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Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Location: on the Seminole-Pottawatomie County line, east of Tecumseh
Established:  April 16, 1896
Named for: Maud Stearns, sister of Cora Cooper

The town remained a one store country town until 1902 when the railroad began definite surveys through there.  Sam Sellers and Tom Truscott had the first Livery stable; W.R. Holden had a general store as did Bob Spencer.  Marks Miller had a Dry Goods store.  Alpheus M. Tribbey, namesake of Tribbey, Oklahoma, along with his oldest son, Thomas, started the first drug store.  Kyan had the first blacksmith shop, coming from Avoca.  J.K. Polk 
was an early day Railroad agent, and Alfred Horton had a dray and met the trains and carried the mail to the Postoffice.  Dr. E.R. Thorn farmed and lived a quarter mile south of the old Cooper Trading Post was the first doctor.  Dr. Lucian K. Truscott then came from Remus.

Lute and Keech Ogee came to this area in 1896.  Lute's father made coffins and stored them in his barn.  Lute inherited the business and became Maud's first undertaker.  Keech was the second Postmaster in Maud.

Maud was the first "west town" on the new railroad which ran into Indian Territory.  The town boasted 
of seven saloons and at one time, although the coopers fought bitterly about the building of each one, would 
not allow one near their Post Office.

There was a fence built down the center of Broadway to separate Oklahoma and Indian territories with a gate at King Street.  Indians were not allowed in Oklahoma Territory so they stood at the corner of Main and Broadway and waited their turn to buy liquor from the "runners" of the saloons.

In 1903, Maud's first newspaper, the MAUD MONITOR, was established by Jack Carpenter.  It had many owners, including F.C. Armstrong, Sam Bailey, Theodoric Bailey and Johnny Pierce.  In 1928, L.G. Hardy purchased THE MONITOR and changed the name to THE MAUD ENTERPRISE.

The Maud Railroad Depot and stage

Early day Maud street scene
Maud main street 1934
Oil Derrick at Maud

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