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"Ghost" town of 
Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Location:  about 8 miles south of Tecumseh
Existed: June 25, 1892 - November 16, 1918
Named for:  Mythological Romulous who with twin, Remus, was a founder of Rome

This town was one of 15 towns established in the first year after the 1891 opening run for homestead settlement. 

Mrs. Nancy E. Cagle was the first Postmaster.
Dr. Joseph St. Clair homesteaded south of town in 1891 after serving in the Civil War.  He was also a professional musician and had his own band.
Dr. U.S. Cordell moved here in 1904 and had a partnership with Joel Counts in a drugstore.
W.B. Rowlett moved his store here from Moral.

Other early day families living near Romulous included:
Uriah Booze
Francis M. Harbert
Charley C. Jones
William Ditmars
Joseph Dickson
F.M. Black
Jasper M. Black
Francis M. Dunn
J.T. Soward
Asbury Sewell
M.G. Fogle
T.J. Welden
R. Robison
Willie Myers
Houston Myers
A.H. Neal
Michael Cook
Jesse Middleton
Sherman Alsip
G.W. Polk
H.N. Copeland
J.C. Wise

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Source: "POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY OKLAHOMA HISTORY" compiled and edited by Pottawatomie County History Book Committee; published by Country Lane Press, Claremore, OK, 1987.