Sec. 10 Twp.26, R 23
   Ottawa Co. East 190 Rd.
 Fairland Okla.

List submitted by Margaret Parker.  List a combination of the cemetery list itself and funeral home records that were available.

Abbott Mary Lee,b,Oct.8-1884,d,May 19-1923,wife of,Homer Abbott, daug.of, Joe & Sarah Osborn
Adams Daniel Percy,born, Jan. 7-1882,In.,died, Sept.30-1972,son of, Jim Adams
Adams Effie Reena, born, 1882,died,April 20-1966, wife of,Daniel P.Adams
Adams Esther L., born, Dec. 24-1907,died, May 28-1925,daug.of, Daniel Percy & Effie Adams
Adams J.W., born, Sept. 3-1845,died, Aug. 28-1932; father of Daniel Percy Adams       Picture
Adkison Felix Oren,born,Dec.25-1916,died,July 4-1991
Adkison Frank,born,Jan.4-1876,died,Jan.6-1952
Adkison Jere Rae,born,Sept.4-1935,died,Feb.20-1954
Adkison Ruby Jewell,born,Feb.13-1918,died, Dec.23-1978,wife of,Felix Oren Adkison
Agee D.E., born, Oct. 13-1873, Aug. 14-1910, wife of, S.W. Agee
Aldrich Charles A.,born,Dec.23-1911,died,April 11-1980,son of,Pearl & Eva Jackson Aldrich
Aldrich Irene M.,b,Aug.30-1911,d,May 24-1984,wife of,Charles Aldrich,daug.of,William & Stella Lane Shepherd
Algrim Fannie L.,born,Aug.7-1892,died,Aug.10-1939,wife of,Ray Algrim, daug. of, F.A.& Ida Payne May
Algrim Infant daug., died, May 12-1917
Algrim Ray, born, April 1890, died, March 12-1949, Vasalia Ca.
Allen Clara L., born, 1869,died,1957,wife of, John W. Allen
Allen John W., born, 1866, died, 1939
Allen Opal Alene, born,May 8-1905,died,Nov.20-1905,daug.of, John W. & Clara Allen
Allen Roy Byron Jr.,born,Oct.28-1937,died,Nov.12-1993
Alvard Jack B.Sr.,born,Sept.7-1918,died,Nov.7-1994,WWII
Alvard Mana Snider,born,1913,died,1991
Ames Allie E., born, 1877, died, 1912,wife of, Samuel D. Ames
Ames Calvin G., born, Dec. 13-1918, died, Dec. 17-1918, son of, C.G. & W.E. Ames
Ames Clay W., born, Oct. 5-1900, died, Feb. 4-1939, son of, Samuel D.& Allie E. Ames
Ames Martha ,born, 1859, died,            ,wife of, Nathan Ames
Ames Nathan, born, 1862, died, 1924
Ames Samuel D., born, 1866, died,May 2- 1932
Anderson C.B.,born,March 22-1851,OH,died,May 4-1936,husband of,Mary Anderson
Anderson Janet A, born, Oct.16-1916,    , wife of, Theodore O. Anderson
Anderson Sarah E., born, 1836, died, 1916
Anderson Theodore O., born, April 1917, died, Oct. 8-1991
Angel Benjamin Franklin,born,Aug.17-1908,died, June 8-1957,son of, W.J. & Eula Smith Angel
Angel Bessie Margaret East,born,July 14-1917,died, Jan.2-1998
Angel Charles R., born, Sept. 1-1877, died, Oct. 7-1952
Angel Earl Walker,born,Sept.13-1917,died,May 4-1966,WWII
Angel Eula, b,Feb.19-1886,d,Jan.7-1958,wife of,William Ira Angel,daug.of,Azor & Nancy Johnson Smith
Angel Helen Marie, born, Oct. 26-1930, died, Nov. 19-1930
Angel Infant,born,Sept.10-1909,died, Sept.3-1906,daug.of, C.R.& N.N.Angel
Angel James Leonard, born, Feb.29-1904,died, July 15-1986,son of,Charles & Nancy Adams Angel
Angel Jess Edward,born,March 12-1919,died,Feb.20-1970,son of, Jess E.& Eula Smith Angel,WWII
Angel Jess L., born, Jan. 21-1888, died, March 7-1941
Angel Jess Luther Jr., born, Jan.20-1921, died, Feb. 1901990, WWII
Angel Louise K.,born,Feb.28-1901,died,Nov.1-1968,Mo.,daug.of, Bill Grimes
Angel Nannie Powell, born,1877, died, March 17-1940,wife of,Charles Angel
Angel Rebecca , born,         ,died, Oct.19-1937, wife of, Will Angel
Angel Roy Woodrow,born,April 6-1914,died,Aug.11-1945,Ca.,son of,W.J.& Eula Smith Angel
Angel Thomas A.,born,Dec.31-1905,died, July 11-1971,son of,William Jess & Eula Smith Angel
Angel Vida L.,b,Oct.6-1905,d,Feb.20-2001,wife of,James Leonard Angel,daug.of,R.R.& Josie Click Brown
Angel Walter W., born, March 7-1906, died, Jan.18-1910,son of, C.R.& N.N. Angel
Angel  Wanda Beatrice , born, Dec. 10-1917, died, Jen. 1-1918
Angel William Ira,born,Jan.3-1886,died,Jan.19-1941
Angel William Ira, born, June 26-1924,died, Jan.14-1987,son of,William Ira & Ula Smith Angel,WWII
Anglin Mamie F., born, Jan. 22-1871,died, Jan.18-1927
Anson Edward T., born,Aug.29-1840,died, Nov.5-1912
Armagost Ada Marie,born,June 1-1918, wife of,John F.Armagost
Armagost Frank Vanvalsah,b,Jan.11-1874,Penn,d,May 17-1958,son of,John M.& Kate Love Armagost
Armagost Jess E.,born,Jan.27-1918,died,Jan.27-1918
Armagost John F.,born,Nov.1-1909,died,April 5-1995,son of,Frank Vanvalsah & Luretta Jane Armagost
Armagost Luretta Jane,born,1880,died,1944,wife of,Frank Vanvalsah Armagost
Armagost  Paul A.,born,July 3-1906,died, Feb.12-1907
Armstrong Hilda Ann,born,1915,died,1981
Arnold Emma Marie,born,Feb.17-1894,MN,died,Feb.11-1979,wife of,Roger,daug.of,Gustolf  & ?? Rostimily Kaping
Arnold Roger,bon, Jan.6-1895,ILL,died,June 20-1973,son of,Johnston Arnold
Arrott Mayrilyn Kathleen,died,June 20-1955,Infant
Arthurs Ollie A.,born,1890,died, April 18-1967
Arthurs William A.,died,April 24-1966
Ashbrook Barara A.,born,Sept.9-1919,died, Aug.23-1977,daug.of,Homer O.& Josie Routon Paden
Atkinson Clifford W.,born,Dec.15-1910,died,June 1-1979,son of,Wilson & Kate Johnson Atkinson,WWII
Audrain Clyde Winfield, born,1892,died,Feb.23-1957,son of,Winfield Scott & Eliza Williams Audrain
Audrain Eliza Jane,born,April 15-1861,died,April 11-1946,wife of,Winfield Scott Audrain(Cherokee)
Audrian Elva Seward,born,1897,died,1985,wife of,Scott Randall Aubrain
Audrain Ettie Inez,born,Dec.23-1887,died,July 31-1888,daug.of,Frank G. Sr.& Melissa Williams Audrain
Audrain Frank G. Jr.,,born,May 10-1895,died,July 3-1915,son of,Frank G. Sr.& Melissa Williams Audrain
Audrain Frank G.Sr, born, 1860,died, April 16-1938,son of,James P.& Mary J.Wilson Audrain
Audrain James Arthur,born,March 29-1887,died, June 18-1889,son of,Winfield S.& Eliza J.Audrain(Cherokee)
Audrain James P.,born,Dec.25-1824,died,March 2-1893
Audrain James Robert Sr,born,July 22-1897,died,Sept.22-1987,son of,Frank G.Sr.& Melissa Williams Audrain
Audrain Jessie Elva ,born, Sept.2-1897,died, June 12-1985,NC.
Audrain John P., born, June 7-1901,died, April 2-1981,Mo.,son of,Grank George & Melissa Williams Audrain
Audrain Liza Jane,born,April 15-1861,KS,died, April 11-1946,daug.of, Richard Williams
Audrain Lola E., born,Dec.19-1902,died,July 17-1905,daug.of,Frank G.Sr.& Melissa Audrain
Audrain Mary J., born,Oct.8-1822,died,Sept.25-1893,wife of,James P. Audian
Audrain Melissa,b,Oct.22-1863,d,Jan.1964,wife of,Frank G.Audrain Sr,daug.of,Richard & Margaret Parks Williams
Audrain Ralph R., born,July 26-1889,died,Nov.28-1949,WWI
Audrain Rube R., born,1889,died, Nov.28-1949,son of, Frank & Melissa Williams Audrain
Audrian Scott Randall,born,Aug.30-1896,died, June 22-1965,son of,Winfield Scott & Eliza J.Audrain (Cherokee)
Audrain Vida Pearl,born,1889,died, Oct.12-1967
Audrain Winfield Scott,born,Oct.20-1855,died,Sept.21-1922,(Cherokee)

<>Babb Amos F., born, Oct. 12-1862, died, Jan. 1-1952, St. Joseph Mo.
Babst Amy E.,born,Jan.6-1899,died, Oct.6-1990,wife of,Herman A.Babst
Babb Susan J., born, Nov. 14-1862, died, June 20-1911, wife of, Amos F. Babb          Dau. Nina  N.  1901 to 1915<>                                    
<>      Dau.    Nina N. 1915 - 1915   (Neice reports actual birth and death dates are  Sept. 4, 1901 to  May 4, 1918)
Babst Charlotte Louise Schnarre, 1901,died, Sept.9-1955,wife of, Theodore Otto Babst
Babst Donald T.,born,Sept.4-1932,wed,June 7-1954
Babst Herman A, born,Oct. 2-1898,MN.,died, Feb. 27-1975,son of, William Albert Babst
Babst Kenneth,died,Dec.7-1937
Babst Mary Elizabeth ,born,Oct.9-1857,died,Oct.29-1934,wife of,WilliamBabst,daug.of,Duell & Elise L.France
Babst Mary Maxine,b,May 21-1927,d,Dec.20-1971,wife of,Donald T.Babst,daug.of,Willis Lester & Nannie Fisher Reed
Babst Theodore Otto,born,April 24-1900,MN,died,April 26-1978,Mo., son of,William & Mary Duell Babst
Babst Wayne,died,Dec.7-1937
Babst William,born,June 8-1855,died,June 15-1924
Babst William Albert, born,Feb.1-1922,died,July 9-1958,Harward Ca.,WWII
Bacon Montie Mae,b,Feb.2-1883,d,April 8-1973,wife of,WilliamN.Bacon,daug.of,William & Martha Elliott
Bacon William N.,born,April 13-1891,died, Sept.10-1977
Bain Jessie Lee,born,1892,died,1955
Bain Sarah E., born,1840, died, Aug. 19-1911
Bain S.R.,born,1893,died
Bain T.J. , born, Aug. 22-1887, died, July 24-1911
Bailey George F., born, Nov. 29-1923, died, June 21-1947, WWII
Bailey Margie Irene, born, 1887, died, 1967, wife of, Samuel Mayes  Bailey
Bailey Samuel Mayes, born, 1891, died, July 10-1946
Baker Esmond Keith,born,Nov.23-1931,died,Feb.4-2002,son of,James & Blanche Lett Baker,Korean War
Baker Howard F.,born,Oct.20-1903,died,Feb.24-2000
Baker Marie June,born,Aug.10-1927,died,July 10-1939,daug.of,Clarence Baker
Baker Thelma, born, Dec. 4-1907, died, Sept.31-1908
Ballenger Baby, born, April 3-1924,died, April 6-1924, son of, J.E. Ballenger
Ballenger Lottie Lee, born, Aug.20-1897,died, March 20-1951,daug.of, Richard & Fannie Todd Crotzer
Ballenger R.Richard, born, May 15-1915,died, Nov. 28-1967
Bandy George W., born,Feb.2-1870,died, May 20-1950
Bandy  Infant,born,Jan.6-1908,died, Jan.6-1908,daug.of,G.W.& M.F. Bandy
Bandy Jasper R., born, Jan.7-1898,died, Aug.4-1921
Bandy Martha F.E., born, Dec. 10-1876,wife of,George W.Bandy
Bandy Mealy R., born, Feb.19-1906,died, April 25-1908,daug.of, G.W.& M.F. Bandy
Bandy Melven C., born,July 31-1903,died, Oct.4-1906,son of, G.W.& M.F. Bandy
Barefield Elma ,born,July 30-1900,died,Oct.8-1998
Barger Billy Lee, born, 1921, died, 1929
Barger Gilbert E., born, Aug. 25-1897, Mo.,died, July 28-1981, Ok., son of, Samuel F., & Olive Ross Barger
Barger Lola B., born, Nov. 11-1904, died,                , wife of, Gilbert E. Barger
Barger Ollie A, born, Sept. 14-1868, died, Sept. 23-1913, wife of, Samuel F. Barger
Barger Samuel Franklin, born,Oct.12-1869,In.,died,Aug.22-1949,son of, William & Caroline Davis Barger
Barker Josie ,born, Dec. 16-1870,died, Dec. 18-1922
Barker Robert Maine,born,Feb.9-1905,died,May 15-1952,wife,Reba Barker,son of,Robert McCoy Barker
Barker McCoy,born, May 12-1868,died, April 26-1945
Barnett Frank M.,born,1869,died,1938
Barnett Kinnie Lewis,born,Dec.24-1895,died,Nov.4-1966,CA.,WWI
Barnett Mollie J., born, 1875,died,1939,wife of,Frank M.Barnett
Barnhart Frank, born, Aug. 26-1880, died, Feb. 19-1944
Barnhart George , born, March 4-1888,died,Oct. 20-1954, WWI
Barnhart Martha E., born, April 28-1874,died, Jan. 4-1952
Barnhart Mary , born, Oct. 28-1894,Mo.,died, March 26-1967, wife of, George Barnhart
Barrett Alberta D.,born,1921,died,1982,wife of,Dean E. Barrett
Barrett Dean E.,born,1919,died,
Barrett Roger Lee, Jan.1948,Infant
Barrick Juanita A.,b,June 21-1913,d,Nov.16-1988,wife of,Milford A.Barrick,daug.of,Emery & Lulu Saller Knott
Barrick Milford Arthur,born,Feb.6-1902,died, Dec.15-1985,son of,Charlie & Stella Jones Barrick
Barron Grace Chandler,born,Aug.7-1907,died,July 13-1989,wife of,Henry Walker Barron
Barron Henry Walker,May 13-1902,Ky,died,Nov.8-1966,WWI,son of,Silas K.& Lena K.Young Barron
Bartleson Mary Elizabeth ,born,1927,died,1980
Bass Jeffrey Scott,born,Jan.26-1957,died,May 31-2000
Bass Russ Edward,born,Nov.7-1958,died, Feb.13-1984
Battenfield Kenneth R., born, Aug. 25-1937, died, March 9-1991
Battenfield Mary E.,born,                  ,died,                , wife of, Kenneth R. Battenfield
Bauer Eric Matthew,born,Jan.19-1982,died,July 9-1983,son of, Dennis & Jan Bauer
Bedford Carl L.,born,Oct. 25-1899,NE.,died,Feb.15-1980,son of,Henry H.& Maude Wallen Bedford
Bedford Mattie,born,July 25-1900,died, Jan.30-1993,wife of,Carl L.Bedford
Beehler Marvin,born,Nov.18-1931,died,Nov.9-2002,son of,Earl Leroy & Tennie Stanley Beehler
Beeson Edward B., born, 1886, died, May 11-1947,Cailf.
Beeson Ethel L., born,Oct. 2-1890,Mo,died,April 18-1969,daug.of, Tom McDavis
Beeson Max,born,Sept.12-1916,died, Sept.24-1916, son of, Edward B.& Ethel L. Beeson
Beets Katie,born,1895,died, May 14-1943
Bell Bonnie W.,born,Jan.14-1911,died,Sept.28-1996,wife of,Myrtle E.Bell, Wed.Aug.22-1932
Bell Myrtle Elizabeth,born,Nov.7-1911,died,Aug. 24-1999
Bell Vastalee,born,Oct.28-1924,died,Nov.14-1986
Bench Allie M. Price, born, 1890, died, 1911
Benigar Coleen, born, May 5-1931, died, July 21-1937
Benigar Frank Omer, born,April 23-1883,died, March 28-1930
Benigar Goldie C., born, July 16-1889, died, Feb. 22-1922, wifeof, J.O. Benigar
Benigar John Oral, born, Nov. 30-1886, died, Nov.14-1935
Berry Amos Ery, born, Oct. 12-1863, died, Jan.16-1933
Berry Elmeda M., born, April 26-1861, died, May 10-1955, wife of, Amos Ery Berry
Berry Mary, born,                ,died, May 3-1937
Berryhill Betty Duncan,born, April 22-1929,died, March 26-1987
Beshears Claude H.,born,Jan.15-1925,died, ARK.CORPL.15 FIELD ART.
Bickle Lu Etta,born,Oct.7-1909,died, Oct.5-1966
Bigby Charles Cecil,born,Aug.14-1933,died, May 5-1956,son of,C.T.Bigby
Bingham Annie,born,1888,died,1970
Bingham Billie M.,born,Oct.1-1926,died,March 27-2002,wife of,Tom J.Bingham,daug.of,Loen & Mary Fields Barker.
Bingham Leslie T., born, June 6-1907,Tx.,died, June 28-1978, son of, Tom & Laura Wilson Bingham
Bingham Tom J,born,Nov.1-1928,died, June 19-2001,son of,L.T. & Georgeann Bingham
Black Billy Wayne,born,Sept.24-1926,died, Oct.28-1926,son of,Riley & Maude Black
Black Cora Lee,born,1882,died,1948,wife of,Powell S.Black
Black Maude May,b,Dec.21-1907,d,Oct.5-1974,wife of,Riley Black,daug.of,Charles & Mable Carpenter Hanna
Black Powell S., born, 1874,died, Feb.19-1954
Black William Riley,born,April 13-1903,Mo.,died,Aug.5-1984,son of, James Moroe & Mary Russell Black
Blacksmith Helena ,1876,died, Dec. 30-1958
Blackwell John D., born, 1846,died, 1910
Blair Jay William,born,Feb.28-1917,died,
Blair Mildred Lousie,born,Born Feb.24-1918,died,April 20-1995,wife of,Jay William Blair
Blaylock James M., born,1893,died, 1950
Blaylock Mary E,b,Feb.1-1888,d,Aug.15-1973,wife of,Oliver W.Blaylock,daug.of,George &Minnie Roberts King
Blaylock Ollie ,born,1893,died,1929
Blaylock Oliver W.,born,Aug.12-1879,died,June 4-1968,son of,Willie & Mary Koff Blaylock
Bledsoe Bufford Allen,born,March 20-1917,TX,died,March 26-1986,Mo,son of,A.I.& Fannie Huff Bledsoe
Bledsoe Mary O.,born,1923,died,                     ,wife of,Bufford Allen Bledsoe
Blevins Arthur,born,1880,died,1942
Blevins Charley G.,born,July 21-1880,died,June 19-1957
Blevins Rosa M.Franklin,born,Jan.11-1886,died,Dec.24-1959,wife of,Charley G.Blevins
Blizzard Terry Lynn,born,May 27-1974,died,July 4-1993
Blizzard Sarah C.,born,June 27-1901,died,Jan.16-1974
Blizzard W.A.Sr.,born,Oct.24-1893,died,Aug.2-1969
Bobbitt Bessie E,d,Dec.5-2000,daug of,Moses Richard & Florence Roller Richards,wife of,Ralph E.Bobbitt
Bobbitt Dimple L.,Feb.22-1937
Bobbitt Effie Alma,born,1886,died,1968,wife of,Janes Ashley
Bobbitt James Ashley,born,1877,died,1945
Bobbitt Marvin L.April 27-1933
Bobbitt Ralph E.,died, April 9-1991,Wed,Aug.9-1932
Bobbitt Steven M.,born,1960,died,1990
Boggess Mable Gertrude,b,Sept.5-1899,d,May 19-1988,wife of,Ray E.Boggess,daug.of,Wylie & Hattie Howland Goss
Boggess Ray E.,born,May 9-1895,Ks.,died,Sept.12-1973
Bond Alice J.,born,Aug.21-1943,died,Feb.28-1996
Bond Alice Martha,b,Aug.27-1868,d,April 28-1941,wife of,Corbin Alexander Bond,daug.of,Oliver & Mary Marsh Cox
Bond Clora,born,Feb. 8-1907,died, Sept.29-1913
Bond Corbin Alexander,born,April 21-1864,died,May 2-1961,son of,Ervin & Ruby Silby Bond
Bond Dick ,born,May 23-1902,died, April 9-1914
Bond Lon H.,born,Aug.31-1902,died Oct.30-1982
Bond N.Carol,born,Dec.28-1912,died,                    ,wife of, Lon H.Bond,Wed.March 7-1931
Bond Ruby Ann,March 3-1836,died, Nov.15-1915
Bond Tollie Marie,born,Nov.7-1906,died,June18-1973,daug.of,Joseph & Anna Laura Scholfield Stotts
Bond Vernon S., born, March 2-1913,died, Dec.25-1928
Bond Wesley I., born,Jan.28-1836,died, Oct.17-1909
Boren Joseph Harlo,born,Aug.8-1874 Ar,died,Dec.26-1972, son of,William B. & Rebecca Adams Boren
Boren Rebecca Jane Stroud, born, 1877, died, April 12-1951,wife of, Joseph Harlo Boren
Bostwick Paul B.,born,Jan.16-1898,died,
Bostwick Pearl E.,born,June 14-1898,died,May 26-1976,wife of,Paul B.Bostwick
Botts Dewey J., born, Oct.20-1901, died,1960, son of, Jefferson D.& Dora Amy  Botts
Botts Dora Amy, born,Nov.8-1880,died,Nov.13-1967,wife of, Jefferson D. Botts
Botts Hallie M., born, May 28-1919, died, Feb. 27-1939
Botts Jefferson D., born, Jan. 9-1862, died, Dec. 12-1939
Botts Marion E., born, Oct. 1-191914, died, Aug. 2-1982
Botts Mary Ellen , born,Nov.8-1905,died,Feb.22-1916,daug.of, Jefferson D.& Dora Amy Botts
Bowen Clara A., born, 1876, died, Nov. 22-1959, wife of, Elias Emery Bowen
Bowen Elias Emery, born, 1866,died, Oct. 10-1953
Bowen Emery Owen"Huck",b,Sept.4-1919,d,Sept.1-1970,Korea,son of,Elias Emery & Clara A.Deems Bowen
Bowen Grace E., born, 1913, died, 1995, wife of, William P.Bowen
Bowen Infant,born,March 21-1962,died, March 2-1962,child of,Sanford M.& Georgia  Nicholas Bowen
Bowen Joseph Lee,born,May 27-1963,died,Sept.18-1983,son of, Sanford Jr.& Georgia Nicholas Bowen
Bowen Marion Randall, March 21-1962
Bowen Mary S.,born,1904,died,            ,wife of,Sanford M.Bowen
Bowen Nana Dean,born,Jan.17-1929,died, Nov.10-1995
Bowen Othel M., born, 1904, died, 1924
Bowen Sanford M., born, Nov.9-1900 Ok., died, April 18-1965
Bowen Sanford"Sonny",born,1937,died,1996
Bowen Truman M.,born,1870,died,1944
Bowen William Paul, born,Dec.3-1906,died,July 5-1979,son of,Elias Emery & Clara A.Deems Bowen
Bowers Mary A., born, 1844, died, 1929, wife of, Philemon Bowers
Bowers Philemon P.,born,1842,died, Nov.22-1930
Bowman Benjamin F., born, March 18-1878,died, March 31-1957
Bowman Emma Eluira,b,Dec.7-1883,d,May 2-1966,wife of,Benjamin F.Bowman,daug.of,Jake F.& Nora Williams Sample
Boyd Ada,born,July 20-1872,died,Aug.10-1962,wife of,Joseph Boyd.
Boyd Bert Ernest, born, Oct. 2-1883,died, May 25-1966, Joplin Mo.,
Boyd Brion R.,born,1969,died,May 11-1997
Boyd Clinton W.,born,Jan.26-1912,died,Dec.10-2002
Boyd Danny Walter, Infant,died, May 15-1953, Joplin Mo,son of, Walter & Francis Crofton Boyd
Boyd Erma Joan,born,Nov.24-1930,died,           ,wife of,James Earnest Boyd
Boyd Frances,born,March 30-1910,died, March 6-1995,wife of,Walter Boyd
Boyd Gary C.,born,March 5-1934,died,Dec.29-1997
Boyd Gladys Mae,born, Sept. 13-1916, died,Jan.24-1999,wife of,Harold "Bill" Boyd
Boyd Harold "Bill",born,Feb. 2-1914,died, Sept.9-1973
Boyd Infant,born, Jan.26-1912,died,Jan.26-1912,son of,B.E.& M.S.Boyd
Boyd James Earnest,born,Nov.4-1924,died,Aug.13-1996,wed,June 6-1948
Boyd Joesph ,born,March 23-1867,died,June 18-1949,son of,William & Serilda Miller Boyd
Boyd Johnny J.,born,July 25-1931,died,Dec.21-1987,Mo,son of, Bert Ernest & Macy Inez White Boyd
Boyd Lester,born,1920,died,1991
Boyd Lila,born,1921,died,                 ,wife of,Lester Boyd,wed,May 25-1941
Boyd Macy Inze,b,May 26-1888 Tn,d,Jan.10-1979,wife of,Bert,daug.of,James Miller & Katherine T.Britton White
Boyd Myrtle L.,born,Dec.15-1918,died,June 30-1995,wife of,William Boyd
Boyd Patsy L.,born,Sept.24-1934,died,                ,wife of,Johnny J.Boyd
Boyd Rollo,born, 1902,died,1938
Boyd Ruth,born,May 19-1916,died,March 24-1943
Boyd Tyrrell Lee, born,Oct.13-1963,died,Oct. 13-1990
Boyd Walter,born, May 18-1911,died,Sept.19-1992
Boyd William,born,April 9-1915,died,Nov.25-1990
Boyd Zakary R.,born,1990,died,March 11-1997
Bradley  Infant,died, Sept.15-1913, daug.of, Bob & Jessie Bradley
Brady Tula, born, 1890, died, 1940
Branch Goldie May ,born,July 17-1906,died,June 1-1987,daug.of,Jessie Edward & Ida May Sample Hudson
Brannan Danny Ray,born,1959,died,1972
Brewer Leona C.Oexman,born,July 15-1903,died,Sept.21-2001,daug.of,Fredrick & Matilda Heimstott Young
Brewster Bert, born, Nov.13-1898,died,March 20-1990,son of,Albert Edward & Maude Jones Brewster
Brewster James H.,born,Nov.24-1927,died, Jan. 3-1963,son of,Bert & Mary Higgin Brewster
Brewster May E., born, March 26-1898,Mo,died,Dec.15-1979,daug.of,James H. & Hegan Bridgett Higgins
Brewster Robert L., born,Nov.30-1925,died,April 4-1945, WWII
Brice Ellen Jones,born,July 20-1881,died,Sept.12-1940
Bridenstine Martin L.,born, CO.I 3 OHOI CAV.
Bridenstine Mary Jane Myers,born,May 27-1852,died,June 13-1937,wife of,Louis Bridenstine
Bridenstine Wiliam E., born,April 25-1876,died,Dec.27-1955,Vinita Ok.
Briggs Nancy A., born,Sept. 2-184,died,Jan.5-1923
Brim Aubrey"Mitch".,born,April 9-1901,died,1975,child of,T.W.& Mattie Brim
Brim Elsie Mabel ,born,July 16-1902,died,Aug.17-1986, Ks,daug.of.Charles & Nancy Adams Angel
Brim James Thomas, April 2-1932
Brim Martha D.,born,Aug.13-1877,died,Nov.23-1959,wife of, Thomas W.Brim
Brim Max, June 16-1934,Infant of,Shell Brim
Brim Mildred C,b,Aug.22-1899,Mo,d,June 7-1971,wife of,Oscar S.Brim,daug.of,H.L.& Mary Williams Courtney
Brim O.S. Jr., born, Feb. 26-1935, died, March 29-1938
Brim Oscar S., born,Nov.16-1898,died,July 28-1967,Ar,WWI,son of,T.W.& Mattie Brim
Brim Thomas W.,born,born,July 27-1876,died,July 15-1947
Brim Wilma J., born, June 20-1907,died,Jan. 21-1928,daug.of,T.W.& Mattie Brim
Brock Cassie Ann,born,1874,died,1950,wife of,William F.Brock
Brock Charles,born, Nov.29-1891,died,Oct. 3-1906,son of, J.H.& M.E. Brock
Brock Richard Lonzo,born,Sept.19-1895,died,Dec.15-1959,WWI,son of,William F.& Cassie Ann Brock
Brock William F.,born,1873,died,1940
Brown Clyde H.,born,June 25-1896,died,Oct.5-1973,son of,George Brown
Brown Dorothy M.b,Oct.11-1916,d,Aug.16-2000,wifeof,Jack Harold Brown,daug.of,Ross M.&Mable Maurer Thompson
Brown Edna M.Friend,born,1915,died,March 9-2001,wife of,Roe Brown,Wed. Feb.26-1936
Brown Jacob Harold,born,Feb.26-1917,died,Feb.22-1992
Brown Kathryn E.born,1907,died,              ,wife of,Clyde H. Brown
Brown Roe,born,Sept.25-1908,died,Aug.5-2001,son of,Romanus R.& Josie Brazel Brown
Brown S.
Browing Anna Marie,born,Nov.21-1913,died,March 20-1974
Browning Chester R.,born,April 19-1921,died, Sept.19-1988
Browning Fleeta,born,Oct.17-1887,died, July 15-1968,wife of, Rice Browning
Browning Rice,born,Sept.14-1889,died, June 4-1926
Browning Robert Dewayne,born,Nov.21-1948,died, Nov.4-1994
Browning Sybil C.,born,May 10-1926,died,              ,wife of, Chester Browning
Bruce J.Russell,born,1902,died,
Bruce Virginia "Gena",born,1922,died,Feb.25-1960,wife of,J.Russell Bruce,daug.of, Jay R.Campell
Brummet Jennie L., born,1900,died,1920
Brummet Will L.,born,1899,died,1947
Brunsch Emma N.,born,June 16-1889,died,Dec.29-1961
Bryant Charles V."Bum",born,June 23-1909,died,Dec.14-2001,son of,Andrew & Susan Leader Bryant
Bryant Delores E.,born,1931,died,May 25-1998
Bryant Flossie F.,born,June 14-1912,died,Oct.30-1987,wife of,Charles V.Bryant,wed,Dec.24-1929
Bryant Joe, born,April 20-1912,died, Feb.24-1981, son of,G.M.& Millie Bryant
Bryant John W., born, Jan.20-1873,died,Dec.10-1942
Bryant Madge M., born, Jan.17-1910,died,Oct.6-1976,daug.of, Johnny Johnston
Bryant Myrtle Francis,b,Aug.21-1880,d,Dec.23-1949,wife of,John W.Bryant,daug.of,Sydney & Francis Capps Scovel
Bryant Raymond Joseph,born,June 30-1916,died,Dec.2-1935
Bryant Roy C., born,Oct.20-1903,died,Feb.29-1984,son of,John H.Bryant
Burch W.Minyard,born,April 2-1878,died,June 7-1962
Bulman Gene Allison,born,May 12-1908,Iowa,died, March 25-1989,(son of,Jason Clement & Margaret Amelon Bulman)
Bulman Laura M.,born,Jan.9-1909,died,April 11-1984,wife of,Gene A.Bulman,wed,June 30-1931
Burnett Charles L.,born,1897,died,1992
Burnett Ernest, died, March 7-1933
Burnett Granville E., Feb. 28-1933
Burnett John P., 1869,died,Jan.10-1926,son of, H.B.& Katherine Cobb Burnett
Burnett Mary B. Stites,born,1901,died, July 26-1960,wife of,Charles L Burnett
Burton Grace B.,born,April 4-1872,died,July 9-1948,wife of,William B.Burton
Burton William M.,born,March 3-1871,died,Nov.26-1946
Butler Arlis,born,Feb.24-1922,died,March 13-2002,son of,Monroe & Mable Philbeck Butler,WWII
Butler Mable Louise Gale,born,1869,died,Nov.13-2001,wife of,Arlis Butler,wed.Dec.17-1945
Butts Infant, died, Feb.14-1934, Infant of, Glenn Butts
Butts Kathryn, Feb.6-1934
Buzzard Arthur S.,born,April 30-1895,died,Sept.21-1965,WWI,wed.June 22-1918
Buzzard Blaine Oliver,born,June 10-1923,died,Aug.7-1995,wed.March 25-1944
Buzzard Burl Allen,born,Aug.27-1952,died, Jan.30-1953
Buzzard Etta,b,Sept.3-1897,d,July 18-1981,wife of,Arthur S.Buzzard,daug.of,Wallace De & Jane Wilson Weese
Buzzard Genive Carolee, born,Nov.23-1926,died,Aug.7-1995,wife of,Blaine Oliver Buzzard
Buzzard John Doyle, born, July 31-1926,died,April 28-1934,son of, A.S.& Etta Buzzard
Byrd Georgie, born, Jan. 1-1910,died,Aug. 27-1910
Byrd Osborne J., born, Nov.2-1946,died,Jan.21-1913
Byrd Susan P.,born, July 8-1844, died, Aug.31-1919, sister of  Osborne J.Byrd

Caddell Arvil L.,born,April 15-1917,died,Jan.20-1984
Caddell Roselee B.,born,June 8-1918,died,               ,wife of,Arvil L.Caddell
Caldwell Anthony Joseph,born,Feb.28-1962,died,Oct.28-1978,son of,Paul & Betty Button Caldwell
Caldwell Betty J.Button.,born,Oct.15-1925,died,Sept.24-2000,wife of,Paul A.Caldwell,Wed.Aug.20-1965
Caldwell  Paul A.,born,Oct. 3-1911,died,Aug.24-1981,son of, Clarence & Velma Denny Calswell,WWII
Callahan John W., born, July 17-1923
Callahan Ricky Lee, born, Dec. 31-1954,died, Dec.9-1992
Callahan Robideen N.,born,Feb.6-1926,d,March 29-1993,wife of,John W.Callahan,Married July 18-1948
Callaway Granville.,born,May 18-1894,died,Feb. 9-1977,son of, Albert & Alpha Haymes Callaway
Callaway Opal Lee,b,May 18-1896,d,Nov.30-1969,wife of,Granville,daug.of, M.F.& Willie A.Mosher Mabrey
Calton Junior,born,Dec.30-1922,died,Aug.14-1941,son of,William & Gladys Calton
Campbell Alice M.,b,Sept.8-1891,d,Nov.16-1985,wife of, Jay R.Campbell,daug.of,J.H.& Nancy Skidmore Sneed
Campbell Billie Elaine,born,April 14-1894,died,Aug.25-1985
Campbell Era Vera,born,Dec.27-1898,Ky.,died,Oct.16-1989,son of,A.P.Sr.& Lou Young Campbell
Campbell Jay R.,born,Sept.2-1888,Ks.died,Feb.18-1968,son of,James & Theresa Clark Campbell
Campbell J.Berle, born,July 19-1914,died,June 25-1991
Campbell Jeane E., born,June 29-1903,died,Nov.26-1905,daug.of, S.F.& F.P.Campbell
Campbell Lucy Elizabeth, born,Aug.10-1889,died,Aug.23-1924
Campbell Ollie Lucile,born,Sept.18-1896,died,June 9-1925
Campbell Ruby E.,born,April 8-1918,died,               ,wife of, wife of,J.Berle Campbell
Campbell Wayne Purcell,born,Dec.17-1904,died, Jan.3-1979
Canada Georgia Ellen,born,June 6-1922,died,               ,wife of,Luther Elmer Canada
Canada Luther Elmer,born,May 8-1912,died, Nov.23-1982,son of,E.A.& Millie Taylor Canada
Canady Jess,born,May 5-1903,died,Dec.17-1979,son of,Frank L.& Mary Francis Martin Canady
Canady Loy,born,Sept.23-1911,died,                  ,wife of,Jess Canady
Cargile Jean Pearl,born,Sept.17-1911,OR,died,April 19-1946,daug.of,William L.&Martha Jane Miller Stevens
Carr Glennwood,born,Aug.3-1940,died,April 15-2001,son of,Wilbert & Hazel McClenny Carr
Carr John L., born,May 29-1905,Mo,died,July 19-1983,son of,Thomas & Viola Sullivan Carr
Carr Mayme F.,born,Sept.,died,May 22-1999,wife of,John L.Carr
Carrico Dana Faye, born,Oct.12-1936,died,Oct.12-1936,( Stillborn),
Carrico Faye A.,b,Nov.30-1914,d,March 31-1984,Mo,daug.of,Ray & Maude McWatters Givens
Carrico Harold Leonard,born,April 5-1913,Mo,died,Feb.13-1988,son of, Frank & Mary Lane Carrico
Carrington Bradley "Brad",b,April 30-1965,d,Nov.18-2002,son of,Orville "Norris"&Norman Martin Carrington
Carter D.M.,born,1865,died,1943
Carter Francie L.,born,Feb.29-1908,died,March 28-1980,wife of,John H.Carter
Carter John Henry,born,feb.9-1906,died,Nov.15-1968,wife,Francie L.Carter,son of,Warren J.& Laura Alexander Carter
Casey Rutha Lavina Jenkins, born,Sept.6-1855,died,Dec.23-1928
Castle James "Jim", born, Dec. 9-1891,Tenn.,died, April 1964,
Castle Lillie Mae,b,Sept.4-1876,d,Jan.15-1969,wife of,William M.Castle,daug.of,Sylvester & Caroline Bates Tanner
Castle Lula, born, 1891,died,1983,wife of, Jim Castle
Castle Ralph, born,Oct.2-1911,died,May 18-1923,son of,William M.& Lillie Mae Castle
Castle William M., born, 1885,died, 1947
Chambers Bertha Ann Riley,born,1885,died,Sept.26-1937,wife of, John M.Chambers
Chambers James Roy,b,1886,d,Dec.20-1935,wife,Buelah E.Chambers,son of,James Thomas & Rachel French Chambers
Chambers James T., born, 1855,died, 1930
Chambers Joe Shelby,born,Sept.22-1909,died,Oct.9-1933,son of, J.R.& Bertha Carey Chambers
Chambers John M., born, 1878,died, 1941
Chambers Rachel C., born, 1852,died, 1923
Chambers Vern Leroy,born, March 21-1915,died, Feb. 6-1937,son of, James Roy Chambers
Champlin Mary E.,born,June 28-1922,died,             ,wife of, Raymond F.Champlin
Champlin Raymond F.,born, Sept.8-1913,died,
Chancellor Ronald W.,1969
Chandler Ben E., born,June 7-1893,died,Feb.2-1984
Chandler Ben T., born,Aug.12-1846,died,July 29-1920
Chandler Benjamin H.,born,Dec.15-1888,died,Dec.17-1969,son of, John W.& Cornelia Sharp Chandler,WWI
Chandler Bertha Marie,born,March 13-1909,died,Jan.26-1986,daug.of, James A.& Maude M.James Chandler
Chandler Claud A., born,Nov.27-1879,died,June 13-1939
Chandler Claude A.,born,Nov.12-1899,died,June13-1939,son of, John W.& Cornelia Sharp Chandler
Chandler Cornelia C.,b,April 9-1861,d,Dec.15-1955,daug.of,John W.& Elizabert Morris Sharp(Cherokee Indian)
Chandler Fannie E. Sharp,born,July 28-1855,died,Sept. 11-1949,wife of, Ben T.Chandler
Chandler  Felix C."Bige",born,June 8-1881,died,May 12-1935,(Cherokee Indain)
Chandler Ida C., born,Aug.29-1899,died,Oct.4-1905
Chandler Infant, died,June 5-1920,daug.of, Ben E. & Susie V.Chandler
Chandler Jack logan,born,Jan.31-1926,died,Dec.8-1988,WWII
Chandler James A.,born,Feb.16-1918,died,March 8-1991,WWII
Chandler James A.Sr.,born,Aug.11-1881,died,Nov.28-1959,son of, Ben D.& Fannie E. Sharp Chandler
Chandler J.DeWitt,born,Oct.27-1886,died,Jan.27-1909,
Chandler John Bill, born, 1923,died, 1931
Chandler John W.,born,Feb.3-1854,died,May 8-1918
Chandler  John W., born,March 11-1890,died,May 21-1935, Okla. 36 Regt.C.A.C.
Chandler Kathryn H., March 20-1897,wife of,John W.Chandler
Chandler Leon Ross,born,Aug.14-1909,died,Feb.22-1985,son of, Homer & Myrtle Mae Chandler,WWII
Chandler Mary Edith, born, Aug. 3-1899, died, Oct. 28-1995
Chandler Maude M.,b,Feb.27-1884,d,April 16-1980,wife of,J.A.Chandler,daug.of,Frank E.& Virginia E.Barber James
Chandler Maxwell Arnold,b,Aug.22-1914,d,March 7-1969,Bahama Islands,son of,Felix C.& Dona Flint Chandler
Chandler Myrtle May,born,April 25-1884,died,Oct. 13-1917,wife of, Homer Chandler
Chandler Nita N.,born,Jan.11-1923,died,Nov.10-1994,wife of,Jack Logan Chandler
Chandler Nellie E.,born,March 28-1902,died,April 25-1964,wife of,Otto C.Chandler
Chandler Oliver Kent, born,Nov. 28-1884,died,Sept.14-1952,son of,Benjamin & Fannie Sharp Chandler
Chandler Otto C.,born,Aug.20-1898,died,April 1-1980,son of,John W.& Cornelia C.Sharp Chandler
Chandler Owen Flint, born,April 22-1907,died, Dec.1-1939,son of, F.C."Bibe"Chandler, (Cherokee Indain)
Chandler Robert Elmer,b,Feb16-1896,d,July 17-1955,(Cherokee)son of,John & Cornelia Sharp Chandler,WWI
Chandler Terese M.,born,1907,died,April 21-2002,wife of,Leon Ross Chandler
Chandler Susie V., born,Sept.17-1892,died,May 30-1981,wife of, Ben E.Chandler
Chandler W.S."Bill",born,Oct.11-1915,died,Feb.7-1987,WWII
Chaney Art P.,born, 1876,died,1927
Chaney Fannie, died, Dec. 20-1934
Chaney M.A, born,1836,died,June16-1909
Chaney Nora Belle, July 21-1882, KS d June 24-1970,daug.of, James & Ester Sarah Wriggle Anderson
Chastain Henry Tibbets,died, March 5-1933
Chastain John W., born,Sept.14-1866,died,May 8-1918
Chastain Mary Elizabeth,b,Nov.25-1875,d,Nov.16-1963,wife of,John W.Chastain,daug.of,George & Eliza McGhee Fields
Chatham Walter,born,Sept.2-1879,died,March 29-1960
Cherry John A., born,Nov.13-1857,died,Oct.18-1917
Childers Bert Scott,born,May 14-1886,Mo,died,Aug.27-1958,son of,Robert & Kathryn Childers
Childers Nora.,born,June 20-1892,died,March 29-1968
Clark Bonnie L.,born,born,Feb.28-1941,died,                ,wife of,Ralph H.Clark
Clark Ralph H, born,March 14-1936 Ohio,died,Oct. 14-1988, son of,Charles & Thelma Evans Clark
Claxton Velma Kelly,born,1908,died,1990
Clayton Baby Jack, died,1924
Clayton Jimmie (Scottie Bennett)
Clayton Kate,born,Nov.1-1895,died,July 27-1959,daug.of,William Quimby & Martha S.Elliott
Clayton Quimby J.,born,1882,died,1941
Click Mary Jane, born,May 16-1856,died,Oct. 30-1939
Cline Hamilton J., died,June 17-1932, CO.G 46 IND.INF.
Clingenpeel  G.W., born,Oct. 24-1847,died, May 10-1933
Clingenpeel Mary Palmer ,born,Feb.6-1859,died,June10-1934, wife of,George W.Clingenpeel
Clouser Nettie G.,born,1907,died,                ,wife of,Roy Leroy Wilbur Clouser
Clouser Roy Leroy Wilbur,born,May 28-1888,died,Nov.5-1961,son of,James A.& Annie E.Clouser
Coffee Lincoln B.,born,Jan.16-1906,died, Jan.14-1982,son of,George & Lida Skinner Coffee
Coffman Elizabeth Nelson,born,1885,died, 1971
Coffman Roe J.,born,Dec.16-1886,died,Aug.14-1979
Coffman Sequiche E,born,born,1903,died, 1976
Coffman Willa I., born, 1904,died,1945
Coin Nancy Hodge, born, Sept.30-1862,died,May 23-1927
Cole David "Otis",born,Dec.14-1893,died,1964,son of,T.M. Cole
Cole Dora Ann,born,Dec.18-1901,died,Sept. 13-1993,wife of,Raymond A.Cole,wed,April 21-1922
Cole Emma "Jennie",born,1895,died,1976,wife of,David "Otis"Cole
Cole Infant daug., died, Jan.30-1929,daug.of,Ray & Dora Ann Cole
Cole Lillian Bond,b,July 25-1901,d,June18-1989 Al.,wife of,Orville L.Cole,daug.of,Porter J.& Ida Mae Cooley Bond
Cole Malachi T., born, 1862, died, 1938,
Cole Orville Leonard,born,Oct.29-1889,died, Dec. 10-1965,WWI
Cole Patricia,died,Jan.28-1929, daug.of, Raymond A.& Dora Ann Cole
Cole Raymond, born,Aug.20-1896,died,Jan.24-1958,son of,T.M.& L.D.Cole
Cole Raymond A.Jr., born, 1923,died, 1927,son of, Raymond A.& Dora Ann Cole
Cole Raymond Ladson,born, 1923,died,Dec.6-1927,son of, Roy & Dora Holloway Cole
Cole Sarah C., born, 1860, died, 1938, wife of, Malachi T.Cole
Cole Thomas E.,born,April 11-1915,died,Dec.5-1973,WWII
Collier Ashley Nicole,Dec.19-1988,daug.of, Susan Diane Roberson Collier
Collier Susan Diane Roberson,born,Dec.30-1962,died,May 9-1997
Cole Thomas Edward,born,April 11-1915,died,Dec.5-1973 Mo,son of,David Otis & Jennie McMindes Cole
Cole Zola Ruth Bond, born,Feb.3-1897,died,Dec.5-1918
Comb Herman Elwood,born,Sept.2-1909,died,Nov.2-1979,son of,Floyd E.& Alice Patterson Combs
Conner Anna M., born, 1878,died, 1932,wife of,Crawford Conner,(Cherokee Indian)
Conner Crawford, born, 1881,died, 1938,(Cherokee Indian)
Conner Ernest, born,June 23-1891,died,July 28-1891,son of, Farncis M.& Rebecca J.Conner
Conner Francis M., born,March 29-1852,died,April 9-1941
Conner Francis W.,born,June16-1902,d,May 13-1921,daug.of,Crawford & Anna M.Conner,(Cherokee Indian)
Conner Infant, born, Oct.16-1909,died,Oct.16-1909,daug.of,C.& A.M.Conner
Conner Lee, born, Feb.11-1880,died,April 10-1881,son of,Francis M.& Rebecca J.Conner
Conner Maudie E., born,Jan.3-1895,died,Nov. 9-1895,daug.of,Farncis M.& Rebecca J.Conner
Conner Rebecca J.,born,Nov.28-1858,died,March 12-1911,wife of,Francis M.Conner
Connolly Dixie D., born,March 10-1861,died,Sept.29-1931,wife of, John H.Connolly
Connolly John H., born,April 17-1857,died,Aug.26-1943
Connolly Sybil Dee Miss.,born,Sept.5-1888,died,July 31-1961
Cook Della A.,born,Oct.26-1909,died,Jan.24-1933,wife of,Elzie Cook,daug.of,Frank & Lula Wilson Barger
Cook Elmer Francis,born,March 9-1883,died,Sept.22-1962
Cook Eula Mae, born,Sept.6-1910,died,July 26-1947,Mo.,daug.of, John McWatters
Cook Martha Bell,born,Feb.5-1893,Mo,died,Sept.14-1989,daug.of,George W.& Minnie V.Roberts King
Cooley Charles W.,born, 1883,died, 1962
Cooley Cutis B., born, Dec. 1-1905, died, Jan. 31-1908, son of, Richard & Ida Cooley
Cooley Phoebe, born, 1890,died, 1963,wife of,Charles W.Cooley
Cooley Willam, born,Aug.22-1907,died,Oct.18-1918,son of,Charles W.& Phoebe Cooley
Copeland Beverly D.,born,Aug.19-1939,died,May 10-1942
Copeland Earl J., born, 1910, died, 1981
Copeland Elizabert ,born, 1883, died, 1936
Copeland Floyd Edward,b Oct.25-1919 Western, OK.  d July 16-1991 Grand Lake Manor,  wife Willidean Copeland, son of  Joshua and
       Mary Elizabeth (Giyer) Copeland
Copeland Grace W., born, 1912, died, 1978
Copeland Joshua, born, 1871, died, April 4-1931
Copeland Willidean A.,born,born, Feb.28-1922,died,              ,wife of,Floyd Edward Copeland
Copen Darlene,born,April 12-1925,died,Oct.11-1994
Costed Fredrick William Herman,died,Nov.14-1937
Couch Lorene Jane, died,Jan.27-1909,wife of,Elbert Couch,daug.of,O.A.Duncan
Couch Willard A. "Dub",died,Feb.8-1929,son of, Elbert & Lorene Couch
Cowherd Cleo D.,born,June 12-1898,died,May 7-1990
Cowherd James Pet,born,June 12-1920,died,Dec.21-1943,CO.D 143rd INF.36th DIV
Cowherd John,born,1915,died,1988
Cox Sue N.Snowed,born,Feb.13-1940,died, July 11-1994
Crabtree Clem H.,born,Oct.4-1905,died,March 5-1985
Crabtree M.Ruth,born,Jan.9-1921,died,             ,wife of,Clem H.Crabtree
Craft Allen Lee,July 1966,Infant
Crafton Benny Jo.,born,June 23-1943,died,Sept.4-1997
Crafton Charles H.,born,March 6-1914,died,                ,wed,Dec.21-1935
Crafton Charles Jason,b,Aug.15-1881,d,Nov.27-1953,son of,James Wiley & Mary Derendg Meeker Crafton
Crafton Charles Jason"C.J.",born,Jan.14-1953,died,Dec.27-1993
Crafton Elliott L., born, 1881, died,Sept. 26-1939, PVT.5 MO INF.
Carfton Grace Ann, born,Oct.4-1888,died,Jan.4-1969,daug.of,John & Susan Mitchell Henderson
Crafton Grace A.,born,1887,died, 1969,wife of,Charles Jason Crafton
Crafton Jerry Linn, 5 mth.,died, Feb.5-1955,son of,Brownie & Jessie Goodman Crafton
Crafton Jessie Elizabeth,born,March 29-1921,died,May 12-1989
Crafton Marjorie Catherine,b,Feb.24-1918,d,Nov.2-1966,wife of,Charley H.Crafton,daug.of,Frank & Carrie Hood Phillips
Crafton Mary C.,born,1883,died,1976,wife of,Elliott L.Crafton
Crafton Mary Louise C.,born,Dec.14-1919,died,Aug.12-1976,daug.of,Sherman & Maggie Houk Chappell
Crafton Paul Dee,born,April 18-1940,died,Nov.19-1974
Crafton Paul H.,born,Oct.12-1916,died,Nov.19-1974,son of,Charles & Ann Grace Henderson Crafton
Crafton Thelma C.,born,Feb.10-1917,died,April 17-2000,wife of,Paul H.Crafton
Crafton William C."Brownie".,born,Feb.14-1916,died,March 28-1998
Craig Leta Mae,born,Nov.20-1923,died,Oct.23-1973,daug.of,Mark & Susy Brown Medlin
Craig Martha Ellen,born,Feb.12-1932,died,                  ,wife of,Ray Vernon Craig
Craig Ray Vernon,born,April 29-1929,died,Oct.27-1992
Crawford J.A.,born,Nov.10-1840,died,May 30-1912
Crawford Jacob S., born, 1850-died, 1918
Crawford Sarah L., born,Dec.19-1844,died,Jan.24-1918
Critten Fondia E., born,Feb.10-1872,Mo,died,July 8-1965,daug.of, George W.& Ada Leonard Hill
Critten Orphus E.,born,July 18-1867 Mo.died,Feb.11-1961,son of,Joseph & Samanatha Story Critten
Croan Donald L.R.,born, 1923,died, 1931
Croan Edythe Fay, born,Sept. 22-1893,died,March 10-1967
Croan Ephraim Staman,b,March 1-1898,d,July 12-1932,Ks.137 INF.35DIV,son of,Thomas J.& Belinda Haher Croan
Crockett Agnes L., born, 1873,died, 1944,wife of,James Willis Crockett Sr.
Crockett Alice Nancy Cooley,born, 1873,died,May 23-1937,wife of, Levi T.Crockett
Crockett Charley W.,born,1898,died, 1939
Crockett Ethel Irene,b,Nov.27-1913,d,July 22-1985,wife of,James W."Bill" Crockett,daug.of,Jessie Pritchett
Crockett James Gay,born,March 18-1883,died,Sept.12-1974
Crockett James Willis Jr.,born,Aug.21-1937,died,Aug.22-1937,Infant son of, James W.& Agnes L.Crockett
Crockett James Willis"Bill" Sr.,Born,June 3-1900,died,Sept.10-1995
Crockett James Willis,born, 1857,died,Dec.9- 1934
Crockett Jessie I., born,Oct.1-1888,died,June 13-1963
Crockett Kate ,born,July 4-1860,died,Oct.26-1883,wife of,J.R.Crockett
Crockett Levi T., born,1868,died, 1944
Crockett Minnie B.,born,Jan.14-1886,CO,died,May 9-1966,wife of,Thomas S.Crockett
Crockett Minnie E.,born,1890,died,1976
Crockett Samuel C.,born,1888,died,1956
Crockett Thomas S., born, 1881,died,Nov.11-1955
Crosslin Pearl,born,1908,died, 1909
Crotzer Arthur P., born,June 8-1870,died,April 3-1881
Crotzer Carl Leroy,born,May 13- 1899,died,Nov.17-1965,WWII,son of,William & Emma Crotzer
Crotzer Edward ,born,May 9-1854,died,Sept. 7-1919
Crotzer Edward Ford,b,May12-1894,d,April 1-1965,Mo,WWI,son of,William Tate & Emma Lee Vann Crotzer
Crotzer Emma Lee,b,April 29-1864,Ga,d,Dec.24-1951,daug.of,James Dento & Rose Keithcart Vann(Cherokee)
Crotzer Fannie C.,born,April 17-1864,died,Dec.5-1918,wife of,Richard Crotzer(Shawnee)
Crotzer Freddie, born,1888,d,Nov.26-1891,son of,Richard H.& Fannie Crotzer(Shawnee Indian)
Crotzer Henrettie,born,Nov.28-1888,d,Sept.12-1902,daug.of,Richard H.& Fannie Crotzer(Shawnee)
Crotzer J.L.,born, 1862,died, 1922
Crotzer John L., born,Nov.26-181?,  died,Dec. 187?
Crotzer Leroy,    died, 1965
Crotzer M.F.,born,March 17-1895,died,March 9-1896,daug.of,Richard H.& Fannie Crotzer,(Shawnee)
Crotzer Manilla J., born, 1908,died, 1927
Crotzer Maudie E.,born,Nov.2-1898,died,Oct.26-1907,daug.of,Richard H.& Fannie C.Crotzer,(Shawnee)
Crotzer Richard,born,Aug.18-1858,died,Jan.29-1945
Crotzer Phoebe,born, 1839,died, 1910
Crotzer William Tate ,born,Aug.15-1856,died,Sept.28-1910,husband of,Emma  Lee Vann
Crow Alice Arizona Gilpin, born, 1879 Ill.,died,June 8-1964,wife of,William H.Crow
Crow Arthur E.,born,Feb.27-1905,died,Oct.31-1981,son of, Thomas Edward & Maude Blaylock Crow
Crow Billie Ray, May 11-196
Crow Floyd Allen,born,May 5-1918died,Jan.12-1936,son of,Thomas Edward & Maude May Crow
Crow Goldie Walker,born,1912,died,1940
Crow Maude May,born, 1885,died, 1942,wife of,Thomas Edward Crow
Crow Thomas Edward,b,Jan.22-1881,Mo,d,July 20-1960,son of,John Wilson & Harriett Jane Moss Crow
Crow William H., born, 1873, died,Oct.13-1959
Crutsinger Edith,born,June 19-1890,died,Feb.3-1938,wife of,George Louis Crutsinger
Crutsinger Evelene,born,March 27-1928,died,Dec.19-1992
Crutsinger George Louis, born,Dec.7-1890,died,April 29-1986
Crutsinger Rodney Louis,born,Nov.10-1948,died,Nov.25-1948,son of,EveleneCrutsinger
Cummings Harry Glen,born,1898,died, 1975
Cummings Sarah Beatrice,born,1903,died, 1948,wife of,Harry Glen Cummings
Cummings T.Grant,born, 1924,died, 1944,WWII
Cummings Wanda L., born,Oct.2-1926,died,Aug.28-1929
Cunningham Ruby,born,July 5-1918,died,Dec.20-1981
Cunningham Ted,June 3-1931
Cundiff Linda Mae,wife of,Ernie Cundiff,daug.of,Russell & Lelage Goins Griffith
Culp Opal V.,born,Dec.20-1917,died,July 5-1991,2nd LT.WWII
Cundiff Linda Mae,born,Sept.12-1938,Mo.died,July 30-1972,wife of,Ernie Cundiff
Currey Iva,born,Dec.19-1905,died,May 8-1941
Currey William Fields,born,Aug.6-1914,died,Jan.12-1991,WWI

Dake Faye L.Smith,born,July 16-1910,died,May 24-2000,daug.of,Hayes & Lugenia Smith
Dake M.H.Sr.,born,1889,died,Dec.8-1978,husband of,Faye L.Smith Dake,wed,July 1940
Darnell Albert, born,Jan.7-1898,d,Dec.7-1926,son of,L.D.& Senora Victory Matoy Darnell (Cherokke Indian)
Darnell Billy Don,born,Dec.17-1931,died,Oct.27-1984,U.S.Navy -Korea
Darnell Charles E., born, 1877,died, 1935
Darnell Charles L., born,Nov.25-1904,died,            ,son of,Lorenzo D.& Senora V.Darnell,(Cherokee Indian)
Darnell Donie B., born, 1879,died,  1971,wife of,Charles E.Darnell
Darnell Dorothy ,1919
Darnell Elbert,born,Jan.7-1898,d,Dec.7-1927,son of,Lorenzo D.& Senora Victory Matoy Darnell (Cherokee)
Darnell Floyd & Lloyd, 1908
Darnell Georgia L., born, Aug.11-1907,died,             ,wife of,Charles L.Darnell
Darnell Ilas Marvin,born,Dec.27-1899,d,Jan.25-1925,U.S.Navy,son of,L.D.& Senora V.Darnell (Cherokee)
Darnell Lorenzo D.,born,Jan.13-1861,died,June 15-1952,(Cherokee Indian)
Darnell Rufus E.,born,Feb.7-1912,died,Jan.8-1994,son of,Charles E.Darnell
Darnell R. E., born,Sept.6-1901,died,June 29-1906,son of,Lorenzo D.& Senora V.Darnell(Cherokee Indian)
Darnell Senora Victory Matoy,b,July 4-1875,died,Nov.19-1906,wife of,Lorenzo D.Darnell,(Cherokee Indian)
Daugherty Wiley L.,born,Aug.13-1908,died,March 4-1988, KS.,son of,James & ? Henry Daugherty
Davis Jessie M.Hammond,born,1907,died, 1979,2nd wife of,Walter M.Davis
Davis Paul Eugene,b,April 25-1907,d,Jan.10-1978,WWII,son of, J.W.& Stella Crotzer Davis,(Cherokee)
Davis Stella MayCrotzer,born,Feb.9-1890,died April 21-1962,wife of,J.W.Davis
Davis Walter M.,born,1905,died,1991
Deans Fenwick Gilmore, born,Nov.17-1911,died,March 31-1914
Deans Fenwick Rieff M.D.,born,Jan.17-1865,died,Dec. 31-1932
Deans Johnathan Eugene,born,Aug.17-1914,died,March 24-1915
Deans Nettie L., born,Dec.25-1874,died,Sept.16-1965
Deems John Lovell,born,April 15-1878,died,Jan.15-1951
Dees Odis R.,born,June 27-1918,died,April 21-1976,son of,Elexander & Liza Gaynor Dees
Dennis George G., born,Jan.19-1885,died,Aug.13-1911,husband of,Nora Dennis
Denny Weimer M.,born,June 29-1908,died,June 27-2002,husband of,Maxine Arpie Rudd Denney
Detherage L.T. Jr., born, June 3-1930,died,June 7-1930
Dial Cordia Mrs.,died,Nov.6-1935
Dial John C., born,Dec.27-1882,died,Feb.24-1911
Dial Marium A., born,March 7-1846,died,Dec.1-1921,wife of,John C.Dial
Doty Fred D.,born,Oct.1-1894,died,March 27-1976,son of,Thomas Newton & Rebecca Bowlin Doty
Doty Mae ,born,Oct.22-1896,died,May 29-1983,wife of,Fred D.Doty,daug.of,Luther T.& Roah Ann Dallas Chaney
Dover Ellsworth D.,born,Aug.21-1920,died,March 19-1972 son fo,Daniel & Nina Pertz Dover
Dover Jewell Alberta,born,Feb.14-1916,died,Jan.21-1999,wife of,Ellsworth D.Dover
Downing Helen M., born,Jan.17-1916,                 , wife of,Virgie E.Jr.Downing
Downing Virgie E. Jr, born,May 24-1916,died,June 29-1940
Drosche Donald L.,born,Jan.8-1939,died,Nov.5-2000,husband of,Donna J. French Drosche
Dry Arzela Scott, born,Oct.25-1881,died,Feb.3-1924
Dry Charles Clarence,born, 1885,died,June 3-1956, Vinita Ok.
Dry Daisy M. , born, 1881,died,Aug.29-1966,wife of,Robert Eli Dry
Dry Floyd A., born,Nov.28-1899,died,Feb.27-1979,Tx.,son of, Robert Eli & Mary Miller Dry
Dry Hardin L."Shorty",born,May 31-1874,Ar,died,April 23-1964,
Dry Mabyl Kathryn,b,Dec.5-1902,Mo,d,June 18-1988,Tx.wife of,Floyd A.Dry,daug.of,Charles & Eva O'Brien Long
Dry Robert Eli Sr., born, 1877,died,Oct.18-1956
Dry Robert L., born, Aug.19-1904,died,April 18-1906,son of, Robert Eli & Daisy M. Dry
Dry Thomas Lee, born,2m., died,Oct.21-1957,son of,Robert Dry
Dugan Rita M.,born,Sept.17-1951,died,Nov.2-1989,daug.of, Barney & Elnora Atkinson Helm
Duke Alice L.,born,Sept.9-1887,IN,died,April 4-1971,daug.of,Edward & Sarah Knight Zeller
Dumas Albert, born, 1854, died, 1926,husband of,H.C.Dumas
Dumas Arline, born,Dec.29-1892, died, 1942,child of,Albert G.& H.C.Dumas
Dumas Emma, born, 1869,died, 1943
Dumas Lisle, born, 1889,died, 1941
Duncan Florence D., Nov.29-1913
Duncan James R., born,May 12-1829,died,Feb.2-1911
Duncan Myrtle E, born, 1886,died, 1973,wife of,Oran A.Duncan
Duncan Oran Albert, born,Dec.22-1881,died,Sept.18-1955,son of,Bluford & Samantha Lane Duncan
Duncan Oran N., born,Jan.21-1911,died,May 24-1981

Eagon Charley H.,born,1875,died,1950
Eagon Dorothy,born,1899,died,1974,wife of,Marvin Eagon
Eagon Marvin,born,1900,died,1966
Eagon Sarah Anna,born,1875,died,1962,wife of,Charley Eagon
Earls Charles B.,born,Oct.8-1895,died,Jan.15-1966
Earls Charles Bryon Jr.,born,Oct.5-1926,died,June 3-1993,WWII
Earls Grace M.,born,Aug.27-1908,died,Jan.3-1992, wife of,Charles B.Earls
Earls Kenneth Eugene, born,1931,died,Sept.20-1933,son of, Charles B.& Grace M.Earls
Earls Mitchell Eldon,born,April 16-1964,died,June 27-1982,son of, E.A.& Mary Katherine Tipton Earls
Earls Peggy L., born, 1933,died, 1939,daug.of,Charles B.& Grace M.Earls
Eaves Heidi Jo,born,March 3-1960,died,Aug.13-1991
Eaves Karma Jo,born,June 6- 1938,died,July 28-1990
Edwards Urcie Ola,b,Nov.5-1899,d,Oct.19-2001,wife of,Marurn Edwards,daug.of,Mark& Willie Mosher Mabley
Eifert Regina Sue,born,Aug.3-1934,died,June 20-1986,Korea,daug.of,Benjamin & Grace Clanton Wallen
Elbert Shellie Dawn,born,Nov.6-1967,died,May 16-1971
Elbert Thelma F.,born,Oct.10-1907,died,June 24-1930
Elliot Harold W.,born,June 1-1921,died,Feb.5-1970,WWII
Elliott Bertha M.,born,Aug.8-1926,died,Aug.9-1926
Elliott Charley S., born,Aug.21-1912,died,Oct.30-1983,son of, Albert C.& Lou Esther Maynard Elliott
Elliott Clyd Q."Sig",born,Jan.20-1887,died,May 2-1962
Elliott Edith Wiford,born,Nov.22-1896,died,April 20-1961,daug of,Austin & Laura Crockett Wiford
Elliott Elton L.,born,Aug.31-1920,died,Nov.25-1994
Elliott Fanny Elizabeth ,born,1911,died,1925,daug.of,John & Mildred Elliott
Elliott Harold Warren,born,June 1-1921,died,Feb.15-1970,wife,Sue Tassell Elliott
Elliott James Lucien Sr.,born,Aug.26-1943,died,Oct. 6-1973,son of,Elton & Virginia Black Elliott
Elliott James William,born,May 14-1892,died, Jan.3-1977,son of, M.& Susan Elliott
Elliott John Rev., born,Oct.8- 1900,died,Jan.24-1958,son of,G.W. Elliott
Elliott John W., born,1892,died,1958
Elliott Lena F., born,Oct.4-1894,TX.,died,Oct.12-1968,wife of,James W.Elliott,daug.of,John Myers
Elliott Marion W.L.born,Oct.5-1919,died,Oct.13-1944,WWII
Elliott Martha Susan,born,May 16-1864,died,Feb.10-1926
Elliott Mathew,Corpl,  CO.G 8 KANS.INF.
Elliott Mary E.,b,Jan.9-1917,Mo,d,June 4-1983,wife of,Charley S. Elliott,daug.of,David & Louisa Bruton Vandorien
Elliott Maude Sarah,born,April 25-1879,died,July 12-1962,wife of,Thomas M.Elliott
Elliott Mildred N.Shew,born,March 17-1896,Mo,died,Feb.5-1965,TX,wife of,John W.Elliott,daug.of, B.T.Shew
Elliott Robert L.,born,Jan.14-1945,died,Sept.25-1977
Elliott Sarah J., born,1859,died,1938
Elliott Sarah Maud,b,April 25-1887,d,July 12-1962,wife of,Thomas Mathew Elliott,daug.of,William H.& Mary Jane Elliott
Elliott Thomas A.,born, 1860,died, 1915
Elliott Thomas Mathew,born,Dec.6-1884,died,Sept.17-1962,son of,William Hugh & Susan Elliott
Elliott Virginia L.,born,March 25-1923,died,                    ,wife of,Elton L.Elliott
Elliott Wanda P.,born,Oct.26-1918,died,Oct.26-1918
Ellison Arthur R.born, Nov.27-1882,Ks,died, Aug.1-1945,son of,John & Sarah Ann Pace Ellison
Ellison H.E."Barney",born,Jan.2-1911,died,April 6-2000,son of,Arthur Robert & Inez Delphia Hodges Ellison
Ellison Howard R.,born,Sept.12-1912,died,Oct.5-1984
Ellison Inez D.,b,June 8-1886,Mo,d,May 6-1974,wife of,Arthur Ellison,daug.of,Pete & Rebecca Mannering Hodges
Ellison Ruby M.,born,April 5-1918,died,                   ,wife of,H.B."Barney" Ellison
Ellison Stella May,b,March 11-1911,d,Dec.12-1980,wife of,Howard R.Ellison,daug.of,Dan & Melvina Pratt Thomas
Ellis Betty Evalyn,born,Nov.3-1914,died,Jan.2-1997,wife of,Ray Carl Ellis,wed,March 12-1935
Ellis Ray Carl,born,May 29-1910,Mo.,died,Sept.18-1972,WWII,wife,Evalyn Ellis,son of,William & Mamie S.Enyart Ellis
Elrod Bertha M.Wertz,born,Oct.14-1870,died,Aug.14-1943,wife of,Osa A.Elrod
Elrod Gene O.,born,Sept.15-1905,died,Dec.18-1962,son of,Osa A.& Bertha M.Elrod
Elrod Infant,died,Aug.24-1924,daug.of, J.Gerald & Sybil Elrod
Elrod J.Gerald,born,Aug.13-1901,Mo,died,Feb. 6-1978,son of,Osa A.& Bertha Wertz Elrod
Elrod J.Mairice,born,Feb.6-1903,died,Nov.12-1959
Elrod Mary S., born,Oct.1-1904,died,Jan.16-2001,daug.of,Cobin & Alice Cox Elrod
Elrod Osa A.,born,Nov.9-1858,died,March March 16-1916
Elrod Sybil, born,Feb.14-1901,died,Nov.8-1950,wife of, J.Gerald Elrod
Emmert Bertha Frame,born, 1880,died,April 3- 1935,wife of, Jesse Emmert
Emmert Jesse E.,born,1851,died,May 20-1932
England A.J."Jack",born,1850,died,1929
England Beatrice H.,born, 1914,died,                   ,wife of, Raymon J.England
England Bernice R.,born,Nov.12-1916,died,May 23-1993,wife of,Joseph C.England,wed.April 21-1936
England Cora,born,Nov.26-1881,died,April 15-1984
England Emma, born,April 8-1889,In,died,March 13- 1985,Wesmont Ill.,daug.of,Henry Keefer
England Frances,born,1849,died,1928,wife of,A.J."Jack"England
England Gladys,born,Sept.5-1912,died,Nov.21-1913,daug.of,John F.& Maud M.England,(Cherokee Indian)
England Harmon L.,born,Dec.30-1901,died,May 28-1926,son of,J.L.& Cora England,(Cherokee Indian)
Englend Jacob"Jake",born,Dec.29-1883,Mo.,died,May 27-1971,son of,Jack England
England Joseph C,b,March 17-1918,d,July 15-1996,son of,Joesph Calvin & Minnie Caroline Hayhurst England,WWII
England John F.,born,Nov.21-1879,Mo,died,Sept.6-1963,son of,Jack A.& Frances Bradley England
England John L.,born,1881,died,1962
England Maud M., born, 1883,died, 1922,wife of,John F.England,(Cherokee Indian)
England Opal Vurgial,born,Dec.4-1903,d,June 20-1911,daug.of,John F.& Maud M.England,(Cherokee )
England Raymon Jacob, born, Jan.17-1908,died,Nov.29-1995,son of,John F.& Maud M.England,(Cherokee Indian)
England Rebecca,born,Dec.27-1850,died,March 19-1935, wife of,Lowery England
England Sarah, born, March 10-1799, died, Nov. 10-1869
Englebrecht Edith SusieWilson,born,March 12-1902,died,Oct.8-1974,daug.of,Sam Wilson
Enix Juanita E.,b,June15-1908,d,July 21-2000,wife of,Winfred"Fred"Enix,daug.of,Frank J.& Elsie A Davis Seiple
Enix Winfred H.,born,March 21-1904,died,May 30-1993
Erwin Flavia Pauline Castle,born,1910,died,Jan.11-1936,wife of, Sherman Erwin
Essex Opal Carlene,born,Oct.11-1915,died,June 20-1999,wife of,William Orville Essex
Essex Ray Carroll,born,Sept.5-1932,died,Nov.9-2001
Essex William Orville,born,July 7-1907,died,March 29-1982,son of, J.Art Essex
Estes Earl E., born, 1911,died, 1958
Estes Iva Lucille,born,1923,died,Dec.1-1936
Evans John , born,Feb.14-1846,died,June 17-1926
Evans John J.Jr.,born,May 17-1926,died,Aug.24-1926,son of,John J.Evans
Evans Laura E.,born,Nov.5-1927,died,Nov.10-1927
Evans Loura B.,born,Nov.5-1927,died,Nov.5-1927
Evans Martha ,born,Sept.25-1842,died,Dec.20-1908,wife of,John Evans

Farmer Alva,born,Oct.6-1917,died,Dec.4-1997
Farrier J. T. , born,May 24-1858,died,Oct.24-1911
Farris Nancy G.Armstrong,born,March 26-1849,died,Nov.14-1940
Ferguson Charles H.,born,Dec.22-1914,died,Sept.2-1997
Feuerstine John Lestie,born,1870,died,1939
Fields George F.born,Jan.23-1914,died,Feb.4-1968,son of,George W.& Cora Mitchell Fields
Fields Lois L.,b,June11-1918,d,July 20-1996,wife of,George Fields Sr,daug.of,Joseph & Hattie J.Pierce McLain
Fitz Edna Marie Steffens,born,July 4-1918,died,June 16-1997
Fitzgerald Vest Wilmeth Cofford,died, Jan.21-1933,wife of,Ernest Fitzgerald
Fleming Junanita E.,born,Feb.10-1929,died,May 31-1958,daug.of,Harry & Iva Hovver Price
Fleming Maria L., born, 1846,died, 1928
Flint Albert A.,born,Oct.17-1893,died,March 20-1954,MI.
Flint Ballard,born,Sept.4-1895,died,Sept.6-1974,son of,L.D.& Deliah Flint
Flint Delilah,born, 1858,died, 1944,wife of, L.D.Flint
Flint Edith ,born,June 1-1900,died,Jan.15-1995,wife of,Ballard Flint,Wed.,Nov.20-1918
Flint Jessie J.,born,Feb.14-1905,died,Nov.24-1990
Flint Lorenzo Dow ,born, 1852,died,May 1- 1936
Flint Sarah,born,1833,died,1930,wife of,Lorenzo Dow Flint
Flint William Taylor,born,March 24-1917,died,Jan.27-1997
Foeman Charles ,died,Sept.11-1933
Folk Ben Ray,born,Jan.28-1900,died,Dec.12-1968,CA.,son of,William & Mary Loar Folk,WWI
Folk Lola G.,born,Nov.7-1904,died,Jan.10-1980,wife of,William W.Folk
Folk Mary L.,born,Nov.8-1865,died,April 1-1933,wife of,William H.Folk
Folk Pearl,born,1889,died,1972
Folk Stell,born,1887,died,1909
Folk William H.,born,Jan.15-1855,died,Oct.1-1933
Folk William W.,born,July 24-1898,died,Feb.24-1984
Ford Homer,born,July 3-1886,died,Sept.21-1886,son of,W.H.& M.W.Ford
Ford W.Frank,born,Nov.8-1888,died,June 30-1894,son of,W.H. & M.W Ford
Forsythe Narcessa Owen,born,1879,died,Oct.13-1961,daug.of,Percy Ladd Walker
Foster Eli C.,born,July 7-1891,died,Aug.28-1985
Foster Kathleen L.,born,July 22-1893,died,March 19-1957,wife of,Eli C.Foster
Foster William R.,born,June 2-1855,died,Jan.9-1948,son of, Perry Foster
Fountian Audrey M.,born,1903,died,1978,wife of,Ilus A.Fountain
Fountain Claude ,born,Oct.9-1893,died,Oct.2-1979,son of,James & Mary Young Fountain
Fountian Cleo Birdell,born,Jan.9-1916,died,June 24-1999,wife of,Dudley L.Fountian,wed,Jan.15-1940
Fountain Dudley L.,born,Dec.17-1908,died,Dec.17-1985,son of,James & Mary Young Fountain
Fountain Ilus A.,born,Nov.3-1898,died,1970,son of,R.M.Fountain
Fountian James,born,Dec.6-1864,died,Aug.24-1939
Fountain Kate,born,Feb.12-1911,died,June15-1979,daug.of,Jim & Bertha Jones Baker
Fountain Mary M., born, April 4-1872,died,Nov.19-1961,daug.of,William Perry & Elizabeth Young
Fountian OtisL.,born,1921,died,1927
Fountian Rollie,born,Oct.8-1902,died,Dec.11-1918,son of,James & Mary M.Young Fountian
Fouts Billy Dale,Sept.14-1935,died,May 16-1936
Fox Jaramiah Braxton,born,July 21-1995,died,July 21-1995
Fox Wibourn,born,Oct.9-1940,died,Feb.19-1988
Fradd Harold Eugene,born,Oct.31-1927,died,June 17-2000,son of,Henry & Mable Chambers Fradd,WWII
Franklin Blanche John, born,1909,died,1977,wed,June 3-1935,wife of, Delmer V.Franklin
Franklin Burtram Francis,born,March 8-1902,died,Dec.31-1914
Franklin Carrie Mae,born,Oct.20-1906,AR.,died,July 29-1976,wife of,Harley W.Franklin
Franklin Cathryn A,b,Oct.27-1882,d,April 15-1970,wife of,John W.Franklin,daug.of,Christian & Matilda Miles Rush
Franklin Delmer V., born,May 27-1899,died, 1987,son of,W.T.& Mary  Franklin
Franklin Harley W.,born,Feb.13-1906,died,Nov.11-1999,son of,John W.Franklin
Franklin John William, born,1879,died,March 13-1956,son of,William Thomas & Matilda E.Slack Franklin
Franklin Larry Dale,born,April 18-1946,died,Jan.20-1994
Franklin Mable Gladys,born,Jan.10-1908,died,July 26-1920
Franklin Matilda E.,born,Nov.1856,died,1939
Franklin Ruby Violet,born,Jan.5-1913,died,April 2-1913
Franklin W.T.,born, Nov.4-1855,died,June 24-1921
Freeman Albert R., born, 1888,died,1966
Freeman B.R., born, March 22-1851,died,Jan. 1944
Freeman Clara B.Lowrel.,born,Feb.14-1887,died,Jan.20-1960,Talihina Ok.
Freeman Daniel Webster,born,1850,died,Jan.17-1934
Freeman Isla N.,born,Aug.19-1915,died,Dec.11-1986,wife of,Jack G.Freeman,daug.of,Powell & Cora Flint Black
Freeman Jack G.,born,Oct.18-1915,died, Aug.13-1994
Freeman Mary Grimes,born,1896,died,1987
Freeman Rosetta Jewel,born,March 30-1916,died,July 10-1916
Freeman Roxie L.born,1857,died, 1942
Freeman Vella,born,March 9-1851,died,Aug.24-1924
Freeman W.Clyde, born,1883,died,Jan.28-1951
French Abe L.,born,Feb.2-1892,died,May 17-1973,son of,Anderson G.& Barbara Ellen Oakley French
French Anderson G.,born,April 1-1842,died,Feb.29-1920
French Barara Ellen,born,Dec.11-1862,died, Nov.15-1943,wife of, Anderson G. French
French Benjamin Jr., born,Feb.21-1927,died, July 19-1981,son of,Benjamin Sr.& Tollie Stotts French
French Cynthia Ann,b,Aug.3-1878,d,July 23-1954,w/o, Thomas Edward French,dau/of Jackson & Delilah Whisman Carroll
French Edna Lou,born,May 25-1893,died,March 11-1964,wife of,Abe L.French
French John A.L.,born,Sept.21-1897,died,Jan.30-1977,son of,Anderson G.& Barbara Oakley French,WWI
French Lillian Faye,born,Jan.6-1926,died,                 ,wife of,Benjamin French Jr.
French Rosa May,born,April 4-1896,died,Oct.27-1968,wife of,John A.L.French
French Thomas Edward,born,Aug.6-1868,died,Dec.27-1957,son of,Kathleen Climber French
French Tollie M., born,1906,died, 1973,wife of,William Benjamin French
French William Benjamin,1902,died,Oct. 5-1958
Friend George W.,born,Nov.28-1877,died,Aug.13-1959,son of, Andrew & Julia Ann Barnett Friend
Friend Lou Ethel,born,Sept.24-1892,Iowa,died,July 8-1979,duag.of,Gordon & Sarah Shankster Rutledge
Frisbie Jim C.,born,June 14-1890,died,Sept.12-1961,son of,Bill & Mary McCray Frisbie
Frost Infant,died,June 20-1934,Infant of, W.H.Frost
Fry Henry J.,died,Oct.7-1933
Fuller Ferby Silas,born,Aug.25-1912,died,Oct.13-1977
Fuller Maggie M.Darnell,born,May 27-1917,died,             ,wife of, Ferby Silas Fuller,wed,Sept.22-1934
Funk Carol,born,Aug.26-1938,died,Oct.1-1982,daug.of,Bill & Stella Lorene Adams Gaines
Funk Kathleen Culp,born,1940,died,March 29-2001
Funk Pauline Sims,born,Dec.8-1903,died,Sept.5-1981,son of,Alfred & Tubedis Gaut Sims

Gabbard Martha J,born,Dec.2-1906,died,April 24-1989,wife of,Silas M.Gabbard
Gabbard Silas M.,born,March 21-1901,died,Sept.19-1976
Gadberry Leda,born,April 25-1887,died,April 29-1958,daug.of,William Jesse & Maude J.Knowler Thomas
Gainer Jessie Leroy,born,July 5-1928,died,April 6-1993
Gainer Mary Ruth Wilson,born,Dec.7-1922,died,               ,wife of,Jessie Leroy Gainer
Gaines Hattie B.,born,Aug.7-1881,died,Nov. 22-1941,wife of,William Henry"Wid"Gaines
Gaines Hazel Glenn,born,Nov.3-1903,died,March 16-1984
Gaines Lula M., born,March 7- 1885,died,Dec.29- 1914
Gaines Stella Lorene,born,Feb.10-1918,died,Sept.13-1974,daug.of,D.P.& Effie Whipkey Adams
Gaines William Henry"Wid", born,Aug.25-1885,died,Dec.22-1947,son of, James H.& Josie Ross Garines
Gaines William H.,born,Nov.15-1918,died,Aug.31-1990,son of,William Henry "Wid"& Hattie B.Gaines
Gaines Wittenry ,born,Sept.14-1899,died,Oct.22-1918, U.S. 3 MG
Gains Velda, born,May 11-1906,ND,died,Oct.5-1977,daug.of,Rufus & Ida Lowery Hawkins
Gallemore Anna, born, 1868,died,June 2-1941,Mo,wife of, Elijah W.Gallemore
Gallemore Elijah W., born, 1864,died,Dec.8-1928
Gallemore Nelson C., born,March 10-1860,died,Jan. 11-1925
Gammill Ada Beatrice,born,Aug.8-1887,died,Oct.29-1928,wife of,William Malcolm Gammill
Gammill Frances V.,born,Feb.4-1921,died,Feb.29-1980
Gammill Letha June,Feb.11-1967
Gammill Roy F.,born,Aug.23-1928,died,Dec.23-1994,WWII
Gammill William Malcom "Mack".,born,April 19-1884,died,Sept.22-1935,Calif.
Gardner Jackie ,born,Dec.29-1945,died,Dec.31-1945
Gardner Ruby O.,born,Dec.16-1902,died,Jan.8-1978,daug.of,A.J.& Flora Davis Lofgren
Gardner Walter Ernest,born,Oct.27-1898,died,July 24-1984,son of,James Frank & ???McMahan Gardner
Garman Berenice,born,Aug.9-1907,died,Feb.15-1909
Garman Effie Lee Chenoweth,born, 1870,died,May 7-1941,wife of, James R.Garman
Garman James R., born,1867,died, July 6-1929
Garman Willa T.,born,Feb.14-1902,Ky,died,July 24-1983,daug.of,James R.& Effie Lee Chenoweth Garman
Garrett Adah Margarette,born,1904,died,May 4-1997,wife of,Robert "Bob"Garrett
Garrett Paul E.,born,Sept.18-1903,died,April 18-1929
Garrett Robert" Bob",born,1905,died,May 27-1961
George Ida A. Field Curl, born, 1856,died, Aug.1-1933,wife of, A.W.George
Gibson Alice, born, April 29-1868,died,May 19-1930,wife of, Thomas B.Gibson
Gibson Baby, died, Dec.26-1933
Gibson Bessie Boyd,born,Sept.11-1909,died,Aug.31-1995,wife of,Maurice Lon Gibson
Gibson Bert W., born,Oct.19-1935,died,Oct.24-1935
Gibson Maurice Lee,born,Oct.14-1936,died,May 22-1991
Gibson Maurice Lon,born,July 26-1909,died,Jan.24-1990,wed,Sept.13-1931
Gibson Sharon Kay,b,Oct.19-1943,d,Jan.31-2002,wife of,Maurice Lee Gibson,daug.of,Henry & Hannah Stogsdell
Gibson Thomas B. McCure ,born, 1863,died,June 13- 1936
Gillespie J.T., born, July 4-1882,died,Jan.4-1929,son of, Martha Gillespie
Gillespie Martha ,born, Sept.26-1865,died,July 12-1952
Givens Lorene, 1917
Gleidt Adolph, born, 1887,died,Sept. 8-1964
Gleidt Alma M.,b,May13-1890,d,March 22-1977,wife of,Adolph Gleidt,daug.of,Earnest & Lena Kline Oexman
Gleidt Gladys H.,b,Sept.14-1917,d,Aug.23-1986,wife of,Marvin H.Gleidt,daug.of,Clarence & Viola Lathrop Alden
Gleidt Marvin Harry, born,Feb.23-1917,died,April 17-1968,son of, Adolph & Alma Oexman Gleidt,WWII
Glenn Geraldine,born,Aug.10-1925,died,Feb.26-1993,wife of, Leo V.Glenn
Glenn Infant son, died,Sept.21-1956,Joplin Mo,son of, Loe V. & Geraldine Morris Glenn
Glisson Leanna,born,1925,died,1996
Glenn Leo V.,born,Aug.18-1918
Glisson Theodore"Ted",born,Nov.24-1910,died,Nov.7-1980,Mo.,wife,Leanna Glisson, son of John Glisson & Catherine McCoy
Goetjen Carl Kurt,born,1837,died,Sept.10-1920
Goetjen Sophia,born, 1848,died,Feb.22-1924
Goff Mabel L,born,1897,died,1992,wife of,Richard W.Goff
Goff Richard W., born, 1895, died, Jan. 4-1958
Goins Alice Rayner,born,April 30-1910,died, June 18-2002,App Goins
Goins App K.,born,1875,died,1962
Goins Belzia H., born,June 24-1870,died,March 5-1916,wife of, Burton M. Goins
Goins Betty B., born,Nov.15-1874,died,Nov.28-1947,wife of,John D.Goins
Goins Burton M., born,March 10-1870,died,July 18-1925
Goins Charlotte Mae,born,1876,died,1947,wife of,App K.Goins
Goins Doyle Burton,born,April 12-1913,died,Jan.17-1989
Goins Doyle Lee Roy,born,April 2-1933,died,April 23-1997
Goins Ellis Robert, born,July 1-1936,died,Oct.17-1986,son of, Orson David & Stella Marie Dale Goins
Goins Eva Mae, born,Dec.1-1903,died,July 9-1906
Goins Jesse , born,Oct.4-1831,died,Jan.9-1912
Goins Jesse Arlee, born,Aug.13-1899,died,April 3-1959,son of,Vol T.& Lydia Pendergraft Goins
Goins John D., born,Dec.28-1867,died,Aug. 3-1955
Goins Luther W. born,Dec.2-1903,died,Aug. 8-1969,son of,Vol T.& Lydia Pendergraft Goins
Goins Lydia Virginia Pendergraft, born,March 11-1874,died,April 2-1952,wife of,Vol T.Goins
Goins Martha Ann, born,Feb.19-1882,died,Feb.10-1970
Goins Massa, born, Jan. 1840,died,Dec.28-1890,wife of, Jesse Goins
Goins Massye Elizabeth,b,April 15-1915,d,May 13-1990,son of,Kyle & Charlotte Mae Rycroft Goins,WWII
Goins Maxine Lambert,born,May 4-1911,died,Oct.1-1982,wife of,Doyle Burton Goins
Goins Raymond, born,Jan.5-1906,died,Jan.22-1906,son of,Vol T.& Lydia V.Goins
Goins Reba Swayze, born,Aug.12-1907,died,June16-1984
Goins Reuben M., born,Jan.16-1877,died,June 2-1970
Goins Ruba J.,born,1901,died,1971,wife of,Jesse Arlee Goins
Goins Ruby Gibson,born,Dec.14-1933,wife of,Doyle Lee Roy Goins,wed,Jan.4-1952
Goins Ruby Jewell, born,Dec.14-1900,d,Feb.6-1971,Mo,daug.of, James M.& Mary E.Jones Chappell
Goins Tibits W., born,Feb.16-1902,died,May 5-1974,son of,William E.& Zora Presley Goins
Goins Velda A., born, 1906,died, 1977
Goins Vol T., born,June 5-1873,died,Aug.13-1949
Goins William E., born, 1878,died,March 17-1957
Goins Zora E. Presley,born, 1879,died, 1963,wife of,William E.Goins
Goodman Andy,born,March 2-1887,died,Dec.14-1918
Goodman Crypt
Goodman Estelle Virginia, born,Nov.9-1925,died,March 9-1984,daug.of,W.D.Sr.& Lillie Helm Hopper
Goodman Eveline,born,June 22-1857,died,June 3-1937
Goodman George C. Sr., born, 1874,died,March 16-1952
Goodman George F."Buddy", born,Sept.1-1938,died,Oct.20-1940
Goodman George M.,born,Oct.2-1924,died,Jan.2-1998
Goodman Glenda Jo,born,Nov.20-1938,died,Oct.10-1992
Goodman Infant, died,March 1-1907,son of, George C.& Minnie Goodman
Goodman Joseph F.,born,Feb.6-1849,died,June 18-1910
Goodman Lula Mae,born, 1891,died,            1982,wife of, George C.Goodman
Goodman Minnie,born,April 3-1886,died, April 8-1918
Goodman Timothy William,born,Jan.11-1963,d,June 21-1978,son of,William Dr.& Glenda Blair Goodman
Goodman Vella May,born,Aug.7-1912,died,Sept.19-1997
Goodwin Agnes P.,born,Oct.29-1906,died,April12-1990,daug.of,W.D.& Edna Wiley Harris
Goodwin H.D.,born,Sept.26-1903,died,Jan.11-1975
Goodwin Ira Lee,born,Aug.7-1927,died,Oct.11-1989,daug.of,Clifford O.& Kate Mae Tuggle Best
Gorrell Grace Orcutt,born,Feb.14-1912,died,May 3-1990,wife of,Walter Neal Gorrell
Gorrell Walter Neal,born,June 8-1908,died,March 17-1991
Goss John William,born,July 30-1905,died,Feb.9-1966,son of, Mead Goss
Goss Marie Elizabeth,born,Oct.2-1905,died,Nov.25-1983,son of,Henry Louis & Sophia S.Vogel Vogler
Graham Mozelle R.,born,April 12-1921
Graham Nolan "Jake",born,Oct.3-1915
Grammer Hollie ,born,1884,died,1949
Grammer Lottie,born,Sept.28-1887,died,Sept.14-1970,wife of,Hollie Grammer,daug.of,Charley A.Hallam
Gray Jack E.,born,July 24-1907,died,June 20-1992,WWII
Gray Jean ,born,Sept.27-1927,died,                    ,wife of,Robert C.Gray
Gray Robert C.,born,Dec.24-1926,died,Jan.27-1992
Gray Robert Lee,born,June 14-1884,died,Nov.6-1967
Gray Ruth I.,born,Dec.8-1906,died,                ,wife of,Jack E.Gray,wed,May 25-1940
Gray Ruby L.,born,Sept.14-1905,died,                  ,wife of,Theodore E.Gray
Gray Theodore Eddie,born,Dec.13-1904,died,March 18-1970,son of,Robert L.& Laura Hughes Gray
Grayson James Earl,born,Jan.11-1953,died,July 31-1978,son of,Harold L.& Doris Babst Grayson
Green Louis Jr.,born,April 12-1927,died,
Green Wanda Lee,born,July 13-1929,died,June 17-1995,wife of,Louis Green Jr.
Greninger Charles Amos,b,July 28-1891,d,Dec.9-1955,3rd wife Florida (Sheridan) Greninger,son of,William Oman & Harriott Elizabeth (Herb) Greninger
Greninger Chester Arthur ,born,April 1-1900,died,Dec.9-1970, third son of,Charley & Cora Belle Stoner Greninger spouse Doretta Joan Riechman/Richman Greninger
Greninger Cora Bell,b Jan.30-1874,d Aug.30-1940, first wife of Charles Amos, dau. of Joseph (Kramer/Cramer) Stoner & sidney Marie Bush.
Greninger Doretta J.,b,April 26-1899,d,Sept.10-1982,wife of,Chester Arthur ,daug.of,Louis Clam (Christian Ludnwig)  & Rosa Etta  (Provins)  Riechman/Richman
Greninger Everett Nathaniel b. Mar 6, 1926, D. Jan.17-2000; son of Chester Arthur & Doretta Joan Greninger, husband of Ruby Mae (Stogsdill) Greninger
Greninger J.C. b. June 12-1904, d. Feb.27-1939; 5th son of Charles Amos Greninger; spouse Mary Leona (Williams) Greninger
Greninger Mary Leonia (William)  b June 14-1905,d Oct.3-1967; dau. of Lewis L. Williams & Rose Reams
Gress Anne,born,June18-1893,Mo,died,Sept.11-1961,daug.of,James A.& Carolyn Melton Cook
Gress Martha Anna,born,June 18-1893,died,Sept.11-1961,wife of,Phillip Joe Gress
Gress Mary Edith,born,March 10-1924,died,March 25-2002,daug.of,Phillip J.& Martha Anna Cook Gress.
Gress Phillip Joe,born,Jan.21-1889,died,April 10-1976,son of,Phillip K.& Margaret Cline Gress
Griffith  Leglage,born,Aug.9-1904,died,Jan.30-1993
Griffith Lester Russell,born,May 4-1901 KS,died, June 18, 1968 wife Rella Miller s/o Obe & Linnie Hodson Griffith
Grissom Sam Willie,March 17-1918,died,Jan.6-1987,son of,Isac & Julie Parker Grissom,WWII
Gross Alice L.,born,Nov.13-1930,died,March 2-1991
Gross Dois May,b,May1-1908,d,Aug.20-2001,wife of,Elmo F.Gross,daug.of,George & Minnie Roberts King
Gross Sylvester McKinrey, born,Sept.18-1935,died,Sept.21-1935,daug.of,Elmo F.& Mae King Gross
Groupe Anna M., born,Oct.31-1838,died,Dec.5-1906,wife of,George Groupe
Groupe George, born, Nov. 8-1840,died, Jan. 22-1907
Grunden Ida,b,Nov.24-1907,d,Aug.4-2001,wife of,William John"Bill",daug.of,Walter & Rose Weiss George
Grunden William John,born,June 19-1908,died,Sept.4-1979,son of,Bert & Maude Gregory Grunden
Guffey Clifford N.,born,May 19-1910,died,Oct.26-1989,son of,John Guffey
Guffey John,born,1876,died,1962
Guffey Nora A.,born,1879,died,June 3-1960,wife of, John Guffey
Guffey Vera M.,born,Jne 4-1913,died,March 4-1995,wife of,Clifford N.Guffey
Guns Reba R,born,Aug.12-1907,died,June 16-1984,TX.daug.of,Arch E.& Audrey Kelly Swayze
Guthrie Anna Mae,born,May 23-1935,died,Oct.19-1935,daug.of,Clyde & Mamie Stella Price Guthrie
Guthie Bobby Gean, born,Oct.2-1928
Guthrie Clara Mae, born,Oct.3-1927,                      ,wife of, Bobby Gean Guthrie
Guthrie Clyde, born,July 23-1906,died,Dec.2-1964
Guthrie Mary Ann, born,March 15-1936,died,March 21-1936
Guthrie Maymie S.Pigg, born,Dec.20-1909,died,March 1-1996,wife of,Clyde Guthrie
Guthrie Pauline ,born,Oct.20-1885,died,Jan.18-1919
Gutowsky Frances,born,1913,died,1995

Haddock Robert R., born,Jan.8-1903,died,Nov.21-1906,son of,A.C.& L.L.Haddock
Haddock S.L.,born,July 7-1850,died,Nov.1-1927
Haddock Terressa J.,born,Dec.14-1851,died,April 15-1938
Hadwick Blanche England,born,May 7-1912,died,1955,daug.of,John L.England
Hale Martha Ann, born, Feb. 19-1882 Tenn,died, Feb.11-1970,daug.of, Jesse & Massie Weston Goins
Hale Martha M., born,April 25-1845,died,Oct.25-1909
Hale Reuben Marshall, born,Jan.16-1877,Tenn,died,June 2-1970,son of,Sam Hale
Hall Mary Jane,born,Feb.18-1886,AR,died,Oct.20-1966,wife of,Willard Z.Hall,daug.of,John L.Sims
Hall Millard Z.Jr., born, 1928,died,Dec.4-1958,Hugoton KS,son of, Millard Z.Sr.& Mary Jane Hall
Hall Millard Z.Sr., born,Aug. 3-1895,Ar,died,Oct.28-1971
Hall Sims T., born, 1917,died, 1925,son of, Millard Z.Sr.& Mary Jane Sims Hall
Hallam Authur, born, 1891,died,1916,son of,Chilton Authur Hallam
Hallam Chilton Arthur, born, 1862,died,Feb.18-1953
Hallam Dewey Lee, born,Dec.26-1897,died,Sept.19-1958,son of,Chilton Authur Hallam
Hallam Dorothy L.,born, 1912,died,July 16-1956,Ca,wife of,Frank J.Hallam,daug.of,J.W.& Stella Davis
Hallam Edward, born,Dec. 6-1899,died, 1921,son of,Chilton Authur Hallam
Hallam Frank J.,born,Jan.28-1896,died,May 11-1964,son of,Chilton Authur Hallam
Hallam  Mother  ,died,Nov.9-1932,wife of,Chilton Arthur Hallam
Hamblin Byan Frank,born,April 12-1925,died,May 10-2000,son of,Lewis & Ruth Manley Hamblin
Hamilton Thelma Gallemore,born,April 21-1896,died,Dec.21-1988,daug.of,E.W.& Anna Gallemore
Hammond Roger,born,April 25-1930,died,Jan.15-1997
Hammond Shirley,born,Jan.11-1934
Hampton  Melvina "Vina",b,Feb.3-1838,Mo,died,Oct.11-1930,daug.of,Sam & Mary Marksberry
Handley Anna C.,born,July 29-1903,died,June 17-1997,wife,of,E.E."Bones" Handley
Handley E.E."Bones",born,Aug.7-1904,died,Sept.3-1986
Haney Cora,born,Feb.2-1889,died,Nov.21- 1970,daug.of,Charles P.& Mary C.Chandler Haney
Haney Mary M., born,March 7-1844,died,May 1-1918,wife of,Charles P.Haney
Hanke Sharon Rosalie,born,Jan.7-1929,died,Aug.12-2001,daug.of,Alvin & Pauline M.Church Quandt
Hankins Doss Ernest,born,Jan.6-1953,died, Nov.27-1967
Hankins Rosemary Jones,born,Nov.16-1926,died,Feb.23-1996
Hanna Billy Gene,born,June 29-1926,died,Dec.8-1982,WWII,son of,James R.Sr.& Gertie Hanna
Hanna George ,born,1923,died,July 26-1924
Hanna Gertie,b,Sept.29-1892,d,Oct.20-1976,wife of,James R.Sr.Hanna,daug.of,J.H.& Susie Ballard Mays
Hanna James Randolph Jr.,born,May 20-1925,d,Feb.3-1945,WWII,son of,James R.Sr.& Gertie Hanna
Hanna James Randolph SR.,born,June 20-1892,died,Nov.13-1965
Harmon Mary"Ethel" ,born, April 19-1896,died,June 2-1989,daug.of,G.W.& Dora Prewett Spurgeon
Harmon Pat,born,March 7-1902,died,Feb.24-1984,son of,Jack & Ollie McAlister Harmon
Harper John Henry,born,1873,died,1960
Harper Leota Faye,born,1879,died,Nov.21-1964,wife of,John Henry Harper
Harrington Emma D,b,Oct.20-1906,d,May 27-1985,wife of,Harold D,daug.of,James T.& Emma Dora Leggett Rodgers
Harrington Harold Dwight,b,July 22-1904,Mo,d,Feb.17-1986,son of,Charles F.& Caroline Alberts Harrington
Harris Earl,born,1931,died,1973
Harris Frank H.,born,May 22-1920,died,
Harris Ida C.,born,April 6-1921,died,Sept.17-1993,wife of,Frank H.Harris
Harrison Ora J., born,Feb.23-1894,died,March 4-1917
Hawkins Corwin, born, Nov.3-1908,died,Nov.22-1991
Hawkins Eunice Levon, born,Feb.23-1917,died,June 8-1919
Hawkins Ida Jane, born,Sept.3-1881,died,Jan.13-1954
Hawkins Issa Leora A., born,April 22-1865,died,April 19-1953
Hawkins Lundy C., born,Oct.14-1883,died,June 12-1968,son of, John T.& Sarah Lamar Hawkins
Hawkins Mayme F., born,Dec.7-1883,died,Nov.4-1967,wife of,Lundy C.Hawkins
Hawkins Rufus Henley, born,March 5-1871,died,June 24-1959
Hayes Anita Sue, Aug.31-1960
Hayes Eulah King,died,April 22-1935,wife of,J.E.Hayes
Hayes Floyd,born,Jan.3-1916,died,Jan.19-1993,WWII
Hayes Jim, Dec.16-1937
Hayes Juanita,born,Jan.14-1916,died,June 23-1997,wife of,Floyd Hayes
Hayman Bertram "Bert",born,May 10-1899,died,April 30-1971,Monett Mo,WWI & WWII
Hayman Margaret D.Audrian,b,Oct.18-1899,d,Dec.29-1962,Mo,daug.of,Frank G.& Melissa Williams Audrain
Hays J.W., born, Aug.4-1882,died,May 1-1923
Head Thelma Angel, born,Jan. 8-1912,died,Dec.5-1955,Houston Tx.,daug.of, J.F.England
Heard Ella, born, 1895,died, 1944
Heard Robert A., born, 1875,died, 1943
Heard Wanita, born,Jan.31-1910,died,April 2-1910
Hedges Bessie L., born,Dec.25-1896,died,Sept.3-1986
Helm Anne E., born, March 30-1866,died, March 6-1947, wife of, John A. Helm
Helm Barney Olfield,born,Aug.6-1918,died,Feb.11-1998,WWII
Helm Edna J.,born,Feb.9-1900,d,Feb13-1974,wife of,Roy Helm,daug.of,Charles & Nancy Adams Angel
Helm Eleanor Mae, born,Dec.15-1924,d,May 18-1984,Mo,daug.of,Wilson G.& Shelly Johnson Atkinson
Helm Frances A., born,June 11-1911,died,June 16-1913,daug.of, F.A.Helm
Helm Harry ,born,Sept.9-1900,died,Sept.16-1982
Helm Infant,May 9-1922,daug.of,Harry & Mary L.Helm
Helm John Arthur, born,Oct.24-1864,died,Sept.27-1953,son of,John & Hattie Henderson Helm
Helm John J., born,May 14-1902,died,Jan.3-1975
Helm Mary Lucille,born,Nov.12-1903,died,July 29-1987,wife of,Harry Helm
Helm Ralph Marion,b,March 31-1923,d,July 27-2000,wife,Norma Jean Daniel Helm,son of,Roy & Juanita Angel Helm
Helm Roy, born, 1887,died, 1969
Helmig Onita Faye,born,Sept.30-1923,died,July 12-1995
Heman Emma Loehr,born,June 4-1895,died,Dec.14-1922
Heman Emma C.Koenmann,born,April 5-1880,died,July 24-1954,wife of,William H.Heman
Heman Henry W.,born,Feb.16-1903,died,Nov.28-1978
Heman Lydia A.,born,Aug.11-1908,died,March 8-1992,wife of, Henry W.Heman
Heman William H.,born,July 13-1881,died,March 11-1944,son of,Wiiliam & Mary Valine Heman
Henderson Cora J.,born,1879,died,Nov.21-1949,wife of,John B. Henderson,daug.of,Lucy Springer Speer
Henderson John,born,June 18-1879,died,Feb.5-1937,son of,John & ??Wyatt Henderson
Henderson John B.,born,1877,died,Feb.3-1937
Henderson John R.,born,1847,died,1921
Henderson Susan"Susie",born,Nov.19-1861,died,Jan.16-1934,wife of,John R.Henderson
Hendrickson Aquilla"Quilla",born,May 11-1907,died,Feb.13-1982,son of,Pete & Effie Hendrickson
Hendrickson Nora Rose,b,Dec.16-1911,d,Aug.19-1985,w/o, Aquilla Hendrickson,dau.of,Johnny & Lillie Evans Dobbins
Hendrix Donals Gale,born,1919,died,Oct.23-1943,son of,Oscar Hendrix
Henry Lloyd R., born, May 26-1894,died,July 4-1933
Hereld George F.,born,Dec.12-1890,died,Aug.17-1971,son of,Jim & Emma Stimmell Hereld,WWI
Hereld Gertrude Hilda,born,Feb.1-1902,died,Aug.5-1977,daug.of,Charles & Mary Molly Halley Bland
Hermanstorfer Lena,born,Jan.14-1888,died,Nov.15-1978
Herndon Minnie Thoenhill,born, 1884,died, 1909
Herndon Philip,born,1856,died,1907
Herndon Sarah E., born,1857,died,Feb.7-1936,Ks.
Herndon Ted,born,1901,died,1916
Hey Phyllis N.,b,Dec18-1925,d,Oct.20-2001,wife of,Charles M.Hey,daug.of,William & Mary Gravitt Callow
Hickle Robert Eugene,born,Aug.30-1939,died,Dec.6-2001,son of,Curt & Madge Pershall Hickle
Hill Clyde R., born,Nov.1-1901,died,Sept.1-1905,daug.of, Rolland R.& Nannie M.Hill
Hill Edna Wiford, born, 1907,died,May 20-1928
Hill Eliza A., born,March 5-1833,died,Dec. 7-1906
Hill Elmer M.,born,Dec.23-1899,died,Jan.15-1996
Hill Etta M., born, Born, May 21-1875,died,July 8-1906
Hill Fern V.,born,Sept.19-1901,died,March 28-1971
Hill James H.,born,Jan.27-1908,died,Sept.16-1998
Hill James Robert, born, 1901,died,March 5-1932
Hill John H., born, June 26-1865,died,Sept.18-1945
Hill Joseph Darryl,born,1942,died,1951
Hill Minnie E., born,1872,died, 1962,wife of,Oliver M.Hill
Hill Nannie M., born,Oct.21-1876,died,Jan.30-1909,wife of, Rolland R.Hill
Hill Naomi E.,born,May 13-1913,died,Feb.18-1993,wife of,James H.Hill,wed,Nov.25-1933
Hill Ola  Kelly, born,Nov.22-1893,died,Feb.27-1977,wife of,Rolland Ridge Hill Sr.
Hill Oliver M.,born,1872,died,July 11-1937
Hill Pamela Renee,born,Feb.11-1962,died,April 18-1968
Hill Robert T., born,Jan.1921,died, Jan.1921
Hill Rolland Ridge Sr. born,Feb.26-1876,died,Sept.8-1952
Hill Rosemary,born,Dec.25-1931,died,May 14-1996,wife of,Elmer M.Hill
Hill Viola Fern, born,Sept.19-1901,died,March 28-1971,daug.of,Thomas Stogsdill
Hillen Samantha,born,Dec.23-1847,died, June 7-1939
Hillen Wesley B., born,Sept.4-1867,died,April 17-1947
Hinken Grace Iris,born,Feb.7-1904,OH.,died,Nov.18-1985,daug.of,Rutherford Hayes & Lugrnia Smith
Hobbs James Frederick, born,March 11-1926,died,March 14-1926
Hobbs Mary Louise,  June 1941died,             , wife of, Richard Sylvanis
Hobbs Richard, born, March 28-1853,died,April 27-1936
Hobbs Richard Sylvanis,died,April 28-1936
Hodges James Bernard, born, 1918,died,Sept.5-1932
Hodges James B.,born,April 22-1879,died,Aug.18-1952
Hodges Lula A., born,Sept.12-1885,died,Nov.15-1959,wife of,James B.Hodges
Holland Nettie L.Clouse,b,Dec.30-1907,d,Nov.15-2000,wife of,Jap Holland,daug.of,V.T.& Lydia Pendergraff Goins
Hollis B.D.,Born.May 12-1913,died,Aug.27-1992
Hollis Eren Sherley,born,Sept.12-1912,died,Sept.15-2003,wife of,B.D.Hollis,wed,Nov.24-1934
Hollis Infant , of,B.D.& Eren Sherley Hollis
Hollis Infant,of, B.D.& Eren Sherley Hollis
Holloway John Wesley, born, 1866,died, 1941
Holloway Laura Jane, born, 1872,died, 1917,wife of, John Wesley Holloway
Holt A.Dillon ,born, 1887,died, 1962
Holt Charles W., born, 1906,died,Sept.24- 1934,son of, John N.& Laura M.Holt
Holt Elizabeth , born,Aug.27-1843,died,May 28-1913,wife of,George W.Holt
Holt George W., born,July 4-1842,died,Oct.12-1911
Holt George W., born,Jan.22-1912,died,Jan.27-1973
Holt John N., born, 1881,died, 1939
Holt Laura M., born, 1886,died, 1938,wife of,John N.Holt
Holt Mayme I.,b,Aug.31-1893,d,May 24-1980,wife of,A.Dillon Holt,daug.of,Frank G.& Melissa Williams Audrain
Holt Pearl Vann,born,Oct.15-1888,died,May 14-1911
Holt Rufus,b,Nov.22-1914,d,March 22-2000,wife,Letha Holt,son of,John Nichols & Lura Mae Willis Holt,WWII
Honeman Louis C.,born,May 18-1905,died,May 31-1973
Honeman Martha M.,born,Aug.2-1905,died,Dec.26-1971,wife of,Louis C.Honeman,wed,June 1-1930
Hooper Baby,1954
Hooper Claude F.,born,Jan.21-1891,died,Aug.25-1981
Hooper Hansel,1924
Hooper Lucille,born,Sept.16-1904
Hooten Isaac,died, May 12-1934
Horn Arthur L., born,April 3-1886,died,Dec.8-1920
Horton Roscoe Owen,born,1909,died,April 8-1958,son of,James & Mary Barker Horton
Horton Wilda P.,born,1916,died,                 ,wife of,Roscoe Owen Horton
Hotchkiss St.Elmo,died, March 22-1934
Houk Calvin Harding,born,1920,died,Dec.21-1995
Houk Calvin Harding Jr.,born,Feb.15-1947,died,May 25-1949
Houska Violet May,born,June 9-1911,died,Nov.20-1916
Huddleston Elijah L.,born, 1860,died,May 2-1931
Huddleston Emma J., born, 1866,died,May 18-1929,wife of,Elijah L.Huddleston
Huddleston Harry Eligh,born,Jan.3-1893,died,Oct.10-1946,WWI
Hudson Alby J. ,born, Nov.11-1907,died,Nov.20-1984,son of,Jessie E. & Ida May Hudson
Hudson Grace M.,born,1900,died,1987,wife of,Samuel Hudson
Hudson Herman F.,born,Oct.14-1909,died,Nov.12-1976,son of,Jessie E.& Ida Mae Hudson
Hudson Ida May,born,Dec.30-1880,died,Dec.4-1966,wife of, Jessie E.Hudson
Hudson Jessie E.,born,May 23-1877,died,May 5-1954
Hudson Lousie,born,April 14-1914,died,May 20-1987,wife of,Herman F.Hudson
Hudson Ruby Lenore,b,Aug.8-1910,d,Sept.28-2001,wife of,Alby J.Hudson,daug.of,Charles & Bertha Robinson Parker
Hudson Samuel A.,born,Jan.26-1894,died,1955,son of,H.G.& Nannie Hudson
Huffaker Bessie B.Frost,born,June 24-1893,died,Dec.12-1971,wife of, Reuben R.Huffaker
Huffaker Lorene ,born,May 4-1922,died,May 31-1992,wife of,Max C.Huffaker
Huffaker Max C.,born,March 9-1921,died,Nov.15-1987,son of,Rubin R.& Bessie B.Frost Huffaker,WWII
Huffaker Reuben R., born,May 13-1890,died,Feb.15-1975,wed,June 3-1912
Huggins Alice R.,born,Sept.21-1916,died,  Sep 22. 2005, wife of,Edgar Joe Huggins
Huggins Charles E.Jr,born,Nov.10-1976,died, Dec.3-1976
Huggins Edgar Joe,born,may 29-1919,died,Dec.26-1966,wed,May 29-1940
Huggins Edgar Leroy "Eddie",born,Aug.19-1941,died,April 15-2000,son of,Edgar Joe & Alice Huffaker Huggins
Huggins J.C., born,July 16-1872,died,March 4-1932, Son of Huggins, S. E. Orr
Huggins Lulu B.,born,Feb.21-1881,died,Dec.25-1949
Huggins R.L.born,June 9-1874,died,July 2-1940
Huggins S.E.Orr,born,Feb.21-1855,died,Nov.19-1932, mother of, J.C.Huggins
Huggins Vaughntreba K.,b,July 2-1911,d,April 7-2000,daug.of,William Otis & Grace Robertson Worthington
Huggins Wyly O.Orr,born,April 21-1912,died,Dec.29-1980,husband of,Vaughntreba K.Huggins
Hughes J.Raymond,born,1892,died,1951
Hughes Sybil M.,born,1894,died,1978,wife of,J.Raymond Hughes
Hunt Dorothy Ann,b,March 27-1924,d,Oct.14-2002,wife of,Robert F.Hunt,daug.of,Bessie E.Breese Swayne
Hunter Alfred T.,,born,1920,died,Nov.30-2001,husband of,Vivian Crow Hunter
Hunter Bob F.,born,Aug.4-1894,died,Sept.6-1966
Hunter Lila Maxine,born,Dec.12-1919,died,Jan.3-1990
Hunter Myrtle,borb,April 10-1896,died,May 25-1973,wife of,Bob F.Hunter
Hutchens Bessie I., born,April 21-1897,died,March 2-1912,wife of,C.W.Hutchens
Hutchison Lloyd,died,July 17-1936

Jabara Daniel Mark ,born,Feb.12-1965,died,July 7-1983,son of,Bill & Joan Jabara
Jackson Earl Ora,born,March 20-1907,died,Feb.15-1984
Jackson Minnie,born,May 31-1893,died,June 14-1979
Jacques Fayrene E.,born,1919,died,                   ,wife of,Paul Louis Jacques
Jacques Paul Louis ,born,1912,died,1975
James Ada B., born, 1880,died, 1927,wife of, Jesse James,(Cherokee Indian) (Niece say Indian by marriage only)
James Allen Mrs.,b,Jan.10-1883 Mo,d,March 1-1969,wife of,Irvin James,daug.of,Bill J.& Jane Allen Bond
James Baby, April 6-1912
James Charles Elmo,born,Nov.3-1881 Mo,d,Feb.9-1965,son of,Frank & Virginia Barber Tuner(Wyandotte)
James Calvin Garrett,born,Aug.11-1866,died,June12-1954,son of,Solon & Tennessee Lane James Garrett
James Erna H.,born,1905,died,1987 (wife of Euchalata James)
James Euchalata B.,born,1902,died,1962, (1/16 Cherokee same as brother Norman Woods James)
James Francis C., born,Jan.30-1907,died,Sept.10-1927,Child of,Jesse Price James,(Cherokee Indian)
James G.B., 1925,son of,G.E.& Jeannette B.James
James G.E., born, 1881,died, 1965
James George A., born,Sept.22-1878 Mo,died,July 10-1933,son of,C.F.& Jennie Barter James
James George Garrett, born,April 3-1851,died,Nov.12-1906
James Haskell B., born,Nov.20-1907,died,Dec.26-1907,son of,A. B.& Lucinda James
James Homer, born,Jan.7-1875,died,Aug.21-1922  (Cherokee Indian
James Houston W., born,1881,died,1941,(Cherokee Indian)
James Infant, born,Nov.23-1905,died,Dec.5-1905,daug.of,Jesse P.& Ada B.James,(Cherokee Indian)
James Infant,died,Nov.14-1929,Infant son of, Jesse James (Cherokee Indian)
James Ivan T., born, 1909,died,1947,son of,Houston W.& Jessie F.James,(Cherokee Indian)
James Irvin born,1879,died,1963,(Cherokee Indian)
James Jeanette B,b,March 1-1887,d.Sept.1-1925,wife of,G.E.James,daug.of,Ben & Fannie E.Sharp Chandler
James Jennie E.Barber, born, 1856,died,Nov.12-1932
James Jesse Price., born, 1885,died, 1930,(Cherokee Indian)
James Jessie F., born,Nov.22-1880,died,Jan.14-1967,wife of, Houston W.James
James M.Ann, born, March 29-1851,died,Feb.14-1930,wife of,William C.James
James Margaret E.Jones,born,1881,died, 1967,wife of,Calvin Garrett James
James Mary E.A.,born,Feb.23-1856,died,Aug.23-1940,wife of,George Garrett James
James Maude Allmer,b,April 11-1911,d,Jan.7-1989,daug.of,William & Eulah Smith Angel (Cherokee) (wife of Norman
     Woods James) (More Wyandotte Indian than Cherokee, if Cherokee at all)
James Norman Woods,"Cotton",b,Oct.12-1906,d,Jan.30-1979,son of,Irvin & Allen Bond James (1/16 Cherokee)
James Virginia E., born, 1854,died, 1932
James William C., born,Nov.13-1845,died,Oct.29-1920,Civil War Kan.(married to Wyandotte Indian Almeda Perry)
       (notation from family member "Cherokee Indian, Almeda Perry & son Homer James on Dawes roll under Perry name)
Jenkins Amos W.,b,March 31-1883 Mo,died,Feb.20-1961,son of, John W.& Ruth Sloan Jenkins
Jenkins Cassie,born, 1887,died, 1966,wife of, J.A.Jenkins
Jenkins Fannie A., born,Feb.10-1918,died,April 4-1960,daug.of, John & Lottie Lee Crotzer Ballenger
Jenkins Henry Alexander, born, 1878,died,Dec.23-1937
Jenkins J.A., born, 1885,died, 1974
Jenkins Vida B.,b,July 2-1889,d,Feb.18-1979,wife of,Amos W.Jenkins,daug.of, Benjamin C.& Josephine Bucklew Ament
Johnson Majorie McGorder,born,March 21-1919,died,Oct.11-1990
Johnson Martha Ann Wooliver,born,1888,died,Jan.18-1965,Eunice NW.
Johnson Norma J.,b,Dec.31-1928,d,Sept.3-2000,wife of,Bernard Sander & J.C.Johnson,daug.of,Charles B.& Grace Earls
Johnson Willie,born,Feb.8-1916,Ga.,died,June 6-1976,son of,Charles E.& Grace Preston Johnson.
Johnson Willie H., born,1886,died, May 15-1956
Johnston Fayrene N, born,March 22-1917,died,               ,wed,April 14-1940,to,Richard M.Johnston
Johnston Florence R., born,Dec.12-1913,died,Feb.6-1915,daug.of, R.A.& Martha A.Johnston
Johnson J.C."Mick",born,June 6-1927,died,Jan.27-1993,WWII
Johnston Martha A., born,April 1-1887,died,Jan.18-1965,wife of, R.A.Johnston  DR.
Johnston R.A. DR.,born,April 10-1884,died,Nov.15-1939
Johnston Richard M., born,May 10-1917,died,July 27-1984
Jones Albert,born, Sept.6-1879,died,Oct.28-1957
Jones Albert Lon,born,Nov.30-1929,died,Dec.12-1988,son of,Bill & Juanita Pritchard Jones
Jones Alta B.,born,Jan.15-1902,died,Jan.31-1982,wife of,Virgil J.Jones
Jones Alta May,b,Aug.11-1880,IA,d,April 4-1953,wife of,WilliamWesley Jones,daug.of,Anthony & Annie Bennett Kline
Jones Baby Girl,April 10-1954
Jones Birdie Jane,b,June19-1896,d,Aug.21-1971,wife of,Samuel A.Jones,daug.of,Sylvester & Emma Hargrove Cale
Jones Carrol K., Sept.6-1945
Jones Charles L., born, 1871,died, 1947
Jones Elminda M, born, 1861,died,May 10-1955,
Jones Elsie B. Rusk.,born,1877,died,Sept.27-1951
Jones Genette Frances,died,Aug.22-1936,wife of,S.O.Jones
Jones Helen C.,born,1908,died,1971wife of, Jessie Edward Jones
Jones James Allen,born,1878,died,Oct.28-1957 Vinita Ok.
Jones Jarvis A., born, 1857,died, 1949
Jones Jessie Edward,born,April 29-1901,died,Sept.18-1967
Jones Jewell,born,1903,died, 1920
Jones Joe Roger, born, Aug.18,died,Aug.27-1939
Jones Mary Delila, born, 1858,died, 1931,wife of, Jarvis A.Jones
Jones Mary Margaret,born,Oct.24-1935,died,Nov.13-1935,daug.of,Fred & Margaret Black Jones
Jones Oliver Wyman,born,1920,died, 1921
Jones Park,born,1918,died,1963
Jones Samuel A.,born,March 10-1895,died,Dec.24-1978,WWI,wed.April 4-1929
Jones Virgil J,born,Feb.5-1903,died,March 2-1975,wife,Alta Jones,son of,Charles Jones.
Jones William ,died,May 20-1936
Jones William Wesley,born,July 30-1868,died,Aug.20-1946,son of,J.C.& Symtha Morgan Jones
Jordan Edna,born,1898,died,1981
Jordan Melvin L.,born,1892,died,1970,WWI
Jordan Pauline  B., born,Nov.10-1916,died,Aug.28-1985
Jordan Voilet Virginia,born,1924,died,1946

Kagey Aline H.,b,March 25-1897,d,Oct.24-1988,wife of,Joseph N.Kagey,daug.of,Tuck Dan & Mattie Gleason Helman
Kagey Joseph N.,born,Sept.5-1890,KY,died, March 16-1959,son of,Anna Moyers
Kahler Emma Jo Ginn,born,June 22-1922,died, July 31-1996,wife of,Leland W.Kahler
Kahler Leland W.,born,Nov.1917,died,
Kapelos Terry Lynn,born,May 5-1949,died,April 28-1990
Karr Wilma Wier, Born,March 24-1913,died,Jan.14-1991
Keah Mary June, born, 1915,died, 1990
Kelly Arnold D., born,July 10-1919,died,Aug.16-1990
Kelly Arnold Dale,born,June 28-1940,died,Feb.8-1991
Kelly Betty J.,born,Oct.1-1924,died,                ,wife of,J.Wayland Kelly
Kelly Benjamin Franklin  ,born,April 11-1867,died,Oct.6-1902 Picture
Kelly Bill Brice,born,1915,died,1931
Kelly Cleo R., born,July 19-1917,died,May 23-1996
Kelly Ernest H., born,Dec.24-1889,died,May 11-1961
Kelly Gertrude ,born,1886,died,1968,wife of,William T.Kelly
Kelly H.Bernard ,born,1913,died,Aug.23-1934,Phoenix Ariz.
Kelly John Duke, born, 1858,died, 1943     Picture
     Kelly Susan E.Carey,born, 1863,died,Dec.26-1937,wife of,John Duke Kelly
Kelly J.Wayland,born,April 27-1926,died,Aug.18-1991
Kelly Margaret E., born,April 17-1870,died,Sept.27-1909  Picture
Kelly Maude E.Brice, born, 1890,died,June 3-1960,wife of,William Howell
Kelly Ola H., born,Nov.22-1893,died,Feb.27-1977,daug.of,E.W.& Anna Sparlin Gallemore
Kelly Randall B.,born,1914,died,1970
Kelly Robert L.b,Feb14-1924,d,Feb.28-1945,Bomb Sqd.38,Luzon Island,son of,Willaim & Gertrude Kelly
Kelly William Howell,born,May 18-1893,died,Nov. 22-1969,son of,William T.& Carnelia Harlan Kelly
Kelly William T., born,1866,died,1940
Kelly Zelda P.,born,1902,died,1981
Kelley Bernard,died, Aug.22-1934
Kemple Annia L.,born,1889,died,1961
Kemple George Herman,b,Dec.14-1883,d,Nov.20-1970,son of,George Edward & Mary Louise Pashell Kemple
Kendrick J.B., born,Nov.10-1869,died,Dec.7-1915
Kendrick Phoebe,born,May 16-1872,died,July 2-1916,wife of, J.B.Kendrick
Kenedy James Franklin Sr.,b,July 29-1924,d,May 26-1987,son of,George Campbell & Lena Hankins Kenedy
Kennedy A.Belle,born,May 13-1911,born,Jan.5-1996,wife of,Albert M.Kennedy
Kennedy Albert M.,born,April 7-1900,died,Feb.13-1977
Kennedy D.B., born,Aug.23-1861,died,March 4-1923
Kennedy Essie Jan.,born,Oct.10-1906,died,May 27-1990
Kennedy Frank ,born,May 11-1887,died,Aug. 25-1963, WWI
Kennedy Gary W.,born,Aug.23-1936,died,May 23-1966
Kennedy Leslie Jill,born,Dec.28-1969,died,Aug.3-1994
Kennedy Mary Sue, born,March 16-1857, ied,Jan.23-1939
Kennett Daniel  V., born, 1872,died, April 29-1956
Kennett Mollie, born, 1876,died, Dec. 6-1961, wife of, Daniel V.Kennett
King Anna,born,1892,died,1922
King George W.,born,1855,died,1941
King Jo Anna Belle,born,April 10-1934,died, July 9-1935,daug.of,Tim King
King Minnie L.,born,1868,died,Aug.8-1937,wife of,George W.King
Kinsey Alene,born,Nov.8-1932,died,                 ,wife of, Elmer Kinsey
Kinsey Elmer,born,July 5-1928,died,April 6-1993
Kirk Barbara Emden,born,April 4-1915,died,Oct.5-1996
Kirk Charles Reno,born,May 26-1945,died,July 31-1945,son of,Robert Lee & Barbara Angel Kirk
Kirk Loretta,died,Nov.3-1934,died,July 2-1935,daug.of,Lee Kirk
Kirk Robert Lee,born,May 16-1910,died, Nov.14-1977,son of,Robert & Ella Parsons Kirk
Knouse Pamela ReNee,b,Feb.11-1962 Ca,d,April 18-1968,Mo,daug.of,Alferd M.& Pheobe M.Howard Knouse
Koeing Emma,born,1874,died,May 5-1967
Koenig Lee Nora,born,April 29-1908,died, Feb. 16, 2005, wife of,Ralph Albert Koenig
Koenig Ralph Albert,born,April 9-1900,died,March 21-1984,son of,Rudolph & Emma Schubach Koeing
Kopp Bruce L.,born,July 30-1921,died,Dec.7-1992
Kopp Elizabeth Ellen,born,May 6-1928,died,April 24-1995
Kopp Hazel May,born,Oct.27-1896,died,March 1982
Kopp Lewis Newell,born,May 14-1893,died,Jan.14-1973
Kornegay Beulah England Elrod, Oct.21-1905
Kosted Alma A.,born,1903,died,1995,wife of,Herman J.Kosted
Kosted Alma Ann,b,Feb.9-1909,d,Feb.21-1989,wife of,Rudolf F.Kosted,daug.of,William & Katherin Schnakenberg Kroenke
Kosted Herman J.,born,Dec.25-1874,died,Nov.23-1967,WWI
Kosted Meta,born,May 20-1864,died,March 21-1945,wife of,Herman Kosted
Kosted Rudolph Fredrick, born,Jan.4-1905,died,Jan.22-1973,son of,Herman & Meta Toeller Kosted

Ladd Hazel L., born,Sept.3-1907,died,Aug.22-1908,daug.of, B.A.& D.Ladd
Ladd James D., born, 1887,died, 1919
Ladd Joseph B., born,Feb.6-1850,died,April 20-1929
Ladish Hester Elizabeth Newport,born,May 16-1901,died,July 1-1968,Ks,daug.of,J.T.Newport
LaDuke Alice C.,born,1887,died,1971,wife of,Jess L.LaDuke
LaDuke Jess L.,born,Jan.6-1884,died,Jan.15-1970,son of,Herman & Ida Bryant LaDuke
LaDuke Wayne Leroy,born,Nov.16-1913,died,Feb.28-1987,son of,Jess & Alice Zellers LaDuke
Lamb Georgia Belle,born,1877,died,March 2-1966
Lambert Lorene E.,born,June 25-1924,died,Sept.25-1980,daug. of,Clifton Goff & Verta Akes
Lane Ray John b June 8-1916,d Aug.30-2000,son of John Edward & Lora Allen Shiply Lane,wife,Anna Greninger
Langford Robert,died, April 4-1925
Langford Susie Ann,born,June13-1896,died,June 21-1977,daug.of,Abraham B.& Mary Owens Whipkey
Langston Kenneth E.,born,March 30-1915,died,Feb.10-1970,son of,Lurin & Nancy Ann Johnson Langston
Lauderdale Florence,born, 1904,died,Oct.1-1934
Lawrence Jack,died, June 26-1950
Lawrence Oral,born, Oct.11-1906,died,Jan.29-1907
Lawson Larry Todd,born,Jan.21-1938,died,Feb.23-1986
Lee Mona Ruth,born.Nov.23-1937,died,Nov.23-1937,daug.of,Gerald & Irene Cathryn Blizzard Lee
Lehr Myrtle V., died,Oct.16-1962,Tulsa Ok.
Lehr Opah,born, July 20-1895,died,June 20-1974
Lemaster Fred G., born,Sept.22-1897,died,Dec.27-1982,son of, Joesph & Mary J.Adair Lemaster
Lemaster Sylvia E.,b,Sept.17-1900,d,Sept.11-1985,wife of,Fred G.Lemaster,daug.of,Dan V.& Molly Still Kennett
Lewis Eula Mae Crafton,born,July 13-1905,died,Sept.14-1937,Calif,wife of,Leo Lewis
Liggett Della,born, Jan.23-1890,died,Sept.29-1921,wife of,George Liggett
Liggett Erma May,born,Sept.26-1921,died,Sept.27-1921,daug.of,George & Della Liggett
Liggett George ,born,Oct.2-1892
Liggett Mary F., born, 1869, died, 1941,wife of,W.H.Liggett
Liggett W.H., born, 1859,died, 1944
Liggett William Rollie, born,Nov.11-1907,died,June 9-1993
Lincoln Lela Adah,born,Dec.21-1869,died,March 23-1947,wife of,Stephen T.Lincoln
Lincoln Stephen T., born,Nov.21-1859,died,Jan.2-1945
Little George Edward,born,Oct.19-1917,died,Feb.6-1991,WWII
Livingston Emma Webber,born,Dec.24-1921,died,Aug.3-1996
Livingston Luther R., born,Jan.9-1893,died,Oct.19-1958,WWI
Loar John W. born,June 16-1834,died,Jan.17-1909
Loehr Adelia D.,born,July 25-1897,died,July 2-1925,daug.of,G.& H.Loehr
Loehr Bertha,born,Dec.4-1884,died,July 27-1965,wife of,Fred Loehr
Loehr Christa Diane,born,April 28-1964,died,April 28-1964
Loehr Edward Carl,born,July 25-1897,Mo,died,April 8-1972,son of,George & Henryetta Bukhaltz Loehr
Loehr Edgar George ,born,March 6-1917,died,March 15-2001,wed,Sept.10-1942
Loehr Fred,born,Jan.9-1887,died,March 8-1962
Loehr George,born,Jan.6-1849,died,Jan.3-1927
Loehr Henrietta,born,Sept.16-1856,died,March 26-1948,wife of,George Loehr
Loehr Hulda D.,born,1907,died,Sept.27-1963,wife of,Edward Carl Loehr
Loehr Laura Mae,born,Nov.2-1923,died,                ,wife of,Edgar George Loehr
Loehr Louise Deanna,born,1928,died,Feb.5-2001
Loehr Mary Maxine,born,March 24-1930,died,Dec.20-1933
Loew Emma C.,born,Feb.15-1872,died,Aug.17-1953,wife of,Phillip Loew,daug.of,Herney & Charlotte Beins Klingsick
Lomax Minnie Mae,b,Sept15-1910,d,Nov.1-2001,wife of,Ray Lomax,daug.of,George & Charlotte Fields Payton
Lomax Ray H.,born,born,Aug.23-1911,died,March 15-1998,wed,May 2-1937
Long       , born, July 29-1930
Long Alberta Sarahas"Bertie",b,May 12-1879,d,June16-1959,Cailf.,wife of,William P.Long,(Cherokee Indian)
Long Alice,b,March 13-1885,d,Nov.21-1971,wife of,James Elmer Long,daug.of,Edward S.& Marada Tucker Wallen
Long Charles W., born, 1875,died, 1931
Long Daniel,born,1862,died, 1931
Long Don Mrs.,died,June 17-1937
Long Elmer Lee,born,Dec.7-1899,died,Oct.25-1973,Calif,wife,Dona Long
Long Eva M. Byrne, born, 1882,died,June 19-1960,
Long Frances E., born, June 30-,   died,July 4-1938
Long Georgia Ann,b,Jan.12-1906,d,Feb.6-1931,daug of,William P.& Alberta" Bertie"Sarahas Long (Cherokee)
Long Gertrude Irene"Gertie",b,Dec.13-1906,d,Dec.17-1983,wife of,Bill Long,daug.of,A.L.& Lula Crafton Whipkey
Long James Elmer, born,March 2-1877,died,July 2-1959,
Long James H. , born,April 12-1847,died,Jan. 2-1919,CO.D 50 ILL.INF.
Long Jewell E.,born,Sept.22-1942,died,Sept.23-1942
Long Jonifee Loula, born,Sept.14-1940,died,Jan.10-1941
Long L.D., born,Sept.4-1850,died,Sept.11-1924,son of,Long & Ackley( both Ky.)( Cherokee Indian)
Long Lucille,born,Oct.14-1903,died,1920,daug.of,William P.& Alberta Sarahas Long,(Cherokee Indian)
Long Maude A.,born,1900,died,1972,wife of,Marion E.Long
Long Marion E., born, 1893,died, 1947
Long Robert W.,born,Feb.13-1912,died,March 12-1995
Long Roy C.,born,Jan.17-1910,died,Nov.9-1978
Long Ruby E.,born,Jan.13-1913,died,                 ,wife of,Robert W.Long
Long Ruth ,born, Aug.2-1922,died,May 10-1993
Long Sarah J., born,Oct.11-1843,died,Aug.20-1928,wife of, James H.Long
Long Sarah V., born, 1873,died,                   ,wife of,Daniel Long
Long Susie Florence,b,Dec.27-1893,d,Jan.10-1986,Or,wife of,Thomas Long,daug.of,Alvin & Susan Wheeler Murdock
Long Thomas, born,May 1-1889,Co,died,Sept.30-1979,son of,Lemuel Dugna & Julia Minor Long
Long Thomas A.Jr., born,Oct.6-1918,died,May 5-1936
Long Wiliam D."Bill",born,Jan.25-1899,died,1962,son of,Mary Long
Long William Lucien, born,Feb.17-1901,died,Jan.17-1970,son of,William P.& Alberta Sarahas Long
Long William P.,born,May 21-1869,died,Jan.14-1958,son of,Isaac Long,(Cherokee Indian)
Looney Edward,born,Aug.6-1882,died,Sept.8-1949,son of,George Looney
Love Frank S.,born,Feb.21-1875,died,May 13-1960
Love Tru,born,1884,died,Jan.1-1958,wife of,Frank S.Love
Loveless Charles W.Jr.,born,Oct.4-1921,died,Feb.9-1992
Lovingston Luther R.,born,1893,died,Oct.19-1958
Lowery John, born, 1851,died, 1926
Lowery Lena , born, 1897,died, March 28-1924
Lowery Pearla, born, 1852,died, 1925
Lowery Sarah., born, 1852,died, 1934
Luckinbill Arthur Ray,b,July 12-1949 IA,d,Feb.17-1989,Tn.,son of,Warren Arthur& Cordelia Ray Luckinbill
Luckinbill Cordella,b,July 15-1923,TX,d,June 14-1990,wife of,Warren A.,daug.of,William & Cordie Lee Betts Benton
Luckinbill Warren Arthur,born,Mau 10-1916,died,                    ,wed,June 19-1940
Lynch Glen A.,born,Jan.21-1911,died,Feb12- 1991
Lynch John B.,born,1871,died,1946
Lynch Mary A.,born,1878,died,1945,wife of,John B.Lynch

Mabrey Mark Thomas,born,1871,died,Sept.29-1958
Mabrey Willie A.,born,1878,died,Oct.21-1967,wife of,Mark Thomas Mabrey
Mack Duane A.,born,Dec.15-1924,died,Dec.20-1991,WWII
Mael Mildred P.,born,June 26-1918,died,Dec.16-2000,wife of,Leonard Mael,daug.of,Walker & Ethel Ferguson
Mahurin Arthur Lee"Art",born,Aug.31-1930,died,April 25-2002,son of,Truman & Nellie Irene Smith Mahurin
Mahurin Arthur P.born,1874,died,1952
Mahurin Bonnie Smith Branstetter,died,Feb.19-1989,wed,1967
Mahurin Infant,born,June 23-1963,died,June 23-1963,son of, Ray Mahurin
Mahurin Kenneth L.,born,Dec.10-1944,died,Jan. 9-1970,son of,Ray O.& Audra Mahurin
Mahurin Lucinda E.,born,1888,died,1967,wife of,Rupert V.Mahurin
Mahurin Luella J.,born,1880,died,1964,wife of,Arthur P.Mahurin
Mahurin Mildred Beryl, born,Feb.10-1913,died, Oct.16-1993
Mahurin Nellie J.,born,1903,died,1945
Mahurin Nellie Marie,born,Sept.19-1921,died,Jan.2-1997
Mahurin Ray O.,born,Nov.3-1913,died,March 27-2001,wife,Audra I.Hunter,son of,Arthur & Lovella Mahurin
Mahurin Rupert V.,born,June 12-1900,died,1992,son of, Arthur P.& Luella J. Mahurin
Mahurin Stephne Jasper"Jape",born,Jan.26-1867,died,Aug.4-1965
Malcolm Ramina Kelly born,1912,died,1939
Mann Jean Barefield, Nov.6-1930
Manners Cynthia Ann Kennedy,born, 1848,died,June 10-1934, wife of,Wilson B. Manners
Manners H.B. Mrs.,died,June 11-1934
Manners J.Alex,born, 1874,died,June 25-1954,son of,Wilson B.& Cynthia Ann Kennedy Manners
Manners Wilson B., born, 1840,died, 1925
Marksberry Mary, born, uly 31-1817,died,March 25-1910,wife of, Sam Marksberry
Marshall, Alvin Eugene   Dec 29, 1914   Dec 21, 1997     Picture
     Marshall, Hazel (Rogers)  Jul 29, 1914   Feb. 12, 1999
Marshall Avery Fairchild  born, 1884,died, 1960   Picture
     Marshall Fannie Mae (Kelly)  born, 1893,died, 1989, wife of, Ave Marshall
Marshall Edna Mae Sparkman,b,June 28-1908,d,Nov.23-1993,wife of,William F.Marshall,wed,March 13-1952
Marshall Kathy Elaine, June 26-1959, died,June 28-1976      Picture
Marshall Mary A., born,Nov.27-1843,died,April 17-1911,wife of,William Marshall
Marshall Mayme A., born,Feb.13-1911,died,July 18-1991   Picture
Marshall Donald "Donnie",born,May 2-1937,died,Dec.28-1961
Marshall William F."Red",b,Oct.23-1908,d,Jan.21-2002,son of,Ave & Fannie Mae Kelly Marshall,wife,Edna Mae Sparkman
Marshall William H. , born,Nov.9-1844,died,May 21-1937
Martin Cyle Edgar,b,Dec.26-1920,d,July 31-2000,son of,Elmer G.& Edith G.Guggy Martin,wife,Mary Lou Keeling
Martin Darriel E.,born,May 25-1931, Miami, died, 10-8-2009,  son of William and Lillian Martin.  
Martin Dorma Lee,born,Jan.18-1934,died,Sept.27-1995,wife of,Darriel E.Martin
Martin Earl J., born,Jan.10-1888,died,March 2-1969,wed,Sept.12-1952
Martin Edith ,born,1899,died,1991
Martin Elmer G., born,Aug.26-1891,died,Oct.13-1971,son of, Jasper & Salena Triplett Martin
Martin George E.,born,1926,died,1949
Martin Jay Dallas,born,May 3-1919,died,Oct. 2-1978,son of,Bill & Sarah Helms Martin
Martin Lester C., born,June 21-1915,died,March 26-1919,son of, R.E.& L.O.Martin
Martin Lorene C.,born,Oct.24-1931,died,Nov.8-1996,wife of,Jay Dallas Martin
Martin Mary E.,born,Feb.9-1887,died,Oct.28-1974,wife of,Earl J.Martin,daug.of,Taylor York
Masiongale Sarah E., born,June 3-1855,died,Nov.15-1915
Masiongale William R., born,May 18-1850,died,Oct.2-1929
Matthews Henry J.,born,Jan15-1895,died,July 16-1956,wed,July 31-1918
Matthews James H.,  WWI
Matthews John "Dub",born,Sept.11-1940,died,April 4-1997
Mathews Margaret E., born,July 28-1863,died,Feb.6-1910,wife of,C.P.Mathews
Matthews Minnie V.,born,June 13-1903,died,March 21-1988,wife of,Henry J.Matthews
Mathews Stewart M., born,Nov. 22-1882,died,Jan.11-1910,son of,C.P.& Margaret E.Mathews
Mathews Willis L., born, 1888,died,Aug.9-1936
Mathis Andrew B., born, 1869,died, 1926
Mathis Clay Adison,born,Nov.4-1911,Mo.,died,Dec.15-1975,wife,Hazel Mathis,son of,Jack & Nannie McCart Mathis
Mathis Clifford,born,Dec.12-1908,died,Feb.11-1960,son of,Jack & Nancy Mathis
Mathis Dave William,born,June 7-1874,died,Dec.27-1965
Mathis Evalena,born,April 13-1875,died,Dec.11-1957,wife of,Dave William Mathis
Mathis Hazel,born,Sept.21-1914,died,Aug.29-1997,wife of,Clay Mathis
Mathis Jack,born,1872,died,1947
Mathis Jack Lawrece,born,1947,died,1983
Mathis Janey,born,1870,died, 1923
Mathis Johynce "J.C.",born,Jan.3-1851,died,Oct.29-1922
Mathis Nancy,born,1867,died,1946,wife of,Jack Mathis
Matoy America,born,July 31-1838,died,May16-1907
Matthews James Henry, 1895,died,July 14-1956
Matthews Lydia Jane, born, 1873,died,July 6- 1951
Matthews Minnie V., born,June13-1903,died,March 21-1988,daug.of,George & Minnie Roberts King
Matthews Randy A.,born,Nov.2-1959,died,Feb.21-1987,son of,William D.& Martha Alice Creason Matthews
Maxson Jason ,July 16-1973,Infant son of,John D.& Mary L.Maxson
Maxson John Robert"Robbie",born,May 31-1966,died,May 7-1983,son of,John D.& Mary L.Maxson
May Anna Margaret Rich,born,1874,died,June 23-1934,wife of,William W.May
May Boone M.,born,April 19-1909,died,Jan.10-1978,wife,Virgie May,son of,William & Anna Rich May
May Clifford A.,born,Sept.19-1893,died,Feb.28-1988,son of,Thomas A.& Ida May
May Ida, born,1892,died,Aug.28-1966,wife of,Thomas "Tom"A.May
May James D."Jim", born,Feb.28-1880,died,Oct.15-1933,(Cherokee Indian)
May Jim Mrs.,born,1849,died,Aug.23-1919
May Jimmie Lee,b,June 14-1901,d,March 22-1968,wife of,John E.May,daug.of,James A.& Ella Wright Butler
May John E., born,Feb.15-1900,died,Feb.7-1989, son of,Sam H.& Nellie Cox May
May Lucy J., born,March 16-1840,died,Aug.23-1919,wife of,Jim May
May Mary Opal,b,Aug.10-1898,d,March 14-1986,wife of,Sam M.May,daug.of,L.D.& Deliah Ballard Flint
May Nettie A. Cox,born,1867,died,1941wife of,Sam H.May
May Orpha E., born,June 16-1897,Mo,died,Jan.23-1963,daug.of,Orphus & Fondia Hill Critten
May Sam ,born,1898,died,June 8-1960
May Sam H.,born,1866,died,1949
May Sam M.,born,1897,died,1960
May Samuel Martin, born,Dec.2-1842,died,Aug.2-1930,Confederate Army
May Thomas A.,born,July 14-1866,died,Jan.27-1955,son of,Samuel Martin & Lucy J.Marcus May
May Virgie E.,born,Jan.14-1911,died,May 31-2001,wife of,Boone M. May
May William W., born,1869,died,1946
May Wilma Gallemore,born,Sept.17-1905,died, May 2-1995,wife of,John May,daug.of,E.W.& Anna Gallemore
Mayer Alvie L., born, Jan.18-1934,died,Jan.24-1934
Mayes Lucille M.,born,Oct.7-1912,died,March 26-1986,daug.of,William& Ada Beatrice Wilmoth Gammill
Mayfield Ella E.,b,Sept.29-1884,d,Feb.2-1983,wife of,R.E.Lee Mayfield,daug.of, Jacob F.& Tennessee Harper Walker
Mayfield Robert Dale, stillborn,died,July 1969,son of, Robert L.& Jennie Young Mayfield
Mayfield Robert Leroy, born, 1866,died,Nov.8-1960
Mayfield Young,born,Oct.9-1895,Mo,died,Dec.23-1975,son of,Robert Lee & Jennie Young Mayfield
Medlin Infant,died,July 24-1933,child of,Mart Medlin
Medlin Mart M.,born,May 2-1882,Mo,died,Feb.29-1956
Medlin Unames,female,born,July 30-1934,died,July 30-1934,daug.of,Mart M.& Sarah Richinson Medlin
Meister Christina A.,born,Aug.5-1909,died,Jan.28-1989,daug.of,William & Helen Hunke Storck
Meister Infant,died,Sept.29-1932,daug.of,Victor & Christine Meister
Meister Infant,died,April 22-1937,son of,Victor & Christine Meister
Meister Victor A.,born,Feb.2-1908,died,Oct.4-1971,son of,Arthur & Adeline Loehr Meister
Meister William A.,born,March 4-1935,died,Jan.8-1993
Melton Clara Beatrice,b,Dec.11-1909,d,Aug.17-1982,wife of,Willie Melton,daug.of, John N.& Lura May Willia Holt
Melton Gertrude L,born,1882,died,1963,wife of,James L.Melton
Melton James L.,born,1882,died,1944
Melton Willie ,born,Sept.1-1894,Ks,died,April 3-1962,Vinita Ok.
Mericle Dorothy Ann,born,1929,died,July 1-1935,Decatur ILL.
Merit Lorraine "Babe",born,Feb.28-1921,died,May 10-1992,wife of,Raymond C.Merit,Wed.June 8-1941
Merit Raymond C.,born,Aug.27-1922
Merritt Mary F.,b,Aug.15-1899,d,July 17-1986,wife of,Wiford Merritt,daug.of,John W.& Mary J.Calhoun French
Merritt Wilford,born,July 15-1897,died,Jan.24-1985
Meyer Albert Leo,born,Feb.5-1947,died,Aug.14-1969
Meyer Thelma E.born,June 29-1927,died,Feb.2002,wife of,Virgil Meyer,daug.of,Arthur & Eda Mathis Wilmoth
Meyer Virgil Wayne,born,Sept.7-1908,died,Feb.2-1995,wed,April 29-1933
Meyer Yvonne K.,born,Nov.17-1959,died,Nov.14-1969
Mickelberry Arthur L.,born,June 14-1864,died,                 , (Cherokee Indian)
Mickelberry Chester F,b,Nov.20-1899,d,July 12-1920,wife of,Carrie Mickelberry,son of,Arthur L.& Mary Mickelberry
Mickelberry Mary N.,born,March 5-1871,d,May 3-1922,wife of,Arthur L.Mickelberry (Cherokee Indian)
Milbourn Edith E., born, 1879,died, 1956
Milbourn Frances Mae,born,Nov.27-1891,died,June 1-1953,daug.of,D.W.Vann
Milbourn Fred R.,born,July 30-1885,died,March 1-1963
Milbourn George F., born, 1852,died, 1940
Milbourn Jacqueline A."Jackie",b,April 2-1928,d,June 28-2002,wife of,J.Suel Milbourn Jr.,daug.of,Ernest J.& Edith Hamblen
Milbourn James Suel Sr.,born,Oct.8-1890,NE,d,Dec.11-1968,son of,George F.& Sarah E.Hood Milbourn
Milbourn James Suel Jr.,born,Nov.14-1927,died,Nov.29-1973,son of, James S.Sr.& ?? Vann Milbourn
Milbourn Melissa Sue,b,Dec.30-1953,d,Feb.12-1987,daug.of,James Suel & Jacqueline Hamblin Milbourn
Milbourn MyrtleE.,born,Feb.14-1888,NE,died,April 30-1964,wife of,Fred R.Milbourn,daug.of,William Thornhill
Milbourn Sarah Ellen Hood, born, 1899,died,March 18-1935,wife of,George F.Milbourn
Miles Della Allen, born, 1899,died, 1920
Millan Ben.F.,born,1889,died,1970
Millan Carrie Monna,born,Dec.15-1882,died,Oct.2-1966
Miller Carl L.,born,1905,died,1944
Miller Clyde C.,born,Dec.18-1880 Ks,died,Feb.20-1963,son of,Albert & Ruhama Heniphill Miller
Miller Daniel R.,born,Jan.29-1920,died,Feb.17-1924,son of,Roy Miller
Miller Felix, born, 1883,died, 1908
Miller Freda Marie Riley,born,1923,died,1994
Miller James Leroy born,Oct.11-1898 MO,Dec.1-1968 wife Rella Miller s/o William R. Miller
Miller Mary Lamar, born, 1850,died, 1948
Miller Minnie H.,born,April 14-1897,died,June 9-1943,wife of,James L.Miller
Miller Mollie, born, 1891,died, 1964
Miller Pearl M., born, 1883,died, 1947
Miller Rachel A., born,Dec.4-1853,died,Dec.9-1912,wife of, J.F.Miller
Miller Robert C., born,April 26-1836,died,April 10-1915,husband of,Mary E.Miller
Miller Robert L., born, 1876,died, 1946
Miller Rosetta,born,April 17-1881,Ks,died,Nov.28-1976,wife of,Clyde C.Miller,daug.of,August & Ernestine Furst
Miller Ruby Ann, born, 1884,died, 1967,wife of,Felix Miller
Miller William E., born, 1891,died, 1954
Miller William G.,born,July 8-1906,died,March 2-1981,WWII
Mitchell Arthur C., born, 1898,died,Aug.1-1943,son of,Etta Mitchell
Mitchell -----A., March 24-1880
Mitchell Charles A.,born,July 8-1935,died,June 8-1994
Mitchell Rella M.,born,1898,died,1984,wife of,Arthur C.Mitchell
Moffitt John H.,born,Nov.22-1924,died,
Moffitt Margaret B.,born,Sept.21-1926,died,Oct.27-1993,wife of,John H.Moffitt
Montgomery Beth,1940
Montgomery C.J." Jeff", born, 1886,died,March 10-1936,Refugio Tx.
Montgomery Clyde L., born, 1912,died,Aug.27-1923,son of, James E.Montgomery
Montgomery James E., born, 1876,died, 1940
Montgomery Mary Beth, born,Feb. -1940,died,Aug.16-1940,daug.of,Leo Montgomery
Montgomery Okah J.,born,1897,died, 1991,wife of,Ralph L.Montgomery
Montgomery Olive M., born,Nov.30-1876,died,Oct.14-1914,wife of, James E.Montgomery
Montgomery Oliver ,born,Oct.14-1914,died,Feb.28-1915,son of,James E.& Olive M.Montgomery
Montgomery Ralph L.,born,Jan.24-1897,died,1962,son of,J.E.Montgomery
Montgomery Sue Nell,Oct.31-1942
Moore Betty Jo Horton,born,Sept.20-1920,died,Nov.14-2002,wife of,Kenneth Moore
Moore Carroll,born, 1854,died, 1929
Moore Ellen Nadene, born,Jan.10-1910,died,Dec.17-1967,daug.of, Buck Moore
Moore Ellsworth "Buck",born,Feb.10-1879,died,Sept.15-1952
Moore Emily L., born, 1879,died,1938,wife of,William M.Moore
Moore Eva Marcum, born, 1897,died,April 5- 1929,wife of,Tom Moore
Moore George Albert, born,Nov.19-1904,I.T,died,Feb. 27-1986,son of,John A.& Jane Lipe Moore
Moore Georgia Lee,born,Sept.4-1881,died,Jan.13-1968
Moore Gertrude M., born,Feb.18-1891,died,May 9-1922
Moore Green Berry, born,May 7-1876,died,Jan.9-1970,son of,Jim & Hannah Stevens Moore
Moore Jane,born, 1867,died,March 20-1933,wife of,John Moore
Moore John, born, 1850,died, 1925
Moore Juanita F., March 10-1915,died,Aug.4-1971,wife of,John Moore,wed,March 7-1935
Moore Lorene,born, March 14-1914,died,April 28-1997
Moore Louis Knox,born,Jan.3-1891,died,Sept.13-1972,WWI
Moore Lucile G., born,Feb.22-1903,died,April 28-1997,wife of,Louis Knox Moore
Moore Lula M., born,Jan.25-1916,died,July 14-1917,daug.of,G.B.& E.L.Moore
Moore Mai Lynn, Feb.22-1971
Moore Malcolm Ellsworth"Mack",b,May 26-1902,d,Dec.19-1986,son of,Ellsworth & Georgia Lee Aspinwall Moore
Moore Missouri Ann Myers, born, 1856,died,Jan.9-1932,wife of,Carroll Moore
Moore Tom, born, Sept.1-1893,died,Jan.22-1970,WWI ,Mo.
Moore Vincent Elliott,born,Jan.27-1914,d,April 25-1978,son of,Ellsworth & Georgia Lee Aspenwall Moore
Moore Virginia Ann Virgie,born,Sept.9-1899,died,Oct.5-1970,wife of,William Carroll Moore
Moore W.A., born,March 10-1883,died,March 6-1915
Moore William.Carroll, born,July 27-1896,died,Oct.5-1970
Moore William M., born,May 8-1846,died,Jan.6-1918,G.A.R.Co.F.9 th Reg.of Mo.Mil.Cav.1861-1865
Moorehead Baby, died,Nov.25-1925,Infant of,Joe Moorehead
Moose M.A."Sandy",born,1875,died,Sept.19-1943,Stella Mo.
Moose Rosa May,b,April 3-1882,d,Dec.12-1977,wife of,Sandy M,daug.of,George & LaVina Sappington Manning
Moose Sandy M,born,1875,died,1943
Moran  Infant,Jan.8-1956,son of,Neal & Ardyth Moran
Moran Sandra Marie,Dec.23-1956,daug.of,Neal & Ardyh Moran
Morlan A.J.,born,Oct.13-1866,died, May 17-1910
Morris Christopher,died,March 5-2001,son of,Chris & Marie Morris
Morris Mrs.Daniel E., 1924
Morris Daniel E., born, 1856,died,1940
Morris George W., born, 1907,died, 1943
Mowan Norma Estes,born,1917,died, 1971
Moye Annie A.,born,1885,died,1953,wife of,J.W.Moye
Moye J.W.,born,1881,died,1963
Mustian Issac Chance,died,April 19-1997
Myers Alice P., born,Jan.16-1921,died,                     ,wife of, Cletice N.Myers
Myers Cletice N. born,Dec.24-1911,died,Jan.27-1979
Myers Delena,born,1892,died, 1982
Myers Edna Ruth, born,Aug.5-1913,Mo,died,June 21-1990,daug.of,Artie E.& Elda France Ware
Myers Ethel L., born,Feb.9-1913,died,July 15-1915
Myers Eva L., born,1878,died,1944,wife of,William H.Myers
Myers Francis M., born,June 6-1889,died, June 26-1959,son of, George W.& Rebecca Dunaway Myers
Myers Frank M., born, 1889,died, 1959
Myers George V.,born,1885,died,1951
Myers George W., born, 1859,died,Nov.24- 1926
Myers Georgia ,born,Aug.28-1896,died,June 11-1917,daug.of,George W.& Rebecca A.Myers
Myers Harold V., born,1916,died,1917
Meyer Herman,born,1912,died,May 8-1913
Myers James "Glenn",born,Nov.8-1908,Mo.,died,June 15-1974,wife,Virgie Myers,son of,John W.& Maude Wise Myers
Myers John W., born,Jan.3-1883,died,Feb.16-1950
Myers Mabel L., born,June 1-1906,died,June 25-1912
Myers Maude Alice,b,Oct.22-1888,d,April17-1979,wife of,John W.Myers,daug.of,William H.& Loucinda Mosley Wise
Myers Norman L., born,Oct.15-1915,died,March 22-1995,WWII
Myers Orville J., born,May 28-1909,died,Jan.20-1939,son of,H.T.& Lelia Smith Myers
Myers Ralph D., born,Feb.19-1907,died,Oct.14-1956,Calif,son of,John & Maude Myers,WWII
Myers Rebecca A.Dunaway,born,1870,died, 1946,wife of,George W.Myers
Myers Ruth,born,Jan.28-1903,died,Nov.5-1906,daug.of,George W.& Rebecca A.Myers
Myers Shirley Paulette, born,Feb.12-1949,died,March 29-1949
Myers Virgie Pauline,born,May 15-1910,died,Nov.8-1992,wife of,James Glen Myers,wed,March 20-1933
Myers William H., born,1871,died,1935

McBee John D.,born,1916,died,1995
McBee W.Marvene,born,1926,died,               ,wife of,John D.McBee
McClaren Fred A."Mac",born,June 11-1880,died,Aug.30-1961,Mo.
McClaren Mildred,born,June 15-1901,March 13-1979
McClendon Leonard J., born,May 2-1914
McClendon  Marie ,born,May 15-1902,died,Aug.9-1996
McCoin Clarence W.,born,Sept.7-1905,died,April 19-1960,son of,J.Frank McCoin
McCoin Ethel M., born,1883,died, 1959, wife of,James F.McCoin
McCoin James F., born, 1875,died,1962
McCoin James W.,born,May 17-1915,died,Aug.5-1975,WWII
McCoin Mary K., born,Nov.3-1903,died,Feb.16-1911
McCoin Robert F., born,Jan.22-1913,died,June 8-1913
McCoin Randold J.,  Jan.16-1957
McConnell Alfred R.,born,Jan.25-1912,died,March 12-1985
McConnell Jimmie D.,born,Dec.29-1934,Mo.,died,Jan.17-1976,Korean War,wife,Norma Jean McConnell,son of,Alfred & lovena Moore McConnell
McConnell Lovena M.,born,April 1-1914,died,                  ,wife of,Alfred R. McConnell
McCord Alva,born,Aug.14-1896,died,Nov.17-1973,WWI
McCord Cecil,born,Sept.9-1901,died,Dec.14-1957,Az,daug.of,S.Arch & Kate Doty
McCord Charlene,born,Nov.5-1925,died,                ,wife of,Edward McCord
McCord Edward,born,April 23-1921,died,Jan.19-1966
McCoy Clarence LaRue,b,May 26-1895,d,Dec.5-1931,son of,Sam & Lizzie Tartar McCoy,143 AMB.CO.36
McCoy Clarence S.Jr., born,Jan. 9-1918,died,April 23-1993,WWII
McCullough Grace.,b,April 2-1914,d,Jan.16-1981,wife of,Peter C.McCullough,daug.of,C.V.& Loie Beager Hamilton
McCullough Molly J, born, 1872,died,Dec.24-1956,daug.of, Sam & Lucy Marcus Arichards
McCullough Peter, C., born,March 9-1905,died,Aug.19-1972
McCullough W.E.,died,Oct.9-1935
McDougle Frank O,June 7-1930
McDougle Frederick R.,born,June 10-1952,Calif.,died,April 5-1969,son of,Frank O.& Wanda Stewart McDougle
McDougle Ronald J.,born,April 4-1956,died,Oct.22-1993
McDougle Wanda F., Dec.15-1932
McEwin Beatrice Helen,b,Aug.16-1919,d,Nov.14-2000,wife of,Henry McEwin,son of,Charles & Grace Henderson Crafton
McFarland James Edward, born,1861,died,March 23-1933,Vinita Okla.,(Cherokee Indian)
McFarland James P., b,June 20-1911,d,April 9-1913,son of,James E.& Molly L.McFarland,(Cherokee)
McFarland Owen S., born,1915,died,1924,son of,James E & Molly L.McFarland,(Cherokee Indian)
McGannon Lucy A.,born,Dec.18-1857,died,June 5-1881
McGaughey Otis Daymond,born,Feb.19-1907,died,Dec.8-1992
McGinis Elmo Bud, born, 1927,died, 1927
McGinis Frank D., born,April 3-1928,died,Dec.8-1982
McGinis Ida May, born,March 9-1897,died,Jan. 10-1964,wife of, Joseph McGinis
McGinis Joel Dee,born,March 23-1921,died,July 13-1969,son of,Joesph & Ida Mae Black McGinis
McGinis Joseph , born,Oct.14-1881,died,June 16-1955,Spanish American War
McGorder Anna Grace Foster,born,1886,died,April 6-1965,wife of,Stephen E.McGorder
McGorder Georgia R., born, June 30-1866,died,April 7-1930
McGorer Stephen Edward,born,Aug.10-1885,Ark.,died,Nov.1-1970,son of,John McGorder
McGorder Ward Foster,born,Feb.16-1926,died,Jan.26-1977,WWII
McGrath, Christella Rae    September 8, 1917 - March 6, 2005  daughter of Thomas Wilbur Hayes and Rena Mae Ford Hayes
McGuire Dorothy Gammill,born,July 9-1903,died,Sept.15-1978,wife of,Hezikah Hulgan McGuire
McGuire Hezikah Hulgan,born,March 5-1901,died,July 25-1958,son of,Charles McGuire
McIntosh Lillian M.,born,1899,died,1960,wife of,William Y.McIntosh
McIntosh William Y.,born,1889,died,
McKinnon Amanda S.Ashley,born,1881,died,Jan.8-1958,wife of,Ranzo McKinnon
McKinnon Razo W, born,April 18-1873,Ar,died,Nov.27-1938,son of,George & Lilla Hale McKinnon
McKinnon Victory ,b,April 1-1913,d,March 15-2002,son of,Ranzel Wyatt & Amanda Ashley McKinnon,WWII
McMillan Carrie Monna,born,Dec.15-1882,died,Oct.2-1966,wife of,Ben.F.McMillan
McMindes Albert,Dec.13-1919,died,Dec.23-1919
McMindis E.M. born,Nov.19-1862,died, May 26-1916
McVay Aden A., born,May 13-1866,In.,died,Dec.4-1934,son of,William H.McVay
McVay Baby, died,May 22-1921
McVay Bessie,born,Feb.1-1927,died,Aug.9-2001,wife of,John W.McVay,daug.of,Bob & Adah Webber Garrett
McVay Earl, March 23-1926
McVay Hannah, born,May 9-1903 Al.,died,Feb.24-1977,daug.of, Joseph & Sally Birdsong Gaston
McVay John William, born,Dec.4-1894 In,died,June 12-1974,Mo,son of, Hayden & Bell Hart McVay,WWI
McVay Reta,June 8-1928,   ,wife of,Earl McVay
McVay Virginia B., born,Oct.13-1868,died,July 16-1951,wife of,Aden A.McVay
McWatters Alma Idotha Kirk-Hirsch,born, 1912
McWatters Bobbie Lee, born,May 10-1929,died,May 5-1931,father,John H.& Etta M. McWatters
McWatters Etta M.,b,Oct.7-1886,d,Sept.6-1970,wife of,John H ,daug.of, Amos & Elmeda Stringer Berry
McWatters Henry Byrd,b,Feb.14-1920,d,June 29-1978,Tenn,son of,John & Etta Berry McWatters,WWII
McWatters John H.,born,Dec.4-1888 Ar,died,Jan. 22-1966,son of,Thomas & Rebekah Strang McWatters
McWatters J.T., born,Sept.28-1861,died,Nov.28-1901
McWatters Rebecca Frances, born,June 26-1863,died,May 17-1942

Nance Edwin C., born, March 26-1894,Ill.,died, March 3-1971,Ark.,WWI &WWII, son of, John E.Nance
Nance James E., born,Feb.11-1894,died,Sept.17-1964,WWI
Nance Lulu May, born,April 3-1889,died,Dec.20-1924,wife of, E.E.Atchley
Nance Sarah A., born,Oct.10-1861,died,Nov.3-1945,wife of,Winfield S.Nance
Nance Walter Scott,born,July 11-1902,died,June 4-1922,son of,Winfield S.& Sarah A.Nance
Nance Winfield S., born,May 19-1856,died,Nov.15-1943
Nation Cornelia G., born, 1881,died,Feb.29-1956,Eureka Springs Ark.,wife of,Henry G.Nation
Nation Henry G., born, 1875,died, 1945
Nation John H., born, 1913,died, 1915
Nation Robert W., born, 1917,died, 1928
Nation Ruth Nadine,born,Aug.27-1907,died,Dec.8-1910
Nees Anna,born,March 11-1867,died,April 30-1942,wife of, H.B.Nees
Nees H.B.,born,July 14-1863,died,Feb.15-1944
Neff John M., died,April 9-1935
Nelson Robert H., born,1879,died, 1923
Nelson Walter J.Rev, born, an.29-1893,died,Nov.30-1970
New Cora ,born,June 11-1908
New Josephine Colston ,born,1875,died, 1955,wife of,William Edward New,(Cherokee Indian Lady)
New Isaac
New Olive
New William Edward, born,1875,died, 1968
Newbern Ethel,born,June 25-1903,died,March 28-1987
Newman Cecile B,June16-1906,d,April 24-1989,wife of,Walter A.Newman,daug.of,Charles G.& Rose M.Franklin Blevins
Newman Walter A.,born,Sept.29-1908,died,May 25-1998,wed,July 4-1934,son of,Lee M.& Edna Newman
Newport Anna J .Cook., born, 1873,died, 1919,wife of,John Thomas Newport
Newport Edwin Morris,b,Sept.4-1897 Mo,d,Sept.29-1981,son of,John Thomas & Anna Cook Newport
Newport John M.,born,Dec.17-1910,died,1978,son of,John Thomas & Anna Cook Newport
Newport John Thomas, born, 1870,died,Dec.12-1960
Newport Lena, born,Nov.24-1903,died,Oct.19-1909
Newport Nadine H.,born,1913,died,                   ,wife of,John M.Newport
Newport Vanda, born,March 31-1906,died,Nov.2-1909
Nichols Ruby L.,born,July 15-1912,died,Jan.2-1994,wife of, W.C.Nichols
Nichols William Carmen"Tooter",born,Aug.31-1913,died,Nov.7-1997
Nick Amanda E. born, 1862,died,1949,wife of,William N.Nick
Nick William N.,born,1899,died,1922
Nickerson Ellis,born,April 13-1911,died,Aug.7-1991,wed,Jan.3-1942
Nickerson Elmer,born,1885,died,Jan.24-1957
Nickerson G.W.,born, May 2-1859,died,June 26-1939
Nickerson Homer,b,Oct.5-1897,d,June 16-1933,PVT QM CORPS,son of,George & Mattie Nickerson
Nickerson Humer"George",b,March 4-1893,d,Dec.23-1989,son of,G.W.& Mattie B.Steward Nickerson
Nickerson Lucy,born,1893,died,1963,wife of,Elmer Nickerson
Nickerson Lura Mae Holt,born,Jan.29-1921,died,                     ,wife of,Ellis Nickerson
Nickerson Mattie B.Steward,born,Dec.5-1862,died, March 31-1927,wife of,G.W.Nickerson
Nicks Albert G.,born,1881,died,1978
Nicks Edna E.,b,Jan.19-1915,d,Jan.25-2000,wife of,Lowell D.Nicks,daug.of,Elliott L.& Mary Strain Brunback Crafton
Nicks Helen,born,1925,died,                ,wife of,Loyd Nicks
Nicks Lola E.,born,1893,died,1976,wife of,Albert G.Nicks
Nicks Lowell D.,born,Feb.29-1912,died,Aug.18-1996
Nicks Loyd,born,1920,died,1987
Nicks R.Brown,born,Sept.2-1886,died,Aug.30-1980
Nicks Zola J.,born,May 31-1895,died,March 17-1984,wife of,R.Brown Nicks
Nicoloy Reinald Iri, born,1919,died,March 19-2001,WWII
Nidiffer Edward O., born,Feb.14-1877,died,Nov.4-1907
Nidiffer Ella,born,Feb.20-1864,died,Feb.6-1946
Nidiffer Eulah Jane,b,Nov.5-1893,d,Dec.21-1985,wife of, Robert H.Nidiffer,daug.of,Samuel H.& Nettie Cox May
Nidiffer Evelyn Nigro,  Oct.26-1900,daug.of,Edward Nidiffer
Nidiffer Freeman ,born, 1849,died, 1926,(Cherokee Indian)
Nidiffer Mary R., born,Nov.25-1859,died,April 1-1908,wife of,Freeman Nidiffer,(Cherokee Indian)
Nidiffer Robert H.,born,Jan.6-1893,died,May 14-1973,son of,Freeman & Mary Lundy Nidiffer,(Cherokee)
Nickholson Wilbert Lee, born,May 6-1929,died,Oct.3-1929
Noegel Etta E.,born,1869,died,Feb.8-1945,wife of,John Harman Noegel
Noegel Jerry died,Dec.30-1936
Noegel John Harman,born, July 25-1860,died,Aug.17-1935,son of,Henry Noegel
Noegel John Henry,born,Feb.11-1935,died,Aug.17-1935,Infant of,William & Ruby Conner Noegel
Noegel Mary,died, May 17-1937,wife of, J.G. Noegel
Nogal Clara,died, May 9-1937
Norris Charley T.,born,1879,Mo,died,Dec.3-1964
Norris Danny Lynn,May 13-1955,Infant
Norris Helen Almeda,b,May 8-1917,d,March 3-1988,wife of,Ralph Norris,daug.of,William Carl & Hazel ComstockCouch
Norris Martha A.Logan, born,1877,died,Feb.21-1964
Norris Nellie C.,born,1883,died,Nov.4-1951,wife of,Charley T.Norris,daug.of,Ben Bowen
Norris Ralph M.,born,Sept.24-1910,died,May 9-1978,son of,Charley T.& Nellie C.Bowman Norris
Norris Thomas Edward,April 15-1948
Nunamaker William H., born,Feb.25-1834,died,Nov.22-1911,Civil War Ill.,Co.A 25

Oakley J.S., born, 1853,died,Oct.24-1910
Ober Andrew Jr.,1912
Oexman Ernest,born,1858,died,Oct.29-1944
Oexman Ernie L.,born,1902,died,June 1-1945
Oexman Lena K.,born,Sept.23-1863,Germany,died,Feb.27-1947,wife of,Ernest Oexman
Oexman Robert Lee,born,Nov.26-died,Feb.13-1939,son of,Walter & Laura Oexman
Orr Iva M.,born,Sept.26-1901,died,July 6-1986,wife of,Veron W.Orr
Orr Veron W., born, April 19-1901,died,April 6-1986
Osburn Floyd J., born,Aug.16-1897,died, 1985,son of,J.A.Osburn
Osborn Frances L., born, 1906,died,March 11-1941,wife of,Floyd J.Osburn,daug.of,Will Keen
Osburn Joe A., born, 1860,died,1942
Osburn Ruth Ann,born,Jan.31-1905,died,March 4-1983
Osburn Sarah S., born, 1862,died, 1943,wife of, Joe A.Osburn
Overacre Cutis T.,born,Sept.2-1902,Tx.,died,Sept.30-1970,son of,John H.& Nancy E. Robinson Overacre
Overacre Fern Mabeline,born,Feb.10-1928,died,                 ,wife of,Lelan Keith Pveracre
Overacre Homer W.,born,1895,died, 1944
Overacre John H,born,March 23-1862,died,Nov.1-1941
Overacre Lelan Keith ,born,Aug.2-1929,died, Nov.28-1991,Wed.,Feb.13-1951
Overacre Mazie Margaret,b,July 1-1907 MI,d,Aug.18-1988,wife of,Curtis T.,daug.of,Curt & Lila Ostrander Ulman
Overacer Millie M., born,Nov.10-1895,died,Oct. 2-1984,Or,wife of,Homer W.Overacre
Overacre Nancy Elizabeth Robinson,born,Dec.15-1872,died,March 31-1953,wife of, John H.Overacre
Overacer Ola E.,born,Oct.8-1894,d,May 31-1966,wife of,William C.Overacre,daug.of,Charles L.& Elsie Jones
Overacer William C.,born,June 1-1891,Tx,died,Jan.28-1984,son of,John H.& Liza Robinson Overacer
Owl Eula Faye,born,Dec.27-1904,died,Jan.19-1972,daug.of,W.B.& Hattie Sparkman

Paden Homer O.,born,Feb.21-1886,died,Jan.3-1968,son of,James & Lucy Woodall Paden
Paden Josie O.,b,Oct.3-1886,d,Nov.28-1894,wife of,Homer O.Paden,daug.of,Daniel & Georgia Bond Routon
Parkhurst Clarence T.,born,1919,died,1977
Parkhurst Rena,1894,died,Aug.10-1947,wife of,Tom L.Parkhurst,son of,A.J.& Mindy Watters Landley
Parkhuust Tom L.,born,Oct.19-1892,died,May 10-1978,son of,Dan & Maggie Gupton Parkhurst
Parks Joseph W., born,Sept.5-1857,died,Aug. 2-1916
Partain Harvey Jr.,died,March 6-1932
Partain Ervin John,,died,Jan.7-1930,Infant son of,Harvey Partain
Partain Hannah,born,June 12-1903,Ill,died,May 2-1961,daug.of,Louis & Joahana Getcham Rubin
Partain Harvey,born,1903,died,Nov.22-1946,son of,Andy & Hannah Partain
Partain Johanna,born,1903,died,1961,wife of,Harvey Partain
Partain Louis Harvey,born,Sept.10-1926,died,Oct.3-1985,WWII
Patrick J.W. born,March 24-1834,died,Oct. 6-1916
Patrick Lenora Viola,born,Sept.25-1919,died,Nov.26-1985,wife of,William G.Patrick,wed.Oct.22-1938
Patrick Maria Jenny McMindes,died, Jan.23-1934,wife of,Wesley Patrick
Patrick Patricia Ruth, Dec.7-1951
Patrick Wesley,  CO.I. 6 IND.INF
Patrick William Gordon ,born,Nov.4-1916
Payton Charlotte,b,Nov1-1878,d,April 24-1972,wife of,George Payton,daug.of,George& Betty Silversmith Fields
Payton Elizabeth ,born, Dec. 14-1905, died, March 17-1981,daug.of, George & Charlotte Fields Payton
Payton George,born,Aug.28-1871,NE.died,May 10-1945,son of, Joe & Harriett Belcher Payto,OH.
Peckenpaugh Inolia A.,born,1916,died, 1937
Peckenpaugh Ivan S.,born,April 26-1887,Ill,died,April 16-1968,son of,Lewis & Anna Trimble Peckenpaugh
Peckenpaugh Laura Ann Crafton,born,1878,died,died,April 12-1961,wife of,Ivan S.Peckenpaugh
Peery Leander E.,born,Feb.4-1895,died,Jan.6-1986
Peggs Gladys Jane,b,Jan.15-1905,d,Aug.5-2002,wife of,Harry J.Peggs,daug.of,John Robert & Emma Crabtree Trent
Peggs Harry J.,died,Aug.23-1970,wed,Jan.1-1938
Pennington Isabelle "Belle", born, 1874,died,Dec 25-1961,wife of,Wiliiam T.Pennington
Pennington Burnerd R.,b Jan.2-1900,Mo.,d March 27-1970,w Portia Pennington,son of,William T.& Bell Beasley Pennington
Pennington Edward O., born, 1913,died, 1942
Pennington Edward S., born, 1884,died,Sept.29-1955,son of, Welcome & Sarah Dee Pennington
Pennington Elma Nadine, born,Aug.31-1918,died,Sept.30-1929,son of,Ed & Rosa A.Pennington
Pennington Jesse Lee,born,June 11-1894,died,May 27-1967
Pennington Lucille,born,March 5-1904,died,Dec.9-1990,wife of,Jesse Lee Pennington
Pennington Norvell S., born,Aug.31-1907,died,Dec.9-1931,son of,Ed & Rosa A.Pennington
Pennington Opal Waneta, born,June 4-1918,died,Dec.31-1918
Pennington Portia V., born,Oct.5-1900,died,Sept. 2-1984
Pennington Robert Lee, born,May 10-1929,died,May 5-1931
Pennington Rose A., born,June 14-1887,died,March 14-1983,daug.of,Bill & Emma Vann Crotzer
Pennington Sarah E., born,Dec.30-1845,died,May 1-1926,wife of,Welcom Pennington
Pennington W.E. born,April 23-1904,died,May 9-1916
Pennington Welcom ,born,April 15-1843,died,Sept.17-1928, CO.C 5 KY. CAV.
Pennington William T., born, 1874,died, 1938
Perdue Fern,born,1915,died, 1953
Perkins Robert W., born, 1874, died, 1919
Phebus Clyde L., born,Aug.16-1884,died,Jan.12-1968
Phebus Lola Irene,born,Nov.2-1919,died,Dec.9-1973,daug.of,Clyde & Susie Whipkey Phebus
Phebus Lowell,born,Aug.16-1883,Kan.,died,Jan.12-1968,son of,William Allen & Jennie McMain Phebus
Phebus Nina N., born, 1901,died, 1918
Phebus Ray Alexander,born,April 26-1897,died,Jan. 23-1985,son of, William A.& Mahala Phebus
Phebus William A.,died,March 14-1934
Phebus Willian D.,died,,Aug.15-1968,son of,William Allen & Jennie McMain Phebus
Phillippe Audra N.,born,Dec.12-1908,died,May 31-1980,wife of,Ora E.Phillippe
Phillippe Ora E.,born,Sept.23-1907,died,Oct.18-1985
Pickard Harriet E.,born,1896,died,Feb.3-1972,daug.of,Jacob Earl & Harriet Rouff Pickard
Pigg Roy L., born, June 15-1906,died,April 6-1981,WWII
Pinner Ida L.,born,May 17-1911,died,Feb.21-1995
Pinner John, born,March 28-1892,died,Feb.4-1979,WWI
Potts Aaron C., born,July 17-1893,died,Dec.12-1918
Potts Cleo, born,1901,died, 1968
Powell Carl Rev.,born,1913,died,1962
Powell Gladys born,1910,died,                 ,wife of,Carl Powell
Powers Ethel Fay,born,Dec.16-1919,died,                   ,wife of,Vernon Powers
Powers Homer, born,Aug.30-1912,died,Aug.9-1957,Muskogee Ok,WWII.
Powers Vernon,born,Jan.3-1916,died,May 19-1973,son of,Herbert & Eva Jimerson Powers
Poynor J.B.,born,Sept.10-1915,died,Oct.23-1974,WWII
Presley Arch P.,born,1891,died,Sept.11-1994,CA.
Presley Icy Gail,b,May 26-1898,d,March 6-1978,Ks,wife of,Arch P.Presley,daug.of,Jim & Mary Young Fountian
Price Alice Fay,born,1888,died,1963
Price Edgan H., born,May 28-1885,Mo,died,Dec.4-1975,son of,Emerson & Mary Robbs Price
Price Emelie Schemling,born,Nov.11-1908,died,Nov.27-1926,wife of,Rufis Price
Price Emerson E. ,born,1853,died,Feb.8-1937
Price Ernest L., born,March 6-1887,died,Nov.1909, son of, James H.& Nancy Bell Price
Price Faulen O."Mutt",born,Oct.2-1912,died,Jan.6-1965,son of,Oliver N.& Minnie Friend Price
Price Harry,born,1891,died,1963
Price Harvey L.,born,May 13-1894,died,July 10-1963
Price Infant, of, Edgar H.& Nell Anna Price
Price Iva,born,1897,died,1978,wife of,Harry Price
Price Jack L.,born,Sept.5-1932,died,April 18-1958
Price James H., born,Sept.25-1843,Ky,died,Dec.12-1932,(Civil War),son of, Giles Price,Ky.,
Price Juanita Marie,born,May 17-1914,died,Aug.4-1987,daug.of,Issac & Sophie Rose Gundlock Stamback
Price Mary H."Mollie"Robb, born, 1856,died,March 25-1935,wife of,Emerson E.Price
Price Minnie Olloe,born,Feb.12-1880,Mo.,died,Nov.28-1965,wife of,Faulen O."Mutt" Price,daug.of,James & Sloniker Friend
Price Minnie O., born, 1878,died, 1965,wife of,Oliver N.Price
Price Minnie Rose,born,Nov.11-1941,died,Aug.11-1944
Price Nancy Bell, born,July 27-1855,Ky,died,Jan.7-1945,wife of, James H. Price,daug.of, Louis Smith,Ky.,
Price Nell Anna, b,Jan.25-1888,Mo,d,Nov.3-1976,wife of,Edgar H.Price,daug.of,William & Mary Sparks Bernatti
Price Oliver N."Coxey", born, 1877,died,April 8-1930
Price R.C."Johnny", born, 1881,died, 1946
Price Rufus Daniel, born,Jan.18-1899,died,Nov.17-1987,son of,James H.& Nancy Bell Price
Price Ruth Ozelle,b,Nov.26-1899,d,July 31-1987,wife of,Harvey L.Price,daug.of,Corbin & Alice Cox Bond
Price Wilma L., born,Aug.26-1918,died,April 8-1967,daug.of,Harvey & Ruth Bond Price
Proctor Julia Faye,born,1910,died,1946
Propst Nola"Sue",born,May 1-1940,Ky,died,Nov.26-1971,daug.of,J.L.& Sylvia Jackson Hatchell
Pulford Cora Mae,born,Feb.2-1894,died,April 26-1931,daug.of,L.D.& Senora Victory Matoy Darnell
Purcell Austin ,born,March 19-1840,died,Nov.30-1909
Purcell Elijah H., born, 1879,died, 1926
Purcell Elizabeth ,born,Dec.15-1849,died,Sept.28-1908,wife of,Austin Purcell
Purcell Hiram R.,born,April 14-1873,died,July 7-1949
Pulford Cora Darnell,born,Feb.2-1894,died,April 26-1931
Puryear Florence Campbell,born,1907,died, 1944
Puryear Larry A.,  died, Feb.22-1940,Infant son of, H.L.Puryear
Puryear Lawrence,born,Nov.4-1913,died,Nov.24-1982

Quandt Arnold John, born,April 16-1900,died,Dec.15-1964
Quandt Calvin Eugene,born,May 6-1940,died,April 7-1989,AL,son of,Alvin A.& Pauline Quandt
Quandt Ella C.,born,May 28-1899,Ill,died,May 21-1990,WA.,wife of,Ernest F.Quandt
Quandt Ernest F.,born,March 22-1896,died,March 19-1978
Quandt Gertrude,born,Nov.16-1914,died,April 14-1920,daug.of,William & Mathilda Quandt
Quandt Herbert W.,born,Oct.7-1920,died,Feb.27-1945,New Guinea,son of, Ernest F.& Ella C.Quandt,WWII
Quandt Matilda,born,1873,died,April 1-1967,wife of,William Quandt
Quandt Theodore William,born,Nov.12-1904,NE,died,May 4-1968,son of,William & Matilda Dankert Quandt
Quandt William,born,1866,died,March 20-1938
Quandt William August,born,July 26-1945,AR,died,July 16-1982,Ship Antiqua,son of,Calvin & Pauline Curry Quandt

Rabourn Rocky L.,born,July 29-1964,died,April 26-1989,Mo,son of,Graham & Velma Ledgrwood Rabourn
Rader Anna,born, 1856,died, 1939
Rader John H., born, 1848,died, 1925
Ramsey Ova Newton, b,Oct.24-1896,d,Aug.20-1970,son of,John D.& Martha Epps Ramsey,wed,Nov.26-1936
Ramsey Ruth Faye,b,Feb.17-1907,d,Dec.7-2000,wife of,Ova Newton Ramsey,daug.of,Crawford & Anna Ballard Conner
Ray James,born,March 6-1853,died,Dec.9-1908
Reber Bertha J.,born,Sept.3-1908,died,April 23-2001,daug.of,George & Alice Jarvis Foust
Reber Elmer J.,born,Oct.17-1904,died, Jan.9-1973,son of,Charles & Alice Shapp Reber
Reber Ernest E., born,Jan.16-1926,died,Dec.28-1996
Redington Herman,born,Sept.22-1897,died,Dec.6-1984
Reece Arlen Delois"Dee",born,Nov.19-1916,died,Sept.21-1982,son of,Lonnie & Maud Woods Reece
Reece Mildred Huggins,born,Jan.19-1916,died,Jan.18-1993,wife of,Arlen Dee Reece
Reed Mae Rena,born,Jan.22-1903,died,April 5-1979
Reinhart Velma Castle,died,Nov.7-1934,wife of,Charles Reinhart
Reip Silas,born, 1869,died, 1928
Renfro Elizabeth Esher,born,1916,died,Aug.28-1995
Renfro Riley,born,May 25-1898,died,July 20-1963
Renken Elmer H.,born,May 24-1921,died,
Renken Norma M.,b,Feb.28-1923,d,May 1-1983,wife of, Elmer H.Renken,daug.of,Oscar & Martha Meuller Rubin
Reynolds Clarence E.,born,Dec.25-1927,died,Nov.9-1960
Reynolds Edward Gene E.,b,Oct.8-1923,d,Oct.2000,son of,Charles Edward & Jennie Elnore Pratt Reynolds,wife,Ella Lou
Reynolds Ruby Nevella Waldron,born,Aug.19-1907,died,Oct.7-1997
Reynolds William "Bill",born,Sept.3-1896,died,1972,son of,G.D.& Lizzie Reynolds
Rhinehart Velma Beatrice,born,1907,died, 1934
Rhodes Alvin G.,born,Dec.20-1914,died,March 23-1976,wife,Wilma Charlene Rhodes,son of,John & Mary Decells Rhodes
Rhodes Gaylord G.,born,April 28-1920,died,June 6-1997
Rhodes Irene E.,born,Oct.11-1922,died,                  ,wife of,Gaylord G.Rhodes,wed,Sept.14-1940
Rhodes Paul L., born,May 9-1906,died, 1965,son of,Tom Rhodes
Rhodes Ronald E.,born,March 5-1946,died,April 15-1946
Rhodes Susie Elizabeth, born, 1911,died,Dec.14-1997
Rhodes Wilma Charlene,born,1921,died,Sept.5-1998,wife of,Alvin Gerald Rhodes
Rice Arthur L., born, Nov. 29-1912,died, Nov.4-1913
Richards Albert ,born,1884,died,1977
Richards Alonzo,b,May 3-1889,d,Sept.23-1955,son of, John C.D.& Iris Dovie Vickery Richards,WWI
Richards Bessie ,born,Dec.30-1904,d,April 14-1980,wife of,Alonzo Richards,daug.of,James & Bertie Rhoten
Richards Florence J.,b,Aug.2-1884,Mo,d,Aug.29-1969,wife of,Albert Richards,daug.of, Lewis & Nellie Stubb Roller
Richards Goldie Pauline,born,April 9-1904,died,Oct.29-1996,wife of,John W.Richards
Richards Iris Dovie Vickory, born,Oct.14-1867,died,Feb.24-1948,wife of,John Christopher D.Richards
Richards John Christopher D., born,Sept.28-1861,died,April 30-1934
Richards John W, born,Feb.21-1895,died,Aug.28-1975,son of,John C.& Iris Dovie Vickory Richards
Richards Moses Albert, born,Nov.19-1884,Mo,died, Nov. 9-1977,son of, Marcus & Alice Tuner Richards
Rickards Sabin F.,born,1879,died,1963
Richards Wilby William,born,Dec.1-1923,died,Feb.15-1964,son of,Alonzo & Bessie Rhoten Richards,WWII
Rickard Birdie A., born, 1878,died,Sept.26-1960,Ca.,wife of, John T.Rickard
Rickard John T., born, 1865, died,July 27-1951,Ca,
Rickard Lawrence D., born,March 13-1940,died,May 27-1940,son of, John T.& Birdie A.Rickard
Rickard Mildred Edna, born,May 16-1904,died,Jan. 8-1915,daug of, John T.& Birdie A.Rickard
Ricketts Loren E.,born,Oct.30-1905,died,July 9-1995
Ricketts Marquerite,born,Sept.5-1910
Rico Peter Gregory Jr.,Sept.13-1969,died,Jan.26-1971
Riddle Anne Isaacs,born, 1876,died,Jan.25-1945,Tx.
Riddle Harry B., born,May 6-1913,died,Aug.1-1913,son of,William H.& Anna Riddle
Riddle Matilda A., born,Dec.16-1875,died,Jan.25-1945,wife of,William H.Riddle
Riddle William Harrison,born,July 11-1978,died,Jan.17-1941
Ridenour Elmer,born,June 5-1900,died,April 4-1980,son of, H.J.& Sarah Ann Howe Ridenour
Ridenour J.M. 1864,died,Dec.5-1918
Ridenour Jane,b,Feb.5-1901,Mo,d,June 8-1976,wife of,Elmer,daug.of,Anderson G.& Barbara Ellen Oakley French
Ridge Mary Elizabeth,born,March 29-1886,died,March 29-1961
Ridgway Jake A.,born,Jan.27-1903,died,Nov.9-1974,Mo.wife,Monie Ridgway,son of,John Ridgway
Ridgway Monie,born,1907,died,1984
Riley Bertha,died, Sept.26-1937
Riley Bruce Leon,born,July 21-1939,died,Sept.19-1942,Infant son of, Raymond & Ruby Herrel Riley
Riley Edith,b,Nov.11-1888,d,May 4-1970,wife of,Frank M.Riley,daug.of,Phillip & Mary Elizabeth Moore Sutton
Riley Frank M.,born,Dec.24-1887,died,Nov.18-1962
Riley Haden,born 1899,died, 1947
Riley James T. Rev., born, 1863,died,Dec.11-1929
Riley Martha J., born, 1862,died, 1952,wife of, Rev.James T.Riley
Riley Martha,born,1892,died,1965,wife of,William T.Riley
Riley Mildred M.,born,Dec.26-1926, died,                ,wife of,Tonney Atchel Riley
Riley Tonney Atchel,born,Feb.18-1913,died,Jan.1-1997,WWII
Riley William T.,born,1892,died,1946,USN
Ritchey Charles Alan, born,May 4-1951 Tx.,died,March 20-1988,son of,Arthur & Jo Markham Ritchey
Ritchey Jo Ann,born,March 15-1933,died,Dec.7-1995,wife of,Charles A.Ritchey
Ritter Cecil William,born,Jan.28-1895,died,Sept.17-1965,WWI
Ritter Nancy A.,born,1899,died,1988,wife of,Cecil William Ritter
Roberson Dan D., born,July 22-1862,died,March 31-1918
Roberson Emma,born,Sept.27-1894,died,Nov.24-1913,wife of,Jake Roberson
Roberson Jacob W."Jake",born,Jan.17-1887,Mo,died,Oct.5-1962,son of, J.W & Nancy E.Dodds Roberson
Roberson Minnie H.,born,May 6-1899,died,Sept.2-1993,wife of,Warren Roberson
Roberson Nancy E., born,Aug.12-1864,died,July 19-1942,wife of,Dan D.Roberson
Roberson Sarah Ray,died,Sept.21-1935
Roberson Warren A., born, 1902,died,July 18-1951
Roberson Warren A.,born,May 29-1893,died,July 18-1951,WWI
Roberson Warren A.Jr,born,Oct.20-1922,died,Sept.29-1993,WWII
Roberts Charley Mack,born,April 4-1918,died,March 14-1985,son of,Silas Roberts
Roberts Delilah Jane,born,Jan.21-1920,died,                  ,wife of,Charley Mack Roberts,wed,Jan.6-1940
Roberts Francis M., born,Sept.15-1851,died,Aug.21-1923
Roberts Gwendolyn,born,1923,died,1997
Roberts Herman L., born,March 19-1918,died,Aug.26-1972,son of,John H. & Eva C.Berry Roberts
Roberts Joe D.,born,March 30-1928,died,Dec.4-1987,son of,Joseph A.& Doris Leobo Roberts
Roberts Letha A., born, 1832,died,April 17-1912
Roberts Marjorie H.,born,1917,died,1991,wife of,W.Ather Roberts
Roberts Ray, born,June 26-1911,died,July 17-1911
Roberts Ruth ,born,June 26-1911,died,June 1913
Roberts Shade V.,died,Nov.4-1933
Roberts William Ather,born,July 30-1914,died, May 15-1980,son of,John H.& Eva C.Berry Roberts
Robinson Stephanie Andrea,born,April 9-1984,died June 7-1986,son of,James L.& Ursula Hofsmann Robinson
Robison Elmer Leon,born,Dec.17-1933,died,Nov.1-2001,son of,John & Lillie Ruttenbury Robison,wife Thelma Jones
Roblyer Gladys M.,born,Dec.14-1918,died,Sept.1-1995
Roblyer Glen A.,born,March 29-1915,died,July 5-1997
Rose Annie Pearl,born,Feb. 9-1886,Mo.,died,Sept.21-1970,daug.of,T.F.& Mary Marquiss Rose
Rose Cora Kelly, born,Oct. 26-1883,died,Sept. 4-1918,wife of,C.M."Jafe" Rose
Rose C.M. "Jafe", born,Jan.28-1880,died,Feb.21-1961,Colo.Springs Colo.
Rose Mary L.,born,Nov.28-1852,died,Oct.2-1923,wife of,T.F.Rose
Rose Minnie Bell, born,Nov.23-1883 Mo,died,July 15-1973,daug.of, Thomas & Mary Marquis Rose
Rose T.F.,born,Sept.10-1852,died,Nov.18-1931
Roseland Ida Frances Sparkman,born,1866,died,March 20-1936
Rossom Lydia, born,Jan. 20-1879,Mo,died,Sept.20-1973,daug.of, Lewis & Fannie Chambers Snowden
Roulet Lois B.,born,Oct.28-1909,died,March 12-1987
Roulet Lyle,born,April 1-1906,died,Aug.24-1974
Rowan Boyd R., born, 1900,died,Sept. 29-1906,son of, T.H.& E.J.Rowan
Rowley Dallas Eldon,born,Feb.26-1924,died,Dec.15-1993,WWII
Rowley Dora Alice Hooten ,born,Oct.12-1886,died,June 11-1962
Rowley Helen L.,born,May 31-1918,died, wife of,Vernon Rowley
Rowley Humbolt Joseph "Hum",born, 1878,died,Oct.3-1936
Rowley Vernon Isaac,b,Nov.6-1914,d,Feb.5-1985,Ar,son of,Humbolt Joseph & Dora Alice Hooten Rowley,WWII
Rubin August G.E.,born,Dec.21-1917,died,Dec.31-1917,son of,G.W.& Dorothea Rubin
Rubin August Louis,born,Nov.12-1855,died,March 9-1919
Rubin Dorothea, born,July 27-1859,died,Jan.2-1922,wife of,G.W.Rubin
Rubin Edwin C., born,Dec.12-1896,died,April 3-1956,Vinita Ok.,son of, Louis Rubin
Rubin Elizabeth ,Feb.16-1888.Mo,d,June14-1968,wife of,Otto L.Rubin,daug.of,Henry & Elizabeth Wehahu Steffens
Rubin Elsie Z.,b,Feb.20-1897,Tn,d,Oct.31-1987,wife of, Louis W.Rubin,daug.of, Mitchell & Louise Newman Zellmer
Rubin Ernie W.,born,1915,died,1993
Rubin Farron L.,born,1918,died,                 ,wife of,Ernie W.Rubin
Rubin Floyd, born, Sept.3-1917,died,June 18-1985,Petoskey MI.,son of, John & Nellie Rubin,WWII
Rubin Helen born,1916,died,                ,wife of,Floyd Rubin
Rubin Herman F., born, 1860,died,Jan.1-1936
Rubin Johanna K.,born,Aug.27-1868,died,Dec.6-1937,wife of,Louis C.Rubin
Rubin John C.,born,June 9-1899,died,Jan.11-1961,son of,Louis Rubin
Rubin John Everett, June 1921
Rubin John Herman,born,April 18-1894,Ill,died,June17-1897,son of,Herman Frank & Merry Bradymyer Rubin
Rubin Louis C.,born,March 15-1863,died,Aug.19-1934
Rubin Louis W.,born,June 9-1894,died,Nov.30-1944
Rubin Louise,born,April 15-1900,died,June 29-1919,daug.of,F.Rubin
Rubin Margarethe C.,b,March 20-1898,d,July 23-1980,wife of,Edwin C.Rubin,daug.of,Edmund & Anna Richter Stoeckel
Rubin Martha S.,b,Sept.7-1894,Ill,,May 14-1989,Tx,wife of,Oscar A.Rubin Sr,daug.of,August & Minnie Gelsle Mueller
Rubin Mary Francis,born, 1869,died, 1954, wife of,Herman F.Rubin
Rubin Nellie Cecil,born,Oct.2-1899,Tx.,died,April 30-1987,wife of,John H.Rubin,daug.of,Mary Breeden
Rubin Nora E., Aug.20-1911,died,April 13-1913
Rubin Oscar Jr.,born,Oct.15-1931,died,Oct.15-1931,son of,Oscar A.Sr.& Martha S.Rubin
Rubin  Oscar A.,Sr.,born,Jan.19-1893,died,Jan.9-1965,WWI
Rubin Otto L.,born,1889,died,Feb.3-1948
Rubin Radolt,born,Jan.1-1925,died,Jan.3-1925
Rudd James M., born,Oct.11-1855,died,Feb.5-1910
Rubin John H.,born,1894,died,1987
Russell John W., born,May 25-1859,died,April 16-1934
Rutledge Elizabeth,born,1885,died,Jan.30-1952,daug.of,John Lemaster & Narcissa Buffington Lemaster
Rutledge Flora A.,died,July 3-1935,wife of,Johnson K.Rutledge
Rutledge Howard K.,born, 1913,died,Sept.5-1961
Rutledge Johnson K.,born,1856,died,Feb.24-1937
Rutledge Patrick K.,born,Jan.5-1984,died,Nov.28-2001,daug.of,Jim & Peggy Rutledge
Rutledge Ralph W., born,1941,died,March 27-1964,son of,Ernestine Rutledge
Rycroft Hannah ,born,1843,died,1919
Rycroft Nelle Miss,born,1879,died,Oct.27-1957,Talihina Ok.
Rycroft Samuel ,born,1840,died,Jan.23-1926

Sample Bob,born,March 28-1890,died, April 14-1962
Sample Charles Hazen Sr., born,1900,died, July 22-1954
Sample J.F."Jake",born,Feb.6-1856,died,Jan.13-1938
Sample Jim,born,March 4-1892,died,July 5-1971,WWI
Sample Nora L., born,Sept.28-1860,died,Oct.5-1952,wife of,J.F."Jake" Sample
Sample Roxie,born,April 5-1893,died,Nov.5-1946,wife of,Bob Sample
Sampsel Sharon Sue,born,born,1945,died,1981
Sanders Cora L.,born,Nov.2-1889,died,Sept. 23-1968,daug.of,Jake & Tennessee Harper Walker
Sanders Sadie, 1871,died,May 3-1966
Sanderson Pauline Cox,born,April 16-1925,died,July 4-1992
Sandmire Corda H,b,March 25-1918,KS,d,Nov.19-1986,KS,wife,Don Ira,daug.of,Robert Lee & Ella Walker Mayfield
Sandmire Don Ira,born,Jan.23-1909,died,Dec.23-1986, KS,son of,M.D.& Grace Campbell Sandmire
SappHuneil,born,May 3-1938,died,March 13-1946,son of, Hiram L.& Imogene B.Dawson Sapp
Sarahas Frank L., born,Jan.27-1885,died,Sept.2-1942
Sarahas Polly  A.,born,April 15-1861,died,April 17-1910,wife of,Richard Sarahas
Sarahas Richard,born,Oct.2-1853,died,Dec.1-1910
Schaefer C.Fred,born,Oct.11-1883,died,July 18-1964
Schaefer Dorothy H.,born,Sept.2-1884,died,July 14-1973,wife of,C.Fred Schaefer
Schaefer Erwin Fredrick,born,Jan.20-1940,died,Dec.30-1940,son of,E.G.& A.M.Scharfer
Schaefer Madeline,born,1922,died,Feb.25-1987,wife of,Oliver Fredrick Schaefer
Schaefer Oliver Fredrick,born,Nov.1-1915,died,Sept.28-1981,WWII
Schaefer Oliver Ken,born,Jan.10-1940,died,Dec.12-2002,son of,Oliver F.& Opal Mary Schmeling Schaefer
Schmeling Clarina M.,born,May 17-1914,died, March 11-1992,wife of,Olie Schmeling
Schmeling Elizabeth ,born,July 8-1890,died,March 17-1964,wife of,Hugo Schmeling
Schmeling Elsie J.,born,April 10-1910,died,              ,wife of,Joseph F.Schmeling
Schmeling Frances Marie"Fran",born,March 17-1943,died,Oct.24-1994,wife of,Leo Martin "Bud"Schmeling
Schmeling Hugo ,born,May 25-1881,died,Feb.14-1961
Schmeling Infant,March 23-1938,daug.of,Olie & Clarina M.Schmeling
Schmeling James Lee,born,Sept.2-1963,died,Sept.3-1963
Schmeling Joseph F.,born,March 12-1907,died,March 6-1971
Schemling Leo Martin"Bud",b,May 14-1938,d,May 24-2000,son of,Joseph & Elsie Meister Schmeling,wed,Nov.29-1959
Schmeling Olie R.,born,March 16-1912,died,Jan.8-1994
Schnakenberg Adeline A.Meister,born,1918,died,Oct.10-1999,wife of,Herbert L.Schnakenberg
Schnakenberg Claus,born,May 6-1874,died,Aug.19-1946
Schnakenberg Dora B.,born,1920,died,              ,wife of,Wilfried E.Schnakenberg
Schnakenberg Herbert L.,b,Feb.29-1912,TX,d,Aug.4-1972,son of,Clause & Margaret Warenken Schnakenberg
Schnakenberg Margaret Warenken,born,Jan.3-1877,died,March 10-1949,wife of,Claus Schnakenberg
Schnakenberg Wilford E.,b,Feb.12-1917,TX,d,Sept.10-1975,son of,Clause & Margaret Warenken Schakenberg
Schnarre Carolina Regina, born, 1867,died,Aug.17-1935,wife of,William Rudolph Schnarre
Schnarre Dolly R.,b,Feb.21-1903,d,Oct.14-1987,wife of,Elmer,daug.of,Samuel H.& Jeannette Cox May
Schnarre Elmer F.,born,Sept.27-1893,ILL,died,Aug.19-1980,Mo,son of,William & Caroline Michel Schnarre
Schnarre Ernest,died,May 24-1967
Schnarre Laupacha Irene,born,June 24-1937,died,May 24-1967,daug.of,Arthur Schnarre
Schnarre Louise W.,born,Jan.1-1898,Ill,died,Feb.3-1975,daug.of,Wilhelm & Caroline Michel Schnarre
Schnarre William Rudolph,born,1865,died,March 19-1936
Schomaker Fred W.,born,July 31-1902,died,Jan.13-2000,WWII,husband of,Rose E.Steffens
Schrader Emil S.,born,1867,died,Jan.28-1945
Schrader Susan A.,born,Nov.21-1881,died,Jan.26-1955,wife of,Emil S.Schrader
Schroeder Erma L.,born,Feb.16-1927,died,              ,wife of,Ralph F.Schroeder
Schroeder Ernst F.,born,May 13-1916,died,July 28-1916
Schroeder Ewald William,born,Feb.27-1891,died,Jan.14-1976,wife,Vlasta Schroeder,son of,Herny & Alvina Yenka Schroeder
Schroeder Ralph Fred,born,Jan.5-1920,died,July 30-1976,Mo.,wife,Erma L.Schroeder,son of,Ewald & Vlasta Drozda Schroeder.
Schroeder Vlasta Emilia,born,Feb.7-1891,died,Aug.17-1981,wife of,Ewald William Schroeder,wed,June 6-1917
Schubert Friedrich H.C.,born,1878,died,May 1-1946
Schubert Henry,W.F.,born,July 12-1904,died,Jan.23-1981,son of,Fred & Josephine Rubin Schubert
Schubert Josephine W.E., born,1882,died,Nov.20-1938,wife of,Friedrich H.C."Fred"Schubert
Schubert Lawrence H.,born,April 27-1928,died,May 5-1928
Schubert Leland Fred,b,June 21-1929,died,July 14-2002,son of,Henry Fredrick & Marie Sophia Eckhoff Schubert
Schubert Marie S.,b,Aug.16-1907,d,Aug.23-1989,wife of,Henry F.Schubert,daug.of,C.F.& Anna Kleffman Eckoff
Schubert Oscar Jr.,died,Oct.12-1930,Infant of,Oscar Sr.Schubert
Schubert Oscar Sr.,born,Oct.10-1908,died,March 22-1942,son of,Fred Schubert
Schubert Wilhelm A.M.,born,1906,died,July 12-1929
Scissel Robert,May 13-1913
Scofield William A.,born,Sept.15-1852,died,Jan.23-1942
Scott Ethel May, born,Aug.31-1895,died,March 10-1983,wife of,John Boyd Scott
Scott Hazel J., born, 1928,died,Nov.3-1931
Scott Howard N.,born,April 17-1903,died,Jan.24-1992,son of, John N.&Palestine Jones Scott
Scott Infant, died,Sept.24-1927,son of,John Boyd & Ethel May Scott
Scott James Martin, born,1866,died June 7-1932
Scott John Boyd, born,Aug.13-1897,died,Sept.12-1972,WWI,son of,John N.& Palestine Jones Scott
Scott Mary E.,b,Jan.17-1914,d,Oct.6-1998,wife of,Howard N.Scott,wed,April 19-1930,& wife of,Charles Burris
Scott Nina,born,Jan.4-1898,died,Oct.21-1955
Scott Raymond R.,born,Dec.16-1898,Mo,died,Dec.19-1971,son of,John N.& Palestine Jones Scott,WWI
Scott R.W.,born,1892,died,1967
Sellers Eliza Adeline Salusbury Dickerson Miller Trease,born,June14-1846,died,June21-1920
Sheard Jessie,born,Feb. 28-1898,died,March 18-1982
Sheehan Cora J.,born,Nov.12-1915,died,                 ,Joseph D.Sheehan
Sheehan Joseph D.,born,May 15-1911,Tx,d,March 29-1990,son of,Harvey Wesley & Jennie Toole Sheehan
Sherwood Everett M.,born,1895,died,1944
Shepherd Cecil C., born,June 1-1881,died,March 2-1942
Shepherd Anna C.,born,July 12-1891,died,April 10-1983,Mo,daug.of,Frank G.& Melissa Williams Audrain
Shepherd Emma C., born,Nov.11-1882,died,June 24-1930,wife of,Cecil C.Shepherd
Shepherd Floyde V., born,June 7-1904,died,Nov.11-1915,son of,Cecil C.& Emma Shepherd
Shepherd John Columbus,born, 1853,died,July 20-1934
Shepherd John Loyd, born,Aug.31-1884,died,Oct.30-1918
Shepherd Mary Anna, born, Dec.28-1860,died,Jan.27-1942
Shepherd Mary B., born,& died,Nov.6-1913,daug.of,Cecil C.& Emma C.Shepherd
Shepherd Mayme J., born,March 5-1877,died,Nov.1-1904,wife of, Z.C Shepherd
Shepherd Mazie Irene ,born, 1916,died,April 9-1934,Mrs.Lloyd Shepherd
Shew B.F., born, 1844,died, 1914
Shew Louisa A., born, 1850,died, 1914,wife of, B.F.Shew
Shupe Michael Jason,born,Dec.5-1984,died,Feb.9-1989,son of,Michael Steven & Sandra Quick Shupe
Silversmith Earnest,born,1898,died,1971
Silversmith Lizzie J.,born,1908,died,1964,wife of,Earnest Silversmith
Simmons Carl Leslie,born,Sept.27-1934,died,Sept.22-1988,Vietnam
Simmons Claude Bryan,born,June 12-1893,died,Oct.20-1936,St.Louis Mo.,PVT.318 Eng.6 DIV.
Simmons Clyde Ray,born,Oct.16-1922,died,April 26-1945,1st LT.War
Simmons Mamie Pearl,born,Aug.23-1902,died,Dec.2-1997
Simpson Denny W., born,Dec.7- 1901,died,July 30-1971,Tx.,son of,Joseph S.& Viola C.Simpson
Simpson Eva J., born,Aug.19-1905,died,March 30-1995,daug.of,Joseph S.& Viola C.Simpson
Simpson Franklin Eugene,b,Sept.30-1906,d,March 2-1971,son of,Joseph D.& Clarinda Oldham Simpson,WWII
Simpson James Estell, born, 1913,died, 1913
Simpson Joseph S., born, 1863,died,Nov.30-1942
Simpson Nellie Etta, born, 1911,died, 1913
Simpson Robert Lee, born, 1908,died, 1909
Simpson Stanley Howard, born, 191, died, 1916
Simpson Viola C., born, 1877,died, 1943,wife of,Joseph S.Simpson
Sizemore Rebekah Ann,born,Aug.23-1987,Mo,d,Aug.23-1987,Mo.daug.of,Jerry & Teresa Downs Sizemore
Skaggs Bessie,born,July 6-1903,died,Oct.13-1979,wife of,Rev. Dee R.Skaggs,daug.of,George & Charlotte Fields Rayton.
Skaggs Dee R.Rev.,born,April 22-1902,Mo.,died,Feb.29-1980,wife,Bessie Payton Skaggs,son of,Hannibal Love & Sarah Lovina Reynolds Skaggs.
Skelton George Arthar,born,Sept.16-1918,died,March 27-1936
Skelton Gilbert V., born,June 1-1893,died,March 13-1985
Skelton Mary H., born,Sept.9-1894,died,Aug.9-1985,wife of,Gilbert Skelton
Slouiker Daniel,   Co.B.147 IND.INF.
Slouiker Sarah F., born,May 5-1837,died,March 1-1910
Sly Sherman W.,born,Feb.27-1921,died,
Sly Wanda Belle,born,March 27-1923,died,Feb.25-1996
Smith Amy , born,Aug.6-1898,died,June 18-1976,wife of, Fred Smith,daug.of, John & Anna Anderson Helm
Smith Azor W., born, 1850,died,Sept.9-1929
Smith Belle Cline, born,1859,died,Jan.1-1923
Smith Ben H.,born,Jan.4-1891,died,Jan.5-1975,wife,Velma G.Smith,son of,William H.& Lucille Banta Smith.
Smith C.Cecil ,born,1921,died,1973
Smith Frank,born,Feb.28-1885,Phelps Co.Mo.,died,April13-1957
Smith Fred M., born,Aug.5-1899,died,Oct.8-1961
Smith Hayes B., born, 1876,died,June 22-1959
Smith J.E.,born,Jan.30-1859,died,Nov.25-1881
Smith Lewis Birchard,b,March 3-1907,Oh,died,Feb.17-1986,son of,Rutherford Hayes & Lugenia Smith
Smith Lucilla ,born, 1854,died,
Smith Lugenia Bell, born,1879,died,Feb.2-1955, Ks,wife of,Hayes B.Smith
Smith Mary Jane,born,Nov.5-1946,died,Aug.25-2002,wife of,Roy A.Smith,daug.of,Lysle & Zelma Wethey Chandler
Smith Mattie,born,Sept.-1902,died,July 19-1988,wife of,Frank Smith
Smith Maude,born,Sept.10-1896,Ar,died,Dec.12-1972,daug.of,Thomas & Rebeccah Strange McWaters
Smith May M.,born,1919,died,                    ,wife of,C.Cecil Smith
Smith Mintie A., born,May 8-1868,died,Dec.12-1947
Smith Opal M.,born,Aug.20-1897,died,Aug.25-1967,wife of. Ben.H Smith
Smith Presley J., born, 1864,died,Sept.10-1930
Smith Raymond S., born, 1892,died, 1928,Co.F. 14 th Art.
Smith William Guy, born,March 3-1892,died,Feb.4-1951,son of,Tom & Lydia Pendergraft Smith,WWI
Smyth Anna L.Cron,born,1925,died, 1985,wife of, Leo Dale Smyth
Smyth Leo Dale,born,1922,died,1984
Snider Steven Mark,born,June 26-1945,died,July 11-1996,son of,William & Nana Alvard Snider,wife,Twyla Eatherly
Snider William M.,born,Sept.10-1896,died,June 15-1962,WWI,son of,Nora Higbee
Snow Frank E.,born,Nov.24-1926,died,Sept.2-1981
Snowdall Edward,born,May 1-1840,died, Dec.16-1917
Snowdall Mary Jane Nance,born,Aug.22-1847,died,Sept 24-1934,wife of,Edward Snowdall
Snowden W.Lewis"Ludy",born,1898,died,Jan.26-1954,son of,Lidia Snowden
Soward Inez Pearl,born,March 26-1914,died,July 29-1995
Soward Linda Gay, Oct.4-1947
Soward Thomas Earl, Nov.16-1946
Sparkman Annie May, born,July 30-1884,died,March 22-1950,wife of, August H."Gus" Sparkman
Sparkman August H."Gus", born,March 9-1883,died,Nov.2-1958
Sparkman Bertha R., born, 1916,died, 1918
Sparkman Cornelia Jane,born,Nov.19-1910,died,Oct.22-1996,wife of,Gilbert Reed,wed.Aug.18-1934
Sprakman Gilbert Reed,born,July 25-1906,died,Nov.3-1990
Sparkman Hattie A.,born,1879,died,1945,wife of,William B.Sparkman
Sparkman Herbert H., born,Aug. 21-1918,died,Jan.14-1989,WWII
Sparkman Infant Daug. 1924
Sparkman Infant son, 1911
Sparkman Maude M., born,Aug.19-1917,died, Feb.28-1936,
Sparkman Otto Roy, born,Feb.9-1989,died,Aug.12-1961,son of, W.B.& Hattie Sparkman
Sparkman Raymond P., born,Aug.12-1914,died,May 28-1926
Sparkman Virgil W.,born,Oct.12-1919,died,July 10-1935
Sparkman Willas B., born,Dec.10-1912,died,March 31-1913
Sparkman William B.,born,March 9-1872,died,June 2-1942
Sparkman William C.,born,Jan.13-1909,died,July 24-1976,wife,Gladys Sparkman,son of,William & Hattie Marshall Sparkman
Speer Clydia,born, 1911,died, 1993
Spencer Hubert Sr.,born,Nov.24-1925,died, July 3-1997
Sproul Elizabeth , born, June 16-1858,died,May 18-1933,wife of, Oliver T.Sproul
Sproul Elizabeth May,b,March 21-1888 Mo,d,Dec18-1977,daug.of,Thomas Fletcher & Mary Lucinda Marquis Rose
Sproul John ,born,April 5-1885,died,May 31-1947
Sproul May,born,March 21-1888,died,Dec.18-1977
Sproul Oliver T., born,Aug.1-1857,died,Oct.12-1926
Standley Ona Bell,born,June 13-188,MO,died,March 7-1976,daug.of, James Wormington
Stanley Mary M., born,March 31-1875,died,March 20-1954,wife of,Will H. Stanley
Stanley William Hale,born,Nov.29-1879 Neb.,died,March 29-1968,son of,Joel & Sarah Jacquis Stanley
States Myrtle Coin, born,Dec.24-1884,died,Jan.31-1929
Steffens Clara S.Rubin ,born,Feb.20-1888,died, May 14-1954,wife of,Martin C.Steffens
Steffens Elizabeth ,born,1846,died,March 15-1932
Steffens Frances,born,June 19-1911,died,Aug.1-1992,wife of,Martin L.Steffens
Steffens Henry C.,born,Aug.9-1916,died,Sept.22-1989,son of,Martin & Clara Rubin Steffens
Steffens John Rubin,born,Aug.10-1925,died,April 24-1987,son of,Martin & Clara Rubin Steffens,WWII
Steffens Lucille C.,born,Jan.16-1927,died,                ,wife of,John Rubin Steffens
Steffens Martin C.,born,May 14-1885,died,Feb.23-1932
Steffens Martin Louis,born,Nov.3-1912,died,July 4-1983,son of,Martin & Clara Rubin Steffens
Steffens William G.,born,1892,died,June 24-1952
Steffins Willie,born,1896,died,June 24-1952
Stelle Amma B., born,1892,died,1993,wife of,Charles W.Stelle
Stelle Charles W.,born,1885,died,1963
Stelle Eva Mae,born,March 1-1922,died,Feb.29-1984,wife of,John Wesley Stelle
Stelle Isaac Levi,born,1865,died,1945
Stelle John Wesley,born,Feb.21-1916,died,
Stelle Maker no inscription
Stelle Mary Ellen,born,1865,died,1947,wife of,Isaac Levi Stelle
Stelle Rachel Goins,born,March 8-1834,Tn,died,July17-1908,wife of,Isaac Stelle,wed,1853
Stephens Cheryle Lynette,born,Sept.22-1969,died, July 27-1994,daug.of,Don & Loverta Stephens
Stevens Edward L.,born,1900,died,Feb.14-1948,Ill.
Stevens John Wallace,born,Aug.1-1911,died,Oct.15-1985,son of,John Henry & Ann Middaugh Stevens
Stevens Joyce D., born,May 17-1911
Stevens Martha Jane,born,1883,died, Jan.11-1968,Tx.
Stevens William L.,born,1869,died,1942
Stilley Georgia  May,born,March 3-1903,died,April 7-1967
Stilley Rufus Dewayne,born,Oct.4-1892,died,April 20-1963,WWI
Stine Effie L.Crotzer, born,1892,died,July 18-1965,wife of,William Stines
Stine William R.,born,1881,died,Oct.31-1967
Stoeckel Anna Richter,born,1873,died,Nov.15-1959,wife of,Edmund A.Stoeckel
Stoeckel Edmund Adolph,born,1867,died,June 10-1937
Stockett Bill H.,born,Jan.22-1906,died,June 16-1976 WWII
Stockett Vina C., born,Jan.24-1903,died,Aoril 11-1975,wife of,Bill H.Stockett
Stoffer Charles C., born,March 5-1892,died,Dec.10-1964,WWI,
Stoffer Clarence Leroy,born,July 4-1927,died,Dec.1-1994,WWII
Stoffer Glen,born,June 28-1893,Oh.,died, July 28-1972,son of, Adolph  & Pearl Stoffer,WWI
Stoffer Lydia Gertrude,born,Nov.24-1903,Kan.,died,Sept.10-1968,daug.of,Wheeler Truitt
Stoffer Roy,born, Dec. 16-1890,died, July 20-1960,WWI
Stone Jean B.,born,Sept.6-1909,died,March 20-2002,wife of,John L.Stone,daug.of,Elias & Clara Deems Bowen
Stone J.R.
Stone Kenneth B., died,June 9-1939,Infant
Storck  John George,born,June 22-1915,died,Feb.7-1985
Stotts Annie Laura,born,April 21-1879,died,Sept.21-1953,wife of,Joseph Marion "Joe"Stotts
Stotts Dale C.,born,Sept.1903,died,Feb.26-1972
Stotts Joe Q.,born,June 23-1922,died,April 5-1945,WWII
Stotts Joseph Marion "Joe",born,Jan.4-1874,died,Jan.26-1950
Stout Montie Inez,born,Jan.19-1907,died,Feb.5-1988,wife of,Ralph Stout,daug.of,C.C.& Stella Wilson Snyder
Stout Ralph,born,Dec.6-1902,Ill,died,May 4-1989,son of,Linus & Mary Francis Stout
Stovall James C.,born,April 28-1902,died,May 6-1927
Stovall Nora E., born,Nov.23-1876,died,April 26-1926
Stratton Billy Frank ,born,July 17-1964,died,June 17-1982
Stratton Virginia,born,Oct.19-1936,died,March 12-1993
Strickland John L.,born,1902,died,1991
Strickland Laura l., born,1908,died,1989,wife of,John L.Strickland
Strickland T.J.,born,Aug.21-1992,died,June 1-1995,son of,Lee Ann Strickland
Stringer Mary C.Rhonemus, born,Nov.10-1837,died,Jan.24-1911
Sullivan Mary F.,born, Feb.12-1899,died,Jan.7-1964,daug.of,Thomas & Rebecca F.Strange McWatters
Sutlief Elvin F.Bill,born,June 21-1921,died,May 7-1969,WWII
Sutton Barney, born,May 27-1875,died,Oct.3-1941
Sutton Carlos A., born,July 14-1897,died,May 7-1968,WWII
Sutton Charles C., born, July 5-1905,died,June 15-1906,son of, Philip V.& Mary H.Sutton
Sutton Clifton, born, 1899,died, 1952
Sutton Kizzie Purteet, born,Jan.24-1840,died,Sept. 6-1914,wife of, W.T.Sutton
Sutton Mary H., born, 1862,died, 1930,wife of,Philip V.Sutton
Sutton Philip V., born, 1862,died,Sept.7- 1931
Sutton W.T., born, 1837,died,Nov.19-1922, 50 Ill. In Co.F
Sweeney Cynthia Iness,born,Dec.3-1894,died,Nov.24-1906,daug.of, E.T.& M.F.Sweeney
Swiercz Harriet T.,b,Sept.16-1938,d,July 16-2001,wife of,John Swiercz,daug.of,William & Margaret Majewski Beran
Sykes Martha,born,1821,died, 1913

Tanner Alta L., born,March 31-1927,died,March 31-1927
Tanner Caroline Bates,born,1844,died,Nov.28-1926
Tanner Clarence B., born,Nov.18-1904,died,Feb.21-1974
Tanner Emma F., born,Dec.24-1903,died,March 2-1994
Tanner K.Sylvester,b,Oct.7-1914,d,June 16-1924,husband of,Caroline Bates Tanner,CO.M 11 ILL. CAV.
Taylor Joel Thomas,died,May 13-1935, CO.K 1 ARK. CAV.
Tedford Donald A.,b,May 5-1919,d,May 29-2001,son of,Leroy & Etta Lemaster Tedford,wife,Lola B.Hart,wed,Sept.2-1940
Tenbrook Martha G., born,Dec.15-1860,died,Jan.24-1918
Tent Emma born,Jan.22-1882 Texas,died,May 17-1976 Florida
Terry Bill L.,born,Dec.17-1956,died,                   ,wed,Nov.19-1977
Terry Brandon Lee,died,April 12-1982,Infant son of,Bill L.& Phyllis Diane Terry
Terry Phyllis Diane,b,Aug.26-1958,d,April 12-1982,wife of,Bill L.Terry,daug.of,Fred & Maysell Botts Bama
Testerman I.W.,born,Oct.1-1860,died,July 23-1935
Testerman Karra,born,July 18-1873,died, July 15-1956
Thomas Clarice Garner,b,July 25-1896,d,July 13-1985,wife of, Jesse C.Thomas,daug.of,Osa & Bertha Wertz Elrod
Thomas Doshia,born,Jan.9-1894,died,Nov.19-1977,wife of,George C.Thomas Sr.
Thomas George C.Sr., born, Feb.13-1889,died, Feb.15-1966
Thomas Herbert G.Sr.,born,Oct.30-1910,d,May 26-1986,IN,son of,Jas.Brackinrdg & Minnie M.Disney Thomas
Thomas Infant, died,Dec.1-1941,son of, Joe Thomas
Thomas Irene, born, Nov. 28-1913,                   , wife of, Herbert G.Thomas
Thomas James Homer, born,April 3-1892,died,Sept.10-1926,son of,W.J.& Maud Knowles Thomas,WWI
Thomas Jesse C.,born,Oct.20-1895,died,April 15-1966,wed,April 16-1919
Thomas John P.,born,Oct.4-1923,died,Sept.14-1995,WWII
Thomas Lewis A., born,Dec.9-1898,died, 1931,son of,W.J.Thomas
Thomas Marjorie C,born,Aug.30-1930,died,               ,wife of,Robert R.Thomas,daug.of,Ray & Dora  Holloway Cole
Thomas Maud J., born,July 1-1862,died,Dec.25-1946,wife of,William Jesse Thomas
Thomas Robert R."Bob",born,Sept.20-1930,died,April 21-1990,son of,"Speck"& Nancy Squirrel Thomas
Thomas Theodoshia, born,Jan.9-1894 Mo,died,Nov.19-1977,daug.of, John & Ellen Bain McMinn
Thomas William Jesse, born, 1858,died, 1940
Thomas Willis Verne, died,May23-1937,Mo.
Thompson Daniel A., born,1873,died, 1928
Thompson Edward E.,born,1903,died,1924
Thompson Effie M.,born,1888,died,1960
Thompson Ella C.,born,1877,died,1932,wife of,Daniel A.Thompson
Thompson Floyd A.,born,Sept.14-1905
Thompson George Fin,born,1910,died,1973
Thompson Nina L.,born,Aug.8-1911,died,                  ,wife of,Floyd A.Thompson
Thompson Phillip G.,born,July 5-1938,died,Sept.26-1995
Thompson Willa Gay,born,1909,died,1990,wife of,George Fin Thompson
Thornhill Ira M., born,Jan.24-1892,died,Feb.14-1961,Vinita Ok.
Thornhill John B., born, 1850,died, 1935
Thornhill Mary A., born,Nov.19-1863,died,Sept.30-1907
Thornhill Merle, born,Feb.19-1916,died,Dec.19-1918
Thornton Benjamin C.,born,Sept.23-1891,Mo,died,Dec.10-1978,son of,Henry & Jane Teeters Thornton
Thornton Lowell R.,born,Jan.18-1924,died,May 9-1947 WWII
Thornton Mary Melvina,born,Oct.11-1895,Mo,died,Aug.18-1972,daug.of,Jim & Jennie Brown Hunter
Tipton Susie Medlin, born,July 6-1903,died,Jan.27-1996
Todd John A.,born,1866,died,Sept.22-1923
Todd Robert S.,born,Sept.8-1902,died,July 8-1964,son of,John A.Todd,(Shawnee Indian)
Todd Virginia Duncan, born,Aug.18-1930,died,April 23-1975
Tomlinson Charles T., born, 1840,died, 1912
Tomlinson Clara A.Wisor, born, 1895,died, 1962,wife of, Daniel O.Tomlinson
Tomlinson Daniel O., born, 1892,died,
Tomlinson Malinda J. born, 1859,died, 1943,wife of,Charles T.Tomlinson
Tracy Betty A.Gritner,born,June 13-1906,MN,died,May 27-1983,wife of,Dewey F.Tracy
Tracy Dewey F.,born,June 4-1906,WV,died,Dec.29-1969,son of,C.O.& Emma Arbogart Tracy
Trent Emma, born, 1882, died, 1976
Trent Emma Lorene, born, 1916,died, 1931,daug.of, John  Robert & Emma Trent
Trent John Robert, born,Nov.13-1881,died,Nov.17-1962
Troutman Elizabeth ,born,Jan.26-1842,died,July 8-1933,Colo,wife of, Travis Troutman
Troutman Travis,born,Oct.14-1836,died,Jan.29-1916
Troutman Travis Levi,born,Nov.16-1869,died,May 12-1919
Truman A.Irene,born,Sept.22-1906,died,April 25-1992,wife of,Henry L.Truman
Truman Henry L.,born,Nov.5-1909,died, June 20-1992
Turner Audress Gene Baker,died,Jan.22-1999,wife of,Vernon Turner Sr.,wed,Sept.27-1940
Turner C.Joe,born,Oct.4-1936,died,Jan.14-1995
Turner Elmo Edward,born,July 20-1920,Mo.,died,May 18-1978,WWII,son of,Doss L.& Florence Marrs Turner
Turner George James, born,March 18-1925,died, March 8-1929,son of,G.J.& Jennie Turner
Turner Laura,born,1904,died,Dec.29-2002,wife of,Marion Euphrates Turner
Turner Marion Euphrates, born,Feb.29- 1904,Tx.,died,April 23-1982,son of, John & Lizzie Turner
Turner Nettie, born,June 16-1907,Ar,died,Nov.6-1982, Mo,daug.of,Benjamin & Hattie Summers
Turner Vernon Sr."Doc",born,March 17-1919,died,Aug.18-2001,son of,Doss L.& Florence L.Marrs Turner,WWII
Tyler May E., born,June 26-1852,died,Sept.3-1930
Tyler Thomas M., born,Aug.7-1883,died,Dec.6-1958

Vanhoose Alma E.,born,1904,died,1993
Vail Gertrude A.,born,1909,died,1996,wife of,Rufus C.Vail
Vail Rufus C.,born,Oct.6-1889,died,April 4-1975
VanHoose Ross D.,born,Oct.16-1920,died,Jan.28-1980,WWII
Vanhoose Rudolph,born,1901,died,1984
Vann David W., born, 1857,died, 1938
Vann Faye V.,born,July 4-1895,died,April 17-1973,son of,David W.& Martha Purcell Vann.
Vann Floye E., born, 1893,died, 1980
Vann Martha Purcell,born,1869,died, 1937
Vann Virginia Purcell ,died,Aug.6-1937,wife of,Dave W.Vann
Vaughan Albert,born,Feb.27-1877,died,Jan.8-1952
Vaughan William Albert, 1948,died,Jan.8-1952
Vems Nannie E., born,Jan.25-1889Mo,died,March 14-1971,daug.of, Henry G.& Sarah Lyons Hudson
Venis Alvin W., born,Feb.1-1893 In,died,March 1-1974,son of,DeWayne & Idabelle McMindes Venis
Venis Beulah,died,June-1911,daug.of,E.E.& S.M.Venis
Venis D.A.,born,Feb.26-1866,died,Aug.12-1921
Venis Ethan E,born,Nov.9-1889,died,Nov.9-1982
Venis Eula F.,born,Jan.13-1895,died,Jan.30-1988
Venis Ida McMindes,born,Sept.20-1857,died,May 19-1935,wife of, D.A.Venis
Venis Infant, died, 1912,daug.of, E.E.& S.M.Venis
Venis Nannie E.,born,1889,died,1971,wife of,Alvin W.Venis
Venis William U,b,Feb.11-1922,d,May 24-1945,Okinawa Island,WWII,son of,Alvin & Nannie E.Venis
Vernatti Gwendolyn,born, 1915,died, 1933
Vernatti John A., born, 1921,died, 1930
Vernatti Maude B., born, 1884,died, 1976
Vernatti Ruby L.,born,July 4-1894,died,July 14-1975,wife of,William J.Vernatti
Vernatti William J.,born,June 5-1892,died,June 1-1966
Vincent Albert F.,born,Aug.27-1899,Ark.,died,Jan.15-1978,Washington
Vincent Albert Jason,born, 1926,died,Sept.5- 1932
Vincent Albert Valentine,born,April 9-1870,died,July 3-1957
Vincent Francis Elizabeth,born,Jan.15-1870,died,Nov.30-1949,wife of,Albert Valentine Vincent
Vincent James Alvin,1905,died,July 13-1950
Vincent Ruby Harret Miles,born,Dec.13-1902,died,July 24-1949,wife of,Albert F.Vincent
Vogel Edward L., born, 1899,died,March 5-1953,son of,Henry Vogel
Vogen Sophia,born,1874,died,June 9-1954
Vogler Edward L.,born,1898,died,March 5-1953
Vogler Henry,born,1870,died,May 4-1956
Vogler Herbert,born,March 2-1914,died,March 6-1914
Vogler Sedone S.,born,1874,died,May 4-1956

Walden  Herman Herman F.,born,March 19-1897,died,Aug.19-1972
Walden Pearl L.,born,Jan.25-1897,died,April 15-1964,daug.of, John & Dovie Victoty Richards
Waldon Herman Fredrick,born,March 19-1897,Mo,died,Aug.19-1972,son of,Dave & Lucy Shira Waldon
Waldon Joann,born, June 26-1933,died,March 27-1934,infant of, Herman F.Walden
Waldon Otis Lee.,born,1918,died,1920
Waldon Pearl L.,born,Jan.25-1897,died,April 15-1964,daug.of,John Christopher D.& Iris Dovie Victory Richard
Waldon Polly Ann, born,Sept.4-1939,died,Sept.21-1943
Walker Arthur B.,born,1890,died,1966
Walker Barbara M.,born,Dec.27-1910,daug.of, Richard D.& Cora Lee Walker
Walker Clarence F.,born,1926,died,Oct.26-1929
Walker Cora Lee,born,Nov.2-1889,died,Sept.23-1968,wife of,Richard D.Walker
Walker Dora B.,born,1890,died,1964,wife of,Arthur B.Walker,wed,Feb.3-1909
Walker Mary M.,b,1853,d,March 31-1922,wife of,Percy Ladd Walker,daug.of,James P.& Mary J.Wilson Audrain
Walker Nannie E.,born,May 26-1874 Ar,died,Dec.15-1955,daug.of, John B.& Sarah Trail
Walker Percy Ladd, born, 1849, died, 1940
Walker Richard D.,born,Feb.18-1879,died,Dec.21-1969,son of, Jake & Tennesse Harper Walker
Wallace Edward Brown,b,Jan.27-1932,d,May 17-2000,son of,Everitt Eugene & Ella Mae Glass Wallace
Wallen Ben H.,born,June18-1896,Mo,died,June19-1972,son of,Edward & Meredith Tucker Wallen
Wallen Charles L., born,Feb.11-1883,died,Feb.16-1920
Wallen Edward,S.born,1854,died,Dec.24-1935
Wallen Elsie S.,b,June 30-1891,d,Dec.16-1984,wife of,Jack S.Wallen,daug.of, PhilipV.& Elizabeth Moore Sutton
Wallen Grace,born,1902,died,1990,wife of,Ben H.Wallen
Wallen Jack L.,born,Dec.3-1889,Mo,died,July 7-1973,son of,S.D.Wallen
Wallen Jack D.V.,b,April 11-1891,Mo,d,March 26-1960,son of,Edward S.& Catherine Tucker Wallen,WWI
Wallen James L., born,Feb.14-1887,died,May 21- 1918, Pvt2 M.G.CO.1 Div.BN USA
Wallen Lorain H.,born,1898,died,1977,wife of,Richard Wallwn
Wallen Marada C., born,1855,died, 1944
Wallen Mintie ,born,1857,died,June 27-1929
Wallen Richard F., born, 1898,died,June 8-1964,Dearborn MI,
Wallen Shade V., born, 1860,died,July 7- 1937
Ward Clara Nelle,b,June 28-1914,d,Feb.16-2002,wife of,Sam L.Ward,daug.of,Homer O.& Josie Routon Paden
Ward Doris Elizaberth,born,1913,died,Aug.11-1999,wife George C.Ward
Ward George,born,Oct.22-1907,died,Feb.15-1986,son of,Charles & Lidia Esther Grigsby Ward,WWII
Ward Samuel L., born,July 24-1911,died,April 6-1979,son of,William H.& Naomi Spradlin Ward,wed,1937
Ward William West, born,May 12-1962,died,Aug.21-1905,son of,James & Esther Ward Jr.
Wardrope Clara Dell,born,Oct.8-1874,died,Sept.17-1950,wife of,George H.Wardrope
Wardrope George H., 1861,died,June 25-1931
Warner Clara V., born,March 6-1909,died,Jan.27-1991
Warren Harold R., born, 1915,died, 1974, U.S.Army
Warren Maude E., born,Dec.23-1885,died,Feb.21-1968,wife of, Samuel A.Warren
Warren Samuel A.,born,Jan.4-1877,died,July 19-1962
Warren Varez Eshmel,born,June 21-1899,died,Jan.23-1976  Picture
     Warren Pearl Ava,born,Dec.18-1912,died,April 23-1988,wife of,Varez Eshmel Warren
Watts Avery Dean, Nov.5-1949
Weatherby Winnie Rachel Rennecker,born,Jan.6-1906,Ark.,died,Aug.6-1980,daug.of,John Turner Casey,& Mary Russell
Weeks Adam, born, 1914,died, 1918, son of,Thomas & Freida Weeks
Weigl John R., Nov.10-1931
Weigl Virginia L.,  Nov.26-1930, wife of,John R.Weigl
Weir Anna T., born,Jan.15-1885,Ar,died,Feb.2-1939,daug.of,Thos & Frances Strange McWalters
Weir Earl J.H.,born,March 25-1915,died,June 6-1988,son of,Rexie James & Ann McWatters Weir
Weir Ralph Rex, born,July 14-1911,died,Feb.12-1961,Ft.Collins Co.
West Charley M., born,June 22-1903,died,Oct.16-1966,son of,Belle West,(Cherokee Indian)
West Rose Jaeronski, born, 1909,died,Jan.27-1960,Vinita Ok.
West Sarah J., born,Oct.25-1830,died,Aug.13-1908,wife of,E.R.West
Westling Eva,born,July 19-1892,I.T,died,Feb.8-1989,daug.of,Wilson B.& Cythia Ann Manners
Weston David Merlin, born,May 3-1920,died,May 18-1986,son of,Pierce & Myrtle Crockett Weston
Weston Gloria, born, Jan.12-1920,died,Feb.26-1983
Weston H.S. Rev.,born, 1834,died,Oct.19-1918
Weston Hugh S., born,Dec.9-1907,died,Jan.18-1962,Hasting NE,son of,Walter & Myrtle Crockett Weston
Weston Isaac, born,March 11-1811,died,March 25-1890
Weston Lester, born,Oct.20-1909,died,Feb.1-1930,son of, Pierce & Myrtle Crockett Weston
Weston Myrtle, born, 1883,died,June 29-1941,Claremore Ok,wife of,Walter Pierce Weston
Weston Ruthie J., born,July 25-1889,died,Sept. 3-1919
Weston Walter Pierce, born, 1876,Mo,died, 1921
Weston Walter Pierce, born,Sept.8-1913,died,Sept.14-1991,WWII
Wheeler E.R. Rev., born,1833,died,1927
Whipkey Clarence M.,born,1913,died,1982
Whipkey Gladys, born,1920,died,                 wife of,Clarence M.Whipkey
Whipkey Henry B., born, 1887,died,Oct.19-1961,son of,A.B.& Mary Whipkey
Whipkey Jacqueline,born,Aug.8-1928,died,Nov.13-2001,daug.of,William C.&Virginia A.Russell Moore
Whipkey Mary E.,born,1891,died,1964,wife of, Henry B.Whipkey
White Elmer,born,June 26-1859,died,April 16-1919
White James A.Jr., born, 1922,died,Nov.22-1933,son of,James A.White
White James Arthur,born,Jan.14-1888,Ill,died,April 30-1969,son of,S.W.& Nancy J.McCarmack White,WWI
White James Earl,born,May 19-1931,died,Jan.13-1992,wed,Oct.28-1949
White Jessie ,born, March 4-1901,died,April 16-1919,wife of,Elmer White
White Mary Evelyn,born,Aug.19-1931,died,Nov.16-1994,wife of,James Earl White
White Nola E.,b,April 3-1892,d,Oct.27-1984,Wife of,James A.White,daug.of,Wilson & Ellen Pendergraff Baker
White William,born,Sept.12-1890,died,April 16-1982
Wiford Austin A.,born,1870,died,1948
Wiford Creola M.,born,April 29-1912,died,May 13-1996,wife of,Wilmoth C.Wiford
Wiford Katie Maud, born, 1902,died, 1910
Wiford Laura E.Crockett,born,Sept.25-1878,died,Aug.31-1969,wife of,Austin A.Wiford
Wiford Wilmoth C"Buster",born,March 1-1905,died,Sept.8-1979,son of,Austin & Laura E.Crockett Wiford
Wiles Maurice Dale,born,Jan.4-1937,died,July 21-1944   Picture
Williams Cora Mae,born,Jan.17-1880,died,Feb.8-1954,wife of,Joe Williams
Williams David L.,born,June 9-1907,died,Oct.23-1990
Williams Delcie N., born,Jan.20-1920,died,                 ,wife of,Lee O."Mutt"Williams
Williams Joe L.,born,Sept.2-1885,died,Feb.8-1955,Tulsa Ok.
Williams John
Williams John L.,born,May 30-1908,died,Aug.20-1981,son of,Lewis & Rose Reams Williams
Williams Lee O."Mutt ", born, June 3-1914,died,March 22-1994
Williams M.Lottie,born,Jan.6-1910,died,March28-1991,wife of,John L.Williams
Williams Mabel Lucille,born,Feb.1-1908,died,Jan.28-1968,Tx,wife of,W.H."Bill" Williams.
Williams Mariam R.,born,Sept.28-1906,died, April 4-1997,wife of, David L.Williams
Williams Nathaniel T.,born,Jan.31-1850,died,Aug.1928
Williams Tony A.,born,1984,died,March 2-2001
Wiiliams W.H."Bill",
Williston Arlon Stanford,born,1941,died,June 16-1955,son of,Henry & Mabel Montgomery Williston
Williston Henry S.,born,1906,died,1992
Williston Mabel R.,born,1917,died,                  ,wife of,Herny S.Williston
Wilmot Eliza Mathis,died,Feb.30-1936,wife of,W.S.Wilmot
Wilmoth Arthur "Art" P. ,born,March 1-1886,died,May 33-1973
Wilmoth Dorothy T., born,March 23-1920,died,Dec.13-1977,wife of,Stephen"Steve"E.Wilmoth
Wilmoth Eda,born,1890,died, 1931,wife of,Arthur Wilmoth
Wilmoth Eliza,born,1893,died, 1936
Wilmoth Ettie Jean,born,May 7-1891,died,April 15-1982,wife of,Robert H.Wilmoth
Wilmoth Ollie M.Standeford,born,Dec.3-1921,died,Feb.12-1998,wife of,Robert LLoyd Wilmoth
Wilmoth Robert H.,born,May 1-1888,died,July 20-1969
Wilmoth Robert Lloyd"Red",b,March 14-1923,d,May 27-2001,son of,Robert H.& Ettie Jane Franklin Wilmoth,WWII
Wilmoth Stephen"Steve" E.,born,July 18-1912,died,Feb.19-2002,son of,Arthur P.& Eda Mathis Wilmoth
Wilmoth Vallie Lane,born,April 11-1890,died,June 7-1955
Wilson Alma Dean,born,Aug.18-1922,died,May 24-1994,daug.of, A.H.& Annie Sparkman
Wilson Beatrice Elizabeth,born,Kan.,daug.of,John & Ella Glass Thomson
Wilson Charles David, Aug.4-1900,died,March 21-1983,son of,Samuel & Maggie Butterfield Wilson (Indian)
Wilson Chloe A.,born,May 22-1915,Mo,died,Feb. 3-1976,daug.of,W.F.& Emma McGlosson Anderson
Wilson Clay R.,born,Feb.12-1912,died,Sept.29-1975,WWII
Wilson Esther Grindle,born,Aug.18-1909,died,                   ,wife of,Charles David Wilson,wed,Feb.28-1937
Wilson Grace,born,1899,died,1976
Wilson James Hugh,born,Oct.27-1918,died,Nov.17-1969,WWII
Wilson James "Jim",born, Oct. 15 1889 TX,died,  April 9 1973 MO, wife Beatrice Wilson, son of William & Sue Murray Wilson
Wilson Jerry B., born,Nov.16-1909,died,Feb.22-1947,WWII
Wilson Joe H.,born,1925,died,May 10-2001
Wilson Joe R., born,May 17-1888,died,Jan.4-1945
Wilson Lela Maude,born,1902,died,1996,wife of,Lysle Leo Wilson
Wilson Lysle Leo,born,Feb.2-1901,died,1970,son of,C.A.Wilson (Indian)
Wilson Maggie Permelia,born,April 1-1875,died,Aug.10-1958,wife of,Samuel Wilson
Wilson Opal,born,Sept.24-1909,died,March 26-1990
Wilson Orville "Tobe",born,1911,died,1970
Wilson R.Lee,born,1897,died,1968
Wilson Robert Scott,born,July 17-1910,died,Sept.28-1920
Wilson Sammy Allen, born, 1939,died,April 30-1956,son of,Dave C.& Esther Grindle Wilson (Indian)
Wilson Samuel,born,Aug.25-1866,died,Jan.10-1956
Wilson Vivian R.,born,1917,died,                     ,wife of,Orville "Tobe"Wilson
Winter Catherine Elizabeth,born,1861,died,Sept.14-1952
Winter Clara ,born,1888,died,1965,wife of,John F.Winter
Winter John F.,born,July 2-1885,died,Feb.8-1968,son of, Ernest & Catherine Hesse Winter
Winter Lydia E.,born,1877,died,Dec.14- 1964,wife of,E.Rudolf Winter
Winter E.Rudolf,born, 1885,died,June 15-1962
Wiseman Chelsea,born,Aug.20-1909,died,Oct.4-1993,wife of,Clarence F.Wiseman
Wiseman Clarence F.,born,Oct.11-1898,died,May 13-1980
Wisher Leonard,died, July 16-1937
Wisor Walter J., born, 1912,died, 1956,son of,Clara Tomlinson
Witte Donald Lee,born,Dec.22-1961,died,Nov.11-2002,son of,David Lee & P.J.Hoover Witte
Wood Patricia Lenore,b,July 6-1932,d,Feb.18-2002,wife of,James Lee Wood Jr,daug.of,Wyly Orr & Vauntreba Huggins
Woods Francis Earl,wife,Blache Woods,son of,Frank O.& Cora I.Weaver Woods
Woods Hugh W.,born,Jan.12-1889,died,Nov.4-1976,WWI
Woods John Wallace,born,May 28-1857,died,Nov.9-1947
Woods Lola A.,born,1862,died,1944
Woods Lula Blanch,born,Dec.1-1900,died,June 24-1990,wife of,Hugh W.Woods,daug.of,Raney Evans
Woodson John P., born,March 7-1851,died,Oct.9-1921
Wormington J.W.,born,1864,died,July 13-1934
Wormington,Lula J.,born,April 4-1871,Ar.,died,May 29-1967
Worthington Edna M., born, Dec.17-1890,died,Sept.17-1960
Worthington Powell Bud,born,Sept.4-1914,died,Nov.30-1974,son of,William & Grace Robinson Worthington
Worthington Thomas M., born,Sept.30-1877,died,Oct. 2-1940
Wright Eliza, born, 1852, died,April 20-1929,daug.of, William Twistell,Tenn.
Wright Jesse M., born, 1894, died, 1958
Wright James E.,born,Oct.24-1916,died,July 13-1986
Wright Jo Ann, born,April 9-1921,died,                  , wife of,James E.Wright
Wynn Claud E., born,June 18-1894,died,April 3-1964
Wynn Herbert E., born,Feb.1-1922,died,Sept.25-1942, on,U.S.S.Indiana U.S.Navy
Wynn John Roy, born, 1892,died,Dec.27-1952
Wynn Winnie Arlie, born, 1890,died,Jan.5-1931,Mrs.John Wynn

Yager Minnie L., born,Nov.29-1882,died,Nov.6-1966,wife of,Samuel Yager
Yager Samuel ,born,Sept.12-1871,died,Nov.24-1933
Young Charlie,born, 1888,died, 1963
Young Girtie Darnell, born, 1899,died,May 5-1935,wife of,Charles Young
Young Gladys,born,Aug.8-1904,died,June 12-1975,daug.of,Tom & Alice Bain Gibson

Zellmer Ferd,born,Nov.21-1883,Rus,died,Jan.12-1966
Zerbe Elizabeth,born, Born,Oct. 8-1858,died, May 25-1927
Zoellmer Christina,born,Nov.9-1862,died,March 3-1947,wife of,Wilhelm Zoellmer
Zoellmer Wilhelm,born,Feb.9-1861,died,July 18-1927

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