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Please remember that townships in 1851 have moved from one county to another as the boundries changed. Brant County was not officially formed until 1852. There is no index for this so please use you browser's "find" feature as you search for names. The use of upper and lower case letters are copied as the original was printed. This information is brought to you through the kind efforts of Linda Asberry. Thank you Linda!


A flourishing Village, situated on the Grand River, in the Townships of

Dumfries and Brantford, United Counties of Wentworth and Halton, C.W.--distant from Brantford, 7 miles, from Dundas, 22 miles, from Galt, 13 miles, and from Hamilton, 26 miles--usual stage fare from Hamilton, 5s. Population about 1800. The Village is divided by Smith's Creek, into two parts, known as the Upper and Lower Village and the addresses are given below accordingly, being designated by the letter UV and or LV.




Canada Life Assurance Company, John Smith, agent, UV
Gore Bank, James Nimmo, agent UV
Gore District Mutual Insurance Company, Daniel Totten, agent LV
National Loan Fund Life and Equitable Fire Assurance Companies, J.A. Penton,agent, UV


Allchin, Whitlaw, & Co., iron founders and machinists, LV
Bennett, Daniel, carriage, waggon and sleighmaker, UV
Bradford, O.D., Union house, LV--superior accommodation for travellers, and good yard and stabling attached to the premises.
Capron, Hiram, J.P., town reeve, LV
Clode, William, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, glass and crockery, UV
Curries, James and John, butchers and victuallers, LV
Davidson, James, dealer in dry good, groceries, hardware, glass and crockery ware, UV
Fisher, James M., boot, shoe and leather store, UV--keeps always on hand a good stock of boots and shoes, and executes all orders, in the latest and most fashionable style of workmanship, and of the best materials.
Irwin, John, dealer in dry goods, groceries, wines and liquors, hardware,glass and crockeryware, UV
Macartney, George, postmaster, and Paris flour mills, LV
Maltus, Andrew, cabinet and chairmaker, LV--manufactures every description of cabinetware and chairs of the best materials and workmanship, and upon moderate terms.
Miller, John, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, glass and crockery,UV
Mitchell, George, tailor and clothier, UV--makes to order every description of gentlemen's and youths' clothing, ladies' riding habits, &c., upon moderate terms, and in the latest and most approved styles.
More, Robert, dealer in dry goods, groceries, wines and liquors, hardware,glass and crockery. LV
Nimmo, James, agent for Gore Bank, UV
Penton, John A., conveyancer, clerk of division court, notary public, general and land agent, LV
Phip, Guy, clothier and tailor. UV--is always prepared to attend to orders in every department of his line of business upon moderate terms, and with promptitude and punctuality.
Scott, George L., & Co., chemist and druggists, LV--paints, oils and dye stuffs of every description, stationery and school books constantly on hand.
Sowdon, Samuel, chemist and druggists, stationer and bookseller, LV--paints,oils and dye stuffs in every variety--a choice stock of perfumery, school books and stationery constantly on hand.
Taylor, Wm. H., dealer in groceries, wines, liquors, &c., LV--keeps always on hand a good assortment of every article in his line of business, which he offers upon as moderate terms as any other house in the village.
Totten, Daniel, Paris woollen mills and manufactory, LV--manufactures tweeds, plain cloth, cassimers, flannels and blankets, which he furnishes upon as good terms as any other house in the Province--carding and cloth dressing done to order upon reasonable terms--cash paid for wool in any quantity.
Whitlaw, Charles, new Paris flouring and plaster mills, LV--cash paid for wheat, rye, corn,barley and pork.
Wolverton, Asa, lumber merchant and general contractor, UV
Wood, Thomas, merchant tailor and clothier, LV--executes all orders in his line of business with neatness and despatch, upon the most moderate terms.

Aikman, Richard S., general trader, UV
Allchin, William, wooden ware factory, LV
Arnold, Elijah, confectioner, LV
Batty, William, tin and iron plate worker, LV
Blackwood, Andrew, cooepr, LV
Boyd, A., shoemaker, UV
Bullock, & Rhodes, painters and glaziers, LV
Calderwood, John, saddler and harnessmaker, LV
Capron, Walter, livery stables, LV
Caw, Rev. David, Church of Scotland
Clarke, Thomas, tin and coppersmith, UV
Cleghorn, Rev._____, Baprist
Clement, Re. _____, Wesleyan
Currey, G. & Co., coopers, LV
Cooke, Dr. LV
Daley, T.M., general store, LV
Dixon, Dr. UV
Dutton, Williams, shoemaker, LV
Early, Gilbert, tin and coppersmith, LV
Farlow, William, watch and clock maker, UV
Ferrell, Vanvoorhies, & Co., contractors on Great Western Railroad, LV
Finlayson, Hugh, saddler and harnessmaker, UV
Finlayson & Co., tanners, LV
Fisher, Charles, boots, shoes, and leather, UV
Fisher, Robert, boots and shoes, UV
Forbes, John, Victoria hotel, UV
Forsyth, E.P., tailor, UV
Isintroul & Co., cooper, LV
Graham, John, cooper LV
Gray, George A., barrister at law, LV
Green, Patrick, Paris hotel, UV
Greenstreet, H.J., conveyancer, UV
Haviland, William, carpenter, UV
Huntly, John Globe hotel, UV
Kirkpatrick, Robert, mansion house, UV
Laycock, James, cabinetmaker, LV
Laycock, Dr. H.S., LV
Leavens, Leander, saddler and harnessmaker, LV
Logan, Patrick, general trader, LV
Manson, William, cooper, LV
McCosh, Dr., UV
McCosh, John, baker and grocer, UV
Mitchell & Johnson, carriagemakers and blacksmiths, LV
Mitchell, James, fanning mill maker, LV
Naphegyi, Dr., beetroot sugar factory, LV
Newcombe, R. & V. , tailors, UV
Paris and Dundas Road Company, James Nimmo, president, James Pollock, sec.
and treas.
Paris Star, weekly paper, office UV
Paris and Ayr Road Company, Asa Wolverton, president, James Black, sec., UV
Patton & Currey, distillers, & general store, LV
Robertson, James, tailor, UV
Roberts, John, baker, UV
Ruttan, Rev. Charles, Church of England
Smith, John, innkeeper, LV
Smith, J.P., agent for marriage license and commissioner for taking
affidavits in Queen't Bench, UV
Spence, G. innkeeper, UV
Spottiswood, Alexander, general trader, LV
Spratt, Thomas, boot and shoemaker
Tennant, James, grocer and innkeeper, LV
Vincent, Rev. J., Congregationalist
Waters, _____, tinsmith, LV
Watts, Dr. LV
Young, William, shoemaker, UV

End of Paris


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