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Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma
established 1895


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The town of McLoud first started on the north side of the river by a few homesteaders who made the second run in the county, the Kickapoo Run of May 23, 1895.  It was called "Shacktown", where there was one store and some whiskey peddlers.  Chief "Walpakoka" was the Kickapoo Chief near here in 1894.  The spring flood then moved them to higher ground on the south side of the river near present McLoud.  The official evidence of the town's beginning happened only 29 days after the Kickapoo Run for homesteads, when on June 21, 1895, the deed was filed from E.J. Kelly, then owner of the land to the McLoud Townsite, and the survey made by J.S. Wilkinson was filed on record the next day.  The land had originally been a part of the homestead of Shade Vanhoozer who received the patent from the U.S.A.  W. P. Vanhoozer (1828 - Virg. to Missouri, then here in 1891. 

Leander G. Pitman (1853 - Illinois) an '89er at Oklahoma City, a lawyer and graduate of Vanderbilt, was at Wichita Falls, Texas when he heard about the "Oklahoma Run", went to Purcell where he boarded a crowded Santa Fe train, got off at Oklahoma Station, and ran on foot and staked a claim at the present 50th & Pennsylvania Station in Oklahoma City.  Pitman was later one of the McLoud Townsite promoters, came here to live in 1895 before he moved to Tecumseh in 1896.  The town was named for John W. McLoud, railroad attorney for the Choctaw, Okla. & Gulf RR, which had their opening run on July 4, 1895, only 13 days after the deed to the townsite was filed.  The first Post Office was established  June 21, 1895, and was erroneously spelled "McCloud", and remained that way for 4 months and 3 days, when on October 24, 1895 it was changed correctly to "McLoud."  Mattie C. Rose was the first Postmaster.  Those remembered to have made the run in the Kickapoo reservation in 1895 were:  B.S. Shaw, Douglas Kerr, Walter Franklin, Dr. J. Mooney, W.L. "Bill" Russell (1856 - Mississippi), J.L. Roughton, Joseph A. Brown, Hank Walsh and Grim Marlatte. 

Other early day landowners in and near the McLoud area, some before McLoud began were:  John M. Howard, Charles Martell, Elmira Wilson, Mary A. Baldwin, Rufas A. Randels, J.C. Arnall, Wright Christian, J.W. Moyle, Israel Martel, James M. Baldwin, Thomas Wharry, John A. Jackson, Weston Barnett, Daniel Butler, Joseph Mosler, N.A. Bateman, J.M. Bradford, J.L. Nation, Charles E. Wright, J.E. Whitted, Frank McConel, Ennis Munger, C.M. Webb, T.E. Beck, H.A. Hood, T. Bendis, J.S. Lyle and T.J. Wilhelm. 
Edgar Ellsworth (1891 - Kansas) came to McLoud with his parents that year, and many years later was a Deputy Sheriff of the County after the Saloons were closed.  Hoe W. Hatfield (1866 - Tenn.) arrived in 1899 was Master of the Masonic Lodge in 1901 and was a licensed undertaker. J.S. Lyle (1848 - Georgia) had the first cotton gin in McLoud, formerly had a gin near Dale where he ginned  300 bales in 1896, coming to McLoud in 1897. In 1906 he ginned 2854 bales of cotton that season.  The gin was later the Seikel-Lyle Round Bale gin. 

Max Sexton came here in 1903 as a young Christian preacher, and many years later was the founder of the "Rainbow Girls" at McAlester.  Dr. Mooney bought out the Lyon Drug Store where Fred Kohler (1876 - Ala.) was half owner, and consolidated it with his other drug store in 1903.  Mike Seikel, father of John, MIke and Leo Seikel, came to the Dale area in 1892, and was a large raiser of hogs.  He opened a Feed Store here, bought the Rudhuff Wagon Yard.  John Seikel came to McLoud and ran the business for his father in 1903.  In 1905 John started his General store in a building formerly where Craddock & Allen had a store.  The first gasoline was sold in McLoud from a barrel with a hand pump in the top, and was located in front of the Mooney-Cox Drug Store. McLoud had a population in 1900 of 498, and in 1907 had 783, and was the third largest town in the county both times, and in 1970 is still the third largest town in the county. 

Excerpts from:  "Localized History of Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma to 1907" by Charles W. Mooney


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