.21-1910,Ottawa Co.Okla.,died,Oct.14-1987,Miami Okla.,housewife,,widowed,husband,Frank
Roberts,father,Hileman Carr,mother,Almeda Thomas,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Tom Roberts.

Robison James A.,born,Feb.10-1894,Gravette Ark.,died,Nov.8-1983,Muskogee Okla.,retired Farmer,WWI, T,single,lived Afton
Okla,burial,Southwest City cemetery,Southwest City,Mo.,,sister-Addie Tuck.

Roomsburg Luther B.,born,Sept.10-1889,Halloway Mo.,died,Nov.28-1974,Muskogee Okla.,Afton Okla.since 1902,WWI,retired Carpenter-self,
,married,wife,Winnie Roomburg,Afton Okla.,father,Charles Roomburg,mother,Sarah Belle Lunsford,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton

Roomsburg Winnie J.,born,May 25-1901,Chilliocathe Mo.,died,Nov.11-1986,Okmulgee Okla.,housewife,widowed,husband,Luther
B.Roomsburg,father,Eli Burton,mother,Lottie Mayberry,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Eli Roomsburg,& Robert Roomsburg.

Roseborough Anna Irene,born,Feb.17-1896,Ind.Terr.-Afton Okla.,died,May 5-1982,Nowata Okla.,housekeeper,single,father,Reck Roseborough,mother,Anna Smith,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,cousin-Mrs.Howard Binkley.

Rothe Marvin G.,born,Oct.14-1934,Leveland Colorado,died,Dec.15-1986,Grove Okla.,Afton Okla.-3 1/2 years,Shipping & Recieving-Shangri La.
,married,wife,Patricia Rothe,Afton Okla.,father,Adolph Rothe,mother,Nettie Kechter,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.

Ruggles Alfred Eugene,born,May 31-1927,Bluejacket Okla.,died,Aug.2-1983,Miami Okla.,retired Structorial Steel-worker,
lived Narcissa Okla. since 1979,WWII,married,wife,Virginia Ruggles,father,Almon Ruggles,mother,Ethel Hall,burial,Bluejacket cemetery,Bulejacket Okla.

Ruggles Jesse Franklin "Speedy",born,Sept.13-1933,Afton Okla.,died,March 6-1977,Miami Okla.,Farmer,Korean Conflict,married,
wife,Jean Ruggles,Afton Okla.,father,A.E.Ruggles,mother,Ethel Hall,burial,Bluejacket cemetery,Bluejacket Okla.

Ruggles Melissa Kaye,born,Aug.4-1976,Miami Okla.,6 1/2 hrs.,died, Aug.4-1976,Miami Okla.,father,Donald Ruggles I,born,St.John Mufland,
mother,Mary Slomkowski,born,Tampa Florida, lived at Wyandotte Okla.,burial,Bluejacket cemetery,Bluejacket Okla.

Rung Harold W.,born,Sept.28-1903,Hallowell Kan.,died, Sept.16-1989,Commerce Okla.,Ice Business-self,single,father,Henry
Rung,mother,Nora McHman,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,, Brother-Floyd "Cotton"Rung.

Russell Raymond N.,born,Jan.7-1928,Worland Wyo.,died,May 23-1988,Afton Okla.,Teacher Vo-Tech,Afton Okla.,,Korean
Conflict,married,wife,Betty Russell,Afton Okla.,father,Raymond N.Russell Sr.,mother,Rachel Meadows,burial,Ozark Mem.Park cemetery.


Sapp Hugh H.,born,March 21-1910,Fairfax Okla.,died,Sept.5-1990,home-Afton Okla.,School Teacher,s.s.487-18-1876,married,father,L.H.Sapp,
mother,Marthe Craig,,Dorothy S.Sillivan.

Schnarre Mary Louise,born,Feb.7-1929,Galveston Texas,died,Sept.9-1983,Tulas Okla.,lived Afton Okla.,School Teacher,,father,
Guy Ellis, mother,Esther Whitside,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,aunt-Mary Morris.

Scott Gaylord Larry,born,Nov.22-1920,Afton Okla.,died,Dec.23-1982,Abilene Texas,retired Construction,Divorced,20 years Okla.
in Texas 40 yrs.,father,William Tyler Scott,mother,Willie Estella Pyett,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla., ,sister-Twyla Kyles.

Scott Leo Carlyle,born,Jan.23-1900,Afton Okla.,died,Nov.22-1985,Tulsa Okla.,Owner -Operotor,Scott Livinston Store,Afton Okla.,single,father,William
Carlyle Scott,mother,Mary Louise Loer,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,nephew-Thomas"Ned" Mitts ,Afton Okla.

Seaton Dora Ellen,born,April 4-1913,Afton Okla.,died,Feb. 8-1989,home-Afton Okla.,housewife,s.s.440-64-1623,widowed,Floyd Wayne"Friday"
Seaton,father,Alfred Roberts,mother,May Hall,burial,Sixkiller cemerty,Afton Okla.,,son-Jack Seaton.

Seaton Floyd Eugene,born,March 16-1947,Afton Okla.,died,June 21-1999,General Labor,Okla.52 years,father,Floyd Wayne
 Seaton, mother,Dora Ellen Roberts Seaton,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Floyd Avery.

Seaton Floyd Wayne"Friday".born,June 14-1911,Caney Kan.,died,Jan.13-1984,Tulsa Okla.,retired Mechanic,married,wife,
Dora Ellen Roberts Seaton, Tulsa Okla.,father,George Seaton,mother,Sylvia Mae Parson,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Sergeant Helen Irene,born,Jan.12-1943,McDonald Co.,died,Aug.3-1996,Tulsa Okla.,Afton since 1972,Electrical Tech.-Cinch,Vinita Okla.,
 married,husband,Gerald Sergeant,father,Estle Ira Hall,mother,Irenen Bonette Abercrombie,burial,Butler Creek cemetery,Sulphur Springs Ark.

Severs Warner,born,Nov.9-1906,Belle Mo.,died,May 9-1995,Grove Okla.,BlackSmith-Farmer,married,wife,Vera Mae Cline
Severs,father, William Christian Severs,mother,Geseina Ahrens,burial,Copeland cemetery,,daug.-Joyce Williams.

Shackelford Dean C.,born,June 17-1912,Westville Okla.,died,Sept.3-1985,home-Afton Okla.,Coach,,married,wife,Francis Steele
Scackelford,father,Otto Shackelford,mother,Emma Carlyle,burial,G.A.R. cemetery,Miami Okla.

Sherman George W.,born,Jan.5-1904,died,June 28-1982,over 50 years,retired Framer,s.s.448-10-1428,married,wife,Ina Sherman,father,Samuel
George Sherman,mother,Fannie Daylong,burial,G.A.R. Miami Okla.

Sherman Ima Irene,born,April 21-1907,Steelville Mo.,died,Sept.2-2000,Cook-Afton Hosp.,widowed,father,Samuel Irvin Trask,mother,Mary
Arminta Wilkinson,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,Jan Harrison.

Shields Ernest C.,born,Feb.3-1912,Coffeyville Kan.,died,June 16-1988,Vinita Okla.,Afton Okla.since 1972,Amunitions Plant,
married,wife,Gladys M.Shields,father,Charles W.Shields,mother,Belle C.Moore,burial,Robbins cemetery,West Coffeyville Kan.

Shipman Russell Lee, born,Dec.31-1925,Afton Okla.,died,May 7-1984,Muskogge Okla.,lived Afton Okla.,retired B.F.Goodrich,WWII,
, Divorced,father,William Fleming Shipman,mother,Lillie May Ivy,burial,Ballard cemetery,Bernice Okla.,,son-Ricky Shipman.

Shoemaker Raymond Lawence,born,Dec.25-1913,Oaktee New Jersey,died,Dec.4-1983,home-Afton Okla.,since 1976,retired Truck Driver,
 married,wife,Frances Shoemaker,father,Charles Augusta Shoemaker,mother,Ethel Frazzle,burial,Sixkiller cemtery,Afton Okla.

Simmons Mable Francis,born,Oct.30-1895,Sarcoxie Mo.,died,April 3-1979,Mem.Hosp.,Okla.over 50 years,housewife,
widowed,husband,James Henry Simmons,father,Charles Mann,mother,Ollie Abbott,burial, Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Simpson Edward E.,born,Jan.29-1906,Woodsfield Ohio,died,May 30-1986,Afton Okla.,Minister,married,wife,Maxine Simpson,Afton Okla.,
father,Edward E.Simpson Sr.,mother,Cora Simpson,burial,Mem.Park cemetery,Tulsa Okla.

Simpson Orville Allen,born,Sept.2-1915,Beloit Kan.,died,Jan.18-1978,Afton Okla.,retired Carpenter,,married,wife,Marie
Simpson,Afton Okla.,father,Jess Simpson,mother,Laura Marie Chartier,burial,Rolston cemetery,Monkey Island.

Smith Edna Evelyn,born,Oct.19-1911,Afton Okla.,died,Aug.15-2000,Vinita Okla.,Waitress,,widowed,father,Wilson Burns,
mother,Nona McDonald,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,niece-Lora Gibson.

Smith Violet Ellena,born,June 23-1934,Kan.City Kan.,died,Sept.5-1976,Vinita Okla.,Medical Aide,,married,husband,Claude Smith
Jr.,father,Elzie Ray Barton,mother,Dorothy Fields,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Speer Clydia Leon,born,March 10-1911,Fairland Okla.,died,July 7-1993,Grove Okla.,Cook-Afton Hosp.widowed,father,
James Franklin McCoin,mother,Ethel May Darnell,burial,Fairland cemetery,Fairland Okla.,,J.D.McCoin,Afton Okla.

Speer Glen Dale,born,Feb.7-1938,Afton Okla.,died,June 4-1994,Tulsa Okla.,Newpaper Publisher,Army 1956-1959,Married,
wife,Sue Speer,Afton Okla.,father,Ira Alfred Speer,mother,Claire Frances Schulyz,burial,Mt.Hope cemeter,Afton Okla.

Speer Ira Alfred,born,March 20-1904,Zena Okla.,died,July 2-1977,Afton Okla.,Farmer & Carpenter,,married,wife,Clydia L.
Speer,Afton Okla.,father,Preston Speer,mother,Claire Dale,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Spinks Eunice C.,born,April 30-1899,Mo.,died,July 18-1978,home-Afton Okla.,widowed,husband,William A.Spinks,father,Andrew Carson ,
mother,Milie Perry,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton  Okla.

Starback Flora E.,born,Aug.20-1903,Sommerset Ky.,died,Sept.9-1982,Springfield Mo.,housewife,,lived Afton Okla.,Okla.
small child, widowed,father,Jess Dykes,mother,Elizabeth Ledbetter,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Barnie Johnson.

Stone Grothe Martha Elizabeth,Aug.4-1889,Cape Fass Mo.,died,July 12-1976,home-Langley Okla.,housewife,,widowed,father,
Jack Edwards,born,Stone Co.Mo.,mother,Emma Armon,born,Stone Co.Mo.,burial,Spavinaw cemetery,Langley Okla.,,Roy Stone,Afton

Stone Roy H.,born,Oct.20-1915,Galens Mo.,died,Nov.28-1987,Grove Okla.,Afton since 1945,retired Mail Carrier,,married,
wife,Carmoleta Stone,Afton Okla.,father,Benjamin Stone,mother,Martha E.Edwards,burial,Strang Cemetery,Spavinaw Okla.

Story Floy,born,Nov.15-1897,Maysville Ark.,died,Jan.2-1999,Miami Okla.,Cook-Afton School,widowed,father,Everett Moore,
mother,Martha Medlin,burial,Mt.hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Rotha Wilcox,Afton Okla.

Stotts Edgar,born,Nov.24-1909,Stotts City Mo.,died, July 29-1990,Grove Okla.,Constructio,,lived Afton Okla,since small boy,Divorced,father,Joe Stoots,mother,Annie Bennett,,Rema June Hopper.

Strother Leon Carl,born,Oct.9-1928,Foyil Okla.,died,Jan.8-1990,Miami Okla.,lived Afton Okla.6years,Truck Driver,married,wife,
Ada Strother,Afton Okla.,father,Benjamin Strother,mother,Ethel Lee Whittner,burial,Wards Grove cemetery,Foyil Okla.

Stubblefield Frank Edward,born,March 14-1894,McDowell Mo.,died,July 16-1977,Grove Okla.,lived Afton since 1940,retired Carpenter,
 WWI,married,wife,Lola Stubblefield, Afton Okla.,father,Billy Stubblefield,mother,Kathern Lamar,burial,Osborne Memeorial ,Joplin Mo.

Sunby Cyril A."Cy",born,Aug.2-1915,Lisbon North Dakota,died,Oct.30-1978,Miami Okla.,Owner-Operotor Green Acres Complex,WWII,married,
wife,Mary Emily Sunby,Afton Okla since 1951,father,Gustane Sunby,mother,Thara Melby,burial,G.A.R. cemetery,Miami Okla.

Sunby Mary  Emily,born,Dec.18-1915,Jolist Illinois,died,Feb.17-1980,Owner-Operotor Green Acres,Okla.30 years,widowed,
husband,Cyril A."Cy" Sunby,father,John Skrabaln,mother,Mary Ollo,burial,G.A.R. cemetery,Miami Okla.

Sutton Thelma K.,born,Dec.24-1931,Fort Smith Ark.,died,July 31-1986,home-Afton Okla.,14 years, housewife,,married,husband,
Jess Sutton,father,Will L.Davis,mother,Opal Jackson,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Swabb Iona Dell Smith,born,Oct.1-1920,Dewey Okla.,died,Jan.2-1991,Denison Texas,Child Care-self.,,widowed,father,Leroy
Smith,mother, Mildred Hollingworth,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,David Swabb,Denison Texas.


Taggart Frank Patterson,born,March 14-1912,Garfield Co.Douglas Okla.,died,April 20-1985,Hayes Kan.,lived Waldo Kan.,Ranch Hand,married,
wife,Pauline Taggart,Waldo Kan.,father,Frank K.Taggart,mother,Laura Hilbish,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Tallon Margaret L.,born, Feb.27-1924, Tulsa Okla., died, July 28-1983, Tulsa Okla., lived Afton Okla., housewife, widowed, husband,
Kenneth W.Tallon, father, Earl C.Garman, mother, Margaret Moore, burial, Mt.Hope cemetery, Afton Okla.,,daug.- Linda Ash.

Tallon Michael Andrew Jr."Yonk", born, Oct.9-1907, Afton Okla.,died, Jan.30-1983, Miami Okla., Barber-self., WWII, widowed, wife,
Wilfa Gaynell Tallon,lived Miami Okla., father,Michael Andrew Tallon Sr., mother, Nellie E.Judd, burial, Mt.Hope cemetery, Afton Okla.,,sister-
Mabelene Henderson.

Taylor Arthur Errington,born,June 18-1917,Mo.died,April 30-1997,home-Afton Okla.,Chief of Ploice-Afton,,married,wife,Myrtle
 Ingram Taylor,father,Andrew Jackson Taylor,mother,Sara Alice,burial,Ozark Mem.Park cemetery,Joplin Mo.,Cremation.

Taylor Lester J.,born,May 9-1910,Norman Ark.,died,March 31-1989,Joplin Mo.,retired Engineer-Frisco Rail Road,married,wife,
Nola Moore Taylor,Grove Okla.,father,Anthory B.Taylor,mother,Ella Lee Harper,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Theilen Susie Marie,born,May 5-1904,Fairland Okla.,died,March 24-1984,Tulsa Okla.,housewife,widowed,husband,Paul H.Theilen,
lived Afton Okla.,father,William F.Brock,mother,Cassie Ann Tanner,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Bob Theilen.

Thomas Ernie,born,Aug.31-1947,Fairland Okla.,died, Oct.2-1997,Okla.City Okla.,Lineman-City Miami ,Vietnam-Army,,married,
wife,Betty Jo Thomas,Afton Okla.,father,Claude Thomas,mother,Edna Mae Mobler,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Thompson Treva Ione,born,April 27-1942,Afton Okla.,died,Dec.9-1988,Vinita Okla.,lived Afton,Dishwasher-Shangri La,,married,
husband,David Thompson,Afton Okla.,father,James Lyle Oakley,mother,Opal Nance,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Thorpe Eva Ella,born,Nov.7-1912,Afton Okla.,died,June 2-2000,Grove Okla.,Lunch Room Emp.,Lived Afton Okla.,father,Charles
Henry Hodson,mother,Rachel Alora Wisehart,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Don Thorpe,Afton Okla.

Tiley Scott Edward,born,May 2-1904,Bluejacket Okla.,died,Dec.5-1979,Afton Okla.,retierd Chef,,WWII,married,wife,Nancy
 Tiley,father,William A.Tiley,mother,Ollie O.Carter,burial,Bluejacket cemetery,Bluejacket Okla.

Tipton Everett V.,born,May 11-1893,Kirkville Mo.,died,June 13-1987,Miami Okla.,in Afton Okla. since 1901,Farmer-Rancher,
married,father,George W.Tipton,mother,Mariah Gramlin,burial,Hickory Grove cemtery,Grove Okla.,,son-Charles Tipton.

Tipton Ivory L.,born,Feb.25-1910,Fairland Okla.,died,Sept.29-1977,Miami Okla.,lived Bluejacket Okla.,housewife,widowed,father,
John Patrick,mother,Zanie Coats,burial,Hickoery Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.

Tipton Lida Wilson,born,Dec.14-1895,Craig Co.Okla.,died,Aug.21-1990,Miami Okla.,homemaker,widowed,father,William Coffie
Woodall Jr.,mother,Sarah Ella Marker,burial,Hickory Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.

Tipton Patrick Dewayne,born,May 19-1931,Afton Okla.,died,April 6-1983,Grove Okla.,retired Army Career-23years ,,married,wife,
Elke Tipton,father,Joseph Tipton,mother,Ivory L.Patrick,burial,Hickory Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.

Tipton Sara Elizabeth,born,Oct.26-1923,Tampa Florida,died,Sept.15-1983,Miami Okla.,lived Afton Okla.15 years.,Afton Coop Credit Union,s.s
.443-22-1443,married,husband,Charles Tipton,Afton Okla.,father,Walter I.Parrott,mother,Leota Martin.,Direct Cremation.

Todd Connie Eunice,born,Aug.13-1895,Ind.Terr.-Afton Okla.,died,Nov.30-1977,Texas,housewife,widowed,husband,Emmitt
A.Todd,(m) Aug.16-1916,lived in Dallas Texas 2 years,father,Harley E.Cunningham,mother,Margaret Elizabeth Bagle,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,daug.-Ruby Lee Buffington,Dallas Texas.

Todd Egbert Ralph,born,July 13-1897,Paint Lick Ky.,died,Nov.13-1976,Miami Okla.,retired Rail Road,WWI,married,wife,Ruby
 Todd Miami Okla.,father,John Allen Todd,mother,Permilia Agens Gates,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Todd Elizabeth Florence,born,March 21-1911,Bentonville Ark.,died,March 1-1982,home-Afton Okla.,since 1929,Secretery,widowed,
husband, Herbert  Todd, father,Claude Bronough,mother,Mary Dugan,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,brother-Claude Bronough.

Todd Margaret R.,born,July 16-1896,Grove Okla.,died,Dec.2-1978,Pryor Okla.,housewife,widowed, Samuel Letcher Todd,father,
Henry Smith,mother,Ulsie Isom,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son- Melvin Todd,Pryor Okla.

Todd Ruby,born,July 31-1900,Williams Indiana,died,Aug.21-1978,Joplin Mo.,housewife,lived Miami Okla.,since small child,widowed,
husband,Egbert Ralph Todd,father,Reuben Burch,mother,Rachel Fulcher,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery.

Totten Charles Louis,born,Sept.19-1890,Lowery City Mo.,died,July 23-1976,Joplin Mo.,retired Painter & Farmer,Okla.85 years,
Divorced,father,John Totten,mother,Prudence Daugherty,burial,Sixkiller cemerty,Afton,Iney Theaver, Commerce Okla.

Totten Edna Mae,born,Aug.14-1902,died,Feb.4-1982,Miami Okla.,housewife,,married,husband,Curtis W.Totten,Miami Okla.,
52 years,father,Charley Plummer,mother,Lillie McPherson,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Totten Roy Floyd,born,Dec.12-1937,Afton Okla.,died,Jan.11-1990,Vinita Okla.,Truck Driver,U.S.Navy,father,Curtis W.Totten,
mother,Edna Plummer,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Trask Howard Irvin,born,March 31-1909,Steelville Mo.,died,April 5-1994,Miami Okla.,General Labor,WWII,,father,Samuel Irvin
Trask,mother,Mary Wilkinson,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Jan Harrison,Afton Okla.

Trask Mary Arminta,born,Aug.10-1884,Davisville Mo.,died,Nov.27-1979,home-Miami Okla.,since 1928,housewife,,widowed,
husband,S.I.Trask,(m) May 20-1906,he died,1956,father,Dekalb Williamson,mother,Rachel Plank,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,
daug.-Ima Sherman,& Howard Trask.

Travis Helen Lucille,born,Sept.20-1924,Muskogee Okla.,died,March 20-1981,Tulsa Okla.,retired City Employee Kan.City Kan.,
married,wife,Dean O.Travis,father,Harold Forreston,mother,Gladys Neal,burial,Mt.Hope cemetry,Afton Okla.

Tucker Louis Francis Jr.,born,June 12-1912,Monett Mo.,died,June 13-1981,Afton Okla.,Engineer Frisco-Rail Raod,widowed,lived
Afton Okla,40 years,father,Louis Frances Tucker Sr.,mother,Ethel Gallimore, burial,IOOF cemetery,Monett Mo.,,son-James Tucker.

Tucker Wallace R.,born,Nov.20-1918,Ponca City Okla.,died,Dec.11-1985,Vinita Okla.,Psychriatric Aide,,married,wife,Esther Tucker,
Vinita Okla.,father,Rebber Walter Tucker,mother,Katie Murphy,burial,Ottawa Indian cemetery,East of Miami Okla.

Turner Otis,born,Dec.5-1904,Bedford Iowa,died,Dec.27-1994,home-Afton Okla.,Mining-Farmer,Afton Coop,wife,Lucretia Moore
 Turner,father,John Turner,mother,Lena May Ailshire,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Freda & Jack Jones.

Turner Sunny Wahn,born,April 30-1929,Tulsa Okla.,died,June 28-1988,Indianadolis Ind.,housewife married,husband,Harding Tuner,
Afton Okla.,father,Roger Williams,mother,Mildred Bardwell,burial,Hickory Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.


Utter Charley L.,born,Feb.19-1893,Cassville Mo.,died,May 3-1978,Grove Okla.,Carpenter-Framer,WWI,Okla.70 years,married,
wife,Thelma Utter,father,Scott Utter,mother,Mary Witt,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-John Utter,Broken Arrow Okla.

Utter Thelma,born,March 13-1905,Guthrie Okla.,died,Jan.29-1985,Grove Okla.,housewife,s.s.447-40-8712,widowed,husband,Charles L.Utter,
father,Ellsworth Seeds,mother,Adeline Richards,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Dorothy Nelson.


Vaughn Fay,born,Jan.7-1903,Tennessee,died,March 6-1986,Albuquerque New Mexico,housewife,widowed,husband,George Edward Vaughn,father,
Pete Shaver,mother,Lena Brown,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Mary Jean Jones,Albuquerqer New Mexico.

Vaughn George Edward,born,Oct.15-1903,Collinsville Texas,died,Aug.24-1985,Afton Okla.,Pipeliner-Ajax Pipeline & Oil Co.,34 years,
 ,married,wife,Fay Vaughn,Afton Okla.,16 years,father,Walter B.Vaughn,mother, Emma Shanks,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,
daug.-Mary Jean Jones & Lewis Jones,son-in-law.

Vickers Willur Alvie,born,March 5-1924,Rush Ark.,died,Oct.21-1989,Muskogee Okla.,Miner,,WWII,married,wife,Thelma Vickers,
Afton Okla.,since 1969,father,Roy Vickers,mother,Ethel Lue Avey,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Vicory Elmer Odell,born,Dec.7-1900,Joplin Mo.,died,July 7-1982,Tulsa Okla.,retired Miner & Well Driller,,married,wife,Mable
Vicory,Afton Okla.,22 years,father,John Jackson Vicory,mother,Marty Long,burial,Hornet cemetery,Mo.

Vicory Mable,born,Oct.7-1908,Joplin Mo.,died,Jan.9-1994,home-Tulsa Okla.,homemaker,widowed,husband,Elmer Odell Vicory,
father,William Lee,mother,Ossie Wilbanks,burial,Hornet Mo.,,June Dudley.

Victor Etta,born,May 20-1897,Wellington Mo.,died,Feb. 14-1983,Miami Okla.,housewife,,lived Afton Okla.77 years,widowed,
husband,James Y.Victor Sr.,father,Fred Drewell,mother,Antionette Tiemann,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Victor James Y.Jr.,born,Jan.6-1928,Afton Okla.,died,Jan.18-1982,Tulsa Okla.,Mail Carrier & Farmer,,WWII,married,wife,JoAnne
Victor,Afton Okla.,father,James Y.Victor Sr.,mother,Etta Drewell,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.


Walker William Tom,born,June 22-1909,Proctor Okla.,died,Nov.10-1977,Afton Okla.,retired Sawmill Worker,
widowed,father,Lum Walker,mother,Sidney Jane Turnbell,burial,Bell cemetery,Siloam Springs Ark.,,son-John Walker,& Losie Walker,
Chester Walker,Nellie Wright,& Tom Walker.

Ward Arrah M.,born,Sept.5-1900,Dennison Texas,died,Sept.9-1986,Mobel Alabama,8 years from Miami Okla.,housewife,married,husband,Clarence
Ward,father,Walter Mann,mother,Minnie,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Ward Clarence A.,born,Jan.5-1900,Adair Okla.,died,July 30-1990,Spanise Ft.Alabama.,retired Frisco Rail Road,
Alabama,1980,wiowed,wife,Arrah M. Ward,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Carole Adiar,Mobile Alabama.

Warden Gilbert,born,April 24-1909,Hickory Okla.,died,Aug.7-1978,Vinita Okla.,First Class Operator-Vulcan Material,
WWII,Afton Okla.6 years,married,wife,Pearl Warden,father,Bob Warden,mother,Carrie Hawkins,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Warren David Ralph,born,May 2-1904,Harrah Okla.,died,Dec.16-1985,Sapulpa Okla.,Farmer,,father,Rufur Arthur Warren,
mother,May Stella Allen,burial,McLaughen cemetery,,son-John Warren.

Warren Edith Thelma,born,Feb.17-1910,Caney Kan.,died,Dec.24-1981,home-Afton Okla.,housewife,,married,husband,
Ralph Warren,Afton Okla.,9 years,father,John Buckley,mother,Ethel West,burial,McLoughlin cemetery.

Warren Jeffery Roy,born,April 7-1960,Grealey Colorada,died,Oct.10-1978,Joplin Mo.,Afton Okla.1971-from Colo,Afton High Student,
,single,father,James A.Warren,mother,Beverly Jean Randolph,burial,Hickory Grove cemetery,Grove Okla.

Waugh Oness V.,born,Sept.30-1908,Ottawa Okla.,died,April 21-1977,Afton Okla.,retired Auto Mechanic,,married,wife,Billie
Waugh,Afton Okla.,father,Vernal Waugh,mother,Dora Devine,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Webb Pearl,born,Sept.14-1900,Hoyt Okla.,died,Jan.20-1986,Vinita Okla.,Dishwasher Bell's Cafe,,lived Afton 40 yrs& 2 years
Vinita Okla.,father,S.P.Davis,mother,Alta Barnes,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Bell Daniels,Vinita Okla.

Welch Dora Ethel,born,Aug.8-1891,Center Ark.,died,July 2-1977,Miami Okla.,past 69 years,housewife,widowed,father,
Anderson Paden,mother,Margaret Hagen,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

West James Eddie,born,April 26-1919,Wagner Okla.,died,April 19-1988,Joplin Mo.,lived Afton Okla.,since 1984,Mechanic,WWII,
married,wife,Mildred West,father,Walter West,mother,Mary Emery,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,

West Mary Grace,born,Sept.26-1891,Nowata Okla.,died,July 31-1977,Grove Okla.,housewife,widowed,father,Abraham
 Ketchum,mother,Roxie jane Davis,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Floyd E.Johnson,Wyandotte Okla.

Wheeler Clark Wilber,born,April 25-1907,Chouteory Okla.,died,Nov.8-1988,home-Afton Okla.,retired Farmer,45 years-Afton,
WWII,married,wife,Ruth Wheeler,father,Harry B.Wheeler,mother,Carolyn J.Hale,burial,G.A.R. cemetery,Miami Okla.

Whitaker Samohian Shepard,born,Sept.26-1913,McAlester Okla.,died,March 12-1990,Fairland Okla.,5 years,Cook-Calif.Public School,s.s.547-
42-7632,father,Burkett,burial,Mt.Vernom Mem.Park cemetery,Tulsa Okla.,,daug.-Emma Messimore.

White Richard Brice, born,Jan.4-1919,Okla.,died,died,Jan.19-1980,Miami Okla.,Divorced,WWII & Korean Conflict,
father,Hooley C.White,mother,Iva Jones,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton,mother-Iva White,Miami Okla.

Wiggins Pete L.,born,June 13-1915,Dardnell Ark.,died,July 26-1988,Vinita Okla.,Warehouse-Afton Coop,married,
wife,Martha Wiggins,Afton Okla.,35 years,father,Jasper J.Wiggins,mother,Iva Fawlkenberry,burial,Sixkiller cemetery ,Afton Okla.

Williams George Washington,born,Nov.26-1880,Fayetteville Ark.,died,Dec.23-1978,Miami Okla.,Afton Okla.since 1930,from Montona,
Trucker & Farmer,self,widowed,wife,Cora E.Williams,father,Christopher Columbus Wiliiams,mother,Emily Bledsoe,burial,Mt.
Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Faye Brewester.

Williams Orval Richie,born,Jan.21-1919,died,Sept.11-1982,Muskogee Okla.,retired Rancher,,Lived Afton Okla.,father,Charlie Williams,mother,Beulah Jones,burial,Ft.Gibson cemetery,,sister-Lola Fox.

Williams Raymond L.,born,May 15-1920,Buch Ark.,died,May 13-1985,Miami Okla.,Salesman-C.R.Moore Motor Co.,& former Owner Afton
Auto Supply,WWII,married,wife,Frances Williams,Afton Okla.26 years,father,Albert Williams,mother,Gladys Jackson,burial,Seneca cemetery,
Seneca Mo.

Williams Waldo Herman,born,Dec.17-1909,Afton Okla.,died,June 17-1996,Tulsa Okla.,Electrician-Local 584,married,
wife,Ophelie Woody,father,John Calvin Williams,mother,Sara Elizabeth Randell,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Paul Williams,
Miami Okla.

Wilmoth Denver E.,born,April 2-1917,Colcord Okla.,died,Dec.18-1988,Tulsa Okla.,Pipe Fitter-local 351,,WWII,Navy Seabees,married,wife,Jewell Wilmoth,father,Elmer Wilmoth,mother,Dora Lane,burial,Military cemetery,Ketcham Okla.

Wilmoth Dora Matilda,born,Nov.1-1891,Cherokee-Indian Terr.,died,Jan.22-1981,Grove Okla.,Afton since 1943,housewife,
widowed,father,Charles Lane,mother,Julia Trout,burial,Fallin Springs cemetery,Decatur Ark.,,daug.-Elsie Barnes.

Wilmoth Jewell,born,March 10-1915,Taney Co.Mo.,died,Oct.25-1995,home-Afton Okla.,homemaker,,widowed,husband,
Denver Wilmoth,father,Dee Moseley,mother,Melissa Jane Holland,burial,Military cemetery,Ketchum Okla.,,son-Wesley Wilmoth.

Wittenmyer Aileen Bohannan,born,July 20-1903,Afton Okla.,died,Nov.21-1984,Miami Okla.,housewife,widowed,burial,
Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Robert Bohannan.

Wood Otis,born,April 1-1899,Zena Okla.,died,March 28-1982,home-Fairland Okla.,retired Mail Carrier & Stockman,
widowed,father,Abner Wood,mother,Nell Lasley,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,sister-Leila Prayton.

Woodrome Ada L.,born,Nov.25-1908,Sedalia Mo.,died,June 13-1979,Afton Okla.,4 years,Waitress,,widowed,father,
John Peters,mother,Mary Todd, burial,memorial Park cemetery,St.Louis Mo.,,son-Bill Woodrome.

Woody Judy M.,born,Aug.20-1883,Suches Georgia,died,May 5-1982,home-Afton Okla.,housewife,widowed,husband,Charles S.Woody,
father,Wilks Miller,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,daug.-Ophelia Williams.

Woolman Irene C.,born,June 12-1915,Poteaw Okla.,died,Dec.11-1980,Afton Okla.,housewife,s.s.440-16-0798,married,husband,Emerson
E.Woolman,Afton Okla.,father,Wilson Burns,mother,Nona McDonald,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Wright Albert Eugene,born,Oct.5-1917,Coffeyville Kan.,died,Dec.9-1988,Claremore Okla.,Meat Processor-Bassetts Gro.
married,wife,Letta Mae Wright,father,Ollie Wright,mother,Anna Martin,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Wright Carl Dee,born,July 17-1903,Muncie Indiana,died,June 13-1981,home-Afton Okla.,retired Farmer,married,wife,
Lorene Wright,father,Everett E.Wright,mother,Minnie Bell Miller,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.

Wright Letta Mae,born,Sept.21-1921,Afton Okla.,died,March 6-1994,Vinita Okla.,housekeeper-Mrs. Kay Adams,
widowed,husband,Albert Eugene Wright,father,Luther Woody,mother,Nellie Rice,burial,Mt.Hope cemetery,Afton Okla.,,Ralph Wright,
Bernice Okla.

Wynn Gladys Mae ,born,Aug.23-1906,Bloodland Mo.,died,Feb.27-1993,Vinita Okla.,Tele.Operator-Southwestern Bell,
widowed,husband,Otis Wynn Sr.,father,William Garrett Fletcher,mother,Sarah Caroline Steward,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,
Dorseylene Adkins,Afton Okla.

Wynn Otis Sr.,born,March 21-1904,Ottawa Co.Okla.,died,March 26-1986,Vinita Okla.,retired Frisco Rail Road,,married,
wife,Gladys Mae Wynn,father,John Wynn,mother,Nancy Barnes,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.

Wyrick Chester Leroy,born,April 21-1932,Council Bluffs Iowa,died,March 11-1997,found dead-home Afton Okla.,since 1970,Street Dept.-
Miami Okla.,,Divorced,father,Simon A.Wyrick,mother,Lilly Louise Ann Mass,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,
daug.-Kathy Childers,Pryor Okla.

Wyrick Lillie Louise,born,July 25-1910,Menden Iowa,died,Jan.15-1985,Miami Okla.,housewife,married,father,Herman Mass,mother,Clara Justin,
burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Chester Leroy Wyrick.,Afton Okla.

Wyrick Simon,born,Sept.25-1901,Westville Okla.,died,Oct.14-1994,Grove Okla.,Laborer & Farmer,Afton Okla.since 1971,
father,John Wyrick,mother,Maude Akers,burial,Sixkiller cemetery,Afton Okla.,,son-Chester Wyrick.


Young Dewey Blake,born,May 30-1898,Tahlequah Okla.,died,May 5-1978,Claremore Okla.,Flour Mill Worker,,WWI,
married,wife,Ethel Young,Afton Okla.,15 years from Kan.City Kan.father,Walter Young,mother,Mary Terrel,burial,Town cemetery,Tahlequah

Young James Blake,born,March 21-1944,died,Sept.9-1986,Tulsa Okla.,Mechanic-Tulsa Sheet Metal,U.S.Army,married,
wife,Vivian Young,Tulsa Okla.,father,Dewey B.Young,mother,Ethel M.Kelly,burial,Talton cemetery,Monkey Island.

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