Wyandotte, Ottawa Co., OK
Sec. 21, Twp, 27, R 24
Highway 60

Able Billie Pearl, born,           died,           ,wife of,Vearl Able          Picture
     Able Vearl,born,Sept.16-1908,died,Jan.26-1975,son of,Robert Ables
Able Infant ,died,Aug.27-1939,son of,Vearl Able
Addington Mary Louise, born,1876,died,May 20-1946,wife of, J.T.Addington
Allen Ethel Lousie Kelly,born,1928,died,July 20-1974,wife of,Kenneth M.Allen
Allen Kenneth Mike,born,1919,died,Jan.17-1979
Allinder Sylvia T., born,1908,died,Aug.22-1993,wife of,Fred Allinder Picture
Allsup Tilmon A.H., born,Nov.14-1842,died,Jan.17-1877   Picture
Anderson Arthur,born,Jan.7-1894,died,Nov.7-1972,son of,John J.Anderson(Seneca Indian)     Picture
Anderson Delbert, Dec.31-1932
Anderson Emma,born,1882,died,Dec.9-1932,wife of,W.Fredric"Fred"Anderson
Anderson Infant,died,Jan.5-1933,son of,Paul Anderson
Anderson John J., born,July 2-1857,died,Feb.21-1931   Picture
Anderson Loma T.,born,March 9-1904,died,May 24-1943,wife of,Arthur Anderson      Picture
Anderson Paulene H.,  age 2 years, 1Mo.    Picture
Anderson Paul Fred, born,July 1-1901,died,April 8-1958  Picture
Anderson Rebbecca E.,born,Jan.5-1865,died,March 27-1942,wife of, John J.Anderson     Picture
Anderson Thomas Radford.,b,July 2-1957,Al,d,Jan.25-1989,U.S.Army,son of, Bill & Doris Jackson Anderson   Picture
Anderson Welva B., born,Aug.10-1915,died,Sept.12-1998   Picture
Anderson W. Fredric, born,1882,diedAug.17-1952
Angel, Robert F.  b. 9-3-1953   d. 2-13-1974  Picture
Aquirre John Milton, born,Sept.4-1939,died,July 20-1991,U.S.Air Force
Arbuckle Jerry Wayne, born,Aug.20-1962,died,June 9-1963,son of,John & Judy Arbuckle
Armstrong Catherine,born,1847,died,Nov.6-1913
Armstrong Mariah M., born,June 27-1848,died,Sept.11-1893,wife of,Silas Armstrong
Armstrong Silas, born,Feb.4-1843,died,Jan.10-1907
Arnold Robert, born,June18-1898,died,May 26-1948,son of, R.M.Arnold Picture
     Arnold Irene,born,July 19-1909,died,             ,wife of, Robert Arnold
Ashbaugh Henry H,born,March 10-1907,died,Feb.21-1961,World War II,

Bacon Nathanael,born,June 11-1912,died,June 13-1912,son of,W.Bacon
Bailey David S., born,March 5-1866,died,March 4-1889,son of,W.D.& F.M.Bailey
Bailey George W.,born,June 11-1909,died,Dec.17-1982   Picture
     Bailey Gladys O.,born,March 25-1899,died,Aug.8-1978,wife of,George W.Bailey
Bailey Lloyd T.,  April 27-1891
Bailey Rebecca F.,born,Oct.3-1887,died,                    ,wife of, Lloyd T.Bailey
Baker Agens, born,Oct.9-1898,died,May 23-190  ,daug.of,J.H.& N.A.Baker
Ball Charles Oakey,born,1902,died,Sept.10-1978    Picture
     Ball Jessie E.Smith,born,1902,died,Feb.11-1971,wife of,Charles Oakey Ball,wed,March 8-1922
Barnard Joe,born,Feb.14-1940,died,March 9-1995    Picture
     Barnard Linda Sue,born,Sept.7-1942,died,                ,wife of, Joe Barnard
Bash Emma, born,1859,died,April 4-1931
Baucom Nancy A., age 76 years,6 mo., 3 days
Bearskin,born,1851,died,July 21-1875     Picture
Bearskin Alvin Wesley,born,Jan.6-1919,died,Dec.18-1999,U.S.Army Picture
Bearnskin Hannah,born,April 1869,died,Oct.-1870
Bearskin Joe,born,Aug.20-1901,died,June 28-1979
Bearskin John,born,Jan.4-1865,died,June 3-1929
Bearskin  Leland S,born,Sept.11-1921,died,Oct. 5- 1993,Chief Wyandotte Nation,U.S.Air Force     Picture
Bearskin Linda Jo,born,Aug.30-1951,died,May 17-1952,daug.of ,Joe & ? Cunningham Bearskin (Indian)
Bearskin Mary Kay, born,March 16-1952,died,Dec.20-1965  Picture
Bearskin Ova J.,born,Feb.17-1916,died,Sept.13-1989
Bearskin Ramona,born,Feb.16-1903,died,Feb.27-1903,daug.of,W.& R.Bearskin
Bearnskin Susan,born,March 20-1867,died, 1876,
Bearskin Willaim,born,1842,died,March 2-1899, CO.I 16 Kan. Cav.
Beckley C.L.,born,Nov.8-1865,died,March 18-1919
Beeman Jane,b,March 12-1863,d,Oct.22-1936,wife,James Beeman,daug,Fieldon & Sarah Chaplian Coffee
Beggs Alice C.,born,Sept.23-1858,died,Nov.16-1909,wife of,M.Beggs  Picture
Beggs Clothilda,died,Nov.18-1909,wife of Micheal Beggs,daug of, Robitalle
Beggs Micheal M.,born,1859,died,  1944    Picture
Belt John J.,born,Oct.27-1893,died,Dec.30-1971    Picture
Belt Mary E.,born,Feb.20-1895,died,Nov.25-1967    Picture
Bennett Billie Clara,b,March 28-1934,d,April 20-1964,son of,Chloe Wilson,Okla.Sp4 Women's Army Corps.
Bennett William James,born,Feb.4-1922,died,May 14-1972,WW II,son of,Wiliam J.Bennett     Picture
Biddle James M.,born,March 4-1839,died,Nov.3-1914   Picture
Bird James R.,born,July 5-1872 Mo,died,Oct.10-1946,son of,Henry K.& Francis Willbanks Bird
Bird Mart Henry,born,1884 Mo.,died,Sept.15-1952,son of,Kay & Frances Wilbanks Bird         Picture
     Bird Myrtle Parks,b,March14-1890,d,Aug.28-1955,wife,Mart Henry Bird,daug,Charley & Saphronia Parks
Blackburn Irene Brodrick,born,1931,died,Jan.23-1985,wife of,Ray Blackburn Picture
Blaylock JoAnn,born,April 21-1939,died,                   ,wed,Oct.4-1958,wife of,Robert Wayne Blaylock
Blaylock Robert Wayne,born,Aug.9-1939,died,Oct.8-1993
Blaylock William Perry,born,March 7-1852,died,Aug.5-1904
Blevins Albert Cecil,born,Feb.5-1911,died,Nov.15-1979   Picture
     Blevins Alta May,born,Oct.23-1912,died,Oct.29-1987,wife of,Albert Cecil Blevins
Blevins Marvin Dale,"Calico",born,June 18-1940,died,Jan.2-1993 Picture
Blevins Melvin Gale,born,June18-1940,died,Jan.24-1966   Picture
Bluejacket Carrie Elizabeth,b,April16-1859,d,Sept.30-1943,wife,Charles Bluejacket,daug,Wm.T.& Lucinda Foreman     Picture
Bluejacket Charles,born,Nov.-1831,died,May 3-1907,wife,Carry E.Bluejacket (Shawnee Indian)     Picture
Bluejacket Clyde Leroy, b,July 22-1903,d,Feb.8-1985,WW II,son of,Charles & Carry E.Bluejacket(Shawnee)     Picture
Bluejacket Darrell Lee,born,Sept.7-1937,died,Aug.25-1990  Picture
Bluejacket Doris F.Marshall,born,1891,died,April 14-1985,wife of,Walter Lane Bluejacket     Picture
Bluejacket Edward Harrison (Tobe),b,Nov.27-1887,d,Oct. 20-1959,son,Charles & Carrie E.Forman Bluejacket     Picture
Bluejacket Juanita F.,born,Aug.4-1923,died,May 13-1997  Picture
Bluejacket Julian B.,born,March 6-1910,died,April 9-1970,WWII & Korea     Picture
Bluejacket Leonard L.,born,June 30-1919,died,June 12-1985  Picture
Bluejacket Walter Lane,b,Aug.16-1885,d,July 29-1941,son,Charles & Carrie Forman Bluejacket,(Miami Indian)  Picture
Bluejacket William T.,born,Sept.24-1893,died,Feb.12-1943,son of,Charles & Carry E.Bluejacket,(Shawnee)     Picture
Bolles Gilbert Wayne,born,Feb.3-1915,died,May 5-1991,   Picture
     Bolles Josephine Cotter,born,Nov.14-1914,died,                ,wife of,Gilbert Wayne Bolles
Bowers Chalmer Cleve,born,Feb.4-1900,died,Jan.23-1982   Picture
Bowers Curtis Cleve,born,1933,died,      1939 Picture
Bowman Harold L.,born,April 5-1961,Mo.,died,April 5-2002,Mo.,son of,Charles & Frances Ellsworth Bowman
Boyd David, born,Nov.16-1896,died,Nov.22-1896,son of,O.G.& E.M.Boyd
Boyd Daniel S.,born,Nov.28-1831,died,Oct.26-1904   Picture
Boyd O.G.,born,Nov.15-1858,died,March 21-1912    Picture
Boyd Olie.,born,March 22-1893,died,Nov.8-1895,son of,O.G.& E.M.Boyd
Boyd Willie,born,Aug.16-1899,died,March 1-1900,son of,O.G.& E.M.Boyd
Bradley  Ernestine Peacock,born,Nov.8-1918,died,April 24-1996 Picture
Bradley Edward B.,born,1883,died,July 21-1964    Picture
Bradley Fred T.,born,Dec.24-1884,died,May 5-1907,son of, J.T.& M.E.Bradley     Picture
Bradley Jane,born,Oct.14-1877,died,April 6-1915,wife of, Jesse F.Bradley Picture
Bradley Millie E., born.,Oct.6-1855,died,March 4-1926   Picture
Brady Gail Rose,born,May 12-1952,died,Sept.12-2002,son of,Thomas & Gertrude Jones Lankford
Brady Judith E.,born,Jan.5-1946,died,June 19-1974
Bragg Cenna M.,born,Jan.28-1975,died,Feb.3-2000
Brewer Earl, born,1902,died,       1957 Picture
Brewer Georgia,born,Jan.11-1905,died,Jan.28-1974,wife of,Earl Brewer,daug.of,George Tate     Picture
Brewer Helen Faye,born,Feb.1-1947,died,May 9-1984   Picture
Brewer Mary Nell,born, May 25-1922,died,Sept.20-1997
Brewer Ray,born,April 26-1918 Oh,died,July 8-1970,WWII,son of,William B.& Mary Back Brewer     Picture
Brewer William Kenneth "Rabbit",b,Nov.6-1944,d,Aug.20-2001,sonf,Ray & Mary Nell Castleberry Brewer
Brewster Sarah J,born,1836,died,       1927
Bridges Mary E.,born,Sept.6-1922,died,Oct.31-1995   Picture
Brittle Shannon,b,March 3-1933,d,July 11-2002,wife,Laura Jane Harper,son,Clarence & Edna Ryan Brittle
Brittle T., born,1886,died,      1969 Picture
Brodrick Chester H.Sr.,born,Nov.21-1901,died,Aug.4-1970,son of,Edward & Ella Brodrick      Picture
     Brodick Dorothy M.,born,1908,died,April 20-1971,wife of,Chester H.Brodrick,wed,Nov.20-1927
Brodrick Dorothy Ann Morrison,born,1934,died,Aug.30-1965,wife of,Bill Brodrick     Picture
Brodrick Glen G.,born,Sept. 25-1911,died,June 29-1986
Brodick Isaac J,born,Aug.1-1861,d,Sept.22-1945,husband of,Sarah,son of,Samuel & Leona Lucus Brodick
Brodrick James L.,born,Jan.30-1926,died,Feb.15-1945,WW II  Picture
Brodrick Jennie J.,born,1891,died,Nov.22-1965    Picture
Brodrick Roy Isaac, born,Dec.27-1943,died,Jan. 22-1993, Vietnam Picture
Brodrick Theodosia Teddy, born,Sept.22-1912,died,                ,wed,Dec.27-1929,wife of,Glen G.Brodrick
Brooks Ervin J. Rev.,born,Feb.15-1909,died,Oct.19-1999  Picture
     Brooks Ruby L. Rev.,born,Sept.5-1911,died,May 21-1981,wife of,Rev.Ervin J.Brooks
Brooks Lloyd Lee,born,July 22-1932,died,June 6-2002,wife,Vera Faye Leader,son of,Ervin & Ruby Brooks  P1P2
Brow Eliza A.,born,March 1822,died,              ,wife of,Isaac Brow     Picture
Brow Isaac,born,1822,died,April 15-1879
Brow James A.,born,Dec.21-187 ,died,Nov.19-19
Brown Alpheus H.  Mar 10, 1873   Mar 3, 1914  Picture 1
Brown Annie E.,born,Nov.9-1881,died,May 8-1882,daug.of,E.H.& Malinda K.Brown
Brown Arthur,born,Sept.30-1884,In,died,Feb.26- 1957,son of, Niles & Mary Brown
Brown E.H., born,Sept.1-1845,died,Nov.17-1918    Picture
     Brown Malinda K.,born, April 22-1849,died,Oct. 4-1927,wife of, E.H.Brown
Brown Ellen Mary Meree,born,1933,died,Oct.29- 1934
Brown Erma Maxine,b,Mar.23-1922,d,Dec.30-1972,w/o,Gearl Brown,d/o,Floyd D.& Florence McGuirk  P1
     Brown Gearl,born,Oct.13-1918,died,Nov.9-1996,WWII,husband of,Ruby Wheeler,wed,Dec.14-1978   P2
Brown Gearl James,born,Sept.5-1941,died,Jan.22-1964,son of,Gearl & ? Hubbell Brown     Picture
Brown Harold Gene,born,Sept.15-1950,died,Feb.1-2002,son of,Hobart & Gladys Dilliner Brown
Brown Hurman,born,April 24-1923,died,March 17-1992   Picture
     Brown Will Ella,born,Dec.24-1922,died, (no date)  wed,Dec.19-1942
Brown John D.,Kansas Co.H16 CAV.     Picture   Picture 2
Brown Leefay, born,1925,died,      1927 Picture
Brown Lonnie Gene,born,Oct. 6-1946     Picture
     Brown Phyllis Audrey,born,Aug.23-1950,died,Feb.5-1988,wife of, Lonnie Gene Brown
Brown Mary Ellen,b,June 14-1890,d,Nov.30-1963,wife of,Arthur Brown,daug,Sam & Eliza Bowman Barnhart
Brown Mary Ellen,died,Oct.28-1934,Infant daug.of, Arthur Brown
Brown Rachel E., born,Nov.9-1881,died,May 8-1882,daug.of, E.H.& Malinda.K.Brown
Brown Ray Frank,born,1892,died,Aug.12-1962    Picture
     Brown Nona Pearl,born,1896,died,       1984,wife of, Ray Frank Brown
Brown Roy R."Shorty",born,1895,died,April 6-1963
Bryant B. Boom,born,Aug.4-1886,died,Dec.24-1966, husband of,Adeline Bryant
Bryant Daniel B.,born,Aug.4-1886,died,Dec.24-1966   Picture
     Bryant Mary Adeline.,born,1890,died,Aug.27-1970,wife of,Daniel B.Bryant
Bryant Eva,born,1908,died,                  ,wife of,Howard S.Bryant
Bryant Howard S.,born,July 3-1910,died,June 15-1963,WWII
Buchanan Melvina,born,Oct.1-1910,died July 25-1980   Picture
Buckmaster Lucille E.,born,June 24-1907,died,May 24-1992
Burleson Carl E.,born,Feb.2-1940,died,Sept.2-1973
Burleson Dolphus Oscar,born,Dec.16-1911,died,April 15-1991  Picture
     Burleson Iva Lois,b,Nov.16-1916,d,July 11-2000,wife,Dolphus Oscar Burleson,daug,Henry A.& Margaret A.Ralston
Burleson Dorothy J.Rayans,born,May 5-1920,died,Nov.9-1990,wife of,Sherman H.Burleson     Picture
Burleson Frances L.,born,Jan.31-1941,died,                      ,wife of,Carl E.Burleson
Burleson Kenneth Oscar,born,1934,died,Aug.19-1964   Picture
     Burleson Jewell M.,born,1934,died,                      ,wife of, Kenneth O.Burleson
Burleson Mary,born,Jan.6-1883,died,Oct.2-1972    Picture
Burleson Sherman H.,born,May 8-1909,died,June 2-2002,son of,Kale & Mary Jane Farmer Burleson     Picture
Burleson Walter,born,July 10-1946,died,Nov.14-1992   Picture
Burleson Wina J.,born,March 8-1961,died,April 11-1982   Picture
Burnett Joseph A.,born,Aug.13-1844,died,Aug.21-1922,   Picture
Burrell Girdie K.,born,March 15-1912,died,Feb.8-1976,WW II & Korea Picture   Picture Picture
     Burrell, Hallie  Nov 22, 1920   Dec 30, 1992
Bush  Sam,born,1923,died,April 22-1981,WWII, U.S.Army  Picture
Busse Evalena,born,Nov.24-1905,died,June 1-1926,wife of ,Glen Busse,daug.of,G.G.& Maggie Yost     Picture
Buzzard Rosa,born,Dec.2-1865,died,Nov.11-1891,wife of, L.Buzzard

Caire Elsie L.,born,Jan.16-1913,died,Nov.29-1913,daug.of,L.R.& E. P.Caire     Picture
Campbell Barbara Corene "Barbi".born,March 24-1980,died,Jan.17-1985 Picture
Campbell Corene R.Cahman,b,Dec.8-1917,d,Jan.17-1985,wed,Oct.11-1939,wife of,Lewis W.Campbell     Picture
     Campbell Lewis W.Sr,born,Feb.5-1919,died,Nov.11-2000,son of,J.M.& Cynthia Tribbie Campbell,WWII
Campbell Mary Wabaunsee,born,Oct.27-1947,died,Sept.5-1997  Picture
Cantrell A.D.,born,July 25-1819,died,June 16-1895   Picture
Captain Florence,b,Nov.7-1888,d,Dec.4-1981,wife,Thomas A.Captain,daug,John & Eliza Cook Longan
Captain John Samuel,born,Aug.7-1912,died,June 29-1949,son of,Thomas A.& Florence Lougdon Captain
Captain Thomas A.,born,Dec.21-1884,died,Feb.11-1980,son of,Tom & Martha Gullett Captain     P1P2P3
     Captain Florence,b,Nov.7-1888,d,Dec.4-1981,wife,Thomas A.Captain,daug,John & Eliza Cook Longan
Captain Thurman F.,born,Feb.2-1908,died,Oct.31-1965
Captain Tommy Alan,Infant,died,Nov.13-1940,son of,Thurman Captain
Carroll Frances Laverne, 1925     P1P2P3P4
     Carroll Robert A.Sr.,born,1883,died,Aug.21-1965
          Carroll Trudie H.,born,1893,died,June 1-1953,wife of,Robert A.Carroll Sr.
Carroll Hiram C.,born,Sept.28-1849,died,Nov.10-1910
Cates Barbara Ann,born,June 6-1957,died,June 12-1991
Carver Lois Irene,born,Sept.25-1926,died,Feb.27-1987
Chafin Charles C.,born,Feb.26-1901, died,June 16-1965   Picture
   Chafin Edith Juanita,b,Jan.10-1907,d,Mar.5-1983,wife,Charles C.Chafin,daug,John Harrison & Cherokee Filmore Miller
Chambers Gary M.,born,Jan.10-1942,died,Sept.9-2001,son of,Andrew & Freda Chambers Picture
    Chambers Patricia A.Peacock,b,April 2-1945,d,Aug.20-1986,wife of,Gray M.Chambers,wed,Nov.29-1963
Chance Pierce C.,born,Aug.8-1923,died,Nov.8-1994,WWII   Picture
Chappuis Albert,born,April 3-1876,died,
Chesser Robert E.,born,Nov.26-1918,died,Dec.26-1991   Picture
Choate Joseph, born, Sept.4-1873,Ark,died,May 24-1953,son of,Emanuel & Margaret Wade Choate     Picture
     Choate Ida , born, 1878,died,Oct.7-1947,wife of, Joseph Choate
Christian J.Ralph,born,1906,died,Feb.25-1985    Picture
     Christian Emma M.Pope,born,1903,died,Aug.20-1986,wife of,James Chistian,
Clapp Oliver,born,July 14-1876,Mo,d,March 1-1937,wife,Maud Clapp,son of,Alech & Phoebe Nave Clapp
Clark Blanche E.,born,March 27-1905,died,Dec.29-1986   Picture
Clark Charles Leo,born,Feb.7-1935,died,July 12-1935,son of,Richard & Blanche Green Clark     Picture
Clark Mary Isabel     Picture
Clark Richard O.,born,June 5-1890,died,Nov.15-1960   Picture
Clark William Richard,born,July 27-1924,died,Feb.10-1974,WWII,son of,Richard & Ethel Green Clark    Picture
Clemons Phillip E.,born,April 24-1945,died,Aug.7-1994
Clemons Timothy L.,born,Nov.30-1967,died,Oct. 5-1987, U.S.Army
Clifford Claude,born,Jan.29-1917,died,Aug.13-1994,WW II  P1P2P3P4
     Clifford Magle Fern,born,Feb.9-1917,died,June 4-1996
Coffey Solomon, Co.K 4 Mo.S.M.Cav.
Collier Grover A.,born,1886,died,Feb.7-1963    Picture
Collier, Charity E, b May 12, 1891, d Mar 13, 1975, w/o Grover A. Collier d/o J.W. & Jane Moss Crow
Collins Glen "Burr",born,Feb.28-1909,died,Nov.9-1969   Picture
     Collins Lenora,born,Nov.26-1915,died,  (no date), wife of,Glen Collins
Collins Ruth Irene,b,May 11-1909,d,Dec.15-1959,wife,James Glenn Collins,daug,Jeff & Effie Workman Green     Picture
Combes Wayne L,born,Jan.5-1931,died,Oct.31-2001,wife,Ora Lea Harris,son of,Ray & Fern Strode Combes     Picture
     Combes, Ora Lea  Mar 16, 1946     no date
Conner Clara Mabel,born, 1931,died,March 11-1937,daug.of,Monroe G.Conner
Conner George Alex,born,April 4-1872,Mo,d,June 20-1949,son of,George W.& Messam Newberry Conner  Picture
     Conner Emma Sarah,born,1886,Mo,died,Aug.17-1957,daug.of,Monroe & Nancy Eliz Whitehead Crossley
Conner Letha E.,born,1911,died,Aug.28-1989,wife of,Robert J.Conner Picture
Conner Melva Jean,born,July 19-1933,died,April 27-1938,daug.of,William J.& Julia Robinson Conner
Conner Minnie C.,born,Sept.5-1903,died,Sept.12-1988,Henry & Anna Noegel Witte
Conner Monroe G.,born,July 11-1902,died,July 31-1988,son of,George Alex & Emma Crosley Conner
Conner Pauline V.,born,1928,died,      1966 Picture
Conner Robert J,b,May 3-1904,d,Nov.7-1962,wife,Letha E.Conner,son,George & Emma Crossley Conner  Picture
Conner Robert L.,born,March 5-1941,died,March 6-1997,U.S.Coast Guard
Coon John , June 2-1911, Soldier,Co.B 15 Kansas Cav.   Picture
Coon John,born,1845,Indian Terr,died,Jan.13-1910,married 3 times( Wyandotte Indian)
Coon  Maggie Peacock,"Grandma" born,1845,died,Jan.21-1945,daug.of,William & Catherine Dwer Johnson  Picture
Coon Margarit,born,1941,died,July 5-1978,wife of,Joseph Coon
Coon Marty J.,born,Oct.20-1975,died,Oct.25-1975,Infant of,Joseph & Margarit Coon
Coon Mary E.,born,June 10-1978,died,June 18-1978,daug.of,Joseph & Margarit Coon     Picture
Cooper Nettie,born,June 1-1884,Tx,died,July 26-1955,   Picture
Corrieri Opal P.,born,1921,died,       1984     Picture
Cotter Amos,died,June 1- 1911,Soldier,Co.A 6 Kan. Cav.  Picture
Cotter Anthoney,born,1871,died,Feb.9-1875     Picture
Cotter Claude,born,Oct.24-1884,died,Jan.3-1885,son of,J.M.& G.A.Cotter Picture
Cotter Claude V,born,Aug.9-1896,died,July 30-1955,son of, Joel A.& Sallie Cotter(Wyandotte Indian)
Cotter Ester R.,born,July 12-1897,died,May 9-1963,wife of,Claude V.Cotter
Cotter Everett Dee,born,Dec.7- 1908,died, Sept.24-1993  Picture
     Cotter, Glendola M.,b,Nov.27-1913,d,Aug.9-1989,wife of,Everett Dee Cotter,daug.of,Wilbur &Rena Hayes
Cotter James Leland,born,Oct.18-1909,died,Aug.31-1987,WW II ,son of,Milton S.& Ethel Crotzer Cotter     Picture
Cotter James Newgent.,born,April 25-1849,died,Dec.1-1933  Picture
Cotter Joel A.,born,1869,died,       1919 (Wyandotte Indian)     Picture
      Cotter Sallie B.,born,1875,died,       1951,wife of, Joel A.Cotter (Wyandotte Indain)
Cotter Johnny P.,born ,Nov.4-1899,died,Feb.27-1905,son of, Joel A.& Sallie B.Cotter(Wyandotte)     Picture
Cotter Leonard N,born,July 3-1906,died,Nov.18-1976,son of,Joel A.& Sally Tade Cotter(Wyandotte Indian)  Picture
     Cotter, Ada L.  b. Aug 15, 1905, d Dec 21, 1993, wife of Leonard N. Cotter
Cotter Lizzie Arms,born,1845,died,Jan.6-1910,wife of,Nicholas Cotter
Cotter Mary E.,born,July 9-1909,died,Nov.4-1984    Picture
Cotter Milton Silas Sr"Cap",born,1890,died,Feb.9-1966   Picture
Cotter Mont,born,March 1-1905,died,April 7-1986,son of,James N.& Cora May Cotter     Picture
Cotter,  Sallie B.Tade born,Oct.5-1875,died,Oct. 20-1951 (dau of John Dawson Tade & Mary Ellen Duckworth)
Cox Vesper Leroy,born,1890,died,Aug.18-1976,World War I  Picture
Crim Nellie L.,b Aug.14-1910,d Jan.8-2002,w/o Wilbus"Bud" Crim,(m) 1930,Mo.d/o John Breck & Martha Crippen Risner.    Picture
Crippin Emanuel,born, 1855, died, 1925       Picture
     Crippin Anna K.,born, 1853 ,died, Dec.23-1942, wife of, Emanuel Crippin
Crippin Nellie ,born, April 11-1886, died, Dec.1-1893, daug.of, Emanuel & Anna Crippen     Picture    Picture
Crockett Liddie Viola,born,Oct.22-1900,Mo,died,April 29-1959,d/o.of,Thomas & Harriett Lewis Shockey  Picture
Crotzer Infant,died,Sept.17-1886,infant daug.of, Dorothy Crotzer  Picture
Crotzer Dorothy,born,June 25-1890,died,May 30-1897
Crotzer Eddie,born,Aug.3-1883,died,Sept.14-1884
Crotzer Emmett F.,born,March 31-1881,died,Feb.1-1885,wife of,Eddie Crotzer     Picture
Crotzer, John T.   1888 - 195?8     Picture
Crotzer Mark C.,born,April 27-1851,died,Oct.26-1940,son of,John Crotzer Picture   Picture Picture
     Crotzer Kathrine Bland,born,1861,died,Dec.31-1929,wife of, Mark C.Crotzer
Crotzer Russell A.,born,Aug.8-1900,died,Nov.30-1935 Wash,son of, Mark C.Crotzer (Wyandotte Indian)  Picture
Crouse Johney,born,Feb.14-1903,died,April 20-1904,Infant of,J.N.& S.M.Crouse
Crouse Veria, July 5-1904, Infant of, J.N.& S.M.Crouse
Crow Av, born,Oct.26-1864,died,Feb.2-1920     Picture
Crow Beckie L.,born,Oct.12-1902,died,March 15-1932,
Crow Bertha Sarah,b,Oct.22-1891,d,May 3-1954,wife,James Franklin Crow,daug,Wesley & Lucille McCormick Guthrie
Crow Charles Howard,born,Dec.10-1899,died,April 21-1954,WWI  Picture     Picture
     Crow Lavada Belle,b,April 8-1901,d,June 9-1990,wife,Charles Howard Crow,daug,John D.& Laura Ellen Wilson
Crow  Charles W.,born,July 2-1937,died,Jan.20-1939  Picture
Crow Frank James,born,1882,died,April 27-1952
Crow Frank James,born,Aug.17-1879, Mo,died,April 7-1952,  Picture
     Crow Bertha Sarah,b,10-22-1891,d,5- 3-1954,wife,James Franklin Crow,daug,Wesley & Lucille McCormick Guthrie
Crow Henry Raymond, born,Oct.4-1903,died,March 24-1910, son of, J.W.& H.J.Crow     Picture
Crow Ira L.,born,Jan.27-1900,died,March 14-1957,wife,Jenny E.Crow,son of, J.W & Harriet Jane Moss Crow
Crow, Isaac  b. abt 1822   d. April 15, 1870  Picture
Crow Jennie E.,born,July 30-1908,died,Jan.20-1991
Crow Jessie Lee,born,Nov.8-1906,died,Sept.24-1907,
Crow John "Fuzz",born,Feb.28-1938,died,Oct.17-1996   Picture
Crow John Wesley,born,June 5-1878,Mo,died,Jan.27-1944,son of, J.W.& Harriet J.M.Crow     Picture
Crow J.W.,born,Aug.31-1858,died,May 27-1925    Picture
      Crow H.J.,born,Jan.9-1860,died,Feb.16-1928,wife of, J.W.Crow
Crow Katie Harrison,born,Nov.21-1891,died,June 14-1951,
Crow Lorette Jane,died,April 9-1909,daug.of,Edward Crow
Crow Nellie Jane,born,Jan.29-1908,died,April 7-1909
Crow Thomas W.,born,1900,died,May 18-1942,
Crow Ves Jr.,born,Dec.10-1928,died,Dec.11-1928    Picture
Crow, William E.   Sep 14, 1912   Jul 17, 1913   Picture
     Crow Mary E.,born,Dec.26-1894,died,Dec.21-1916
Crow William Ernest,born,June 10-1884,Mo,died,Oct.7-1964,son of, J.W.& Harrett Jane Moss Crow     Picture
Crow William S.,born,May 24-1902,died,Sept.19-1960,son of,John & Emma Moss Crow     Picture
     Crow Etta, b,Aug.4-1892, Iowa,d,Dec.1-1968,wife of,William S.Crow,daug of,Sam & Eliza Bowman Barnhart
Crowder Alta Allen,born,Aug.1-1895,died,Nov.19-1956,wife of,Benjamin Leroy Crowder     Picture
Crowder August V.,born,8-1-1923,died,4-17-2001,WWII,s/o,Benjamin Leroy & Alta Allen Crowder   Picture
Crowder Benjamin Leroy,born,1894,died,April 19-1978,WW I  Picture
Crowder Dorothy Louise,b,Oct.2-1920,d,Jan.13-1949,wife,Kleo M.Cowwder,d/oVirgil & Zula AlvieYeager  Picture
Crowder Kleo M.,born,Feb.16-1920,died,Oct.18-1993,WW II  Picture
Crowder Peggy June,born,March 21-1928,died, Nov.23-1929  PicturePicture
Crowder Tommie,born, Nov.-1933,died,June 29-1934,son of,Mr.& Mrs.James Crowder
Culver Carl Cecil,born,March 11-1876 Pa,died,May 9-1952,son of,M.L.& Marrilla Davidson Culver     Picture
Culver Elizabeth Ann,born,June 4-1876 Ire,d,May 8-1970,daug.of, John & Ann Jane Johnston Patterson   Picture
Culver Ella Elizabeth,born,May 3-1901 Pa,died,Jan.28-1959,daug.of,Carl C.& Elizabeth Patterson Culver  Picture
Culver Rose Keeth,born,May 21-1916,died,Jan.28-1967
Curtis Levie Teffin,born,1879 Mo,d,Oct.7-1945,wife,Pearl Curtis,son of,Thomas & Sarah Karykle Curtis
Cutbirth Lenna A.,born,March 30-1890,died,Aug.24-1894,daug.of,W.S.& N.C.Cutbirth

Damrill Baby,died,Aug.16-1944,Infant of,Fred Damrill   Picture
Daniel Albert G.,born, Jan.1-1904,died,March 15-1984,son of, J.P.& Mary T.Daniel     Picture
     Daniel Nettie E.,born,Feb.4-1902,died,March 25-1989
Davis Sarah Snow Baldwin,born,1877,died,Dec.6-1962   Picture
Davison Elizabeth Gail,died,Dec.10-1984,Infant daug.of ,Gary & Rebecca Davison     Picture
Dawson Caroline,born,Sept.14-1864,died,Sept.5-1939,wife of,Frank P.Dawson
Dawson Frank P.,born,Feb.25-1852,died,April 18-1933   Picture
Dawson Price,born,Feb.9-1888,died,April 14-1906    Picture
Day Sarah Rosilee,born,Oct.11-1855,died,Oct.11-1880   Picture
Deaton Albert ,born,April 7-1926,died,May 11-1986,WW II  Picture
Deaton Bud, born,Aug.21-1916,died,Oct. 8-1980    Picture
     Deaton Imogene,born,March 22-1923,died, (no date) ,wife of, Bud Deaton,wed,,Dec.22-1939
Deaton Corda, died,July 20-1936
Deaton Dennis Lee,born,May 30-1951,died,Dec.19-2000,U.S.Army,son of,Albert & Oleta Crow Deaton  Picture
Deaton Leon, born,Nov.7-1940,died,May 27-1980    Picture
Deaton Lloyd L.,born,Oct.28- 1918,died, March 6-1979,son of,Luther & Rettie Baker Deaton     Picture
     Deaton Pauline Beets,b,Jan.30-1924,d,,May 24-1984,wife,Lloyd L.Deaton,daug,Fred & Katie Quapaw Beets
Deaton Melissa Sue,born,March 7-1977,died,Nov.5-1977   Picture
Deaton Rettie E.,born,March 7-1894,d,July 3-1988,wife,Luther Deaton,daug,Henry & Martha King Baker
Deaton William Jim,born,Jan.2-1928,died,Aug.1-1977,son of,Luther & Rettie Baker Deaton
DeMoss Oliver P.M.,born,1864,died,June 1-1944    Picture
Derwin Tom,born, June 28-1919,died,     Picture
     Derwin Ruth,born,Oct.5-1922,died,Oct.13-1998,wife of,Tom Derwin
Dilliner E.R. "Buddy",born,1919,died,      1921     Picture
Dilliner Frank, born,Sept.19-1905,died,Oct.24-1906   Picture
Dilliner Guy S.,born,1875,died,        1926,h/o,Lillie Dilliner     Picture
     Dilliner Lillie Mae,b,Sept.15-1876 Ill,d,April 8-1949,wife of,Guy S.Dilliner,daug of,James & Sarah A.Davis Johnson
Dilliner John Robert"Sandy",born,Feb.22-1912,died,April 26-1975,son of,Guy S.& Lillie Dilliner     Picture
Dilliner James" Tom",born,Sept.5-1903,died,Dec.29-1984,son of,Guy S.& Lillie Dilliner     Picture
     Dilliner Netta Mae,born,1895,died,          1974
Dillon Graham Blake,born,July 31-1992,died,Aug.1-1992
Drake Ronnie,born,Dec.27-1959,died,Aug.22-1996,
Draper Bertie M,born,Jan 17-1897,died,Feb.4-1980, wife of, James G.Draper
Draper James G.,born,Sept.22-1911,died,Dec.10-1979
Driver Susan, died,July 15-1881     Picture
Dyer Lucinda,born,Nov.10-1826,died,Oct.6-1905    Picture

Easley Kenneth D,born,1906,died,April 29-1956    Picture
East Donald Glen,born,May 25-1916,died,Oct.4-1983,World War II Picture
Eidson Homer,born,Aug.28-1915,died,July 15-1975    Picture
     Eidson Henrietta Rakes,born,Sept.21-1907,died,June 5-1999
Elder William Franklin,b,April 25-1879,d,July 3-1946,son of,Robert C,& Malissie E.Roll Elder     Picture
     Elder Laura A.,born,1892,died, (no date),wife of,William  Franklin Elder
Ellison Allie,born,July 4-1920,died,May11-1962    Picture
Ellison Bobby Gean,born,Nov.1-1939,died,Nov.1-1939   Picture
Ellison Charles Gridley,born,April 29-1859,died,Feb.14-1940,son of,Leonard & Laura Daughry Ellison     Picture
Ellison Floyd Samuel Jr,born,Sept.9-1929,d,Aug.2-1985,Korea,son,Floyd S.& Minnie Erma Stanton Ellison
Ellison Floyd Samuel,Sr.,born,April 3-1907,died,Oct.14-1965
Ellison Frank M.,born,Oct.6-1904,died,Feb.2-1943,son of,Charles G.Ellison (Seneca Indian)     Picture
Ellison John Elmer,born,1890,died,July 20-1972    Picture
Ellison Minnie Erma Stanton,born,April 29-1912,died,March 5-1997,wife of,Floyd S.Ellison
Ellison Neoma Viola,b,Sept.27-1878,d,April 17-1961,wife,Charles G.Ellison,daug,Frank & Mary Sneed Howerton     Picture
Emarthla Walter,born,Feb.12-1903,d,July 11-1975.(Creek Indian),son of,Micco & Sally Sullivan Emarthla   Picture
     Emarthla Lillian McCoy,b,7- 28-1900,d,12-.23-1976,d/o,Clarence Allen & Mary Bearskin Johnson (Indian)
Enoch C.C.,born,Feb.12-1915,died,Feb.27-1990,WWII, Army,  PicturePicture
    Enoch Anna Lora,born,April 24-1926, died, (no date), wed,Jan.28-1945,wife of, C.C.Enoch
Enyart, Elnora M.  b. Aug. 6, 1919;  d. Oct 27, 1999 Picture
Enyart Euculed E.,born,April 9-1915,died,Aug.25-1972,WWII,  PicturePicture
Estes Irene R.,born,1913,died,        1985     Picture
Euneau Elsie I.,born,Sept.17-1889,died, Dec.19-1891,daug.of, L.& M.Euneau

Faber John P.,born,Feb.2-1868,died,Oct.6-1904
Faber Mathias, died,Dec.22-1891
Faber Ula Dorcas,born,Sept.3-1894,died,May 21-1895, Infant
Farley E.E.,born,July 26-1916,died,Aug.14-1919    Picture
Fidler Robert E.,born, 1975,died, 1975     Picture
Fields Dorothy Wyrick,born,Sept.21-1925,died,March 3-1988  Picture
Fields Keen,born,July 20-1818,died,Oct.20-1894
Finley Charlie F.,born,1880,Ks,died,Oct.13-1954,son of, James B.& Adelade Taylor Finley     Picture 1      Picture   Picture 3
     Finley Julia E.Lacy,born1881,died,May 1-1965,wife of,Charlie Finley
Fleetwood Maud A.,born,Feb.7-1882,died,Aug.17-1952,daug of,William T.& Eva Wilson Fleetwood
Fleetwood Tommy F.,born,April 14-1882,died Jan.27-1964,son of,Bud & Mary Shiplin Fleetwood     Picture
    Fleetwood, Florence   1895 - 1975
Foere Infant,born,Indain terr,died,May 30-1901,child of, Baker Foere
Fortner Arthur,born,March 25-1907,died,Feb.11-1910,son of,J.L.& Bessie Fortner
Fortner David,born, Ok.,died,Dec.12-1933
Fortner Earl Raymond,born,1899,died,Feb.17-1959,son of,J.L.& Bessie Fortner
Fortner Ellen Lureno,born,March 22-1911,died,June 9-1918  Picture
Fortner Evert Richard,born,April 19-1909,died,Jan.10-1910, Infant son of,Charles Forter     Picture
Fortner Halbert B "Hal",born,Nov.21-1908,died,Aug.14-1972,son of,Bruce R.& Lula Barnett Fortner     PicturePicture    Picture
     Fortner Ruby P.,May 28-1913,died,Feb.25-1993
Fortner Louis Clyde,born,May 24-1912,died,Feb.20-1920,son of,Lula J.& R.B.Fortner     PicturePicture
     Fortner Lula J.,born,April 28-1879,died,Jan.28-1920,wife of,R.B.Fortner,daug of,Arthur & Mary Nance Burnett
Fortner Jacob L., Co.E 4 Tenn.INF.     Picture
Fortner Joseph C.,born,1902,died,Sept.27-1953,
Fortner Mary I.,b,Feb.20-1863,d,May 20-1934,wife of,David Fortner,daug.of,Richard Neal & Samantha Fortner
Fortner Ralph Elliott,born,July 8-1915,died,July 3-1916  Picture
Fortner Robert Bruce,born,March 6-1878 Tenn,died,Oct,.9-1947,son of,Dave & Jane Williams Fortner
Fortner Ross,born,1904,died,Aug.7-1951,
Fortner Sherel Ann,born,1958,died,Jan.6-1960,daug of,Willard & nee..Newberry Fortner     Picture
Fortner Trishia Dawn,born,Jan.8-1976,died,Jan.20-1976,daug.of,Anita Joe Fortner     Picture
Fortner Zoe, born, July 28-1896,died,June 8-1898,daug.of, J.L.& Bessie Fortner     Picture
Foster Frank B.,b,May 24-1873 Tn,d,Oct.13-1956,wife,Mamie W.Foster,son of,Calvin & Mary Vess Foster
Foster James A.,born,Jan.16-1905,April 18-1905,son of, F.B.& M.W.Foster  Picture
Foster Mamie W.,born,1877,died,                    ,wife of, Frank B.Foster
Franklin John,  Co.B 24 Mo.INF.     Picture
Frazier Mamie,born,Oct.30-1902,Iowa,died,May 29-1988,Mo,daug.of,Henry A.& Edna Hockett Frazier   Picture
Frazier Marchel ,born,1855,died,      1907 Picture   Picture Picture   Picture
     Frazier W. Chester,born,1881,died,       1905
     Frazier Welthy Ann,born,1858,died,Jan.25-1943
Friend Cecil L., born,Aug.6-1912,died,      Picture
     Friend Leonard,born,April 5-1911,died,Aug.21-1965

Gardner Dean Edward,born,April 20-1918 Mo,died,March 2-1939,son of,Cecil & Callie Roark Gardner
Garman Callie J.,born,July 25-1897,died,March 21-1982
Garman Marvin Frank,born,June 19-1947,died,Aug.14-1992,Vietnam Picture
Garman Marvin R.,born,June 6-1914,died,June 1-1971,son of, Frank & Effie Mae Chaney Garman     Picture
Garrow Leonard M born,Sept.5-1943,died,May 2-2000,son of,George M.& Lela Mae Clinton Garrow   Picture
Geck Freddie, born,Sept.  187,died,Nov.14-187,son of,Charles & Lucia Geck
Gee Cecil R.,born,Nov.1-1909,died,Aug. 29-1979    Picture
    Gee Mabel, born,Aug.17-1910,died,May 21-1991,wife of,Cecil Gee
Gee Kenneth A.,born,May 25-1915,died,March 16-1981   Picture
Gee James Barlow,born,May 14-1886 Ky,died,April 2-1965,son of, John B.& Mary Lankford Gee     Picture
    Gee Etta Mae,born,1889,Ky,died,Feb.25-1948,wife of, James Barlow Gee,daug.of, M.H.Green
Gee Mervin B."Jack",born, Feb.22-1925,died,Oct.21-1978, son of,Barlow & Etta Mae Green Gee     Picture
Gee, Onie  Oct 8, 1882   Mar 15, 1908   Picture
Gerrett Russel,born,Feb.22-1971,died,Jan.13-1973, son of,W.Byron & Jane Gerrett     Picture
Gerrett W.Byron,born,1946,died,Sept. 26-1973    Picture
Gilstrap James Taylor,b,Aug.8-1877,d,Nov.12-1950,wife,Sarah E.Gilstrap,son,W.D.& Mary Stewart Gilstrap
Gilstrap Sarah E.,born,1889,died,Oct.20-1964,wife of,James Taylor Gilstrap
Golden Lionel Earl,b,Apr 24-1922,d,June 9-2002,wed,Jan.24-1942,,s/o,William & Mary Golden  Picture
     Golden, Lela Mae   b. Mar 14, 1921   d. (no date)
Graham, Blake Dillon  Jul 31, 1992;  Aug. 1, 1992  Picture
Gravel Mildred Clara,born,March 8-1915,died, June 25-1993
Gray Lucy , born,1864,died,Nov.14-1881
Grayeyes John W.,born,1820,died,June 20-1881    Picture
Green Jeff, born,June 1-1862,Ky,died,Dec.7-1939,wife,Mary Effie Green,son,John & Emily Lankford Green   Picture
    Green, Mary  Effie Mary,b,Sept.30-1877,d,Mar.18-1957,daug,Geo.P.& Martha Workman
Green John Robert,born,Feb.21-1896,died,May 3- 1965,son of,Jeff & Mary Effie Green     Picture
    Green Ida M.,born,1906,died,  (no date)
Green Leo "Pop",born,June 10-1867,Ky.died, Nov.27-1944,wife,Mary Green, son of, John Green   Picture
Green Louie D.,born,July 26-1906,died,Sept.20-1958,son of,T.Jeff & Effie Green     Picture
    Green Ethel M.,born,1898,died,March 24-1994,wife of,Louie Green
Green Lucian,born,May 13-1898,died,Sept.15-1961,son of,Leo & Mary C.Carnes Green,World War I   Picture
Green Madison H.,born,1852,died,         1925     Picture
    Green Mary"Sarah "Adeline ,born,1853,died,Sept.5-1933,wife of, Madison Green
Green Mary Catherine,b,Jan.11-1878,Mo,d,Jan.22-1955,wife,Leo Green,daug of, ? & Sarah Christian Carnes  Picture
Green Mary Effie,b,Sept.30-1877,d,May18-1957,wife of,Thomas J.Green,daug.of,George P.& Martha Workman
Green Thomas Jefferson"Jeff",born,June 1-1862,died,Dec.7-1939
Gress Mary Edith,born,March 10-1924,died,March 25-2002,daug.of,Phillip J.&Martha Cook Gress
Griffin Sarah B.,born, ? 31-1836,died,Feb.6-1884,wife of,L.C.Griffin
Griffith Tammy LaDawn,Sept.25-1963,daug.of,William Griffith  Picture
Griner Unnamed,born,Sept.10-1940,died,Sept.10-1940,Infant of,Eutoka Griner
Griner Urella Laura,born,Jan.26-1935,died,Feb.6-1935,Infant daug.of,John Griner
Grissom Laura Thelma,b,June 27-1908,d,Dec.11-2000,son of,Chester Jason & Grace Ann Henderson Carfton
Groff James W, born,1907,died 1965     Picture
     Groff Opal A.,born,1909,died,March 17-1995,wife of, James W.Groff
Gyami Billie Jean,born,July 22-1947,died,July 5-1948,daug.of,William H.& Ruby Hunt Gyami
Gyami Lula, born,Oct.9-1884,died,Nov.22-1976,wife of,William Gyami
Gyami Ralph E.,born,Sept.1-1904,died,Jan.13-1905,son of,William & Lula Gyami
Gyami William H.,born,1921,died,         1976,WW II & Korea
Gyami William Harrison Sr.,born,April 18-1880,died,April 30-1948, husband of,Lula Gyami

Hale Walter J.,born,1885,died,May 4-1961     Picture
     Hale Hattie, born,1884,died,March 11-1955,wife of,Walter J.Hale
Hall Andrew Issac,born,July 26-1884,died,Aug.11-1947,son of,George & Mary Orr Hall
Hancock Bonnie M.,born,May 17-1910,died,Dec.18-1989   Picture
Hancock Forest J.,born,Jan.18-1907,died,Nov.5-1988   Picture
Hanks Francis, born,Nov.26-1883,died,Nov.21-1958,daug.of,John & Francis Hanna
Harbour Anita Jeanette,born,Dec.12-1969,died,June 26-1995
Harlan James W.,born,Nov.20-1923,died,Aug.16-1994,WWII  Picture
Harlan Myrtle D.,born,May 21-1894,died,Dec.10-1969   Picture
Harris Lillie P.,born,Oct.23-1902,died,Oct.23-1902,daug.of,W.H.& O.C.Harris
Harris Mack W.,born,Nov.6-1900,died,Jan.27-1982,son of, D.C.& Erman S.Harris     Picture 1      Picture 2      Picture
     Harris Alta V.,born,Dec.13-1907,died,Jan.4-1987,wife of, Mack W.Harris
Harris Randolph,born,Dec 26-1890,died,July 24-1968   Picture
Harris Riley Lee,b,Nov.17-1869,d,Oct.29-1955,wife,Bonnie Harris,son,Josiah & Samamtha Johnson Harris   Picture
Harris Tennie,born,Sept.29-1875,Ark,died,March 21-1958,daug of,Henry A & Candia Dodson Douthett   Picture
Harrison Myrtle Friend,born,July 29-1931,died,June 26-1980  Picture
Harry Evadean  Howard  Pooler,b,June 15-1918,d,May 20-2002,wife,Robert Harry,daug,Earnest & Lottie Routon Howard     Picture
Harry Robert, Jan 18, 1916  died,March 4-1992   Picture
Haworth David Glenn,born,1961,died,Sept.20-1975,son of,Thomas G.Haworth
Haworth Frank E.,born,1903,died,July 28-1974    Picture
     Haworth Austie E.,born,1911,died,July 13-1987,
Haworth Thomas G. born,1934,died,
Hayes Mrs.Roy Crow,died,April 5-1934
Hayworth Asa Clyde,b,Nov.22-1908,d,Nov.11-1977,son of,Lemael D.& Lillie Hutchins Hayworth,WWII
Hayworth David A.,born,March 22-1907,died,June16-196 ,son of,D.& Lillie Hayworth     Picture
Hayworth Elwood,born,March 5-1860,died,July 12-1928   Picture
     Hayworth, Lillie,born,Jan.19-1865,died,Dec.13-1956,
Hayworth Lodema,born,Jan. 23-1919,died,May 6-1969   Picture
Hayworth Lemuel Zen,born,Sept.9-1904,died,Sept.1-1965,son of,E.Hayworth Picture
Hayworth Wayne Lee,born,Nov.21-1942,died,Nov.23-1942   Picture
Henderson Mrs.,died,July 6-1911
Henson Austie Opal,born,March 27-1897,died,April 3-1974  Picture
Henson Ernest Henry,b,Aug.4-1933,d,May 30-1953,wife,Eva,son of,Francis M.& Lula Eillson Henson     Picture
Henson Infant,born,March 5-1944,died,March 11-1944,Infant of,Francis Henson
Henson Ivroes Leroy, born,Oct.14-1897,died,April 29-1984
Henson, Lula Mae   5-20-1911  -  1-15-1999 Picture
Henson, Ruth Ann  3-5-1943       3-14-1943     Picture
Hensley Hubert H.,born,1892,died,June 19-1979    Picture
     Hensley Frances Baker George,born,1899,died,Aug.5-1979,
Herson William E.,born,Sept.4-1912,died,July 17-1913
Hildebrand Bobby Dean,b,Oct.14-1925,d,May 27-1984,WWII,son,Earl W.& Mayme L.Harris Hildebrand     Picture
Hilderbrand Earl W,born,Jan.11-1893,died,Dec.22-1948,WWI,son of,Frank B.& Sarah Capps Hilerbrand     Picture
Hilderbrand Frank B.,born,Oct.29-1863,died,April. 8-1937,son of,Jake & Rebecca Burnsides Hilderbrand     Picture
     Hilderbrand Sarah Frances,b,Dec.21-1861,d,May 15-1948,wife,Frank B.Hildebrand,daug,James & Sarah Capps
Hilderbrand Mayme L.Harris,born, 1899,died,Oct. 24-1942,wife of,Earl W.Hilerbrand,daug.of, Jane     Picture
Hilderbrand Sam,born,Feb.11-1889,died,Nov.22-1947,son of,Frank B.& Sarah F.Capps Hilderband     Picture  Picture     Picture
     Hildebrand Alice M.,born,1903,died,                  ,wife of,Sam Hildebrand
Himes Danny,born,1944,died,June 2-1996
Hodgkiss Rosetta F.born,March 4-1866,died,Nov.13-1935,daug.of, Lawrence & Mary Williams DeFreese
Hogg Henry W.,born,1873,died,May 22-1956
Hohlier Basil F.,born,1918,died,Feb.23-1995    Picture
     Hohlier Velma E.Myers,born,1915,died,April 9-1987,
Holderman Henry Covel,born,1874,died,July 2-1951   Picture  Picture    Picture
     Holderman Maude A.,born1876,died,Aug.2-1961,wife of,Henry C.Holderman
Hollingsworth Henry,born,Feb.15-1837,died,May 17-1917   PicturePicture
Hollis William Henry.,born,Aug.27-1866,Mo,died,Sept.22-1946,son of, Henry Hollis     Picture
Hollis Mary Catherine,b,May 17-1873,d,Dec.10-1960,daug,Eli & Eunice Horton Snow
Holmes Wallace,born,Aug.20-1923,died,Sept.21-1995   Picture
Holt John Starlin born,Jan.1-1866,died,March 18-1936,son of,Bill & Sarah Shelton Holt     Picture
     Holt Hulda Cotter,born,Sept.4-1877,died,Feb.19-1937,wife,John Starlin Holt(Hulda Bonwell Carter Holt)
Hoover Lottie,born,Oct.25-1877,died,Nov.22-1902
Howerton Frank,born,Nov.27-1889,Mo,died,May 29-1981   Picture
     Howerton Gene,born,June 9-1893,died,May 1-1988
Hughes Clarence S.,born,1884,died,June13-1971    Picture
     Hughes Laura Belle,born,1895,died,    1970,wife of,Clarence S.Hughes
Hughes Norman E.,born,May 21-1930,died, (no date)   Picture
    Hughes Gladys Nadine,born,Feb.27-1953,died,Nov.7-1976,
Hunnicutt Ethel Rebecca,born,Feb.18-1906,died,May 1-1952,daug.of,Jim & Olive Chatou Kennedy
Hutchens Dave V.,born,1872,died,Dec.14-1970    Picture
Hutchison Fayette,born,1906,died,Sept.1-1977    Picture
     Hutchison Mary E.,born,1910,died,Oct.10-1989,
Hutchison J.B.,born,July 1942,died,Oct. 1991    Picture
Hutchison Lester

Inglish Theresa,born,Aug.16-1899,died 1971,daug.of,George Tate Picture

Jackman Guy Richard,born,July 13-1913,died,Nov.4-1996
Jackman Welva B.,born,Aug.10-1915,died,Sept.4-1998,wed,Oct.13-1932,wife of,Guy R.Jackman
Jackson Doris J.Robitaille,born,Nov.19-1937,died,April 21-1987 Picture
James Chester L.,born,Oct.24-1916,died,Aug.17-1992,WW II  Picture
Johnson Alice M.,born,1864,died,May 15-1888
Johnson Allen,died,Feb.14-1937, 1 Kansas L.A.
Johnson Blanch L.,born,March 15-1884,died,Oct. 20-1884,daug.of, D.A.& A.Johnson
Johnson Catherine,born,1846,died,       1927
Johnson Curtis Roosevelt.,b,Aug.18-1905,d,Dec.13-1974,son,Allen Clarence & Mary Bearskin Johnson(Indian)  Picture
Johnson Doris Mae,born,April 29-1930,died,               ,wed,April 21-1953,wife of,Floyd Edward Johnson
Johnson Ethel O.,born,July 25-1895,died,Dec.12-1895,daug.of, J.A.& M.O.Johnson
Johnson Floyd Edward,born,Oct.10-1926,died,May 20-1995
Johnson Johnny M.,born,June 17-1921,died,Feb.8-1976   Picture
     Johnson Marjorie L.,born,June 23-1924,died,                     , wife of,Johnny M.Johnson
Johnson Lucinda ,born,Dec.29-1897,died, Nov.12-1960,daug of,Bascum & Rosa Hofer Smith
Johnson Susie,born,June 10-1878,died,April 29-1901
Johnston Hubert E.,born,Dec.21- 1929,died,Dec.13-1998   Picture
     Johnston, Nancy L.  April 23, 1936;   d. (no date)
Jolly Ruby F,born,March 26-1905,died,Nov.23-1964,daug.of,Thomas Campbell Picture
Jones Angelique,born,Aug.29-1970,died,Feb.15-1980   Picture
    Jones, Rosie  Jan 25, 1951;   Feb. 15, 1980;
Jones Brady, died,May 18-1933,Infant of, Brady Jones
Jones Carison G.,born,Sept.30-1910,died,March 21-1989
Jones Charley R.,born,April 17-1878,died,Oct.20-1961   Picture
    Jones Carrie D.,born,April 20-1882,died,Nov.20-1959,
Jones Claude H.,born,Sept.24-1902,died,June 24-1925,son of,J.C.Jones Picture
Jones Cody,born,Aug.1-1978,died,Feb.15-1980
Jones Cynthia J.,born,Aug.25-1843,died,Nov.22-1910,wife of, J.C.Jones Picture
Jones Dallas V.,born,1928,died,      1938 Picture
Jones David,born,April 28-1823,died,March 18-1879
Jones Elpha R.,born,1907,died,        1984     Picture
Jones Florence G.,born,Dec.24-1906,died,April 3-1987
Jones Glen C."Red",Jan.27-1911,died,April 5-1997   Picture
     Jones Elsie O."Hilliard",born,Aug.7-1915,died, (no date)
Jones Harold E."Babe",born,June 5-1911,died,Aug.5-1976,son of,Gene Jones
Jones Harve,born,Aug.21-1854,died,Nov.23-1941    Picture
     Jones, Jennie   b. Apr. 17, 1880, d. Apr 27, 1930
Jones James Patrick,born,1874,died,         1965
Jones J.C.,born,Feb.8-1843,died,Oct.10-1924, PVT.CO.E 27 REG. ILL. INF.     Picture
Jones Lawrence E.,born,Nov.14-1926,died,Dec.25-1986   Picture
     Jones Ona Mae,born,Dec.11-1924,died, (no date), wed,Sept.15-1944
Jones Minnie K,born,1869,died,May 12-1900,wife of,W.H.Jones
Jones Rosie,born,Jan.25-1951,died,Feb.15-1980
Jones Sarah, born,April 2-1825,died,Dec.17-1881,wife of,David Jones
Jones Susan E.,born,Jan.4-1870 Ohio,died,June 30-1959, wife of William D. Jones  and mother of Ben Nida
Jones Vern,born,Feb.26-1884,died,Nov.4-1933
Jones William D,born,June 19-1874,died,Aug.17-1949,wife,Susie E.Jones,son,Conner & ? Hyndrex Jones
Jones William Frank,born,Feb.4-1884,died,Sept.5-1965   Picture
     Jones Mary Elizabeth,b,Jan.25-1886,Aug.9-1962, daug,John & Mary Lemons McCoy

Kariho Mary Jane,born,Sept.27-1903,died,Aug.7-1986
Kariho Sarah C,born,Dec.23-1897,died,Feb.19-1904   Picture
Keith Ethel May, born,Nov.8-1905,died,May 18-1946   Picture
Keith Robert ,born,Feb.12-1930,died, (no date) Okla. 69 Regt Picture
Keller Unnamed ,born,Jan.10-1941,died,Jan.10-1941,Infant of, Ellis & Perlene Myers Keller.
Kelley Manuel P.,born,April 2-1924,Jan.20-2000,WWII
Kelley Manuel P,born,April 20-1924,died,Jan.20-2000,wed,Oct.10-1942 PicturePicture
     Kelley Margie P.Lagers,born,May 9-1926,died,  (no date) m.Oct. 6-1943,
Kelley Wess R.,born,Nov.21-1903,died,June 28-1969   Picture
     Kelley Lula E.,born,May 11-1904,died,June 12-1983
Kennedy Alfred Rubin,born,Aug.1-1912,died,May 13-1974,WWII
Kennedy Allen E.,born,1882,died,March 19-1958
Kennedy James C.,born,1881,died,May 16-1951,Calif.
Kennedy James Siras,born,1876,died,Jan.14-1955 ,Okla.
Kennedy Kemit A.,born,Aug.18-1908,died,Feb.17-1921
Kennedy Leander C.,born,1880,died,          1958
Kennedy Rebecca,born,March 4-1847,died,Jan.31-1912,wife of, Marion F.Kennedy
Kennedy Robert S.,born,Nov.1-1952,died,Sept.4-1980
Kern Corinne E,born,Aug.21-1897,Ill.,died,Dec.26-1983,daug.of,Thomas P.& Harriett Lewis Shockey   Picture
Keyser Edgar, born,Dec.14-1884, Infant son of, J.J.& E.Keyser
Keyser Hugh, Infant son of, J.J.& E.Keyser
Kidwell Earl J.,born,1890,died,Aug.26-1957    Picture
     Kidwell Goldie Mae,born,1895,died,Oct.29-1966,wife of, Earl J.Kidwell
King Delbert G.,born,Feb.2-1907,died,Jan.5- 1976
King Evelyn M.,born,Sept.21-1918,died,                wife,of, Delbert King
King Grover C.,born,Nov.19-1928,died,Jan.28-1930,son of,Virgil King Picture
King Larry L.,born,1939,died,Sept.19-1995
King Roy Monroe,born,Dec.25-1889,Mo,died,March 29-1973, son of,William & Lucy Azee King    P1P2
     King Violet May,born,Jan.1-1893,Mo,died,July19-1986,daug.of,Peter L.& Mary S.Cupp Russell
Kinney Martha Ann,born,Sept.15-1877,died,May 26-1906

Lacewell Laura E.,born,June 24-1873,died,Jan. 6-1958   Picture
Lacy, Charles N.  6-2-1933  -  3-30-2001    married 9-6-1960     Pic 1      Pic 2      Pic 3      Pic 4
    Lacy, Patricia F.   12-16-1924     no date
Lacy D.Bruce"Chick",born,May 24-1910,died,March 15-1975,son of,Newton & Edith C.Callis Lacy     PicturePicture    Picture
     Lacy Myrtle I.,born,1913,died,                       , wife of, Bruce D.Lacy
Lacy D.W.,born,March 27-1835,died,Feb.3-1920    Picture
Lacy George Lee born,Feb.19-1928,died,Aug.11-1959,son of,Grover C.& Pearl Tosh Lacy,WW II    Picture
Lacy Grover C.,born,April 8-1883 Mo,died,Jan.25-1957,son of, Harvey & ? Duff Lacy     Picture
     Lacy Pearl M.,born,March 10-1904,died,Feb.22-1990,
Lacy Margaret A.,born,Oct.30-1845,died,April 3-1928   Picture
Lacy Newton"Newt",born,July 11-1866 died,July 23-1936   Picture
     Lacy Edith Carolyn,b,Dec.5-1882,d,Feb.12-1960,wife of,Newt Lacy,daug,Andrew & Mary Dickson Callis    Picture
Lacy Robert James,born,March 5-1939,died,Oct.12-1968, Mo.PFC 65 ORD.CO. Picture
Lamb Lloyd H.,born,Aug.10-1900,died,April 7-1978   Picture
     Lamb Alice E.,born,June 3-1903,died,July 12-1990,wife of,Lloyd H.Lamb
Lander Otis R.,born,Feb.24-1916,died,June 10-1964,WWII  Picture
Lane A.,born,April 9-1833,died,July 20-1910
Lannehill, Lyman E.   OK WWII  Oct 25, 1917   Sep 17, 1953     Picture
Lannehill, Velma  July 16, 1918   Sep 3, 1975 Picture
Lasley  Patty Jo,born,June 23-1939,died,Oct.8-1988  Picture
Lester Infant, born,Dec.28-1910,died,Dec.28-1910,son of, R.C.& M.Lester     Picture
Lewis Velma Louise,born,1916,died,Feb.3-1935,daug.of,C.A.Lewis
Liddell Elsie Lela,born,Nov.24-1887,died,May 12-1967   Picture
Linderman Marvin W.,born,May 13-1913,died,Feb.3-1981
Lilly Julius C.,born,April 10-1911,died,Sept.18-1995   Picture
     Lilly Myrtle,born,March 27-1915,died,April 10-1986,wife of, Julius C.Lilly
     Lilly Jeannie D.,born,April 30-1936,died,Aug.10-1986
Lincoln Leota Wilson,born,1898,died,Aug.14-1973    Picture
Linderman, Marvin W.  May 13, 1913  Feb. 3, 1981  Picture
Lister William Rex,born,Nov.6-1968,died,Nov.10-1991
Litton, Carrie  9-27-1907  7-13-1981 w/o Norman b. July 25, 1922     Picture
Lofland Lawanda L.,born,Aug.19-1930,died,Nov.26-1996   Picture
Long Alma Othella ,born,Sept.5-1918,died,April 28-1927,daug of,Ira & Laura Long
Long Bertha ,born,Sept.5-1890,died,Dec.15-1918,wife of,George L.Long
Long Clarence Ira,born, 1885,died,Sept.29-1946
Long W. Jack,born,1852,Canada,died,Sept.8-1932    Picture
     Long Emma Jane,b,Dec16-1868,Tn,d,Aug.23-1957,wife of,W.J.Long,daug.of,Josephine Horn Houghn
Long George L.,born,Feb.8-1887,died,Dec.11-1918
Long James M.,born,Aug.10-1834,died,Sept.2-1905,Civil War, Kans.Co.E 15 Reg.
Long Karen Sue, April 26-1949     Picture
Long Laura JaneLorette,born,1886,died,Feb.26-1946,wife of,Clarence Ira Long
Long Lola Ercell,born,Dec.12-1906,died,Feb.21-1992   Picture
Long Lottie B.,born,1897,died,June 11-1973    Picture
Long Olive Z. R.,born,May 25-1891,died,March 24-1967,daug.of,Emma Harlshorn Leander     Picture
Long Robert Zane,born,Jan.20-1920,died,Nov.14-1991
Long Susan F., born,June 20-1844,died,March 5-1907,wife of,James M.Long
Long Thelma V.,born,Sept.10-1915,died,Jan.9-1918,daug.of,Ira & Laura Long
Long Tommie A.,born,1932,died,   1934,  Infant Picture
Longan Jake Chism,b,Dec.10-1896,d,Jan.4-1963,wife,Mabel B.Longan,son,John & Elizabeth Longan     Picture
    Longan Mable Belle,b,Sept.21-1898,d,March 30-1984,daug,Matthew & Martha Shields Davis
Longan John B.,born,Aug.8-1853,died,Sept.19-1938,son of, J.L.& Martha Arm Longan      Picture
     Longan Eliza,b,June11-1853,d,Nov.21-1939,wife of,John B.Longan,daug,Benjamin & Julia Meredith Cook
Longan Marshall,died,Feb.1995
Longan, William B.  Mar 1, 1884    Mar 14, 1975 Picture
Lundy Almeda,born,Nov.25-1835,died,Feb.3-1916,wife of,Richard S.Lundy Picture
Lundy Richard S.,born,Jan.1-1840,died, July 27-1917   Picture

Mackey, Beulah Foster   3-15-1910  -  6-12-1996 Picture
Malone Joel A.,born,Sept.23-1861,died,Oct.12-1918   Picture
Marlow James E.,born,Feb.2 -1942,died,Feb.5-1942
Martin Don J.,born,July 7-1886 Ks.,died,Feb.19-1971,   Picture
     Martin Alma,born,March 12-1884,died,Jan.15-1968,daug of,John A.& Elizabet R.England Lectchworth
Martin Fannie, born,Sept.9-1879,died,July 22-1953,wife of,Walter Martin,son of,George Hall
Martin Loe Kirk,born,1940,died,April 11-1943,son of,Doyle Martin
Martin Opal,born,March 2-1906,died,Aug.15-1923,daug.of,Ed & Sarah Hall Martin
Martin Sarah,born,Sept.10-1873,died,Jan.17-1939,wife of,Edward Martin
Martin Walter,born,Feb.19-1877,died,March 13-1953
Mason Emma Gertrude,born,May 10-1932 Fl.,died,Oct.7-1971,
Massey Lawton L,born,May 2-1934,died,Dec.27-1993
Massey Mary Lou,born,Feb.22-1938,died,               ,wed,March 7-1953,wife of,Lawton L.Massey
Matney Raymond D.,born,June 25-1916,died,June 10-1984 U.S.Army Picture
McCall Calvin G., born,Dec.11-1914,died,May 18-1988   Picture
     McCall Letha C.,born,Jan.9-1910,died,Oct.10-1986
McCall Della May, born, May 6-1890,died,Dec.1-1970   Picture
McCall Helen Jean,b,Sept.20-1918,d,Feb.2-2000,wife,John W McCall,daug,Charles & Ollie Ramey Stankard    Picture
McCall John W,born,Nov.11-1918,died,Oct.8-1988    Picture
McCall Marjorie Jane,born,Aug.16-1908,died,Oct.5-1983   Picture
McCall Maxine Lucy,born,Jan.7-1923,died,Feb.6-1923   Picture
McCall Melissa Maxine,born,March 19-1977,died,Oct.4-1978  Picture
McCall Montezuma M. "Zuma", born,1898,died,June 25-1947  Picture
McCall Teddy Avery,born,Dec.21-1977,died,Aug.2-1979   Picture
McClure Hazel ,born,March 29-1909,died,Dec.10-1990   Picture
McCullum Delpine,born,Dec.6-1930,died,Dec.31-1986
McDonald Charley,born,Feb.23-1887,died,Nov.28-1963,son of,Albson & Liza Brown McDonald     Picture
     McDonald Annie, born,1892,died, (no date)
McDonald Jimmie,born,Aug.15-1938,died,March 12-1969,U.S.Army,Okla. Picture
McKee Weston ZIsaiah,born,Feb.25-2002,Mo.,died,Feb.25-2002,Mo.,son of,Rick & Belie McKee
McMurtry Elmer Guy, born,Dec.26-1887,died,Nov.19-1966
McMurtry Viola M.Hubble,born,1887,died,July 14-1970,wife of,Elmer Guy McMurtry
McQuigg Addison Clark Sr,born,Aug.7-1888,Tn,d,Dec.9-1984,son of,Aber & Matha Evans McQuigg   Picture
     McQuigg Virginia Anna,b,Oct.16-1902,d,Feb.27-1972,daug,Dudley E.& Nannie Bacon Thompson
Meadows  John David,born,1893,died,March 15-1954   Picture
     Meadows Ruth Ethel DeMoss,born,1893,died,Jan.17-1971
Meadows Mildred, born,1921,died,July 13-1936,daug.of,A.D.Meadows
Meadows Ruth Mildred,born,1920,died,July 13-1936   Picture
Merrell, S. P.   T/Sgt US Army  WWII  9-2-1905  -  2-4-1987         Picture
Merriman Johnny Lee,died,Sept. 2-1962,Infant of, Ted & ? McCall Merriman     Picture
Mick Fannie L,b,Feb.20-1894,d,Nov.10-1985,wife,Leonard Mick,daug,Warren & Ellen Dotson Whittenberg
Mick Leonard,born,1880,died,Feb.3-1957
Miller Ben F, born,April 14-1901,died,Sept.11-1977   Picture
Miller Dollie Smith,born,Sept.9-1866,Tenn.,died,March 7-1963,wife of,Robert Miller     Picture
Miller Jack F.,born,Nov.24-1923,died,Sept.21-1997   Picture
Miller Luther A.,born,Feb.11-1894,died,Sept.24-1958,son of,Robert & Dollie Smith Miller     Picture
Miller Rosa, born,Aug.21-1905,died,May 14-1973,wife of,Ben F.Miller Picture
Miller Syntha N.,born,March 9-1854,died,March 22-1909,wife of,W.P.Miller Picture
Miller Walter E.,born,1918,died,      Picture
     Miller Wilma M.Robinson,born,1928,died,Dec.23-1993,
Millhollin Jasper C.,died,Nov.14-2000     Picture
Millhollin Jasper Daniel,born,Sept.19-1981,died,Feb.1-1997
Millhollin Maudie E., born,April 16-1936,died,Dec.28-1999,wife of,Jasper C.Millhollin     Picture
Millhollin Payton, 2 mo.,son of,Jasper Millholin
Millhollin Virginia,died,May 4-1936,Infant daug.of,John Millholin
Misenhimer A.M.,born,1832,died,Jan.23-1888
Mobley Joseph C,born,Oct.25-1896,Ark,died,Dec.13-1980,John & Sarah Lane Mobley     Picture
     Mobley Martha M.Harness,born,1897,died,June 9-1974,
Mobra, Candera  Jan 12, 1892   May 2, 1948  Picture
Mobra Edna ,born,Dec.14- 1898,died,April 19-1976,wife of,Sanders James William Mobra     Picture
Mobra James William Sanders,b,Jan.12-1892,Ill,May 3-1946,wife,Edna Mobra,son,John & Katherine Tull Mobra
Mobra Joe Vernon,born,Jan.6-1933,died,March 4-1981   Picture
Mobra Peter Goldman,born,1919,died,Jan.9-1932,son of,Sanders  Mobra
Moger Obed, born,1881,died,       1955 Picture
Monroe Earl, born,July 25-1919,N.C,died,July 25-1976,WWII & Korea,son of,Ila Powell Monroe     Picture
Montgomery Harry C.,born,Sept.1-1898,died,Oct.25-1972,son of,George Montgomery     Picture
Monture Susan,born,1832,died,March 23-1885    Picture
Moore Billy Joe, born,Jan.24-1940,died,July 19-1967   Picture
Moore Charley C.,born,May 4-1912,died,Dec.18-1980   Picture
Moore James W,born,1863,died,          1937         Picture
     Moore Lou Jane, born,1877,died,          1945,
Moore Napoleon B.,Co.A 140 IND.INF.     Picture
Morgan Arthur E.,born,Sept.24-1874,died,Jan.31-1938,   Picture
Morgan Clarence L.,born,Sept.30-1940,died,Aug.10-1972.  Picture
Morgan Ginger,  July 27-1941
Morgan Lucy May, born,Nov.6-1911,died,June 28-1940
Morris Ed, born,March 16-1874,died,April 14-1923   Picture
Morris Cicel Neil, born, July 3-1926,died,May 14-1993,WW II
Morris Perry,   Civil War     Picture
Morris Virginia L., Feb.7-1941
Morrison Carl E, born,1898,died,                ,son of,John & Alice Morrison    Picture  Picture     Picture
     Morrison Velma May,born,1898,died,April 10-1971,wife of,Carl E.Morrison
Morrison Dorothy C,b,July 10-1905,Pa,d,Jan.8-1990,daug,Carl Cecil & Eliza Ann Patterson Culver     Picture
Morrison Floyd F,born,Sept.19-1894,died,Feb.26-1918,son of,J.W.& M.A.Morrison     Picture
Morrison Guy Daly, born,Oct.13-1937,died,Jan.8-1986,son of,Roy F.& Dorothy Culver Morrison     Picture
Morrison Joseph Wesley,born,Dec.18-1868,died,June8-1949,son of,Will &Caroline Dinkel Morrison     Picture
     Morrison Alice,b,July 3-1867,d,July 7-1939,wife,JoeW.Morrison,daug,Franklin & Mary Alice Epperson Hoffman     Picture  Picture
     Morrison Norval Leo,born,June 15-1904 Mo,died,Sept.15-1937,son of, J.W.& Alice Hoffman Morrison
Morrison Roy F.,born,Sept.22-1904,died,Oct.9-1957,son of,Roy C.& Martha Ann Hayes Morrison     Picture
Moss Archie S.,born,1904,died,Feb.15-1983     Picture
     Moss Amanda K.,born,1905,died,Feb.13-1989,
Mudeater Julia E.,born,Aug.31-1863,died,May 26-1919,wife of,A.J.Mudeater Picture
Mulder Victor Edison, born,April 17-1911,died, Feb.27-1995  Picture Picture   Picture
     Mulder, Mary Katherine b. July 22, 1911,  d. Jan 21, 1980, wife of Victor Edison Mulder
Murphy J.A. Mrs.,died,Feb.11-1937
Murphy James H, born,1840,died,July12-1931    Picture
     Murphy Theresa M.,born,1845,died,       1937,
Myers Morice Wayne, born,Feb.3-1943,died,June 11-1995, Vietnam
Myers Ollie Florence,born,May 23-1942,died,May 25-1942,Infant of,Aaron Myers

Nachtigal Nina Chistene, born,Jan.18-1921,died,July 27-1961  Picture
Neal Fannie Bell,born,Aug.18-1916,died,Jan.10-1999,WWII  Picture
Neal Servetus W.,born,Aug.19-1910,died,June 7-1994,WWII & Korea Picture
Neely Benjamin Robert,born,1875 Mo,died,Aug.6-1955,son of, Robert Neely Picture
     Neely Mary C.,born,1880,died,          1960,wife of, Benjamin R.Neely,daug.of, Barnett
Neely William R.Sr,born,Nov.20-1901,died,Jan.3-1974,son of,Benjamin Robert & Mary Barnett Neely Picture
     Neely Cleona B.,born,1903,died,          2003,wife of, William R.Neely
Newberry Anel Russell,born,April 8-1910,Mo,died,Jan.28-1953,son of,Harve & Lela E.Botts Newberry
Newberry Harve Able,born,March 3-1889,died,Nov.3-1936,son of,George & Lelia Newberry     Picture
Newberry Jimmy,died,Sept.6-1957,Infant son of,Ora Newberry  Picture
Newberry Inel Russell,born,1910,died,Feb.1-1953
Newberry Lelia E.Botts,born,1891,died,Nov.11-1963,wife of Harvey Newberry Picture
Newberry Loretta,born,Oct.30-1918, Mo,died,Sept.22-1989,daug.of,Pete & Ruth Bell     Picture
Newberry, Onel Russell  1910  -  1953   Picture
Newberry Orie O,born,Feb.2-1915,Mo,died,Oct.31-1984,WWII,son of,Harvey & Lelia Botts Newberry     Picture
Newberry Paula,died,July 23-1960,Infant daug.of,Harvey Newberry
Nichols Mary J,born,June 3-1855,died,Jan.27-1904,wife of,William Nichols
Nida Ben, born,Dec.25-1890,died,Sept.5-1951,WW I   Picture
Nix Jeremy Lee,born,Sept.14-1978,died,Feb.7-1980,son of,Debbie Millhollin Picture
Nobles James Edward.,born,Dec.17-1950     Picture
Noegel  William"Bill" J,B,June 6-1908,d,May 21-1992,son of,John H.& Ettie Noegel     Picture
     Noegel Ruby E,born,Jan.17-1911,died,Oct.2-1991,wife of,Bill J.Neogel
Noegel Ruby Ella,born,Jan.22-1939,died,Aug.17-1958,daug.of,W.J.& Ruby Conner Noegel     Picture

Oo-So-Wee Robert Harry, born,Jan.18-1916,died,March 4-1992
Osburn Rosie May,born,1898,died,1899
Oscar H.
Owen Bonnie, born,1935,died,       1938 Picture
Owens Amanda Sorimer, born,Jan.25-1948,Mo,died,Feb.11-1961
Owens William O."Bill",born,Dec.11-1937,died,Dec.26-2000,son of,Olin & Cherry Owens

Pace George Donald,born,Feb.23-1932,died,Oct.3-1998   Picture
     Pace Beverly A.,born,March 14-1934,died,Jan.13-2000,
Pace Jimmie Melvin "Pat",born,June1-1936,died,March 18-1983  Picture
Pacheco Alfred,born,June 29-1892,New Mexico,died,Nov.22-1988,
Palham Pernie         Picture
Palmer Ercell J Bluejacket,born,Feb.1-1914,died,July 27-1985,wife of,Herschel H.Palmer     Picture
Palmer Herschel H.,born,July 27-1913,died,March 9-1996,WWII  Picture
Parker  Perrie,born,April 14-1891,died,Dec.7-1909,son of, S.D.Parker
Parks C.B.,born,Nov.8-1847,died,April 15-1927    Picture
Parks Joseph W.,born,Aug.5-1843,died,March 25-1932   PicturePicture
     Parks Suphrona B.,May 30-1850,wife of,Joseph W.Parks
Parks Ottie May Thomas Young,born,Oct.9-1879,Mo,died,Jan.20-1962, Picture
Parks William J."Willie",born,Oct.9-1884,died,July 20- 1963,son of,Charley & Isabell Morris Parks     Picture
Passley Burl H.,born,Nov.1-1910,died,Feb.27-1999,WWII   Picture
     Passley, Marjorie L. Risner  Mar 2, 1913;  Nov 11, 1998
Passley Flossie Zilliox, born,1900,died,          1942         Picture
Passley Floyd. ,born,1913,died,April 27-1938,Cailf.   Picture
Passley Shirley Ann,born,1932,died,Feb.6-1936,Mo.,   Picture
Passley William F,born,1873,died,Sept.13-1956,wife of,Mary D.Passley,son,John & Mary Ennis Passley   Picture
     Passley Mary D,b,Nov.17-1877,d,May17-1966,,daug,Hoover &Nancy Jeffers Beeson
Patton Carrie J.,born,Aug.7-1883,died,Oct.1-1913,wife of,C.B.Willsey Picture
Patton C. W.
Patton Donald Glenn,b,April 1-1929,d,Aug.28-1985,WWII & Korea,son,George Oral & Ora Belle Green Patton     Picture
Patton George O.,born,Dec.19-1878,Kan,died,May 29-1966,son of,John & Emma Doyland Patton    PicturePicture    Picture
     Patton Ora B,b,Oct.7-1885,Ky,d,March16-1965,wife of,George O.Patton,daug.of,Hulett & Adeline Green
Patton John W.,born,May 30-1876,Mo,died,Aug. 8-1947,son of,John Patton
Patton Lola Mildred, born,1916,died,       1917     Picture
Patton Thurman L.,born,Jan.12-1906,died,Nov.8-1909   Picture
Peacock Alex,born,May 20-1896,died,Feb.12-1936,son of,Alex & Maggie Coon Peacock,U.S.Army Okla.   Picture
Peacock Amy L,born,Nov.25-1897,died,May 23-1969,daug of,Charles & Carrie Forman Bluejacket     Picture
Peacock Kathrine, born,Wash.D.C.,died,Oct.7-1935
Peacock Thomas, born,July 7-1882 Ind Terr,died,Dec.14-1962,son of, Isaac Peacock     Picture
Peacock  Willam Reid,born,April 22-1922,d,Jan.22-1990,WW II,son of,Alex & Amy Bluejacket Peacock    Picture
Perry G.H.,
Peterson Floyd ,born,April 2-1900,died,April 19-1914   Picture
Peterson unknown
Phillips Charles Victor"Chuck",born,Nov.8-1960,died,March 11-1978 Picture
Phillips Diana Kay, May 8- 1947      Picture
Phillips Earl C.,born,Jan.15-1906,died,March 14-1983   Picture    Picture   Picture
     Phillips Pearl , born,Feb.28-1916,died,Dec.10-1977,wife of,Earl C.Phillips
Phillips James E,born,Dec.17-1932,died,Jan.16-1992, Korea  Picture
Phillips John A,born,Nov.5-1870,died,Oct.26-1949   Picture
     Phillips, Stella  b Dec 25, 1876, d Aug 14, 1960 wife of John A. Phillips
Phillips Rose Lee, born,Feb.9-1939,died,Jan.20-1941,daug.of,Leon & Goldie Myers Phillips
Pierce Pearl, born,Sept.6-1908,died,Nov.2-1990
Pierce Willis, born,May 19-1902,died,Oct.1-1990
Plummer Clarence Ula,born,Oct.9-1896,died,April 7-1899,son of,W.H.& Lucy M. Plummer
Points Leonard C.,died,Nov.18-1912,Infant son of,Blair & Elizabetn points     Picture
Pooler Lottie Routen,born,July 4-1899,died,Oct.29-1933,wife of,Albert Pooler     Picture
Power Curtis, born,1909,died,           1913
Power Harrison T,born,Sept.4-1851,died,Jan.15-1933   Picture
     Power Nancy E,born,Dec.22-1854,died,Aug.30-1927,wife of,Harrison Power
Power James W,born,Feb.9-1881,died,Aug.1-1943    Picture
     Power Ethel W.,born,July 15-1881,died,Aug.5-1979,wife of,James W.Power
Powers Bulah, born,Jan.16-1904,died,July 21-1904,daug.of,Charles B.& B.F.Powers
Powers Charley,born,April 18-1875,died,Sept.12-1934
Powers Charles B.,born,April 18- 1875,died,Sept.5-1934
Powers Charles H,born,Oct.6-1907,died,July 7-1910   Picture
Powers, Curtis   1909 - 1913     Picture
Prater Dovie, born,1871,died,Dec.16-1958,wife of,William J.Prater Picture
Prater, Paris Frank   1901 - 1969    Picture
Prater Mary M., born,Nov.4-1903,died,May 26-1906   Picture
Prater Millard,born, April 14-1890,died,May 15-1922   Picture
Prater W.J., born, Feb.26-1850,died,March 3-1935   Picture
Prater William J., died,March 7-1935
Pride Agnes R., born,Sept.19-1916,died,May 11-1991   Picture
Pride W.Wesley, born,May 2-1914,died,March 2-1992   Picture
Pryor Belvia Lucinda,b,1-25-1903,d,9-5-1978,w/oWilliam E.Pryor,d/o Hugh N.& Frances Loreta Beesley Lines   Picture
Pryor  Howard Wayne, born,March 4-1928,died,April 9-1997,wed,July 24-1949
Pryor William E.,born,April 8-1895,died,Jan.23-1971,WW I,  Picture

Rakes Cecil Ivy,born,Feb.6-1914,died,Dec.15-1978    Picture
Rakes John W.,born,April 20-1878 Mo,died,March 8-1962,son of,William & Mary Gray Rakes     Picture
Rakes Ricky J.,born,Feb.6-1986,died,April 22-1986   Picture
Rakes Rosa M.,born,March 20-1888,died,May 17-1930   Picture
Ramey Iris Ollie,born,April 23-1897,died,Aug.5-1975   Picture
Ramming Nellie M.,born,Aug.17-1916,died,Feb.16-1989   Picture
Reece Lloyd, March 5-1895,died,March 23-1981    Picture
    Reece Carra L., born,May 13-1899,died,May 28-1989,
Reed Ada N.Cannon,born,Feb.12-1885,died,April 14-1956   Picture
Reed Charles Henry.,born,Oct.17-1887,died,July 3-1952   Picture
Reed Francis M,born,Oct.27-1926,died,Feb.21-1932,son of,Fred F.Reed,Grandson of,F.M.Reed    Picture
Reed Fred, died,April 12-1933
Reed Rodena, born,Nov.7-1940,died,Nov.21-1940,Infant of,Charles & Velma Grimes Reed
Renfro Paul J.,born,Aug.9-1916,died,Sept.20-1980   Picture
     Renfro Marjorie B,born,Nov.3-1924died, (no date), wed,Feb.1-1941
Reid Helen Alice,born,Sept.29-1896,died,May 8-1982,wed,Aug.14-1919,to Pearl Morris Reid     P1P2
     Reid Pearl Morris, born,April 12-1894,died,Aug.3-1980,WW I
Reinhart Bertha Mae,b,1893,d,May 3-1957,wife,William Gorden Reinhart,daug,A & Sarah Keith Shelton
Reinhart William Gordon, born,1890,died,Aporil 1-1973
Rhodes Bliss A.,born,Nov.9-1904,died,March 1- 1980,son of,Tom Rhodes Picture
     Rhodes Ida M.,born,Oct.12-1900,died,Dec.24-1979,
Rhodes Millard M.,born,March 23-1918,died,April 14-1979  Picture
    Rhodes Ruby M.,died,Aug.13-1935,
Rhodes Robert B.,born,Oct.12-1912,died,Jan.12-1998   Picture
    Rhodes, Lela J.  b. Aug 4, 1921;  d. Sep 2, 1996;
Richardson Baby, born,Dec.27-1906,died,Feb.19-1907
Richardson Dollie, born,July 7-1885,died,March 31-1915,wife of,Sam Richardson
Richardson General Scott,  Jan 5, 1891;   Oct 21, 1983 Picture
Richardson George W.,born,July 12-1899,died,Feb.17-1980,WWII,son of,Redin R.& T.Richardson     Picture
Richardson Henry,born,April 25-1876,died,April 14-1901,PVT U.S,son of,Redin R.& T.Richardson
Richardson Merida,born,Dec.24-1894,died,March 18-1964,WWI,  Picture
Richardson Redin R.,born,May 3-1846,died,Sept.21-1929,Pvt.Co.C1 Tenn. Inf.
Richardson Sam., born,Sept.27-1872,died,Jan.1-1945
Ricigliano Carol Ann Roush, born,Feb.1-1938,died,Dec.14-2000 Picture
Risner Billy, born,1926,died,Dec.1-1929
Risner Breck Higgins,born,July 16-1887,Ky,died,Dec.6-1958,son of,Pearl & Sarah Hoagg Risner     Picture
Risner Bruce ,born,1881,Ky,died,Nov.13-1965,son of,Pearl & Sarah Back Risner     PicturePicture     Picture
     Risner Mabel C,b,Sept.11-1888,d,March 22-1975,wife,Bruce Riser,daug,Emanuel &Anna Keeler Crippin
Risner Durand T,born,July 14-1922,died,May 2-1951,WW II
Risner Mabele,b,Nov.4-1902,d,Nov.19-1934(Indian),wife,Vaughan Risner,daug.Joe & Sallie Dawson Cotter
Risner Mabel, born,Nov.4-1902,died,Nov.20-1934,(Indian),wife of,Vaughan Risner
Risner Maxine, born,1923,died,        1931
Risner Myrtle Crippen,born,Dec.9-1889,Mo,died,Oct.26-1958,daug.of,Emanuel & Emma Keiler Crippen     Picture
Risner Ramona, born,June 1-1932,died,Dec.31-1932
Risner Vaughan ,died,Jan.11-1932, Ky.CORP. PRO.Guard Co.
Risner Wayne, born,1922,died,      1977 Picture
Ritter Ottie I., born,1921,died,       1940     Picture
Roberts Alma N.,born,Sept.18-1932,died,Dec.13-1995,wife of, David H.Roberts
Roberts David H.,born,March 1-1928,died,Aug.27-1990,son of,Ben Roberts
Roberts Porter,born,1851,died,        1924     Picture
     Roberts Melissa,born,1856,died,Oct.5-1939,wife of,Porter Roberts
Roberts Nettie,born,Sept.6-1897,died,Nov.22-1949   Picture
Roberts Thomas A.,born,June 14-1880,died,Feb.2-1924   Picture
Roberts Ulysiss Congrave, born,April 23-1867, Mo,died,Nov.17-1935, Picture
Robinson Edgar Lestie,born,1888,died,Dec.12-1971   Picture
     Robinson Hester Lavina,born,1896,died,Oct.26-1975
Robinson Glenn Leslie,b,April 25-1924,d,Feb.24-2000,son,Edgar Lester & Hester L.Wallace Robinson,WWII   Picture
Robinson James W.,born,1873,died,Oct.15-1964    Picture
     Robinson Mabel L.,born,1887,died,
Robinson Merelene Faye Butterfield,born,Jan.20-1931,died,March 7-1990,wife,Glenn Leslie Robinson
Robinson Phyllis C.Gamboa,born,Sept.8-1934,died,Jan. 4-1996
Robitaille Charles Z.,born,March 26-1880,died,Aug.2-1958
Robitaille Elizabeth, born,Aug.22-1842,died,Nov.4-1883,wife of, Napoleon Robitaille     Picture
Robitaille Emma Biller, born,Aug.21-1870,died,Jan.14-1954,wife of,James R.Robitaille
Robitaille Ernest A.,born,1872,died,Dec.28-1933    Picture
Robitaille Ernest.T."Dode",born,1907,died,April 22-1971,La.
Robitaille Francis Bell Scobee,born,Aug.4-1874,Mo,died,Oct.21-1944,wife of,Charles Z.Robitaille,
Robitaille Frank Reynolds,b,Dec.16-1869,d,April 12-1941,son,Lewis Napaleon & Elizabeth Robitaille
Robitaille James Francis "Frank",b,July 18-1905,d,Dec.8-1957,son,James R.& Emma Robitaille(Wyandotte)   Picture
Robitaille James R.,born,Feb.9-1862,died,Feb.2-1931,(Wyandotte Indian) Picture
Robitaille Lena E.,born,June 15-1877,died,Oct.13-1955   Picture
Robitaille Louis Eugene Napoleon, born,July 15-1842,died,May 26-1895 Picture
Robitaille Mamie, born,Oct.10-1873,died,Dec.25-1898,wife of,Frank R.Robitaille
Robitaille R.G., born,July 19-1804,died,July 2-1879   Picture
Robitaille Susannah, born,April 9-1820,died,Oct.19-1888  Picture
Robitaille Wilson E."Billie",born,1918,died,March 15-1992  Picture
Robitaille Wolford,born,1894,died,Sept.29-1975    Picture
     Robitaille Nancy A.,born,1896,died,Feb.1-1986
Roschie Alice J.,born,Sept.8-1889,died,Sept.24-1897,daug.of,F.& A.Roschie     Picture
Roschie Fred,born,March 4-1848,died,Feb.10-1918    Picture
Roush Leetha Jones,born,Oct.27-1915,died,June 10-1988   Picture
Routon Armstead C.,born,1874,died,Aug.8-1966
Routon Maggie Parks,b,Nov.7-1873,d,April 22-1958,wife,A.C.Routon,daug,C.B.& Bell Morrison Parks
Routon Rosa Bell,born,Feb.21-1904,died,March 8-1906,daug,Armstead C.& Maggie Parks Routon

Sampsel Juda Long,b,April 26-1883,d,Nov.7-1950,daug.of,Isaac & Katherine McConnell Long     Picture
Sarahas John, born,Oct.31-1823,died,Nov.21-1883
Sarahas Mattie, born,Feb.15-1863,died,March 20-1949
Sarahas Wesley,born, June 15-1849,died,April 7-1922
Saulsburg Elgin,born,1868,died,         1947     Picture
Saulburg Elmer E.,born,Oct.4-1864,died,Jan.14-1941   Picture
Saylor Elvin Howard "Eck", born,April 22-1906,died,Nov.6-1984,U.S.Amry P1P2P3P4
     Saylor Mary Eva"Eva",born,Nov.13-1905,died,March 7-1993,wife of,Elvin Howard Saylor
Schiffbauer Agnes Irene Williams,b,Oct.6-1911,d,March 16-1997,wife,Rody Schiffbauer,wed,Nov.1-1940
Schiffbauer Ann,born,March 17-1888,died,June 28-1934,wife,Roy R.Schiffbauer,daug.of,Shackey
Schiffbauer Azilda, b,Oct.7-1874,d,May21-1946,wife of,Robert Schiffbauer,daug.,Napoleon Robitaille
Schiffbauer Charles H,b,Dec.5-1918,d,May2-1979,WWII,son,Robert & Azilda Robitaille Schiffbauer
Schiffbauer Cyril Robert,born,June 16-1894,d,Feb.11-1983,son of,Robert & Wilda Robitaille Schiffbauer     Picture
Schiffbauer Frank,born,March 25-1900,died,Jan.23-1964,son of,Robert & Wilda Schiffbauer     Picture
     Schiffbauer Golda,born,1897,died,         1966,
Schiffbauer Gladys M,born,July 14-1911,died, Jan.9-1978,daug.of,Robert & Azilda Robitaille Schiffbauer
Schiffbauer Jane M.,born,1845,died,Dec.9-1878
Sciffbauer John, born,Jan.2-1914,died,April 25-1978,WWII
Schiffbauer Joseph P, born,1891,died,      1935     Picture
Schiffbauer Julia,born,Jan.22-1898,died,Dec.24-1898,Infant Daug.of,R.& A.E.Schiffbauer
Schiffbauer Pernia Bell,born,Aug.28-1896,died,Nov.21-1947,wife of,Roy Schiffbauer
Schiffbauer Robert,born,Sept.27-1870,died,June 16-1951,son of, Joseph & James Whitecrow Schiffbauer
Schiffbauer Rody,born,Sept.5-1903,died,July 28-1993
Schiffbauer Roy R.,born,Feb.14-1896,died,Aug.4-1957,WW II,son of,Robert &Wilda Schiffbauer     PicturePicture
Schiffbauer Viola Patsy,born,July 7-1913 Ks,died,Dec.18-1971,daug of,Francis & Violet Russell Lumis    Picture
Schrimpsher George,born,Sept.5-1893,died,Aug.7-1900
Schrimpsher 13 marked grave
Schrimpsher Harriett, born,1866,OH,died,Aug.20-1949
Schrimpsher Melinda, born,Aug.5-1890,died,Oct.15-1892
Sein Israel Benslay, born,Sept.18-1809,died,Nov.16-1879
Seymour John G.,  CO.A 10 ILL. INF.
Seymour Martha,born,Feb.28-1851,died,March 6-1927
Shadrick Hugh H., May 12-1922, Okla. PVT. C A C    Picture
Shaffer Janie, born,1891,died,Dec.19-1964     Picture
Shaffer Oney,born,Oct.14-1904,died,Nov.14-1904
Sharp Teresa Lynn,born,May 3-1958,died,Jan.3-1975   Picture
Sharp Tommie L.,born,1933,died, (no date)     Picture
      Sharp Dolores Mae Morrow,born,1933,died,March 19-1972, wed,April1-1952
Shaver William C.,born,April 2-1844,died,Dec.12-1914,Co.E 12 Iowa Inf. Picture
Shedlebar Charles W.,born,Jan.23-1883,died,July 21-1909  Picture
Shell Willis Houston,died,May 23-2002     Picture
     Shell, Elosia Mae (Chase)  Aug 18, 1914  d. (no date)
Sheets Sarah J.,born,1852,died,         1923     Picture
Sherman Fannie E,b,1882,d,Aug.26-1938,wife,Sam Sherman,daug,Merideth & Frances Patton Daylong
Sherman Sam, born,Aug.29-1877,died,Aug.19-1952    Picture
Shipp James E., born,Aug.2-1863,died,July 15-1931
Shipp Rebecca,born,1813,died,March 29-1888
Shockey Harriett Francis,born,April 12-1869,Ill,died,Nov.16-1959 daug of,Mr.& Mrs.Lewis   Picture
Shockey Harry Edgar,born,Jan.19-1902,died,Sept.21-1972,son of,Thomas P.& Harriett Lewis Shockey     Picture
Shockey Infants Twins,died,Jan.28-1967,sons of,Patricia Shockey
Shockey Nellie Lee, born,Feb.20-1901,died,Oct.9-1997   Picture
Shockey Willis A,born,March 20-1909,Ks,died,Jan.15- 1975,son of,Thomas P.& Harriett Lewis Shockey   Picture
Shores Lola Beatrice, born,July 23-1919,died,April 15-1996,
Simmons Mary Alice,born,Aug.17-1901,died,Feb.10-1983   Picture
Simmons Theron Arthur, born, 1881 Mo,died,Aug.21-1955   Picture
Simpson Ben O, born,Aug.17-1902,died,April 6-1969 Kan.,WW II, Picture
Simpson Emma Bell,b,Oct.11-1874,d,,Nov.28-1943,wife of, Lee Simpson,daug.of,J.B.& Lizza Cook Longan   Picture
Simpson Infant,died,Oct.21-1918,son of,W.A.& Josephine Simpson
Simpson Jake W.,born,Sept.24-1917,died,May 5-1973,WW II  Picture
Simpson Josephine,born,1898,died,March 2-1963,wife of,William Andrew Simpson     Picture
Simpson Lee, born,Dec.22-1876,died,Dec.27-1956    Picture
Simpson Willaim.Andrew.,born,Jan.14-1893,died,Aug.13-1969  Picture
Skinner Rufus W.,born,1874,died,July 20-1964,    Picture
Slyter Abe,born,1883,died,Nov.27-1962     Picture
     Slyter Alta Pearl Golden, born,1880,died,Jan.28-1959,wife of,Abe Slyter
Smith Bascom B.,born,March 1-1876,died,Nov.30-1955
Smith Infant,died,1910,daug.of, Bascom & Rosa Smith
Smith Infant, died,1904, son of, Bascom & Rosa Smith
Smith Jesse Carl, born,Feb.3-1901,died,Sept.14-1920,son of,Bascom & Rosa Smith
Smith Nancy Jane, born,1824,died,       1922
Smith Rosa Hofer, born,June 22-1880,died,Oct. 9-1955,wife of,Bascom Smith
Sparlin George W., born,1897,died,Feb.27-1954,son of,Andrew & Ida Holmes Sparlin
Spibuck Roy, born,July 21-1890,died,Nov.5-1909,Ks,son of,Henry Spibuck
Spriggs Emma M.,born, March 29-1877,died,May 19-1949,   Picture
Spriggs William Lee, born,1872 Ga.,died,Aug. 22-1955,son of,John & Theresa Little Spriggs     Picture
Spibuck Roy, born,July 21-1890,died,Nov.5-1909 Ks,son of,Henry Spibuck
Spybuck Rayborn, born,1890,died,Oct.30-1909,Mo.
Stanton Captain Samuel A.,born,April 18-1889,Tn,died,Aug.6-1962,son of,Kelsey & Mary E.Frye Stanton     Picture
Stanton, Charles   1876 - 1961     Picture
     Stanton Nellie Jane,b,July 26-1894,d,April 6-1976,wife,Charles C.Stanton,daug,Curtis& Mary Paxton Spires
Starks James David,born,1886,died,April 6-1978    Picture
     Starks Elfa Hutson, born,1896,died,Nov.10-1979,wife of, James David Starks
Starks John Elbert, born,Sept.10-1897,died,July 23-1986  Picture
     Starks Cora Crow,born,March 18-1902,died,Jan.24-1984,wed,Nov.28-1918,
Steadman Family Stone     Picture
Steadman Bessie G.,born,April 2-1879,died,Dec.25-1959,wife of,Dr.John Robert Steadman     Picture
Steadman John Robert Jr.,b,Nov.30-1909,d,March 18-1917,son of,Dr.John Robert & Bessie G.Steadman     Picture
Steadman  John Robert Sr.Dr.,born,April 7-1864,died,Nov.14-1918 Picture
Steely Sam, died,Oct.11-1934
Stoner A.J. Bert, born,1877,died,March 29-1952    Picture
Stoner Dorothy, born,1913,died,       1923     Picture
Stoner Edward E.,  March 15-1942, Mo.CPT. Field Arty.  Picture
Stoner Francisco M.,born,1875 Mo,died,Jan.8-1954daug.of,Nat Davis;  wife of A.J. Stoner     Picture
Stoner Jacob Albert,born,March 23-1877 Mo,died,March 29-1952,son of,Joseph & Sidney Bush Stoner
Stoner Nellie, born,June 30-1882,died,Feb.15-1913,wife of,Bert Stoner Picture     Picture
Stoner Reed Robert,born,Dec.6-1915,died,June 29-1983,WW II & Korea Picture
Strange, George Washington  1889 - no date    Picture
     Strange, Edith Leona  1895 - Nov. 7, 1963
Stroup Lawrence William,born,1895,died,Aug.7-1965   Picture
     Stroup May R.,born,March 29-1895,died,Oct. 4-1956,wife of,Lawrence W.Stroup
Sutton Leonard M.,born,1897,died,         1961     Picture
     Sutton Ann C.,born,1907,died,Jan.6-1994
Swanson Ruby Belle ,born,April 14-1912,died,Feb.20-2000  Picture

Tate Little Brother     Picture
Tate Little Sister     Picture
Tade James B., born,Aug.12-1855,died,Sept.9-1907   Picture
     Tade Sophronia, born,Sept.15-1854,wife of,James B.Tade
Tade Onie Gee,born,Oct.8-1882,died,March 15-1906   Picture
Tade Onie May, born,Jan.31-1907,died,Feb.11-1923   Picture
Tade Palo, born,April 27-1881,died,Jan.27-1908    Picture
Tade Robert B.,born,Feb.26-1906,died,March 11-1906,Infant of,Palo & Bertie Tade
Tade Ulysses Barlow  b.7-7-1885  d. Oct. 1, 1931 m 3-12-1905 1st Evadine (Vaddie) Rhea;  m. 2nd May 31, 1915 to
     Etta Lena Ellison    Picture
Tade Unknown   (This could possibly be Evadine Rhea who d. 9-13-1914 & wife of Ulysses B. Tade)
Tade Willaim David,born,March 31-1861,died,April 15-1939,wife,Sally Tade,son of,William Tade
Tannehill Lyman F,born,Oct.26-1917,died,Sept.17-1953,WW II,son of,Corrine Tannehill
Tannehill Velma J,b,July 16-1918,d,Sept.3-1975,wife of,Lyman Tannehill,daug,Arch J.& Martha King Craig
Tate Family Stone     Picture
Tate Ella, born,1917,died,  1918,daug.of,George Tate  Picture
Tate George T, born,1869,died,Aug.20-1934     Picture
Tate Marie,born,1915,died, 1916,daug.of,George Tate   Picture
Taylor Juanita,born,July 14-1908,died,Nov.30-1929   Picture
Taylor, R. B. SSG US Army  May 16, 1924     Dec 24, 1998     Picture
        son of Juanita Taylor. Juanita Taylor and Buelah Foster Mackey are both daughters of Frank and Mamie Foster
Thomas Babe,   May 19-1941     Picture
Thomas Ezekiel Andrew Jackson "Zeke",born,March 2-1866,d,May 13-1934,son of,George Thomas  Picture
Thomas Jake Alvin, born,Oct.9-1895,died,May 23-1987   Picture
     Thomas Lillie B.Goodwin.,born,1901,died, 1960,wife of,Jake Thomas     Picture
Thomas Unnamed, born,May 19-1941,died,May 19-1941,Infant of, Jake & Lillie Goodwin Thomas
Thomas, William Eugene  1927 - 2003     Picture
Thomason Robert Oren"Cotton",born,Sept.26-1906,died,May11-1971 Picture
Thomlinson James H.,born,April 19-1896,died,April 29-1974  Picture
Thomlinson Kyle Winston, born,June 22-1948,died,April 28- 1995,Vietnam Picture
Thomlinson Rachel,born,Dec.25-1902,died,Sept.17-1976   Picture
Tippit Ivy L.,born,Dec.17-1905,died,Feb.5-1971    Picture
     Tippit Alice E.,b,Aug.8-1902,d,April 12-1962, daug,Robert & Azilda Robatile Schiffbauer
Tippit Lawrence Eugene,born,Feb.20-1927,died,March 29-1998  Picture
     Tippit Helen Juanita,b,Sept.18-1925,d,April 1-1998,,daug,William Robitalle
Tippit Lola Mae,born,1902,died,July 8-1970,wife of,Ivy L.Tippit Picture
Tippit Milford L.,born,1900,died,          1957     Picture
Tousey Lucy , born,Dec.25-1825,died,Dec.29-1883
Truelove Viola, born,June14-1892,died,July 8-1974,wife of, W.L."Jake" Truelove dau. of William T. & Ellen Dyer Long
Truelove W.L."Jake",born,Sept.19-1888,died, July 6-1965
Trueman John A. born,1902,died,Jan.25-1966    Picture
Tucker Lewis F."Tommy",born,Aug.13-1915,died,May 27-1989,La.
Tucker Mary A."Babe",born,Oct.16-1922,died,Nov.17-1985 La.,wife of, Lewis "Tommy" Tucker
Tucker Tracy Lynn, born,June 8-1974,died,Jan. 9-1996
Tuggle John E.,born,1862,died,       1913     Picture
Tuggle Marker Unnamed     Picture
Turner James Henry, born,1898,died,May10-1976    Picture
    Turner Caldonia Holland,born,1901,died,March 24-1960
Tussinger Betty Elizabeth Lou, born,1932,died,       1994     Picture
Tussinger Mack,born,1896,died,Feb.28-1963     Picture
    Tussinger Susie,born,1904,died,        1975, wife of Mack Tussinger
Tynon Douglas Kent,born,Aug.14- 1944,died,June 18-1984  Picture
Tynon Stephanie G.,born,April 2-1966,died,Nov.2- 1976,daug.of,Douglas Kent & Judy Pickering Tynon      Picture
Tynon, John Houston  4-14-1915   4-5-1999   married 7-23-1938     P1   P2     P3   P4     P5
    Tynon, Lorene   2-6-1918    5-20-1996

Usserry Carrie, born,July 23- 1871,died,Jan. 29-1933   Picture
Ussery John F.,born,Oct.13-1903,died,Sept.28-1972,son of,A.L.Ussery Picture
Ussery Luther A.,born,Nov.7-1863,died,Aug.9-1937   Picture
Ussery Martha Caroline Parks,died,Jan.30-1933,wife of, A.L.Ussery
Ussery Matilda ,born,1857,died,June13-1938,
Utton Carrie,born,Sept.27-1907,died,July 13-1981
Utton Infant, born,Feb.28-1935,died,March 25-1938,child of,Floyd Utton &  ? Dilliner Utton
Utton Thomas Martin"Tommy",died,April 24-1935, Infant son of,Floyd Utton

Vangunda Elmer J.,born,1862 Oh,died,Sept.22-1949,son of,Elmer & Lucinda Baxter Vangunda     Picture
Vangunda George P.,born,1892,died,Aug.27-1931    Picture
Vangunda M.L.,born,Feb.20-1873,died,May 8-1911,wife of,Elmer J.Vangunda,wed,Aug. 28-1888     Picture
Van Gundy Mrs., died,May 8-1911
Victors Lora Elizabeth Tuggle,born,1894,died,March 24- 1910
Vineyard Beecher Edward,born,1882,died,Aug.2-1938   Picture
Vineyard Benjamin F.,born,April 27-1876,died,March 3-1956,John & Lizzie Eliza Nance Vineyard     Picture
Vineyard Delia Irene,died,April 29-2000     Picture
Vineyard Gertrude,b,April 5-1907,d,Dec.2-1938,wife,Becker Vineyard,daug,G.G.& Mary M.Brewster Yost   Picture
Vineyard John C., born,1851,died, 1929     Picture
Vineyard Leonard Harvey, b,Jan.28-1884,d,Dec.1-1970,son of,John Cavlin & Elizabeth Nance Vineyard   Picture
     Vineyard Mary Ruth,b,Oct.3-1888,d,Jan.29-1972, daug,Benjamin &Martha Gumm Stenson
Vineyard Nellie, died,April 24-1891
Voiles Lynn S.,born,Aug.8-1901,Ill.,died,Dec.8-1964,sonof,William &Gussie Spencer Voiles   P1 P2P3
Voiles Thelma V,b,Aug.28-1905,d,March 6-1988,wife,Lynn S.Voiles,daug,William Lee & Mary Hood Spriggs

Wabaunsee Leroy O.,born,Dec.29-1922,died,May 23-1984,WW II  Picture
Walker Berard K.,born,1868,died,           1925
Wallace Aggie M.,born,Dec.11-1900,died,Nov.27-1904,daug.of, R.F.& Mollie Wallace
Wallace Ed, born,Sept.9-1919,died,March 27-1948    Picture
Wallace Edith, born,1916,died,Sept.25-1937,daug.of, Wallace
Wallace, Eliza Jane  6-16-1859  11-8-1936   Picture
Wallace, Felix   1893 - 1910     Picture
Wallace George Wesley, born,Nov.26-1870,died,April 14-1885,son of, R.F. & M. J.Wallace
Wallace Grace A.Peterson,born1898,died,July 24-1937,wife of,John Wallace Picture
Wallace Harvey L.,born,1869,died,Sept.21-1950,wife,Lizzie Wallace
Wallace Irvin E.,born,April 12-1880,died,June 26-1967   Picture
     Wallace Julia Ann,born,May 16-1889,Mo.,died,April 28-1974,daug.of,J.W.& Jane Moss Crow
Wallace John R.,born,1886,died,June 29-1968    Picture
Wallace John Jr.,born,Oct.4-1923,died,June 12-1979   Picture
Wallace Marie,born,Aug.13-1907,died, Jan.23-1908,daug.of,Irvin Wallace Picture
Wallace Martha J.,born,Dec.12-1853,died,Sept.15-188 ,wife of,R.F.Wallace
Wallace Perry M.,born,May 28-1858,died,Feb.7-1913
Wallace R.F.,born,Dec.26-1847,died,Nov.7-1917    Picture
Wallace Sarah,born,1822,died,Oct.7-1889,wife of,Eli H.Wallace
Wallace, William A. "Bill"  Nov 29, 1922   Aug 18, 2004 Picture
Wallace Stephanie L.,born,Jan.11-1975,died,Jan.11-1975  Picture
Walls L.J.,born,Dec.29-1841,died,Jan.26-1915
Walton Buss,born,Dec.25-1929,died,Aug.17-1931
Walton Charles E."Sonny",born,1935,died,         1974
Walton John,born,1906,died,Oct.6-1944
Walton Robert,born,July 4-1892,died,May 27-1942,Okla.PVT. HQ.TR.35 DIV.
Walton Robert,born,July 4-1889,died,May 23-1943,son of,John & Minnie Martin Walton
Ward Billy Jack,born,Nov.10-1930,died,June 7-1997   P1  P2    P3  P4
Ward Earnest William,born,Feb.9-1973,died,Feb.24-2001   Picture
Ward, Jim W. Jr.  June 1971    Nov. 1999 Picture
Ward Robert  Bryan Dec.6-1976     Picture
     Ward Frank Henry, Dec.6-1976
Waring C.H.,born,June 25-1851,died,Nov.18-1887    Picture
     Watson J.O."Bud",born,1904,died,        1978
Watson Nita,born,1904,died,      1987,wife of,J.O."Bud" Watson
Weaver M. Esther,born,Sept.26-1908,died,Oct.11-1991
Weaver Ray L.,born,Dec.10-1901,died,April 3-1970
Webb Dorthy Phillips"Dinky",born,Aug. 28-1964,died,March 23-1984 Picture
Welch Howard G.,born,July 25- 1921,died,Aug.10-1992   Picture
     Welch Lillie Mae,born,Aug.7-1926,died, (no date) wife of, Howard G.Welch
White Susan, born,Dec.25-1819,died,1877
Whitecrow James,died,June 2-1911, Soldier
Whitecrow Joseph,born,1848,died,Jan.3-1893    Picture
Whitecrow Polly,born,May 21-1861,died,Feb.28-1893, wife of,Joseph Whitecrow  Picture
Whitecrow Robert , born,May 10-1870,died,Jan.25-1894   Picture
Whitecrow Thurza,born,1873,died,Jan.7-1879    Picture
Whittington Earest, born,May 5-1899,died,Oct. 7-1904,son of, G.W.& M. E.Whittington
Whittington Elsie Laure,born,1888,died,Oct.3-1936   Picture
Whittington G.W., born, Jan.7-1858,died,May 12-1928
Whittington Unkown
Whittington Virgil R.,born,1911,died,Nov.14-1974   Picture
     Whittington Ruth, born,1910,died,June 27-1987,wife of,Virgil Whittington
Whittington William C.Garfield,born,1886,died,April 9-1966  Picture
Williams Cora A.,born,Oct.11-1909,died,Sept. 25-1911,daug.of,S.C.& Jane Williams     Picture
Williams G.V.,born,1849,died,Feb.9-1935     Picture
Williams James Cabot,born,April 26-1915,died,Feb. 2-1929 son of,S.C.& Jane Williams     Picture
Williams S.C., born,July 4-1872,died,April 21-1963   Picture
     Williams Jane ,born,April 25-1882,died,July 23-1981,wife of, S.C.Williams
Wilson Alvin Lewis,born,May 17-1916,died,July 11-1964,WWII  Picture
Wilson Claud Leander,born,April 3-1891,died,Feb.18-1959,husband of,Leota Wilson Lincoln     Picture
Wilson D.C., born,March 9-1868,died,July 23-1942
Wilson Fannie W,born,Aug.7-1879,died,Jan.22-1930,daug of,James & Matilda Winnie
Wilson Freddy E.,born,Jan.5-1946,died,May 18-1992,U.S.Navy
Wilson John D.,born,Jan.23-1880,Kan,died,Oct.23-1965,son of,William Wilson
Wilson Levina M.,born,July 10-1922,died,March 3-1964   Picture
Wilson Lura E,b,Dec.29-1879,d,May13-1965,wife,John D.Wilson daug,J.H.& Nancy Ann Bosham Osborn
Wilson Mary E. Allen Collier,born,Feb.25-1862,died,Nov.13-1929
Wilson Millie, born,April 21-1901,died,April 25-1901
Wilson Ruby Ann Gyami, born,Jan.25-1944,died,June 9-1986
Wilson Thomas A.,born,May 15-1918,died,Feb.3-1974,WW II Okla. Picture
Wilson Thomas Rev.,died,June 11-1933
Winnie Clarence, born,Feb.16-1898,died,Dec.14-1953,
Winnie Gladys Zane, born,Feb.8-1902,died,April 21-1992  Picture
Winnie James Reed, born,March 16-1907,died,May 3-1945,son of,R.B.& Ida Crawford Winnie
Winnie Kathleen Sue, born,Sept.27-1935,died,Sept.25-1992  Picture
Winterholer Fred, born,Jan.8-1900,died,July 7-1901,son of,C.W.& C.V.Winterholer     Picture
Witte Donald Leroy,born,Dec.10-1928,died,May 23-1983,son of,Robert & Elma Ball Witte   Picture
Witte Robert Henry(Bob),b,July 22-1895,d,Jan.14-1976,WWI,son of,Henry G.& Annie Noegel Witte   Picture
     Witte Elma,b,Oct.19-1909,d,Nov.22-1987, daug,Charley Walker & Lucinda Roberts Ball     Picture
Workman Joseph Kendall, born,1874 Ky,d,Jan.31-1953,son of,Joseph & Martha Hagard Workman     Picture
     Workman Liza Ellen,b,March 18-1877,d,Oct.3-1967,wife,Joseph K,daug,Phillip William & Elizabeth Track
Worley Larry M.,born,Jan.11-1939,died,March 10-1954   Picture
Wright Carl William, born,1902,died,May 5-1985
     Wright Ethel,born,1900,died,           1975,wife of,Carl Wright
Wright Fred E.,born,Nov.5-1916,died,
     Wright Margaret E.,born,July 10-1922,died,June 26-1995,wife of,Fred E.Wright,wed,Feb.5-1944
Wright Gertrude,born,Sept.25-1921,died,                        ,wed,Aug. 6-1948
     Wright Tracy,born,Feb.1-1914,died,                     , wife of, Gertrude Wright
Wright Jason James ,born,April 17-1972,died,June 16-1996
Wyrick Albert A.,born,Oct.11-1909,died,Oct.19-1992,son of,Andy J.Wyrick Picture
     Wyrick Audrey,born,Feb.20-1915,died,June 12-1976,wife of,Albert A.Wyrick
Wyrick Alva Jack,born,1921,died,Oct.20-1981,WWII   Picture
Wyrick Audrey,born,Feb.20-1915,Mo.,died,June 12-1976,wife od,Albert Wyrick,daug.of,William & Bertha Mae Shelton Reinhart
Wyrick Elmer,born,Feb.13-1926,died,Feb.4-1998
Wyrick Henry Elmer, born,Feb.13-1926,died,Feb.4-1998, WWII  Picture

Yeager John H.,born,May 17-1932,died,March 3-2000   Picture
Yocum Bertie Zane,born,April 2-1906,died,Dec.15-1991   Picture
Yost Ermal,born,Dec.5-1910,died,       1928,Garland G.& Maggie Yost
Yost Garland G.,born,Jan.20-1863,died,Feb.15-1945   Picture
     Yost Mary Margaret, born,1869,died,Jan.27-1946,wife of,Garland G.Yost
Yost John Harrrison, born,March 27-1902,died,April 23-1957,son of,Garland G.& Maggie Yost     Picture
     Yost Ethel M.,born,1913,died,         2002,wife of,John Harrison Yost
Yost Thomas P.,born,May 18-1900,died,March 28-1975,   Picture
     Yost Nellie Mae,born,Dec.6-1904,died,April 3-1998,wife of,Thomas P.Yost,wed,Aug.18-1923
Young Eva Holman,born,1877,died,     1910
Young Louisa,died,  6-1886,daug.of,Starr & Caroline Young,Adopted Daug.of,Lizza Test(Seneca Ind.)

Zane Catherine,born,March 3-1863,died,July 27-1891,daug.of,J.C.& M.A.Zane     Picture
Zane Clarence J.,born,July 4-1893,died,         1918,son of,Emma W.Zane     Picture
Zane Eli Lesley,
Zane Emma W.,born,1865,Indian Terr.died,Feb.14-1943,Mich.(Indian) Picture
Zane Isaac W.,born,July 4-1819,died,Dec.26-187    Picture
Zane James C.,born, 18-1860,died, 17-1883     Picture
Zane John W.,died,Oct.7-1933     Picture
Zane Lawrence Earl,born,March 29-1895,died,April 28-1964,WW I Picture
Zane Mary Ann,born,1812,died,     1902  Picture
Zion Harvey ,born,1854,died,July 31-1930     Picture
     Zion Annie,born,1854,died,         1950,
Zion John W.,born,1884,died,           1962     Picture
     Zion Myrtle May Crow,born,1887,died,July 26- 1937,wife of,John Will Zion

Please take a look at the pictures below that are listed as "THE UNKNOWNS" and if you recognize any of these, please let me know.

 Unknown 1    Unknown 2     Unknown 3Unknown 4    Unknown 5   Unknown 6 Unknown 7    Unknown 8   Unknown 9    Unknown 10

 Unknown 11   Unknown 12    Unknown 13Unknown 14a   Unknown 14b    Unknown 15 Unknown 16 - Cotter   Unknown 17

 Unknown 18   Unknown 19    Unknown 20   Unknown 21   Unknown 22    Unknown 23   Unknown 24    Unknown 25

 Unknown 26   Unknown 27    Unknown 28  Unknown 29   Unknown 30    Unknown 31  Unknown 32   Unknown 33    Unknown 34

 Unknown 35   Unknown 36    Unknown 37  Unknown 38   Unknown 39    Unknown 40  Unknown 41

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