Descendants of William Riley Alexander

Generation No. 1

1. William Riley4 Alexander (Thomas M.3, Arris2, William1) He
married "unknown".

There 'was' one William Riley Alexander who fought with the, Ist Company 12th
Kentucky Infantry of the Union Army in the Civil War.

He was mustered on the 30th of Jan - 1862 from, Camp Clio, KY. I do not
have valid documentation that "this" William Riley Alexander

is the father of Samuel Alexander, however....I suspect he is.....

Children of William Alexander and "unknown" are:

+ 2 i. Samuel5 Alexander, born 1858 in
Carroll, Illinois; died August 25, 1937 in 210 South Creek, Dewey, OK...

+ 3 ii. James Thomas Alexander, born March
29, 1859 in Wayne Co., Kentucky; died November 27, 1937 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.

Generation No. 2

2. Samuel5 Alexander (William Riley4, Thomas M.3, Arris2, William1)
was born 1858 in Carroll, Illinois, and died August 25, 1937 in 210 South
Creek, Dewey, OK... He married Eliza Annie Applegate February 19, 1885 in
Vernon Co., Missouri, daughter of Ebenezer Applegate and Emily Walker. She was
born January 02, 1864 in Shelbyville, Illinois, and died January 04, 1945 in
Bartlesville, OK.

Notes for Samuel Alexander:

(fact documented from Census Records, Death Records, and Tax Records).


The 1880 Census for Honey Creek Twp., Henry Co., Missouri, shows Sam
Alexander living in the, R. W. Covington household, doing farmwork. Ten
years earlier, (in 1870), Eliza Applegate, (his future wife), lived with her
parents in Big Creek Township, also in, Henry Co., Missouri which bordered the
Township where the Samuel Alexander lived with the Covington family in 1880.


Age: 22

Estimated birth year: <1858>

Birthplace: Illinois

Occupation: Farm Work

Relation: Other

Home in 1880: Honey Creek, Henry, Missouri

Marital status: Single

Race: White

Gender: Male

Head of household: R. W. COVINGTON

Father's birthplace: IL OR IA

Mother's birthplace: IL

It's my ~suspicion~ that Samuel went to work for the Railroads from about
1880 in Missouri and ~followed the railroads~ as the work moved westward
through Missouri to Kansas and ultimately Oklahoma.


Samuel married Eliza in Vernon Co., Missouri. I have a copy of their Marriage


Samuel's found in the 1900 Vernon Co., Missouri, Census, living in, Bacon
Township, living with the following: Wife Eliza-(age 27),

son James Henry-(age 14), son William-(age 1), daughter Emily-(age 12),
daughter, Nettie-(age 10).

It's believed that Samuel brought his family to, " Indian Territory",
(Washington or Nowata Co.), Oklahoma, between 1906 and 1908. Before leaving
Missouri in a horse drawn wagon, Samuel said to his wife, "you'd better make
a big batch of biscuits and gravy before we leave because I don't know if you
can make it in Oklahoma!"......


Samuel and his family are found in the 1910 Census of Oklahoma.


Samuel is found listed in the 1920 Census of Lincoln township, (Ochelata),
with his wife, Eliza. They live a few houses from his son, JAMES HENRY
ALEXANDER, (and James's family).


Samuel and his wife are located on the Washington County, OK Census with
incorrect spelling of, " S. Elaxender"......???

SAMUEL'S age 72, and ELIZA'S age 64.

A few houses down live the GREEN family, showing Cecil Green, age 22, (their
future son in law), who married their daughter Beulah.

Samuel worked as a carpenter building houses. In a freak accident one day
while hammering a nail, the nail broke, splitting in half, and flew up
putting his eye out thus he was permanently blind in one eye.

Listed on Samuel Alexander's Death Certificate under, "name of Samuel's

Listed on Samuel Alexander's Death Certificate under, "name of Samuel's
mother, is "unknown" ?

The, "Informant", was his son, "J. H. Alexander". I have a copy of
Samuel Alexander's Death Certificate.

More About Samuel Alexander:

Burial: Bartlesville, OK

Notes for Eliza Annie Applegate:

Eliza, at age 6, is found on the 1870 Census living in Big Creek Township,
Henry Co., MO..

She's next found ten years later, living with her father, Ebenezer Applegate,
in the 1880 Census, in Walker Township, Henry Co., MO..

More About Samuel Alexander and Eliza Applegate:

Marriage: February 19, 1885, Vernon Co., Missouri

Children of Samuel Alexander and Eliza Applegate are:

+ 4 i. James Henry6 Alexander, born January
16, 1886 in Licking, Texas Co., MO; died January 23, 1969 in Tulsa, OK.

+ 5 ii. Emily "Emma" F. Alexander, born
August 10, 1888; died May 29, 1970.

6 iii. Nettie Alexander, born 1890; died
1913. She married ??? Bennett.

7 iv. Beulah Mae Alexander, born March 22,
1897; died January 29, 1967. She married Cecil Green; born 1906 in Kansas.

More About Cecil Green:

Burial: Dewey, OK

+ 8 v. William Harvey Alexander, born January
25, 1899 in Harwood, Vernon Co., Missouri; died August 27, 1989 in
Bartlesville, OK.

3. James Thomas5 Alexander (William Riley4, Thomas M.3, Arris2,
William1) was born March 29, 1859 in Wayne Co., Kentucky, and died November 27,
1937 in Wayne Co., Kentucky. He married Mary Withers.

Children of James Alexander and Mary Withers are:

9 i. Jeannie6 Alexander.

10 ii. Wiseman Alexander.

11 iii. Cindy Alexander.

12 iv. Thomas Alexander.

13 v. William Huffman Alexander.

Generation No. 3

4. James Henry6 Alexander (Samuel5, William Riley4, Thomas M.3,
Arris2, William1) was born January 16, 1886 in Licking, Texas Co., MO, and died
January 23, 1969 in Tulsa, OK. He married Lula Elizabeth Martin April 05,
1914, daughter of Zechariah Martin and Martha Tunin. She was born November 26,
1890 in Dewey, OK, and died Abt. 1979 in Bartlesville, OK.

Notes for James Henry Alexander:


James is located living at age 14, living with his parents in Vernon Co., MO..

James came to Oklahoma sometime between 1900 and 1910.


James is located in South Fox TWP, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma in the 1910 Census
with wife, Naomi, (age 23), and daughter, Mary so it looks as if James was
married prior to his marriage to Lula Martin ????


James is located on the 1920 Census of, Washington County, Oklahoma, (Lincoln
Township.....later became Ochelata), with his

wife, LULA ELIZABETH MARTIN, and two children, Leona and Henry. Living a
few houses down the road, we find James father,

SAMUEL ALEXANDER, and his wife.

Rev. Dershem of Virginia Avenue Baptist Church officiated at James funeral.

More About James Henry Alexander:

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Bartlesville, OK

Notes for Lula Elizabeth Martin:

Lula was born and reared in Dewey , Oklahoma when it was still called,
"Indian Territory", and she received her education in Indian Territory
schools. Lula lived at Heritage Manor for seven years before she passed
away. She's buried at Memorial Park Cemetery.

More About James Alexander and Lula Martin:

Marriage: April 05, 1914

Children of James Alexander and Lula Martin are:

14 i. Henry Martin 'Buddy'7 Alexander, born
Bet. 1915 - 1916.

Notes for Henry Martin 'Buddy' Alexander:

Buddy was an alcoholic and lived in Bartlesville, OK.

He was always in alot of trouble, put in jail, and so on.....

15 ii. Leona Alexander, born Bet. 1915 -
1919; died in Florissant or Osage Beach, Missouri. She married Houston Jones
Bet. 1935 - 1940; died in Florissant or Osage Beach, Missouri.

More About Houston Jones and Leona Alexander:

Marriage: Bet. 1935 - 1940

5. Emily "Emma" F.6 Alexander (Samuel5, William Riley4, Thomas M.3,
Arris2, William1) was born August 10, 1888, and died May 29, 1970. She married
Charles E. Martin. He was born December 18, 1879, and died March 30, 1953.

Children of Emily Alexander and Charles Martin are:

16 i. Wilber7 Martin.

17 ii. Louise Martin. She married Dan Seena.

18 iii. Mildred Martin. She married Roy

Notes for Roy Enterline:

Roy was a Baptist Preacher in Tulsa, OK.

8. William Harvey6 Alexander (Samuel5, William Riley4, Thomas M.3,
Arris2, William1) was born January 25, 1899 in Harwood, Vernon Co., Missouri,
and died August 27, 1989 in Bartlesville, OK. He married Laura Irene Cain
September 19, 1917 in Oglesby, Oklahoma, Washington Co., OK, daughter of Jacob
Cain and Alveretta Brown. She was born November 06, 1898 in Cainsville,
Harrison Co., Missouri, and died April 27, 1972 in Hula Lake, OK.

Notes for William Harvey Alexander:

Born in Harwood, Misssouri, William Alexander began his elementary education
in Vernon Co., Missouri schools, and finished his education in schools south
of Bartlesville, OK.. William moved to Washington County, OK., from Vernon
Co, Missouri in 1909, at the age of 9. William Alexander and his wife, Laura
lived in Oglesby, OK., where they married. He worked at Perry Oil Co.. They
lived in Oglesby for about 6 years before moving north of Ochelata. They
spent time on the Ellm Lease near Barnsdahl, where Melvin was born. Then
they moved to Shidler on the John Zink Lease for 6 or 7 months before moving
to, Cootie's Bluff", in Nowata County, OK., and lived east of town for another
2 years. From there, they moved north of Pawnee to a place called the,
"Watch Horn Lease", and lived there less than one year. Their last move took
them to, "Little Chief", in 1945, and that's where they lived for the next 20
years. William "Bill" Alexander worked as a Pumper for Phillips Petroleum
Oil Co., retiring in 1964, at which time, he and his wife bought a home at
Hula Lake, OK., northwest of Bartlesville.

More About William Harvey Alexander:

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Bartlesville, OK

More About Laura Irene Cain:

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Bartlesville, OK

More About William Alexander and Laura Cain:

Marriage: September 19, 1917, Oglesby, Oklahoma, Washington Co., OK

Children of William Alexander and Laura Cain are:

19 i. Lois Irene7 Alexander, born November
08, 1918. She married Gammie.

Notes for Lois Irene Alexander:

Name: Lois I Alexander

Age: 11 years

Pupil at, SULPHER MURRAY, OKLAHOMA, in 1930.

Race: White

Source: Year: 1930; Census Place: Sulphur, Murray, Oklahoma;

Roll: T626_1914; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 1036.

1930 United States Federal Census

20 ii. Lenora Mae Alexander, born March 14,
1921. She married W. H. Whitchurch.

21 iii. Paul Everest Alexander, born February
28, 1924 in Oglesby, Washington Co., Oklahoma. He married (1) Faith Marshall.
He married (2) Betty.

Notes for Paul Everest Alexander:

Paul and his wife, Faith lived in Sadan, Kansas for their early years.

They later moved to Bartlesville, OK..

22 iv. Hugh Cain Alexander, born February 20,
1926 in Ochelata, Oklahoma. He married Edna L. "Toade" Lockridge; born 1928 in
Wann, Nowata Co., Oklahoma.

Notes for Hugh Cain Alexander:

Hugh attended e.ementary school, (1 - 2 - 3rd grade), at Victor School, 5 to
6 miles northwest of Ochelata, OK.. Hugh joined the Navy in 1942, serving
time in Adak, the Aelutian Islands, on the ship, "Concord". Hugh was a

23 v. Helen Corene Alexander, born September
20, 1928. She married Al H. Petermann.

24 vi. William Harvey 'Billy' Jr. Alexander,
born January 09, 1931.

25 vii. Wallace Gene Alexander, born September
04, 1937 in Ocheleta, OK. He married Mimi Lorraine Huffman April 14, 1960 in
Edmond, OK; born September 05, 1939 in Los Angeles,

26 viii. Melvin Duane Alexander, born July 28,


Submitted by: Mimi Alexander

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