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If you know of other Brant County Books, Please let me know!


From Wagon to Trailer; A History of Trailmobile Canada and its Forerunners, by Mike Hand

More information on the book and how to order it

The Lorimer Brothers: Brant County's Other Telephone Inventors, by Mike Hand

More information on the book and how to order it

Joseph Brant, 1743-1807, Man of Two Worlds (An Iroquois Book) by Iasel Thompson Kelsay, Isabel T. Kelsay, Iasbel Thompson Kelsay

Available at Amazon

The Wilderness War (Narratives of America, Book 4) , Allan W. Eckert, a story about Chief Joseph Brant

Available at Amazon

Joseph Brant : Mohawk Chief (North American Indians of Achievement) by Jonathan Bolton, Claire Wilson,

This is a children's book, Available at Amazon

History of Brant County (2 vols.), J.Douglas Reville, 1920


Brant County-A History 1784-1945, C.M.Johnston, 1967 Oxford University Press


Grand River, Mabel Dunham, McClelland and Stewart, 1945 (several reprints)


Brant County,The Story of Its People (2 vols.), Jean Waldie, Brant Historical Society, 1984 & 1985


Brantford : Grand River Crossing by Janet Kempster, Gary Muir

Out of print, but Amazon will try to find it for you

Canadian Pacific's Electric Lines : Grand River Railway and the Lake Erie & Northern Railway by George Roth.

Out of print, but Amazon will try to find it for you

The Grand River Navigation Company by Bruce Emerson Hill.

Out of print, but Amazon will try to find it for you

Brantford: A City's Century, vol.I 1895-1945 & Vol II 1945-2000, Gary W Muir. Tupana Press (Brantford) 1999, 2001

"The Early Political & Military History of Burford" by R/C/ Muir

at London, Ontario public library

"The Burford Congregational Cemetery index and map(1834-1995), 1996" by Clayton Barker

Authors note: Only 100 copies of this book were made and the Burford Township Historical Society is selling them - if there is a demand for it the Historical society will have more manufactured as we hold the copyright. I believe it is advertised on the internet as being for sale by someone else...Please note that if it isn't in the same perfect-bound cover as the rest of the 100 copies then it is a bootlegged copy and I would be glad to hear of any such copies and their Pirate manufacturers at once! Reply to the above noted address.


"The life story of Luther Barker, 1990" by Clayton Barker

Out of Print

Authors note: My first book, The life story of Luther Barker, which I self published 1990, sold 200 copies and is now out of print. Luther was my grandfather who lived to be 103. He was born and raised here in Burford Township and had kept a daily journal since 1906. His father kept a diary also (1883-1916). My grandfather compiled all his memoirs into a manuscript for me to Edit, transpose and insert anecdotes and lots of family photographs and genealogy. Though it would sell like "Hot cakes" I have decided not to reprint it unless it were for cost only.


ATLAS - BRANT COUNTY ILLUSTRATED, Published by Page & Smith - 1875, - $ 75.00.


BURFORD CONGREGATIONAL CEMETERY INDEX & MAP, 1834 - 1995 by Clayton Barker, - $29.95

AT THE FORKS OF THE GRAND - 1793 - 1920 Volume 1 , 20 Historical Essays on Paris, Ontario, by Donald A. Smith, - $ 14.95

AT THE FORKS OF THE GRAND - Volume II , by Donald A. Smith, - $ 16.00

BRANT COUNTY - Volume 1, The Story of Its People - by Jean Waldie, - $ 14.95

BRANT COUNTY - Volume 2, The Story of Its People - by Jean Waldie, - $ 15.95
(Vol. 1 and 2 - together - $ 22.50)

THE COUNTY OF BRANT, Centennial Sketches 1852-1952, by Jean H. Waldie, - $ 4.95

BUCKSKIN AND BROADCLOTH , A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson - 1861-1913, by Sheila M. F. Johnston, - $ 29.95,

FELONS OF HAMILTON, HALDIMAND AND BRANT , An Anthology of Murder and Executions in Three Ontario Counties - 1828-1953, by John D. Ayre, - $ 20.00

FLINT AND FEATHER , Poems by E. Pauline Johnson, - $ 4.95

FORBIDDEN VOICE: Reflections of a Mohawk Indian, by Alma Green, $ 30.00

FROM WAGON TO TRAILER: A History of Trailmobile Canada and its Forerunners, by Michael Hand, - $14.95

THE GRAND RIVER NAVIGATION COMPANY, A detailed account of the "canal fever" along the grand river during the early 1800’s and it was superseded by the "railway fever" of the 1850’s, by Bruce Emerson Hill- $ 21.95

HISTORY OF THE COUNTY OF BRANT - Vol. 1, by F. Douglas Reville, $ 39.95

ITALIAN ROOTS AND CANADIAN BLOSSOMS, A history of Brantford’s Italian-Canadian Community - 1880-1999, by Arcangelo Martino, - $ 20.00

THE IMPERIALIST, Sara Jeannette Duncan, - $ 8.95

THE IROQUOIS IN THE WAR OF 1812, This account reveals how the British benefited more than the Americans from the contributions of their Iroquois allies, and underscores how important the Six Nations were to the successful defence of Canada, by Carl Benn, - $ 21.95

IRON, STEAM AND WOOD: 150 years with the Waterous Engine Works Company, by Mike Hand, - $ 21.95

THE LORIMER BROTHERS: Brant County’s Other Telephone Inventors, History of the invention of the first practical automatic telephone exchange, by Mike Hand, - $ 6.95

MARY SITTS: More Than a Captivity Tale, Mississauga warriors snatch Mary from her parents’ Mohawk Valley farm during a raid staged by the Mohawk, Joseph Brant, then hide her in the Grand River Valley, Canada, until 1787, by Diane P. Baltaz, - $ 14.95

THE MILITIA STOOD ALONE: Malcolm’s Mills - 6 November 1814, by Stuart A. Rammage, - $ 30.00

MUCH TO BE DONE: Private Life in Ontario from Victorian Diaries, by Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor, - $ 21.95

THE MUSH HOLE: Life at Two Indian Residential Schools The Mohawk Institute (Brantford ) and Mount Elgin, by Elizabeth Graham, - $ 35.00

MY LITTLE TOWN (Paris, Ontario), by Delphene Hopper, - $ 16.00

PADDLING HER OWN CANOE, The times and texts of E. Pauline Johnson, by Veronica Strong-Boag and Carole Gerson, - $ 24.95

PAULINE, A Biography of Pauline Johnson, by Betty Keller, - $ 5.95

PAULINE JOHNSON, First Aboriginal Voice of Canada, by Betty Keller, - $ 15.95

SACRED FEATHERS, The Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) and the Mississauga Indians, by Donald B. Smith, - $ 21.95

SOLDIERS AND WARRIORS, The Early Volunteer Militia Of Brant County - 1856-1866, - $ 10.00

SEARCHING FOR RICHARD PIERPOINT - A stolen Life, His life in Africa and North America as a slave, a soldier, and as a pioneer in Upper Canada’s wilderness (Fergus, ON), by David Meyler and Peter Meyler, - $ 19.95

THE WAY WE WERE, Glimpses of Brantford’s Past, Brant Historical Society & CKPC Radio Brantford, - $ 16.95

A CHALK-DUST CHRONICLE, A Short History of the First Burford High School, by M.N.W. Robertson, - $ 6.95

ST. GEORGE CONTINUATION SCHOOL, A History of Rural Secondary Education 1895-1958, B. Wesley Switzer, - $ 7.00

RURAL SCHOOLS OF SOUTH DUMFRIES TOWNSHIP, A History of Rural Schools In South Dumfries Township, Ontario to 1961, by J. C. Webster, - $ 8.00

WILD LIFE OF THE BURFORD PLAIN, From Pioneer days to the Present, by Mel Robertson, - $ 28.95

WILD MAMMALS OF SOUTHWESTERN ONTARIO, H.G. Hedges and Brant Historical Society, - $ 8.95

PLACE NAMES OF ONTARIO, 2,285 of Ontario’s physical and cultural place names.Provides geography, history, language, culture, and customs, by Alan Rayburn, - $ 21.95

VILLAGES OF THE GRAND , A nostalgic journey along a Canadian heritage river,by Robert Higgins- $ 18.95

Brant Historical Society Publications

A History of the Brantford Pottery, Including references to: The J.A. Kennedy Pottery and The Strawberry Hill Pottery, $ 9.95

Brantford Arts & Entertainment $ 9.95

From Automobiles to Washing Machines, A combined history of Keeton Motors, Limited, Motor Trucks, Limited and Blue Bird Corporation, Limited - Brantford, Ont. $ 9.95

My War - World War II, 1939 - 1945, by James G. Leslie $ 5.00

History of Mohawk Park 1895-1995 $ 2.00

Brantford, Ontario, Tuscarora Township, Native Land along the Grand River $ 5.95

Oakland Township, The early history and records of the smallest Township of Brant County $ 8.00

Diary of the Indian surrender and town plot of Brantford on the Grand River in the Gore District comencing 15th March and extending to 24 June, 1830. By Lewis Burwell, Deputy Surveyor. $ 8.00

Grand River Tract Assessment Rolls, Haldimand Township, Wentworth County, Gore District 1816, 1818 - 1822 $ 5.95

Grand River Tract Census Haldimand Township, Wentworth County, Gore District 1824, 1827, 1829, 1832. $ 5.95

Index To The 1851 Census For the Town of Brantford " Brant Ward ". From the notes of Franklin Porter Adams. $ 5.95

Brant County Place Names and List of Professionals and Trades, etc. From Lovell’s Directory and Gazetteer, 1858 $ 5.95

Directory of The Townships Of Brant County 1880 - Brantford, Burford, Oakland, Onondaga, and South Dumfries. $ 10.00

City Of Brantford Municipal Directory 1880 $ 10.00

Irwin’s Directory of Brantford, Burford, Oakland, and Onondaga Townships in the County of Brant 1883 $ 10.00

City of Brantford Municipal Directory 1883 - 1886 $ 8.00

Brantford City Directory 1899-1900 $ 16.95

Brantford City Directory 1910 $ 16.95

"Brantford: A City's Century", vol.One 1895-1945,

Gary W Muir. Tupana Press (Brantford) 1999.

ISBN 0 9686442 0 1



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