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Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma


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Established May 29, 1903 as McComb.  Name was changed to Macomb July 16, 1915.  The town began when it was discovered that the railroad survey did not go through the towns of Burnett and Moral.  An Indian woman named Kimes owned the land where Macomb was established.  Albert Coleman had the first store, moving his store from Moral where he and Kib Warren had a large general store.  Albert Leeper, J.C. "Jake" Bailey, Ike Leeper, Newt Bizzle were early day shop owners.  Ray Raines later had a general store as did a Mr. Parrish.  Mr. Patton had a grocery store and a grist mill.  Barney Edgin was raised here.  O.R. Layle was manager of the local lumberyard.  John J. Tripp opened a bank.  Dr. J.A. Walker, formerly of Burnett, was an early day doctor in Macomb.  It is said that the Macomb bank was robbed so many times that people began to doubt its ability to handle their money.

Adapted  from THE SHAWNEE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION program September 2007.  The source for the program was the POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY HISTORY BOOK and the LOCALIZED HISTORY OF POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA TO 1907, by Charles W. Mooney.