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Burford Township


These Brant County, Ontario biographical sketches have been transcribed by Bill Bowman from Warner and Beers History of Brant County 1883. They are being posted as Bill completes them. A big thank you to Bill for his hard work!

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Burford Township

Page 613

JOHN BALLARD was born near Ringwood in New Hampshire, England, 1804. His mother's maiden name was Hayter. He was educated at Christ Church School of which his brother was headmaster. He came to Canada in 1825, and was for several years assistant in the Post Office in the Town of York now Toronto.Here he married in 1834 Prudence McLean daughter of Captain McLean, of Nashwaak New Brunswick. He settled near stony Creek, in the Township of Saltfleet, where were born to him three children- John McLean Ballard, Rector of St. Anne's Church, Toronto; Prudence Anne, and Henry Allan, who is now living in Burford on the homestead, his father having removed to the Township in 1843. Subsequently, for ashort time, for the education of his children, after his wife's death in 1853, he resides in Toronto. He died in Burford in 1873, at the age of 69 years. He was amember of the Upper Canada Bible Society, and took great interest in Sunday school work, having for many years, and up to a very few weeks of his death, walked several miles each Sunday to superintend a school in a neglected part of the township in which he lived. No less than four farms acknowledged the power of his arm and the strength of his will, for before his marriage he had already partially cleared up two in distant parts of the province- one on Kempenfeldt Bay, County of Simcoe, and another on Lake Erie, in Malahide Township. But as it was with too many of the pioneers of Canada, he overtasked his strength; for in 1844 he had an attack of apoplexy, after which he never recovered his former vigour, although he lived for many years in the enjoyment of comparative health.

JOHN G. BECHTEL, miller, Burford P.O. was born in Waterloo, Ont. April 1, 1846. His father John Bechtel, was a native of Pennsylvania State, and his mother Elizabeth Bechtel, was born and brought up in Canada. John G. Bechtel was married in 1871 to Ellen Whittaker, daughter of John and Elizabeth Whittaker, who were from Lincolnshire, England. The fruits of this union have been five children- Arthur B., Lestella E., Emma H., Charles L. and Lillian M. Mr. Bechtel at present owns the largest flour mill in Burford. The mill was erected in 1847 and has a capacity of 75 barrels per day. Having made milling his vocation, he has meet with very success.


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WILLIAM BONNEY,farmer, Burford P.O., was born in June 1818. He was a son of John Bonney, a native of England, who died in that country, April 17,1840. William came to Canada in 1841, and settled in this county. He married July 17, 1841 Philippa, daughter of Thomas Rush, anative of England. His second wife was Mary Ann Millman, by whom he had five children, viz.: Mary M., born april 15, 1848; John, deceased; Eliza, deceased; Wellington A., born Oct. 25, 1855; and William H., born May 5,1858. Mr. Bonney and family are membeers of the Methodist Church. He has been a councillor for a period of ten years, in which time he was Deputy Reeve for four years. He is conservative in politics.

HENRY COX, merchant, Postmaster, Clerk of the Division Court, and justice of the Peace, Burford, P.O. was born in London England, in the year 1835, and is the second son of William James and Mary Ann (Docking) Cox, the latter of Norfolk Eng., and the former of London, Eng. The early life of our subject was passed in London, England, where he received his education. At the age of 13 he was apprenticed to the grocery business, which he followed in London until 1857, when he came to this country, and for five and a half years he managed the business of charles Watts of Brantford; after which he came to Burford and engaged in the mercantile business. This was in 1862 when business was very dull in town. Through his energy, enterprise, and correct business habits, he built up a large trade, and has prosrered in all his undertakings. Mr. Cox has been agent for the Montreal telegraph Company eight years, scool trustee for twelve consecutive years, taking great interest in educational matters, and was appointed Postmaster in 1875; Division Court Clerk, May 16th, 1871; Commissioner of Queen's Bench in 1866 and Magistrate in 1879; and he takes an active interest in all of these offices. He and his wife are members of the Congregational Church, to which they have belonged since residing in Burford, and they are zealous church workers. Mr. cox has held the position of Superintendent of Sabbath Schools for a number of years. He was married in 1861 to Miss Annie Maria McKitrick, of Brantford, by whom he has had two children- Henry Gordon and grace Elizabeth, both living. Mr. Cox has been a successful man.

GEORGE DANIELS, farmer, Burford, P.O., was born in Burford, August 13, 1828, and is a son of Laurence and Lucinda Daniels, and a grandson of Henry Daniels, a native of Nova Scotia. His father Laurence Daniels, was born in Nova Scotia, in 1800, and came to Burford Township in 1813, at which time this county was awilderness. He held the office of Magistrate for several years. George Daniels was married in 1849 to Harriett C. Lampman. They are the parents of three children, namely, Lucinda, born August 27,1851; Charles L., born May 22, 1854, and Acasta Annett, born October 16, 1860. Mr. Daniels has been Assessor and Collector for about six years, each a part of the time, and is a member of the Congregational Church.

WILLIAM DANIELS, gentleman, Burford P.O., was born in New Brunswick, September 10,1814; he is the son of Henry and Esther Daniels, who were natives of New Brunswick. He Married October 23, 1849, Ann Pool, daughter of Thomas and Ann Pool, who came to Canada in 1830 from England; Mr. Daniels settled in Burford in 1868, where he has since occupied his time, and is a member of the Congregational Church.

EZRA E. DISHER,farmer, Burford, P.O., was born October 25,1840, in Lincoln County, Ontario. His father, Henry Disher, was born January 27, 1815, and married Margaret Pattison, who was born February 10,1820. Ezra Disher married September 24, 1862 Mary E. Henderson, daughter of John and Mary Henderson, natives of Canada. She was born February 24, 1844. Mr. Disher settled in Burford in May, 1873. They are members of the M.E. Church, and are the parents of six children.

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NELSON ELLIOTT, farmer, Fairfield Plains P.O., was born at Burford in 1857. He was a son of Orlin Elliott, and grandson on his mother's side, of Reuben dutcher. His father was born in 1813, and married Elizabeth Dutcher of this county. They have seven children viz., Cecilia, Wellington, Cornelia, Orlin, Nelson, Alpheus and Oliver. Of this family Nelson was the fifth and married Ethelda L. Howell, October 3,1882. Mrs. Elliott's grandfather's name was Enoch Howelland he lives in Burford Township; her father lives at Aylmer. Mr. Elliott has a fine farm of 140 acres, pleasantly situated in fairfield Plains. They belong to the Methodist Church.

GEORGE ELVIDGE, farmer, Burford P.O., son of Charles and Hannah Elvidge, was born in England, August 28,1818, and came to Quebec in 1845. He married November 2, 1847, Lucy Cummings, daughter of Shedrack and Olivia Cummings, of English descent, who was born April 2, 1824. They settled in Burford Township in 1857, and are the parents of ten children viz., James, born March 10, 1850, died January 20, 1881; Charles, born November 25, 1848; Henry, born January 20, 1852; Anna, born September 13, 1853; Mary, born July 31, 1855; George, born March 20, 1857; Thomas, born January 19, 1859; Lucy, born December 3, 1861; William, born January 16, 1863; and Joseph, born February 15, 1865.Mr. and Mrs. Elvidge are members of the Canada Methodist Church. Mr. Elvidge has held the office of trustee, and has met with every success as a farmer.

JAMES FARRINGTON, farmer, Cathcart P.O., was a son of Adam and Mary Ann (trimble) Farrington. Adam Farrington was from Scotland, and one of the earliest settlers in this county, having helped to cut the first trees in the township. He was killed in 1858, having been thrown from a wagon loaded with brick, and run over. The brick was for the house now occupied by our subject, and one of the first brick houses in that township. James Farrington was married, October 6, 1879, to Miss Mary E. Lang. They are the parents of two children, viz., Joseph W., born July 12, 1880; and Mary A., born December 23, 1881. Mr. Farrington has been to California three times. He is a member of the English Church, and a conservative in politics. His farm consists of 310 acres of improved land, well located.

RUSSEL O. GAGE,farmer, Scotland P.O., was born July 14, 1819 in Wentworth County. He was a son of William and grandson of William Gage. The latter settled at Stony Creek, and as an incident of the mode of transportation of his time, we give the following: Mr. Gage used to carry on his back two bushels of wheat from his place to Fort Niagara, a distance of about 45 miles, for the mill. Previous to this time, they burned a hole in a large stump, and used to pound their grain to flour. He emigated from Ireland to America previous to the Revolution, and in 1776 came to Canada. Of his family of six children, William was the second, and settled in Wentworth County. His family consisted of ten children, Russel being the youngest. He came to this county in 1846, settling on his present farm. He married June 6, 1845, Susan, daughter of Frederick Snider, a native of Pennsylvania. They have two daughters, viz., Margaret C., born September 27, 1851 (married William Frederick Miles); and Alice S., born Jan. 2, 1857. The family have been life members of the English church. Mr. Gage owns one of the finest farms in Burford. It consists of 200 acres, beautifully situated, and under the highest state of cultivation.

PETER HATHAWAY, mill-owner, Burford P.O>, was born in Dundas in 1827, and obtained a practical education in the schools of that village. Having natural talents for mechanics, he early turned his attention to milling, and his genius in this direction enabled him to construct anything his fertile mind conceived. He built a large steam mill five miles west of Dundas, which he operated for a number of years. He afterwards worked in Norwichville, then came to his present place of business. Mr. Hathaway belongs to the Methodist Church, and is the father of four children- Daniel, Samuel, John and Cynthia. Hathaway's mill in Burford Township, north of the Village of Burford., was built in 1870. It is a strong and substantial building, 30 by 40 feet, three runs of buhrs, and an excellent water-power, and has a capacity of about 75 barrels per day. Mr. Hathaway does custom work only.

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ARCHIBALD HARLEY, M.P. The gentleman whose name heads this sketch was born at Newcastle N.B., October 10, 1824. He is the son of William harley. who was born in Ireland, and while a young man emigated to Canada, where he married Miss McClean, anative of Scotland. Our subject left New Brunswick while a youth, and with his parents came to Toronto, from whence he afterwards moved to Hamilton, where he attended school for some time. After leaving school he went to the State of Pennsylvania, but after a residence of two or three yearsin that state, returned to Canada and engaged in the lumber and milling business in the County of Wentworth, in company with his brother-in-law, Wilson. In 1867 he moved to Burford Township, where he is now engaged in farming, and where he has sinceresided. He married Elizabeth Stewart, a native of Saltfleet, and a daughter of James Stewart, a native of Ireland. By this marriage ten children were born, viz., William, James, John(deceased), Luther, Sarah(deceased), Arthur(deceased), Edmund, Edgar(deceased), Annie (deceased) and Archibald. Mr Harley has seen much of public life, and has frequently been called by his friends to represent them in some official capacity. He was Reeve of Burford five years, Deputy Reeve one year, and Warden of the county one year. In June 1882, he was elected to the House of Commons for South Oxford, and in addition to this responsible positon, is now serving as Treasurer of Burford Township. He is a reformer in politics, and a strict partizan, being one of the leaders of his party in the county. He is also a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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BENJAMIN HAUN, farmer, Burford P.O., was born in Wellington County Ont., in 1844, and is the son of Matthias and Eliza Haun, who were both natives of Canada. They removed to this county and township in 1866, and purchased 100 acres of land, where Mr. Benjamin Haun now lives, and 24 acres of woodland near by. Mr. Matthias Haun lived here until his death, which occurred in March 1880, aged 67 years. He belonged to the Church of England, and was the father of three children- Julia, Benjamin and Elizabeth. Our subject was brought up on the farm, and received a common school education. He came here with his parents, and has since resided on the farm his parents bought in 1866. He is a member of the English Church, and is a conservative in politics. Mr. Haun was a member of Captain Marshall's cavalry Troop when he was gazetted in 1866. He has been respected in life, and is respected by all who know him.

JAMES G. HEARNE, farmer, Burford P.O. James H. Hearne, the father of our subject, was born in England, where he was also married. He emigrated to this country, with his wife and four children, in 1829, and settled on Talbot Street, West of Simcoe, where he followed the trade of carpenter. After the county became more settled he turned his attention to cabinet-making, which he followed , in connection with undertaking, during the remainder of his life. He located on land in the Dutch Settlement in this township in 1832, and here he lived for three or four years. He died in 1881, aged 88 years. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Church, and were much intersted in religious matters. He was generally successful in all of his undertakings. He had six children- James G., Sophia, Ann. William, George and Martha. George was born on Talbot Street, and Martha on Burford Street. James G. Hearne, the subject of our sketch, was born in England in 1821, and since coming to Canada has made farming his occupation. He bought where he now resides in 1849, and purchased 25 acres of land in the bush, which he has cleared and improved, and now has 115 acres of excellent land in a good state of cultivation. He was married to Sarah Blackstock Brown, by whom he has had four children- James A., George M., William T. and Gracie Elizabeth. He has been very successful in life; having begun with no captial, he has acquired a very nice property. His sister Ann was killed, with her husband John Russell, of Brantford, a builder and rialroad contractor, at the bridge accident near Hamilton, Ont., when the Desjardins Canal Bridge gave way. They left five children- John, Ann, Maria, James and Myrian. Mr. Hearne's father was the first person to buy a city lot in Burford or vicinty. In politics they are all Conservatives.

PAUL HUFFMAN, farmer and lumber manufacturer, Northfield Centre, was born in Wentworth County, January 25, 1833. His grandfather, Paul Huffman, son of Henry Huffman, was of German descent, but was born on the sea when his parents were coming to America in 1766. He came to Canada in 1811, and settled in Wentworth County, and had a family of eleven children, the father of our subject, Paul being the sixth. He was born in the State of New Jersey, in 1802 and married in 1828, Catherine, daughter of David Kern. She was born in 1804 and became the mother of seven children, viz., Catherine, David, Paul(our subject), William, Matthais, Samuel and Charles. Paul married February 28, 1856, Hannah File, who was born January 26, 1834; she was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hazle) File. They became the parents of eleven children, viz.: John P., born Nov. 25, 1856; Matthew V., born June 19, 1858; George, born July 14, 1860, Ammie and Annie (twins), the latter of whom is dead, born April 17, 1862; Albert E., born April 21, 1864; Russell, born April 2, 1866; Francis A., born Aug. 20, 1868; Mary A., (deceased), born July 18, 1870; Catherine E., born Feb. 6, 1874, and Charles W., born June 6, 1878. Mr. Huffman is engaged in the manufacture of lumber, shingles and cheese boxes, making of the last named about 22,000 in 1882. He has been connected with municipal matters part of the time for the past twelve years, and has held the position of Deputy Reeve for four terms. He and his ancestors have been adherents of the Enlish Church. He was the nominee of the Conservative Party in the interests of South Brant. Mr. Huffman is a Freemason of 15 years standing.

T. LLOYD-JONES, farmer, Burford P.O., was born in Brantford Township in 1840 and is the son of William Lloyd-Jones and Catherine Lloyd-Jones. His father was born in North Wales, educated at Rugby, and was a barrister, and his mother in England. They emigrated to Canada in 1836, and settled in Brantford Township, where he purchased 120 acres of land, that on which his son Robert now lives. Here he made a comfortable home for himself and family. His death occrred in 1845, at hte age of 45 years. Mrs. Lloyd-Jones died in 1875, in the 74th year of her age. They were the parents of six children, viz., John, Robert, Mary, Thomas, Ellen and Beata. Mr. T. Lloyd-Jones lived at home until 15 years of age, when he entered a mercantile house in Brantford, where he remained for five years, serving his time at that business. His health failing, he visited friends in England, and was gone two years. He then returned to his native ciuntry and engaged in farming. At Present he owns, 170 acres of land, which is in a high state of cultivation, and which he is always improving. He was a member of the County Council for two years, and is now Reeve of the Township of Burford; Secretary and Treasurer of the Township Agricultural Society for ten years, and one of the Board of Directors of the County Mutual Insurance Company. Mr. Lloyd-Jones also takes great interest in militiary matters, being 1st Lieutenant in the troop of the 2nd Cavalry. He was married in 1868 to Miss Isabella, only daughter of Fred G. and Isabella Millar, a pioneer family in the Dominion, by whom he has had four children-John B., Lillie C.,Mary and Thomas.

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MRS. MELISSA KANE, Burford, widow of the late Thomas Kane, was born in New Brunswick, May 25, 1838. Her father, David Prosser, was a native of New Brunswick, and came to Burford in 1837. Mr. Kane was son of Thomas and Alice Kane, natives of Ireland. They were wrecked off the coast of Newfoundland on their voyage to Canada in1835. Mr. Kane was proprietor of a saw-mill in Burford, but unfortunately was burned out twice. He died July 13, 1882, leaving a family of thirteen children, two of whom are married; the eldest Emma, is married to Wilfred J. Maus, and the second, Nellie, is married to James Lapierre Campbell, the remaining beig Josiah P., George Y., Stella, Wilfred J., Melissa, David P., Mabel, Maud, Thomas A., Daniel D. and Charles

R. D. JOHN LATTIMER, farmer, Burford P.O., was born in Galloway, Scotland, in the year 1825, and is the son of James Lattimer, whose sketch appears in this work. Our subject was reared on the farm where he now lives, being 15 years old when his parents settled there. He remained with his father and mother until their death. Mr. Lattimer has been married twice- first to Jane Frills, widow of reuben Armstrong, who bore to him two children (twins) Sarah and Elizabeth. He married for his second wife Susanna Brown, by whom he has had two children, James and Mary. Mr. and Mrs. Lattimer are members of the Presbyterian Church, to which they have belonged for a number of years. He owns 107 acres of land, which is in a good state of cultivation. He has done very well in life.

AUGUSTUS MALCOLM, Scotland P.O., was born April 9th, 1820. He was a son of Peter Malcolm, who was born in Canada in 1793. He was Captain of the Militia, and married Elizabeth Slaught. They became the parents of eight children, viz., Augustus, Myra, Belinda, Hugh, Mary, Henry, Ezra and Abigail. Augustus, the eldest, married Sarah Bethina, daughter of Jabez Bugbee, who was born in Vermont in 1798, and died in this country in 1873. Their marriage took place September 23rd, 1842. The children by this unionwere Lyman, Elizabeth, William Henry, Francis H., Lucina and Alonzo McK. Mr. Malcolmowns 84 acres of valuable land in the Village of Scotland. They are members of the Congregational Church, and were brought up to farm life. They settled on the farm in 1825, and have continued there ever since.

EUGENE MESSECAR, farmer, Scotland P.O., was born February 7th, 1857. He was a son of Silas and grandson of Matthew Messecar. The latter came from the State of New Jersey, and settled near Scotland. His mother bought 200 acres of land from old granfather Malcolm, which was granted to him by the Government. Matthew settled upon it, and it was there that Silas was born, in June 1819. He was one of a family of ten children. His father, Matthew came to Canada between the War of the Revolution and the War of 1812, taking part in the latterat the age of sixteen years. Mrs. Messecar, the mother of our subject, was born September 3rd, 1821; she was the daughter of John Shaver, and was married October 10th, 1840 to Mr. Messecar. They are the parents of nine children, viz.: Sarah (deceased), Mary A., Seymour, Lyman, Ellen, Albert, Earnest, Eugene and Edward; they are all in the States except Eugene, Mary and Edward. Mrs. Messecar is a Baptist.

GILBERT MERRITT, farmer, Scotland P.O., was born January 9,1838. He is a son of Caleb Merritt, who was born in New Brunswick in 1798. He married Hannah Underhill, who was born in the United States. They came to canada in 1837, just prior to the Revolution, and settled in Brant County, where they bought the farmnow occupied by Gilbert, his son. Here Mr. Merritt died September 15, 1874. Gilbert Merritt married February 21st, 1866, Harriett Smith, born September 21st, 1846, daughter of Benjamin Smith and granddaughter of David Smith. Her mother's maiden name was Martha Cornell. Mr. Merritt's family consists of three children, viz.: Mary J., born September 29,1867; Martha Ellen, died in infancy; and Sarah A., born January 3, 1871; all member of the Baptist Church. Mr. Merritt owns 62 1/2 acres of land, pleasantly situated on the town line between Burford and Oakland.

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ROBERT H. MILES, farmer, Fairfield Plains P.O., was born August 7, 1844. His father, William Miles, was born in Ireland, and came to Canada with his father, John Miles. He was one of a family of eifgt, and married Eleanor Devinney, who came from Ireland when a child, with her parents. They had a family of eleven children, viz.,: Sarah A. (deceased); Robert H., married Harriett Underhill; Charlotte M., George F., Eliza L., Albert L., Ella A., Edmond A., William F., Emma T., and Clara S. Mr. William Miles died July, 1882. Mr. Robert Miles owns 100 acres of good land, and is surrounded by a bright family and all the comforts of a pleasant home. He is a Baptist in belief.

WILLIAM F. MILES, farmer, Mount Vernon P.O., was born July 2, 1848, in Brant County, and is a son of William Miles , whose biography appears in connection with that of his son Robert H. Miles. William Frederick Miles was the fourth son of a family of eleven children. He was married, January 1st, 1874, to Margaret C., daughter of Russel O. Gage, whose history appears elsewhere; she was born September 27, 1851. They were the parents of two children-Alice Alberta, born April 15, 1875; and Clarence R., born July 29, 1877, died May 19, 1882. They are members of the English Church. Wm. F. Miles is Secretary of the Burford Masonic Lodge No. 106; also Vice-President of the Burford Agricultural Society, and a member of the A.O.U.W.

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ROBERT C. MUIR, farmer and justice of the peace, was born in Refre, Scotland, in the year 1812, and is a son of John U. and Diana (Winnet) Muir, natives of Scotland, where they were born and married. In 1821 they emigrated to Canada, and settled in Lanark County, where he purchased land and resided until 1834, when he sold his property and came to Brant County (then Oxford), in the London District. He purchased 200 acres of wild land on the north side of the present county and in this township, where he made a permanent home. He cleared his farm and improved it as fast as possible, and being properous in his business affairs, accumulated a good property. This was the second farm he and his sons cleared in Canada. He always took a deep in in politics, and was a great reformer himself. Mr. Muir was a member of the Congregational Church and Mrs. Muir was a Baptist. Both were much interested in religious matters. They were parents of seven children, who were all born in Scotland, and who all came to Canada. Their names were, Thomas (deceased), Margaret, John, James (deceased), Janet, Robert C., and Allan. Mr. Muir died in 1854, at the age of eighty-two years. Mrs. Muir died the same year, six weeks previous to his death. R.C. Muir, our subject, was about eight years old when his parents came to Canada, and he has a most vivid recollection of pioneer days. He is a self-read man, having received a limited education in the primitive schools of a new country, often going four miles to school, and frequently encountering wild animals on the way. When old enough, he began assisting his father in the labours of the farm. He was married in 1852, to Margaret E. Thwaites, daughter of John Thwaites, Adjutant of the Ayrshire Militia, Scotland. After his marriage he located in the eastern part of the township for some years; then selling that property, he bought 325 acres of the best land in the county, adjoining the village of Burford, where he now lives. During middle life he was a contractor, building a section of several miles of the Great Western Railway of Canada, and the Hamilton and London plank road, besides many minor contracts. He was elected Councillor in 1850, being one of the first to have that honour. He filled the office three years, and was appointed Justice of 1852, a position he has filled ever since, and he is the oldest Justice in the county. He served as Captain of Militia for two years, and was Lieutenant previous to that for three years. Mr. Muir has a great desire for travel, and has visited many different countries on the globe. In 1869, returning from New Zealand to Liverpool, the Blue Jacket, the ship in which he took passage, took fire, and was burned 700 miles from Cape Horn. The crew and passengers took to the boats, three in number; the one in which the passengers were was picked up, after seven days , by the Piermont, a Dutch barque; three of the men had died of exposure. Another boat was picked up after fifteen days, half of the crew having died; the other boat, was never heard of. He and his wife are members of the Baptist Church, to which they have belonged for many years, and have always been most zealous in any Christian work. Five sons have been born to them, viz., John T., Robert C., William K., Matthew F. and Allan D. John is in the Immigration Department, Toront, an appointment by the Ontario Government; Robert is a grain-buyer in Burford, and has William assisting him; Matthew is attending University College, Toronto; Allan is at home on the farm with his father. Mr. Muir has always enjoyed the best health, and is now almost as strong as ever.

JOHN G. PETTIT, farmer. Burford P.O., is a son of Charles and a grandson of John C. Pettit, who was born in 1762, and died in 1821. Their family consisted of ten children, Charles son of John, being the fourth. He was born in 1795 in the Township of Saltfleet, and married in 1817, Anna Bedell of Staten Island. They had seven children viz., Sussannah, Martha, Joseph, John G., Stephen, Rachel and Mary. John G. married Oct. 1st, 1861, Lucinda Winegarden; their family consists of one daughter named Myra, who was born March 2nd, 1863. Charles, the father of our subject, served in the War of 1812, taking an active part in the battle of Queenston Heights, at which time Gen. Brock was killed. Mr. Pettit and family attended the Congregational Church; he has served a term of two years in the Township Council. His farm consists of 195 acres well improved, and Mr. Pettit is doing a good farming business.

ARTHUR POLLARD, farmer, Burford P.O., was born April 1st, 1845, in Durham County; he is a son of Zachariah and Mary Pollard, natives of England, who settled in Durham County in 1831. Arthur Pollard married in 1870, Emilie E. Brand, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Brand. They are parents of three children, viz.: Ellen M., born Sept. 26th, 1873; Bertha, born Oct. 4th, 1875; and Henry C., born May 13th, 1878.

JOSEPH POTTER, farmer, Cathcart P.O., was born in Ireland in 1823. He is a son of John and Jane Potter, natives of Ireland, who came from a little town in Tyrone County named Caledon, from which Caledon in Canada is called. They had eight children, Joseph being the fourth. He came to Canada in 1843, and settled where he now lives in Burford Township. He owns 133 acres of improved land, and is now a robust bachelor of fifty years. The road upon which he is located was put through in 1842; it was at first a plank road, but now is a stone road. The first school orgainized in that was in 1848, and taught by Mr. Books. Mr. Potteris of the Presbyterian faith, and a Conservative in politics.

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DANIEL SMITH, farmer, Northfield Centre P.O., John Smith, the paternal grandfather of our subject, was a son of Joseph Smith, and was born August 22, (1733? my copy of date is blurred)He came to canada from the s\State of New Jersey in 1784, with his wife Elsie Wilcox, and three children and one horse, the mother riding the horse and holding one child in her arms, while his other children occupied baskets hung on either side of the horse. He had a family of eight children, viz., Joseph, Benjamin, Absalom, Daniel, Levi, Hannah, John and Ezekiel. Daniel married Annie M., daughter of John and Annie M. (Young) Beamer, who was born November 17, 1756, and died December 24, 1851. Daniel had seven children, Viz., Dennis L., born July 7, 1815, married Martha J. Darragh, February 14, 1844, and died October 2, 1881; Mary was born March 2, 1817; Isaac B. was born July 16, 1820, married Maria Konkle October 22, 1843; William born March 13, 1822, married Sarah Kennedy December 30, 1846; George, born September 22, 1827; Daniel, born August 27, 1828, married May 31, 1853, Elizabeth, daughter of Jeese and Mary Hewry of Welland County. Jeesae was born August 9, 1799; his wife was born April 10, 1804; they had six children- George, Nancy, Elizabeth (born May 31, 1829), Harman, Lydia and Calvin. Daniel and Elizabeth Smith had three sons, viz., Marcus R., born April 3, 1854, married Sarah J., daughter of John Kennedy, and now resides in the County of Norfolk; Augustus F., born November 6, 1855; and Adrian W., born February 23, 1862. Mary Elizabeth Glassner, the maternal great-grandmother of our subject , was born at Baden, Germany, March 19, 1730, and in the last decade of the 18th century emigrated to America. She was married April 9,1755, to John Beamer, of Heidelberg, Germany. Their son John-born November 27, 1759, at Greenwich, New Jersey-married April 7, 1782, Anna Young, daughter of John W. Young, of Sussex County N.J. They had come to Canada in 1790, stopped a short time at Niagara, and settled at Grimsby in 1791.

DANIEL SMITH, the subject of this sketch, and youngest son of Daniel and A. M. Smith, was born in the Township of Clinton, County of Lincoln, Province of Ontario, on the mountain south and east of the village of Beamsville , brought up on the farm on which his parents settled soon after their marriage, and where they lived until their death. His father was a member and Deacon of the first church erected that vicinity, known as the old Clinton Church on the mountain, holding that position during the remaining part of his life, and was also appointed to the office of what was then called a commissioner. Daniel Smith, the subject of this sketch, received the most of his education at the common school in the section where he lived, and at a select school taught by the Rev. r. H. Close, who had been president of a college in Utica, N.Y.-This school was supported by private individauls, who at much extra cost kept it up for some time-at the close of which he started as teacher, following thatoccupation for about five years, after which he married and settled in the Township of Burford and County of Brant, on the 9th of November 1854, on a lot of woodland-the deed of which he had secured from Government, holding the seal and signatire of Lord Elgin, and which at the present time is the only deed ever made for said property-following the course of his father and grandfathers, for both his father's father and mother's father lived and died on the property they first settled upon. Having always devoted his best interest to education and other improvements, was a member of the committeee that started the first Sabbath school and library in that section, which was then held in the school house. He was appointed Justice of the Peace, along with several others, in the year 1873. In May A.d. 1875, he succeeded, by the help fo the Hon. Wm. Paterson M.P. for the South Riding of Brant, in establishing a post office in the vicinity by the name Florence Vale(now called Northfield Centre) which has proven to be a great boon to the inhabitants of the place.

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JOHN SMITH, farmer, Fairfield Plains P.O., was born December 1,1820,. His grandfather, John Smith, attained the age of 100 years, and came to Canada in 1787.His father William Smith, was born October 11, 1786, and married in 1809, Charity Smith, who was born July 18, 1791. They were the parents of ten children, viz., Phoebe, Russell, Lewis (deceased), anna, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Madilla, Allen and Margaret. Mr. Smith died December 27, 1856, and his wife, April 7, 1866. John Smith's grandmother on his mother's side was the daughter of Henry and Charity Huffman, and was born September 30, 1762. John our subject, was married May 24, 1849, to Mary J. Merritt. They are the parents of three children, namely, William M., born April 15, 1850; Myrtilla, born September 12, 1851; and John C. born November 23, 1856Mr. Smith has a farm of over 400 acres, 300 acres of which are well cultivated. His family belong to the Baptist Church, and his political views are strictly reform.

JOSEPH H. SMITH, farmer, Fairfield Plains P.O., is the son of Joseph and Margaret (Hoover) Smith, and was born in Canada in June 1850. On December 17, 1873, he married Cornellia Elliott, who was born October 7, 1854, and by her has had three children, Viz., Edson K., born October 2, 1874; Wilfred H, born May 14, 1878; and Harry E., born November 26, 1881. Mr Smith owns a farm of 50 acres under high cultivation, and is industrious and prosperous in his farm operations.

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H. LAFAYETTE SMITH, farmer, Fairfield Plains P.O., was born in Wentworth County, Sept. 11, 1848. His grandfather, Jacob Smith, was born in New Jersey, Sept. 28, 1789, and died in Wentworth County, April 12, 1860. Hiram, father of our subject was born in Wentworth County in 1811. He married Charity, daughter of Obediah taylor, and had a family of four children, viz., Obediah T., Hannah C., Tena A. and H. Lafayette. Lafayette Smith married June 15, 1870, Isabelle Johnston. They have three children, viz., Eddy B., born July 13, 1871; Olla E., born June 2, 1873; and Clarence L., born February 28, 1876. Mrs. Smith was born in Haldimand county, May 30, 1851. Mr. Smith settled in Brant County in 1882. He owns 130 acres of land under a high state of cultivation. He also owns in the State of Delaware near it's capital, an undivided half of 80 acres, for which he has been offered $4500.

MARGARET E. SMITH, Fairfield Plains P.O., widow of Joseph Smith, is a daughter of Harvey and Margaret (Fairchild) Hoover. Her grandfather was Peter Hoover, of German descent, who came to Canada in 1776, and settled near Stamford. Harvey, her husband, was in the War of 1812 during it's whole continuance, including the battles of Lundy's Lane, Chippewa and Stony Creek. The mother of our subject, Margaret, daughter of Benjamin Fairchild, of English descent, acted as interpreter to the Indians during the War of 1812. Mr. Fairchild lived at Niagara, and was in the Government employ, as Commissioner of the Indian Department. Mr. Joseph Smith was a son of Chauncy and Mary (Eddy) Smith. He died Jan. 16th., 1861, leaving ten children viz., Benjamin, Joseph, Thomas; Maria, who married M. Elliott; Adelaide, who married Wm. Buchanan; Mary, who married Charles Rand; Helen, who married Eli Eddy; Kate, who married Joseph McMains; Eliza and Emmeline(deceased). Mrs. Smith is a member of the Methodist Church, and owns a valuable farm of 100 acres, beautifully situated on the town line, between Oakland and Burford.

RUSSEL SMITH, farmer, Burford township, Fairfield Plain P.O., was born in Ancaster Township, June 4, 1812, and came to Burford in April, 1833, where he has since resided. His grandfather, John Smith, son of John And Sarah of England, was born in London England, November 13th, 1747. He married March 10th, 1772, Anna Roy, daughter of Mary and Stephen Roy, who was born April 13th, 1752. They emigrated to the State of New Jersey, and the following children were born; Benjamin, Stephen, John, Mary, Abraham, William, Isaac, James and Samuel. In 1787 they came to Canada, settled near Grimsby, and finally settle in Ancaster , Wentworth County. Mr. John Smith died August 4, 1846, and hsi wife died Sept. 8, 1830. William Smith, father of our subject, was born October 11,1786, and married February 21,1809, Charity Smith, daughter of Lewis and Phoebe Smith, who came from New Jersey, and was bornJuly 18, 1791. She died April 7, 1866, and William, her husband died December 7, 1856. They were the parents of ten children, viz., Phoebe, Russel, Lewis(deceased), Ann, Elizabeth, John(whose history may be found in this work), Mary, Madilla, Allen and Margaret. Russel Smith's grandmother, on his mother's side was the daughter of Henry and charity Huffman, and was born Sept. 30, 1762. Russel Smith married March 12, 1835, Elizabeth Taylor. from this marriage was one child, William T. Smith, who was born June 5, 1837. Mrs. Smith died June 13, 1837. Russel Smith next married, May 1, 1838, Margaret B., daughter of Wm. Kent. They had seven children, viz., Elizabeth K., Hervy M. (deceased), Hester A., Margaret E. (deceased), Charles D., Caroline A. and Herbert F. (deceased). Mr. Smith owns 200 acres of land at present; his two sons about the same amount. He has been about 20 years engaged in producing a pure grape native wine., making from 4,000 to 8,000 gallons per year. He has, during a long active life, been engaged in various pursuits apart from farming. He now cultivates 7 acres of grape vineyard; besides, he buys annually many tons of grapes for his wine manufactory. He has been a member of the Methodist Church of Canada over fifty-three years, a Circuit Steward forty-five years, and a Justice of the Peace in the County of Brant over thirty years. He is a life-long Reformer.

WILLIAM T. SMITH, farmer , Fairfield Plains, is a son of Russel Smith, whose biography appears in this work. He was born June 5, 1837, in the County of Brant, and was married November 22, 1864, to Margaret M., daughter of Brian Carpenter, a native of Pennsylvania; she was born in Wentworth County. Their children number four, viz., William R., Minnie E., Margaret E. and Herbert D. Mr. Smith owns a farm of 87 acres, pleasantly situated on Fairfield Plains, having laid it out tastefully with shubbery, &c. He is a member of the Canada Methodist Church, and a Reformer in politics.

DANIEL SOUTHWICK, farmer, Falkland P.O., was born October 3, 1836; son of Daniel Southwick, who was born june 7, 1793. He settled in Burford in 1818.

THOMAS STANDING, farmer, Burford P.O., was born in the County of Peel, Ont., January 19, 1830, and was the son of John Standing, who came to Canada in the year 1827, and settled in the County of Peel. The latter was married in England to Nancy, daughter of Robert varley. All were natives of England. They had eleven children, of whom James, Elizabeth, Ann and thomas (twins), Robert, and Ellenare living, and John, Agnes, Mary, Alice and Margaret are dead. Thomas, the subject of this sketch, married October 5, 1854, Janet Balmer, daughter of James and granddaughter of John Balmer, natives of Scotland. They had ten children, viz.: John H., born December 29,1855; James B., born September 23, 1857; Thomas W., born September 12, 1859; Janet, born August 2, 1861; George M., born May 2, 1863; Robert A., born May 9, 1865, died December 17, 1874; William H., born June 18, 1867; David J., born May 25, 1870; Edgar H., born May 30, 1872; Margaret E., born February 1, 1875, died January 11, 1877. Mr. Standing is aproperous farmer, owning 150 acres of excellent land near Burford Village. He is a Methodist.

JAMES STEWART, farmer, Scotland P.O., was born February 15, 1818. He was a son of Allan Stewart, who was born in Paisley Scotland. He married Catherine thomson in 1807, and had five children, viz., Jane, Grace, Frances, George and James, who married first, in 1842 Louise, daughter of Silas Metcalf, and had one son Silas. She died Sept. 15, 1845; and Mr. Stewart married for a second wife Sarah Moore. they became the parents of five children, viz., Allan, born 1851, died 1853; Louise, born 1854; Charles, born 1856; James, born 1859, and Robert B., born 1861. Allan Thomson, a cousin of our subject, came to Canada in the 71st Regiment, in 1847. Mr. Stewart is a member of the Baptist Church.

DR. E. W. TEGART, Scotland P.O., was a son of Edward Tegart, who was born in Ireland in 1780. His grandfather, John Tegart, was born in England, and held the position of Captain in the English army. Edward, the father, came to this country in 1820, and settled north of Toronto, in Tecumseh. Here he remained about 20 years, when he removed to Goderich. At this time there was not a post office between Toronto and Goderich, nor a store between London and Goderich. Mr. Tegart's mode of obtaining provisions was by taking his grist, with an oxen team, and going thirty miles to the nearest mill, where he also received his mail. At that time a horse was not to be found in all the Huron tract of land. Edward, the father of our subject, claimed as ancestor the Duke of Argyle. He married Martha Colton in 1818, by whom he had seven children, viz., James, Robert, Mary, Jane, Edward W., John and Rachel. Dr. Tegart came to brant county in 1860, and here he has since resided. He married in 1858, Augusta A. Clement, daughter of Robert A. Clement, and granddaughter of Major Clement, of the British army of 1812. The Doctor has two children, Robert E. and Alma T. J., aged 20 and 17. He owns 200 acres of land, pleasantly situated near the village of Scotland. At the age of ten years he did not know how to read, there being no schools in the locality where he was born. At the age of 14 his mother died, after which he left home without a dollar. He has since acquired all his property and a medical education, having graduated from the Medical Department at toronto and Cobourg University. he was born in the Huron tract, on December 21, 1835, and is now doing a large practice in medicine and surgery.

JAMES WHEELAND, farmer, Scotland P.O., was born in Scotland, Brant County, March 30, 1844. He was a son of Thomas and Maranah (smith) Wheeland. The career of thomas may be found elsewhere in this volume. James Wheeland married November 4, 1868, Margaret P., daughter of James H. Bessey. of St. Catherines. James Bessey is a retired Major of Militia, a J.P. and Township Clerk and Treasurer. The children by this union are: Mary A., deceased, and M. Bessie, who was born May 12, 1871. Mrs. Wheeland's grandfather was in the War of 1812, and is now a pensioner. Her great-grandfather was an officer of the Indian Commissary Department during the war. Mr. Wheeland owns a fine farm of 60 acres near the Village of Scotland, and is an industrious and enterprising farmer. His family attends the Congregational Church.

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THOMAS WINSKEL, farmer, Burford P.O., was born in Cumberland ACounty, England, in the year 1815. He lived in his native county until he was 5 or 6years old, when he went to an adjoining county, where he resided until 1832, when he emigated to Canada. Landing in Quebec, he came west to Toronto, and engaged in the work of a carpenter and farmer; and in 1841he was married to Ann Trueman. Leaving Toronto, after a residence ther of thirteen years, he went to Norfolk County, where he worked at the same business. In 1853 he moved to Burford, and bought 100 acres of partly improved land: to which he has added 34 acres. It is now in a well cultivated condition, and is continually being improved. Mr. and Mrs. Winskelare members of the Congregational Church, and are much interested in matters of religion. To Mr. and Mrs. Winskel have been born 12 children, 4 of whom are living, viz., Ann J., Martha M., Phoebe C. and Agnes E. A.; the others died in childhood. His parents Wm. Winskel and wife, Elizabeth, came to Canada at the same time, and settled in this township, purchasing the land on which he died. He was a member of the Church of England, and was father of six children, viz., Thomas, William, John, Ann Elizabeth and Margaret. He died about the year 1848, aged 60years: Mrs. Winskel died in 1850, in her 62nd year.


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