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A small village and township situated in the County of Oxford, C.W.--distant from Brantford, 7 miles, from Simcoe, 14 miles.


Toyne, John, post master and general store keeper
Dunnett, Rev., Samuel, Episcopal Methodist
Glover, Henry, innkeeper
Lyman, Henry, storekeeper
Malcolm, E., land surveyor
Marlatt, J. M., temperance inn.
Swords, D. & D., grist mill
Vincent, Mrs., innkeeper
Wesbrook (Westbrook), Frederick, innkeeper*
Wesbrook (Westbrook), Thomas, innkeeper *
Young, William, general store

*Frederick WESBROOK (WESTBROOK) and his half brother Thomas WESBROOK (WESTBROOK). Per "Oakland Township-Two Hundred Years, Volume I" (page 216) by Stu Rammage.

Also, 3 saw mills, 1 fulling mill, 1 tanner, 3 tailors, 3 blacksmiths, 2 waggon makers, 4 shoe makers, 2 coopers, 1 mill wright, 1 hatter
(transcriber's note: The last item is as it is written in the directory; without name identification)

End of Oakland


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