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Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

St. Louis was established March 22, 1928 and is located 8 miles southwest of Maud.

"The nucleus of the town started J.R. Simpson opened his cotton gin and later added a Grist Mill in about 1906.  At first the town was called "Simpsonville" after the Simpson family.  Then at the nearby Unity School, where they had run off three teachers in a row, Samuel Gratis Johnson came to teach for $40 a month.  John Bennett operated the second store in town about 1907.  Early day settlers were: The Truman family, W.S. Carson, Riley Beene, W.H. Hilton, the Pemberton family and Benjamin M. Green.  Mr. Green was a Primitive Baptist preacher along with trading in hides, cattle and livestock.  In 1910 he opened a Grist Mill.  His son, John L. Green was an attorney in Shawnee many years later.  The community was primarily a farming one, raising mostly cotton and corn. (pg.54*)

"Others followed with blacksmith shops and other stores, but no one ever thought of platting a townsite or electing a mayor or anything.  Some bought from the W.S. Carson acreage on the south side of the road.  In 1911 the town had two cotton gins, a grist mill, blacksmith shop, general stores, no postoffice, and a well in the middle of the road." (pg. 69-70**).

"The country community of St. Louis rocked with excitement when the John Standridge gusher flew in near the town. Garages were turned into bedrooms.  Tents occupied every available space.  Later the town that had existed for years was incorporated, in 1928, and a postoffice was built.  Soon the town had water, gas and lights. Oil built a modern high school." (pg. 74**)

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Originally published under auspices of the Pottawatomie County Historical Society.