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A Village in the Township of Dumfries, United Counties of Wentworth and Halton--distant from Galt, 10 miles--usual stage fare, 1s. 10 1/2d--distant from Hamilton, 35 miles--usual stage fare, 6s 10 1/2d. Population about 700.


Baker, William, general merchant and dealer in groceries, dry goods and provisions.
Brown & Black, general merchants and dealers in groceries, hardware, dry good, &c.
Colcleugh, George, general merchant and distiller
Colwell, Thomas, Wellington hotel.
Dailey & Fisher, blacksmiths and waggonmakers.
Dolman, Wiliam, Union hotel
Duthie, John, chemist and druggist.
Hutchinson, James, general merchant and dealer in groceries, &c.
Jackson & Colwell, general merchants, &c.
Kay, James, carpenter and builder.
Kilgour, Joseph, general merchant, dealer in groceries, &c., &c.
Manley, Daniel, Ayr Flouring Mills.
Mosser, C.R., cabinet and chair manufacturer.
Senior, Richard, general merchant, dealer in groceries, provisions, &c.
Watson, John, Ayr Foundry, manufactures stoves, agricultural implements,threshing machines, &c., &c.
Wyllie, Rober, postmaster, agent for marriage licenses and general merchant.
Anderson, Robert, oatmeal mill
Armstrong, James, carpenter and waggonmaker
Bell, William, M.D.
Black, James, land surveyor
Cassidy, Francis, bootmaker
Colwell, T., cooper
Davidson, R., blacksmith
Davies, J.W., tinsmith
Dodd, R. S. Cooper
Dunlop, J., saddler
Elliott, William, tailor
Gladstone, W. & J., carpenters
Guthrie, D., carrier
Hall, John, distillery and saw mill
Harvey, J., boot and shoemaker
Hope, Peter, carpenter
Hope, Thomas, blacksmith
Hore, J., boots and shoes
Lindsay, Rev. R., Free Church
M'Crea, Hugh, carriagemaker
M'Crea, James, boots and shoes
M'Crea, John, carpenter
M'Crindle, J., tailor
M'Donald, William, boots and shoes
M'George, Charles, apothecary
M'Lean, John, carpenter and painter
M'Lean, J.D., carpenter
M'Leod, Samuel, stage proprietor
M'Lory, R., blacksmith
M'Naughton & Wilson, flour mills
M'Neil, D., tailor
M'Mahon, James, M.D.
Mathieson, Alex, carpenter and builder
Murray, J., baker and confectioner
Patterson, Mrs., milliner
Piper, James, saw mill
Ritchie, Rev. Alex, United Presbyterian
Rochester, A., cooper
Rose, Alexander, cooper
Ruel, G. tailor
Ryan, J. & J., shoemakers
Scott, William, carriagemaker
Suter, James, tailor
Thompson, William, blacksmith
Turner, Miss, milliner
Westhall, James, tailor
Ayr and Paris Road Company--A. Wolverton, president; R. Wyllie, D. Manley, A
Charlton, and Chs. Hamilton, directors;, Jas. Black, secy.

End of Ayr


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