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 Autograph Book of Hettie Stewart ~ 1880

Sharon Monarres has this Autograph Book

Here are some Samples

 Josie Hopkins - Burlington

Lizzie Grady - Tilsonburg

Maggie - Tilsonburg

F.H. Mills

 E.R. Ludlow - Mt Vernon

Chapman - Tilsonburg

Other Names

Ella Hopkins, Thomdale Dundas

M. Powers, Evergreen Grove 7-4-1891 (may be 1881)

Martha Coulbeck, Grove Hill

Mary Long, Tilsonburg 3-26-1880

Celia Whitman, 3-4-1882 Mt. Vernon

J. Landlaw(not clear), Mt. Vernon

F. B. Stacey, 5-30-1880

Geo. Stewart , (Hetta's brother)

Linia(?) Hopkins, Mt Vernon, Good Friday

Rebecca Coulbeck, GroveHill 6-10-1880

Charlotte Coulbeck, Grove Hill 7-30-1880

J. W. Laird, Brantford 6-6-1882

sarah Abbott, (? not clear) Tilsonburg 3-1880

A Bridle, 6-28-1891

Lena Drake, Harrisburg

J. S. Peel, Brantford 12-19-1881

Saul or Samuel Edwards, St George 4-1883


George Mabee, Stewart Farm 12-1883

A. Innis (?), 1883 Mt Vernon

Garfield, 7-12-1883

Mary Howell, Hamden Kansas July 1881

A A Clement, Maplewood

C A Rutherford, Tilsonburg 2-23-1881

J T Pinkham, Bethel 2-1888

Sarah Bell or Beel, Brantford

Maggie Hopkins ,1884

Will Hopkins, 1885

C.A.R. (C A Rutherford, similar writing), Princeton 1881

J S Beel, 8-83

Lottie Lee, 1886

James Skone or Skowe, Tilsonburg 1883

___issa Clement, Maplewood


There are several with just initials.

If these names are from your family contact Sharon and she has offered to send copies of the prose and signatures






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