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Extracted from Marriages in Ontario 1800-1924

#001140-96 (Algoma Dist): Eugene BERGERON, 21?, lumberman, Sturgeon Falls, Walford, s/o Eugene BERGERON & Lallie? LANAPPIE?, married Cordalie? MOUSSEAU, 20, Massey Station, same, d/o Thomas MOUSSEAU & Julie RAYMOND, witn: Patrick FAISEY & illegible Alex McLAUGHLIN, 16 June 1896 at Walford(RomCath)

#001141-96 (Algoma Dist): Pierre ERSSE (Ensse?), 20, lumberman, Wikwenikong?, Kinsbutch?, s/o Jean Baptiste & Genevieve, married Catherine TRUDEAU, 16, Wikwenikong?, Kinsbutch?, d/o Andre & Christine TRUDEAU alias Otawaningewa, witn: J.B. BEAUDRY of Massey Stn & James SHABESENS of Cutter, 26 June 1896 at Massey Stn (Rom Cath)

#001144-96 (Algoma Dist): John GRAHAM, 30, farmer, not given, Walford, s/o John GRAHAM & Elizabeth
SCAMFOSE?, married Caroline ZETTLER, 26, not given Walford, d/o Anthony ZETTLER & Margaret  McCARTNEY, witn: Floria & Francesca ZETTLER of Walford, 8 Jan 1896 at Walford (Rom Cath)

#001143-96 (Algoma Dist): Alfred LONGPIE, 22, farmer, Quebec, Massey Station, s/o Louis LONGPIE & Angelique LEMAY, married Delina CRULLERIER, 20, Quebec, Massey Station, d/o Ambroise CRULLERIER & Delina GAGNON, witn: Adelon VEZINA & Josephine CRULLERIER, both of Massey Station, 20 Jan. 1896 at
Massey Station (Rom Cath)

#001142-95 (Algoma Dist): Jean Baptiste POTVIN, 42, widower, lumberman, not given, Massey Station, s/o not given, married Marcille STRASBOURG, 34, Quebec, Massey, d/o Pierre STRASBOURG & Addie LAFRANCE, witn: Pierre STRASBOURG & Nazaire WASS, both of Massey Station, 26 June 1896 at Massey Station (Rom Cath)

#001139-96 (Algoma Dist): James J. SHEA, 35, widower, lumberman, Calumette Island, Spanish Station, s/o Michael SHEA & Mary GEROY?, married Mary Ann DUNN, 25, Calumette Island, Spanish Station, d/o William DUNN & Helen HAMILTON, witn: M.P, STELLAN & Augusta HA--, both of Spanish Stn., 14 June 1896 at Spanish Stn(Rom Cath)


015166-99, Algoma Dist., Henry Edmond CATHCART, 26, Fireman, St. Mary, Fort William, s/o Henry
CATHCART and Rachel LINDSAY, m. Rosa SMITH, 21, Sherbrooke, P.Q., Fort William, d/o David SMITH and
Mary Ann McCORMICK, w. L. J. MURPHY and Lizzie THOMAS, Nov. 29, 1899, Fort William.

#015164-99, Algoma Dist., Alfred CUSSON, 23, Carpenter, Ormstown, P.Q., Fort William, s/o Oliver CUSSON and Marguerite DAQUAIS, m. Anna HEBERT, 21, Silver Island, Fort William, d/o Edmond HEBERT and Marie L. DRAINVILLE, w. Charles FOREMAN and Loda HEBERT, Nov. 14, 1899, Fort William.

#015167-99, Algoma Dist., William F. LAKE, 29, Clerk, ---, Port Arthur, s/o Henry LAKE and Bella McADAM, m. Mary T. LOVE, 20, d/o Fred. T. LOVE and Janet RANKIN, w. W. M. TERRY and Rachel TERRY, Dec. 11, 1899, Fort William.

 #015163-99, Algoma Dist., Wilfrid LAMONTAGNE, 27, Clerk, Levis, P.Q., Fort William, s/o J. B. LAMONTAGNE and Caroline DESPRIS, m. Agnes NEVILLE, 19, Matte River, Fort William, d/o Patrick NEVILLE, AND --- ---, w. Ernest DEMERS and Minnie McAVAY, Nov. 8, 1899, Fort William.

#015162-99, Algoma Dist., Ernest MATHEW, 30, Clerk, England, Fort William, s/o Uriah MATHEW and Ann ----, m. Bessie MOWFORTH, 23, England, Fort William, d/o Father Dead and Elizabeth ----, w. Robert J. MANION and Katie McLEAN, Nov. 6, 1899, Fort William.

#015165-99, Algoma Dist., John McDONALD, 25, Engineer, Montreal, Fort William, s/o Neil McDONALD,
and --- ----, m. Effie RAPSON, 21, Michigan, Fort William d/o Isaac RAPSON and --- ---, w. Angus McDONALD
and Katie McLEAN, Nov. 9, 1899, Fort William

#015161-99, (Algoma Dist)., Samuel MONTIETH, 28, farmer, Ireland, Slate River, s/o David MONTIETH and
Mother Dead, m. Mabel A. HALL, 19, England, Slate River, d/o Robert Hall and unknown HANNA, witn:. Joseph
MILLER and Ruth Ella HUNT, Oct. 2, 1899, Fort William.


#003516-01 (Algoma Dist) Alfred BODY, 29, miner, Fall River NS, Johnson twp., s/o Alfred BODY & Eliza
STEVENS, married Sarah JOYCE, 25, Osprey twp., Glen ---, d/o John JOYCE & Mary LEATHERS, witnesses were Ernest HOOPER & Annie YOUNG, both of Port Lock, Oct. 30, 1901 at Thessalon

#003515-01 (Algoma Dist) William John DRIVER, 45, farmer, Toronto, Gladstone, s/o Nathaniel DRIVER &
 Margaret ALLEN, married Elizabeth HENDRY, 22, Wellington Co., Gladstone, d/o Robert HENDRY & Jane
 BROWN, witnesses were John & Agnes HENRY, both of Day twp., Sept. 30, 1901 at Thessalon

#003513-01 (Algoma Dist) Joseph Henry LANDEL?, 26, dealer, Champlain, Blind River, s/o Hector LANDEL & Marie PETIT, married Henrietta MORIN, 21, Gat--au, Blind River, d/o Laurent MORIN & Delphine LECROIX, witnesses were Joseph BOIS & Elisie NADON, both of Blind River, Dec. 3, 1901 at Blind River

#003510-01 (Algoma Dist) John McCOY, 27, laborer, Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Mills, s/o Angus McCOY & Josephine DENOMINCE?, married Elizabeth WILLIS, 35, widow, R--dale, Algoma Mills, d/o William GRIFFITHS & Annie PAUL, witnesses were Thomas GRIFFITHS of Algoma Mills & Mary ARMSTRONG of Thessalon, Dec. 31, 1901 at Thessalon

#003509-01 (Algoma Dist.) Mathew McGRATH, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kirkwood, s/o Charles McGRATH & Mary
McCREIGHT, married Sarah George JOHNS, 31, Ontario, Kirkwood, d/o Fred JOHNS & Elizabeth MODELAND, witnesses were Gilbert ACHESON of Lefroy & Winifred JOHNS of Kirkwood, July 24, 1901 at Kirkwood

#003512-01 (Algoma Dist) John William ROGERS, 28, farmer, Toronto, Bright twp. Algoma, s/o Henry ROGERS & Maggie WHEELER, married Martha MARSHALL, 20, Sullivan Ont., Parkinson, d/o Charles MARSHALL & Mary S. SERMON, witnesses were Henry ROGERS of Bright & Jane McCAULEY of Parkinson, Oct. 30, 1901 at Thessalon

#003517-01 (Algoma Dist) John D.N. SHIPLEY, 35, banker, Lobo twp., Bruce Mines, s/o William & Eliz., married Bessie R. PATTERSON, 24, Pefferlaw, Thessalon, d/o John PATTERSON & Jennie MOORE, witnesses were C.F.
ROTHERA & Pearl KEETCH, both of Thessalon, Oct. 23,1901 at Thessalon

#003511-01 (Algoma Dist) James Philip VIBERT, 22, laborer, Chesley Ont., Rose twp. Algoma, s/o Philip J.
VIBERT & Eliz. J. LAWRENCE, married Ellen Maria WILLIS, 19, Birmingham England, Owen Sound, d/o Fred
WILLIS & Emma COULSON, witnesses were George,& Mrs. George SMITH of Parkinson, Oct. 14, 1901 at Thessalon

#003514-01 (Algoma Dist) Joseph WEBB, 41, widower, constable, Inesshuron?, Thessalon, s/o Jospeh WEBB &
Catherine McKILLOP, married Charles ? PROUD, 24, Grey Co., Thessalon, d/o Thomas PROUD & Sarah
HARRISON, witnesses were Thomas E. STRAIN & Alice OLIVER, both of Thessalon, Nov. 25, 1901 at Thessalon


#016537-02, Algoma Dist., Albert BERGER, 25, Hotel Proprietor, Taylor's Falls, Miss., Fort William, s/o Jacob
BERGER and Mary BERGER, m. Adele BONIN, 20, Kemptville, Fort William, d/o Athanase BONIN and Clare
LANGLOIS, w. A. BONIN and John PHELAN, Sep. 4, 1902, Fort William.

#016536-02, Algoma Dist., James BLUNDELL, 28, Laborer, Liverpool England, Fort William, s/o William BLUNDELL and Martha TYRIE, m. Phoebe SIMPSON, 24, Liverpool, England, Fort William, d/o Peter SIMPSON and Margaret O'BRIEN, w. M. E. SCOTT and Bell DASS, Sep. 4, 1902, Fort William.

#016534-02, Algoma Dist., Moses L. CUMMINGS, 25, Switchman, Grenville Co., Fort William, s/o Richard
CUMMINGS and Cordelia PERKINS, m. Emma Lorette DUPRAW, 19, Essex Co., Fort William, d/o Augustus
DUPRAW and Eurettia LAMB, w. D. A. GORDEN and M. E. PERRAS, Aug. 20, 1902, Fort William

#016539-02, Algoma Dist., William J. C. HANNAH, 26, Farmer, Barrie, Slate River, s/o William A. HANNAH and
Margaret BRETT, m. Ruth Ella W. HUNT, 26, Kilsyth, Slate River, d/o John M. K. HUNT and Christina CARMICHEL, w. Thos. MILLER and Esther I. HUNT, Sep. 24, 1902, Fort William.

#016535-02, Algoma Dist., Arthur Walten PASCO, 26, Cookee - Brighton England, Fort William, s/o George
PASCOE and Emma KEEFE, m. Eldora Jennie EARL, 20, Roxanna, Michigan, Port Arthur, d/o Rufus EARL and Sarah McLEAN, w. Geo. WALDRON and Ettie WALDRON, Aug. 20, 1902, Fort William.

#016540-02, Algoma Dist., Brunno Mazza TOCCIO, 23, labourer, Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Antonio N. TOCCIO and
Rosa CIUROLA, m. Maria Mastro DOMINICO, 20, Italy, Fort William, d/o Antonio DOMINICO and --- ---, w.
Michel de BUSH and Philomena CHRISTO, Oct. 1, 1902, Fort William.

#016538-02, Algoma Dist., Thomas WARNICA, 31, Carpenter, Oro Twp., Port Arthur, s/o Thomas B. WARNICA and Christina REID, m. Sarah Turner LOVE, 26, Collingwood, Port Arthur, d/o Fred. T. LOVE and Janet RANKINE, w. Robert WARNICA and Mrs. W. TERRY, Sep. 10, 1902, Fort William.

#016533-02, Algoma Dist., William YULE, 28, Actor, Maryboro - Scotland, Fort William, s/o James YULE and
Grace JOHNSON, m. Marie Maud DAVIDSON, 23, Orangeville, Fort William, d/o Joseph DAVIDSON and Ellen LYNN, w. W. G. ROACH and H. N. SHAW, Aug. 20, 1902, Fort William.


4032-04 (Algoma dist) Robert W. ADCOCK, 24, farmer, Tenby Bay, same, s/o Henry ADCOCK & Letitia B-ARL, married Mary BOOKMAN, 19, house maid, London Ont., Tenby Bay, d/o George BOOKMAN & Mary Ann RYCKMAN, witn: George BOOKMAN & Lizzie GIBBS, both of Tenby Bay, 13 July 1904 at Tenby Bay

3936-04 (Algoma dist) Roy ALKENBRACK, 22, Ontario, Bruce Mines, s/o John W. ALKENBRACK & Anna BARNS, married Kate McKINNON, 20, Ontario, Plummer twp., d/o Hector McKINNON & Martha MORRISON, witn: Donald McKINNON & Annie MORRISON, both of Plummer twp., 23 Sept 1904 at Bruce Mines

3905-04 (Algoma dist) John Munce ALLEN, 31, blacksmith, Illinois USA, Billings, s/o Samuel ALLEN & Elizabeth MUNCE, married Annie Opace WYMAN, 21, Billings, same, d/o George WYMAN & Margaret HICKMAN, witn: W.A. WYMAN of Billings & Jessie ALLEN of Gore Bay, 18 Oct 1904 at Kagawong

3903 –04 (Algoma dist) Jean AMBROISE, 35, widower, laborer, Ottawa, Balfour, s/o Antoine AMBROISE & Aubetine St.AMAND, married Agnes OURMIET, 17, Buckingham, Balfour, d/o Alex OURMIET & Josephine DUQUET, witn: Alexander OURMIET & William McMILLAN, both of Balfour, 24 Nov 1904 at Chelmsford

3882-04 (Algoma dist) William ARNNET?, 33, farmer, Greenock Scotland, Campbell, s/o William ARNNET &
Margaret McQUEEN, married Margaret MORROW, 29, widow, Bentinck twp., Campbell, d/o Peter McDONALD & Susan McKECHNIE, witn: R.J. LEWIS & Susan McDONALD, both of Manitouwawning, 12 Jan 1904 at Assignack

4038-04 (Algoma dist) John BEDARD, 25, teamster, Canada, Korah, s/o Peter BEDARD & Lefair FAIROUX,
married Margaret Ethel BARRY, 17, Canada, Korah, d/o Isaac BARRY & Catherine McLEAN, witn: Theodore & Sophia NELSON, both of Korah, 8 Nov 1904 at Korah

3967-04 (Algoma dist) Oliver BERRY, 26, carpenter, Simcoe, Kagawong, s/o Hiram BERRY & Lydia KENDRICK, married Ica Valda H.M. PICKARD, 17, Billings, Gordon twp., d/o Robert PICKARD & Harriet RIVETT, witn: Arthur BERRY of Kagawong & Harriet PICKARD of Gordon, 1 June 1904 at Gordon

3901-04 (Algoma dist) Honore BLAIS, 25, farmer, Hull, Rayside, s/o Odilon BLAIS & Rosalie GRONDIN, married Emma LAROCQUE, 22, St. Lazare, Rayside, d/o Pierre LAROCQUE & Emilie CASTONGWAY,
 witn: Odilon BLAIS & Pierre LAROCQUE, both of Rayside, 4 July 1904 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)

4029-04 (Algoma dist) Charles Henry BOOKMAN, 27, stone mason, London Ont., Hilton, s/o Henry BOOKMAN & Emma MANSFIELD, married Jennie Hannah SMITH, 19, Sarewak Ont., Jocelyn, d/o Asher SMITH & Sarah Ann MARTIN, witn: George A.F. SMITH of Hilton & Mary H.M. BOOKMAN of Jocelyn, 20 June 1904 at Jocelyn

4058-04 (Algoma dist) Albert BOYER, 25, laborer, (Algoma dist), Sylvan Valley, s/o Ben BOYER & Annie
BODY, married Ellen J. ALCOCK, 24, Algoma, Aberdeen, d/o William ALCOCK & Lizzie PINNETT (or Pinnell), witn: Martin ALCOCK & Mary C. PHILLIPS, both of Leeburn, 13 July 1904 at Leeburn

4056-04 (Algoma dist) Alex BRODIE, 25, farmer, Peterborough?, Bar River, s/o Alex BRODIE & Bella
MELROSE, married Mary HURLEY, 18, Algoma dist, Echo Bay, d/o William HURLEY & Matilda BATTEN,
witn: David BRODIE & Isabella MONTGOMERY, both of Bar River, 23 Mar 1904 at Echo Bay

 3935-04 (Algoma dist) John BRYANS, 23, farmer, Ontario, Rydal Bank, s/o William BRYANS & Sophia
 McMILLION, married Jane Margaret ROBINSON, 20, Ontario, Desbarats, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & Jessie
 BRYANS, witn: David ROBINSON of Desbarats & Jessie BRYANS of Rydal Bank, 20 July 1904 at Bruce Mines

4033-04 (Algoma dist) Frederick E. BURNSIDE, 27, laborer, Hastings Co., Richards Landing, s/o James BURNSIDE & Frances GUNSALLUS, married Mary Ann McINTYRE, 19, McLennan, same, d/o Donald McINTYRE & Flora MONTGOMERY, witn: Robert BURNSIDE of Richards Landing & Kate McINTYRE of MacLennan, 30 March 1904 at Tarbutt Add.

3997-04 (Algoma dist) William BURNSIDE, 26, farmer, Belville, St. Joseph twp., s/o James BURNSIDE & Frances CONSOLAR, married Nellie McPHAIL, 23, Jocelyn, Hilton twp., d/o Daniel McPHAIL & Mary PILGRIM, witn: Robert BURNSIDE of Seagrill & Janie McPHAIL of Hilton, 23 Nov 1904 at Hilton

3998-04 (Algoma dist) Thomas CAMPBELL, 23, LePeer Mich., Jocelyn twp., s/o John CAMPBELL & Sophia McLEAN, married Mary CADHAM, 19, Hilton twp., same, d/o Stephen CADHAM & Hannah B. CAMERON, witn: Harry CAMPBELL of Jocelyn & Clara CADHAM of Hilton, 14 Dec 1904 at Hilton

3904-04 (Algoma dist) Dugal O. CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Simcoe Co., Billings twp., s/o Alex CAMPBELL & Mary
LYONS, married Susannah LUSTIAN, 17, Billings twp., same, d/o George LUSTIAN & Annie HEWETT?, witn: William R. LUSTIAN & Ermie? DICKHOUT, both of Billings twp., 16 April 1904 at Billings

3996-04 (Algoma dist) Henry S. CHAPPELL, 33, tug captain, London England, Hilton twp., s/o William CHAPPELL & Isabella CLARK, married Margaret Etta ARCHIBALD, 26, Bonacord Ont., Hilton twp., d/o John
ARCHIBALD & Ann Mason GRANT, witn: G. YOUNG of Jocelyn & Nellie FREMLIN? Of Soo Mich., 7 Sept1904 at Hilton

3957-04 (Algoma dist) John A. DOYLE, 55, hotel keeper, Goderich, Worthington, s/o Nicholas DOYLE & Ann SHERMAN, married Albina LABLANC, 19, Calumet Island, Worthington, d/o August LABLANC & Maria Rose LAPORTE, witn: August LABLANC of Worthington & Maggie DOYLE of Sudbury, 8 Feb 1904 at Victoria Mines (Rom Cath)

3968-04 (Algoma dist) Willard HALL, 25, farmer, Gordon, same, s/o Samuel HALL & Margery COOK, married Barbara DOUGLAS, 19, Gordon, same, d/o John DOUGLAS & Betsy PATTON, witn: Morton HALL & Mary DOUGLAS both of Gordon, 24 Aug 1904 at Gordon

3956-04 (Algoma dist) Christopher HILL, 36, farmer, Elgmora?, Bellingham, s/o George HILL & F. JORDAN,
married Elizabeth E. BEAL, 32, Michigan, Bellingham, d/o John BEAL & Ann NEWMAN, witn: William McCONLEY & Ben BEAL, both of Bellingham, 21 Sep 1904 at Bellingham

3955-04 (Algoma dist) Edgar Fred HOGEN, 29, laborer, Huron Co., Thessalon twp., s/o Robert HOGEN & Elizabeth
SWEETLAND, married Alvina May KING, 20, Kirkwood, same, d/o George E. KING & Alvina Jane SWIMS?, witn :William KING of Kirkwood & Bessie JAMES of Thessalon, 30 March 1904 at Kirkwood

 4030-04 (Algoma dist) Harvy JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Bruce Co., St. Joseph, s/o Isaac JOHNSON & Isabella WOLFE, married Mary Elizabeth GREXTON, 16, Capel, Jocelyn, d/o Solomon GREXTON & Diana MOLE, witn:
Fra-? JOHNSON & Emma GOODHANG of Jocelyn, 9 June 1904 at Tenby Bay

3959-04 (Algoma dist) Moris LAROSE, 49, widower, lumberman, Garden River, same, s/o Charles LAROSE &
Charlotte NUVAK?, married Angelique WABEKEKEK, 45, widow, Sugar Island USA, Garden River, d/o Joseph WABEKEKEK & Angelique SEGETO, witn: Michael CADOTEE? & Mary GREENBUD, both of Garden River, 27
Oct 1904 at Garden River (Rom Cath)

4070-04 (Algoma dist) Andrew MARK, 21, laborer, Moose Factory, Missanabie, s/o John MARK & Mary SANDERS, married Caroline ELABB, 20, Moose Factory, Missanabie, d/o John ELABB & Jane STEPHENS, witn: Roderick POTT & Lizzie FLETCHER, both of Missanabie, 31 May 1904 at Missanabie

 3995-04 (Algoma dist) John MATHESON, 38, laborer, Southampton, SS Marie, s/o John MATHESON &
 Barbara McLEON, married Margaret F. STEINBURG, 21, Russell, Marksville, d/o Thomas STEINBURG &
 Kate McLAREN, witn: Christy STEINBURG & Arthur JENNINGS, both of Marksville, 8 June 1904 at Marksville

 3970-04 (Algoma dist) Malcom McCONNEL, 45, farmer, Egremont, Allan twp., s/o James McCONNELL& Bessie ORR, married Lucy BAKER, 26, Mills, Allan twp., d/o J.B. BAKER & Susan ROSSE, witn: Alex McCONNEL of Allan & Alma BAKER of Mills, 16 Nov 1904 at Allan

4027-04 (Algoma dist) Edward McGRATH, 24, laborer, Sucker Creek, same, s/o Joseph McGRATH &"Meckonan", married Marie JABOGIJIG, 27, widow, domestic, Wikwemekong, same, d/o J.B. JABOGIJIG & Madeline JAKO, witn: Peter JABOGJIJIG & Madeline JAKO of Wikwemekong, 26 Nov 1904 at Wikwemekong (Rom Cath)

3988-04 (Algoma dist) Neil McLEAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Goulais Bay, s/o Neil McLEAN & Margaret
BELL, married Mary Ann WHALEN, 22, Canada, Goulais Bay, d/o John WHALEN & Frances ROBINSON, witn: Robert DOWNEY & Nellie WHALEN ,both of Goulais Bay, 18 Nov 1903 at Goulais Bay

4067-04 (Algoma dist) William J. MILLS, 26, miner, Wellington Co., Bruce, s/o George MILLS & Sarah
KARNEHAN, married Martha McPHEE, 17, Ophir, same, d/o Murdock McPHEE & Marion McDONALD,
witn: James MILLS of Bruce & Flora McPHEE of Ophir, 29 June 1904 at Ophir

4057-04 (Algoma dist) James MITCHELL, 25, farmer, Huron Co., Sylvan Valley, s/o Robert MITCHELL &
Janet SPROULE, married Larran D. HURLEY, 24, Huron Co., Echo Bay, d/o William HURLEY & Matilda
BATTEN, witn: William HURLEY Jr. of Echo Bay & Jennie MITCHELL of Sylvan Valley, 22 June 1904 at
Echo Bay

4037-04 (Algoma dist) Hugh MORLEY, 28, farmer, Canada, Korah, s/o James MORLEY & Emma McGINNIS, married Celia WILCOX, 20, Canada, Korah, d/o John WILCOX & Hattie FANTHAUS?, witn: Thomas & Maud AVERY of Korah, 27 April 1904 at Korah

4028-04 (Algoma dist) Havier F. NODGITE, 26, farmer, Whitefish Lake, same, s/o Michel NODGITE & Mary
AGIMADJOWANOHSE?, married Marie ROSS, no age, Whitefish Lake, same, d/o Thomas ROSS & Mary JIBAKOMIGOG, witn: Paul & Victoria FAILLE of Whitefish Lake, 29 Nov 1904 at Whitefish Lake (Rom Cath)

4055-04 (Algoma dist) Ben B. OSBORNE, 32, farmer, Bruce Co., McD. twp., s/o S.B.OSBORNE & Elizabeth ALTON, married Jemima C. ALTON, 36, widow, Fenelon twp., Mc.D. twp., d/o Robert CONQUERGOOD & Jemima PORTEUS, witn: Henry OSBORNE & Mrs. NASH, both of Echo Bay, 16 Jan 1904 at Echo Bay

3883-04 (Algoma dist) Thomas SAGLE, 30, farmer, Osprey twp., Assignack, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married
Margaret COE, 20, Sandfield, same, d/o Joseph COE & Harriet CORBY, witn: William COE of Sandfield & Annie
ELLIOTT of Assignack, 30 March 1904 at Assignack

3969-04 (Algoma dist) Alexander SHIELDS, 20?, laborer, Cavan Ireland, Gore Bay, s/o Henry SHIELDS & Jane GAMBLE, married Helen B. BOWSER, 20, Sunnidale, Allan twp., d/o Mat BOWSER & Fanny JEROW, witn: Mat & Lily BOWSER of Allan, 10 Oct1904 at Allan

3906-04 (Algoma dist) Robert Allen SMITH, 24, merchant, Spencerville, Kagawong, s/o Robert SMITH & Margaret BENNETT, married Betrice GIBSON, 21, Mills Town, Kagawong, d/o Robert GIBSON & Sarah WARNER, witn: W.A. SMITH of Kagawong & Katherine WYBER of Billings twp., 29 Nov 1904 at Kagawong

4039-04 (Algoma dist) Howard THORNTON, 23, not given, Echo Bay, s/o James MONTGOMERY & not given, married Matilda MONTGOMERY, 19, Kincardine, Laird twp., d/o not given, witn: Adam & Letitia MICK of Echo Bay, 14 Dec 1904 at Laird twp

4031-04 (Algoma dist) Alexander WALKER, 21, farmer, Tenby Bay, same, s/o Andrew WALKER & Jane McMASTER, married Eveline MAYOU, 19, French River, Tenby Bay, d/o Leo MAYOU & Victoria ARSENAULT, witn: Thomas WALKER of Tenby Bay & Belle HAMILTON of Hilton, 8 July 1904 at Tenby Bay

4069-04 (Algoma dist) Robert Roole WELDON, 28, electric engineer, St. Johns NB, Michipicoten, s/o George
WELDON & Susan ROOLE, married Harrich KIMBLE, 26, Penetanguishene, Michipicoten, d/o William KIMBLE
 Sr. & Mary McCOY, witn: Willie KIMBLE Jr & Lille AMAUND?, both of Michipicoten, 13 June 1904 at Michipicoten

3994-04 (Algoma dist) Richard YACK, 23, laborer, Ottawa, Massey Stn., s/o Richard YACK & Eliza BRIALOFF?, married Susan DIXON, 20, Westneath, Massey St., d/o James DIXON & Mary WELDON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Henry CARTY of Massey Stn., 12 July 1904 at Webbwood


#004468-06 (Algoma Dist): Nikolai CARLSEN, 21, cook, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Nikolai CARLSEN & Vera
ALEXANDROFF, married Maria BERTHULA, 38, widow, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Samuel & Sophia BERTHULA, witn: H.E.& Alex McLEAN, 20 Dec 1906 at Steelton

#005194-07 (Algoma) Walter S. FOWLER, 61, widower, farmer, New York, SS Marie Mich; s/o Joshua FOWLER,
Mahalia LESLIE/LESTER married Alice MITCHEL, 49, widow, domestic, England, SS Marie Mich, d/o Josiah WHATLEY & Eliza NASH; witnesses were Hugh & E OGILVIE, Toronto. 13 Jul 1907 at Richards Landing, St. Joseph.

#005195-07 (Algoma) Joseph Richard GRAHAM, 25, grocer, Ont, Sault Ste. Marie Ont, s/o William D. GRAHAM & June ROBINSON married Marie Mildred OVERLAND, 18, domestic, Ont, SS Marie Ont, d/o William OVERLAND & Hannah TOMLISON; witnesses were Thomas DEAN, Georgina FAWRETH, SS Marie Ont.  31 Jul 1907 at Richards Landing, St. Joseph.

#005114-07 (Algoma)  Wm Henry GRAY, 36, machinist, born ?, Soo Mich, s/o Joseph Whitfield GRAY & Sarah
NICHOLSON, married Elizabeth LAMB, age not given, Simcoe Co, Soo Mich, widow, d/o William CRUTHERS, & Mary HUGHES; witnesses were Howard Lamb, Soo, Mich, Laura Hart, Sault. 9 Dec 1907, Sault.

#020085-07, Algoma Dist., Thomas Wagstaff LOVE, 25, Air Brake Tester, Kilmore Scotland, Fort William, s/o
Archibald LOVE and Susanna WAGSTAFF, m. Mary Ritchie McCALL, 27, Kilwarwock, Scotland, Fort William,
d/o John McCALL and Mary MUCHLAND, w. Lochland M. NEILL and Jennie E. LEACH, July 26, 1907, Fort

#004470-06 (Algoma Dist): Matt MACKEY, no information given, married Ann KARI, no information given, witn: Sam RUSKIN & Frank MAKI, both of Soo, 23 Feb 1906 at Sault Ste Marie

#004471-06 (Algoma Dist): John MATHESON, no information given, married Sarah O’DONNELL, no information given, witn: Charles & Lizzie O’DONNELL of Soo, 30 march 1906 at Sault Ste. Marie

#004469-06 (Algoma Dist): Moses Henry McGUIRE, 24, barber, Minneapolis Minn., Sault Ste Marie, s/o Henry
McGUIRE & Jane WINTERS, married Pearl GILLESPIE, 17, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o William GILLESPIE & Marion NELLES, witn: George GILLESPIE & Minnie FRELAND, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 25 Dec 1906 at Sault Ste. Marie

#020086-07, (Algoma Dist)., John Dilworth McKENZIE, 45, Fireman, Huron Co., Port Arthur, s/o Alex McKENZIE and Ann DILWORTH, m. Annie HILTON, 28, York Co., Fort William, d/o Wm. H. HILTON and Nancy COOPER, w. Ivan THURLOW and Christian THURLOW, July 29, 1907, Fort William.

#004467-06 (Algoma Dist): Luigi MOIN (or Moisi?), 31, laborer, Cosenza Province, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Pasquale
MOISI? & Guisseppina ROMAN, married Philomena TRAULS, 19, Cosenza Province, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Gastano TRAULS & Rosina ACCETTI, witn: Alessandro & Domenica(o) GRASSO of Sault Ste. Marie, 19 Dec 1906 at Sault Ste. Marie (Rom Cath)

#005113-07 (Algoma)  William OVERLAND, 56, farmer, widower, Brampton, Pennefather Twp, s/o John Overland & Mary Ann Truman married Eliza Ann PERRY, widow, 46, Co Simcoe, Pennefather, d/o Wm GIBSON & Elizabeth MARTIN; witnesses were Mrs Wm DUNCAN, P SMALL, Sault Ste. Marie.  5 Dec 1907 at Sault Ste Marie

#005112-07 (Algoma)  Claude Merton SIMONS, 25, farmer, Sparta, Mich, ? Mich, s/o Jas S SIMONS & Alici
CHIT--CAN married Gladys Winona VAUGHAN,18, ? MI ? Kansas, d/o Chas L Vaughan & Viola; witnesses were Ralph J Simons, MI, Laura J Hart, Sault.  3 Dec 1907, Sault.

#004472-06 (Algoma Dist): Lavern Lafayette STRICKLAND, 22, laborer, or Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Percy
STRICKLAND & Rebecca EDGAR, married Minnie Elizabeth QUINN, 24, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John
QUINN & Margaret SPEERS, witn: Norman STRICKLAND & Christina QUINN, both of Soo West, 6 June 1906 at Sault Ste Marie

#005196-07 (Algoma) Betrum TURNER, 23, accountant, Ont, Winnipeg, s/o Wm Charles TURNER & Caroline
SALESBURY married Rosena Isabella CAMPBELL, 23, nurse, Atwood, London Ont, d/o Alex CAMPBELL, & Rose HUNT; witnesses Hugh & Mary E OGILVIE, Toronto. 10 Aug 1907 at Richards Landing, St. Joseph.

4552-06 (Algoma Dist): Charles CROKER, 29, dredgeman, Woodstock, Sault, s/o Daniel CROKER & Mary
LAWRENCE, married Eva LEROY, 24, Ottawa, Sault, d/o Samuel LEROY & Sarah McCONDAL, witn: Laura HART& Clara HURLEY, both of Sault, 2 Oct 1906 at Sault

4546-06 (Algoma Dist): Norman Leslie FYFE, 26, fitter, Callander Ont., Grand Marais Mich., s/o Andrew FYFE &
Sarah PATTERSON, married Maud INGRAM, 24, Banff Scotland, Bruce Mines, d/o William INGRAM & Magdaline PATTERSON, witn: W.E. PEAK of Strattonville & A. RUTHERFORD of Bruce Mines, 1 Sept 1906 at Sault

4545-06 (Algoma Dist): Frank P. JOHNSON, 21, piano tuner, Eau Claire Mich., Sault, s/o Hector? JOHNSON &
Christina LARGWALL (Langirall?), married Margaret Laura Anabella DUKE, 29, Newton? Mich., Soo Mich., d/o
Thomas Edward DUKE & Cecilia NOLTON, witn: Eliza & A. Spencer of Sault, 18 Sept 1906 at Sault

4547-06 (Algoma Dist): Alfred NOKES, 25, sailor, Birmingham England, Sault, s/o Thomas NOKES & Kate
DAVIS, married Agnes BLACK, 28, widow, Glencoe Scotland, Sault, d/o John HUSTON & Jeanette
MORRISON, witn: John R. & Mary J. TOMLINSON of Sault, 6 Sept 1906 at Sault

4550-06 (Algoma Dist): Innomezo? PALOMBO, 20, laborer, Paterno Italy, Sault, s/o Agostin PALOMBO & Rosina
BOZZELE, married Maria Graseri PINTO, 17, Rositi Italy, Sault, d/o Domenico & Lucia, witn: Alecandro GAUI? &
Chenille DALI, 24 Sep 1906 at Sault (Rom Cath)

4549-06 (Algoma Dist): William George PARTIN, laborer, 31, England, Sault, s/o Edward PARTIN & Emma HEAPY, married Eliza WALL, 32, domestic, Shawville Quebec, Sault, d/o Moses WALL & Jane CARTY, witn: James Alexander WHITE of Dauphin Mich. & Olive BUDD of Sault, 12 Sept 1906 at Sault

 4553-06 (Algoma Dist): Daniel R. REID, 30, miner, Prescott, Dean Lake, s/o Francis REID & Charlotte SLADE, married Ida May HOLLENBECK, 32, Sylvan Valley, McDonald twp., d/o William HOLLENBECK & Maggie COOK, witn: Ernest HURLEY & Lucinda HOLLENBECK, both of Dean Lake, 3 Oct 1906 at Sault

4548-06 (Algoma Dist): Ernest ROOT, 29, farmer (or fireman), Steuben Indiana, Raber Mich., s/o Erskine ROOT &
Mercy ARNCE, married Jessie KELLY, 22, Toledo Ohio, Raber Mich., d/o C. KELLY & Dora CATTCHER?, witn: A.J. SPENCER & Alice TOOKEY, both of Sault, 11 Sept 1906 at Sault

4551-06 (Algoma Dist): John Bernard VILLEMARIE, 25, mechanic, Renfrew Ont., Sault, s/o Alex & unknown, married Cora May CHAPMAN, 23, Gananoque, Spanish River, d/o John CHAPMAN & Elizabeth Ann SHOOK, witn: F.W. CHAPMAN of Spanish River & Alice E. SPENCER of Sault, 29 Sept 1906 at Sault


#004429-1912 (Algoma Dist):  Peter G. BAILEY, 21, millsman, of Sault St Marie, s/o Peter J BAILEY, farmer, &
 Jane IMPEK, married Elizabeth R OVERLAND, 18, maid, of Sault St Marie, d/o Wm T OVERLAND, farmer, & Hannah L TOMLINSON; wit John BAILEY, Mrs A WYERONE?, Sault Ste. Marie. 20 Mar 1912 at Town of Sault St Marie

5092-09 (Algoma Dist): John Jerome BYRNE, 24, prospector, of Elk Lake City, s/o John BYRNE & Margaret
McDONALD, married Mabel Mary SPAFFORD, 25, of Trenton, d/o Alek SPAFFORD & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Vincent MORIN & Evlyne SPAFFORD, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 23 June 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

5090-09 (Algoma Dist): George Rollins FRENCH, 30, cook, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John FRENCH, farmer, &
Jemima SHUTLER, married Ellen Mildred GOLDSMITH, 18, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George GOLDSMITH, section
foreman, & Isabella CONLON, witn: Wesley? EMERSON & Gertrude? TURCOTTE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 23 June 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

5091-09 (Algoma Dist): John PINCH, 56, widower, carriage maker, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Charles PINCH, farmer, & Edith BENUILTS?, married Elsie Annie McDONALD, 55, widow, housekeeper, d/o William HANNING, ship builder & Edna KELLY, witn: Robert WISEMAN & M.A. LUSWNIKE, both of Soo Ont., 23 June 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie