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May 2011: (click underlined words to view that item.)
1st - Horace Mann, Shawnee  photos added: Mrs Thompson-1st Grades 1937
                                                                          Miss Smith's 1st Grade, 1937 
                                                                          Mrs. Boyd's 2nd Grade, 1938 
                                                                          Miss Henley's 2nd Grade, 1938 
                                                                          3rd Grade, 1939 
                                                                          3rd Grade, 1939 
                                                                          4th Grade, 1940 
                                                                          Little Olympics Team, 1943 
                                                                          7th Grade Camp Fire Girls, 1943 

April 2011: (click underlined words to view that item.)
2nd - Towns:    McLoud
        Schools:  McLoud
9th -  Obit indexes added:  1994 A-K; 1994 L-Z; 1996 A-K; 1996 L-Z; 1997 A-K; 1997 L-Z; 1998 A-K; 1998 L-Z
10th -School photos added:Mr. Bourbonnais's 6th Grade 1970-71
                                           Mrs Green's afternoon Kindergarten, 1984-85
                                           Mrs Green's Kindergarten, 1984-85
11th-School photos added: Mrs. Ball's 3rd Grade, Bethel, 1980
                                           Mrs. Coffman's 5th Grade, Bethel, 1980
                                           Mrs. Watson's 5th Grade, Bethel, 1980

March 2011: (click underlined words to view that item.)
22nd - Update various broken links
26th - Obit Indexes added:  1967 Names A-K; 1967 L-Z; 1991 A-K; 1991  L-Z; 1992 A-K; 1992 L-Z; 1993 A-K; 1993 L-Z;
2005 A-K; 2005 L-Z
29th - Church pages updated with following additions: Broadway United Methodist, Tecumseh; First Methodist Episcopal;
          Church photos, added:  Pearl Hocker's Sunday School class at 1st Baptist, Shawnee
           School photos:  SHS Wolves Football photo 1955-56 
30th - School photos:  Mrs Bowers 4th grade, 1985-86, Will Rogers
                                     Ms Hartman's 6th grade, 1982-83, Will Rogers
                                     Mrs Ledbetter's 3rd grade, 1979-80, Will Rogers
                                    Mrs Thomlinson's 2nd grade, 1978-79, Will Rogers
                                    "Jefferson Journal" student journal from 1951 Jefferson Grade School.
                                   Mrs Watts' 1952 Kindergarten Class

July 2010: (click underlined words to view that item.)
13th -- Trousdale Primary School class photo with caption.
14th Jefferson Elementary School, Mrs Merrill's class photo 1963 
           Jefferson Elementary School, Mrs Merrill's class photo 1970
           Jefferson Elementary School staff, 1970
           MK?T Railway Station in Shawnee photo
           New State Grocery photo
           Added link to Shawnee Mill-Ford Family history

June 2010: (click underlined words to view that item.)
19th -- Aerial photo of Shawnee Mill and surrounding downtown area.

Research information and contact information was moved to the front page so it is easier to find. 

Invitation to LIKE us on Facebook added.

Changed order of What's New items so newer ones are at the top of the list.

23rd-- Add family page for Dr. Samuel David Dodson in the Photo Album/Pottawatomie Families section (includes his son-in-law, Robert Edward Ragsdale.

March 2010: (click underlined words  to view that item.)
29th - add Index of SHAWNEE NEWS-STAR obit Jan-April 1997; May-Aug 1997; Sept-Dec 1997.

August 2009:
10th - Repaired broken links for Shawnee Convention ? Visitor's Bureau; Pottawatomie County Cemeteries; Shawnee Public Library; Tecumseh Public Library; Tecumseh Countywide/Sun newspaperCitizen Band Potawatomi Nation; Sac ? Fox Nation; Kickapoo Tribe; OK GenWeb Project; OK GenWeb Archives; OK GenWeb Counties; US GenWeb OK Census Project

July 2009:
28th - Made corrections to divorce indexes. 

January 2009:
14th - Edited spelling of Chesser on Pearson page: Pearson
14th - Dues and research fees edited as voted by the members at      January2009 meeting: Pott County Gen Club

March 2008: (click underlined words  to view an item.)
14th - Added index to Charles Mooney's book entitled "Localized History of Pottawatomie County OK to 1907"
14th - Added photo links for Asher and Wanett courtesy of Brad Holt--LOTS OF GREAT PHOTOS
14th - Added photo and links to Brad Holt's Wanette photo page.
14th - Moved Shawnee's OKLAHOMA CENTENNIAL photos to site Photo Album.

February 2008: (click underlined words  to view that item.)
1. What's New page listing items added to our website each month.
2. New Emanuel Episcopal Church page
3. Photo of John W. Forster ? family at their home near old Moral was added to the MORAL page.
4. First Baptist Church, Shawnee, OK.