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Bethel Acres, 
Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

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Bethel Acres was incorporated April 30, 1962. Bethel Acres is located in the west central portion of Pottawatomie County on the south side of the North Canadian River. I-40 lies about two miles north and Oklahoma City is thirty miles to the west.  Bethel Acres borders the Shawnee Twin Lakes area on the north and east and Tecumseh on the southeast.  Cotton was the primary crop until after World War ll, Pasture land today supports the cattle industry even though some land is still used for farming.

Extracted from THE SHAWNEE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION program September 2007.  The source for the program was the POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY HISTORY BOOK and the LOCALIZED HISTORY OF POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA TO 1907, by Charles W. Mooney.