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Place Name Comments
Beverley Swamp
Biggar's Town proposed name for Brantford
Brant County named after Chief Joseph Brant
Brantford Oakland Twp
Burford Burford Twp
Burford Twp Western Brant County
Burtch's Landing In Onondaga Twp, now Newport, had a tavern as early as 1822
Cainsville aka Cayuga Heights, in Onondaga Twp
Caledonia town on Grand River in Tuscarora Twp
Cathcart Burford Twp
Cayuga Heights aka Cainsville
Davisville Aka River's Bend, 1.5 miles W of Brantford
Dawson's Bridge In South Dumfries Twp, also named Middletown, renamed Glen Morris
Dunnville Dam on Grand River
Fairchild's Creek near Smoky Hollow
Falkland Burford Twp
Glen Morris formerly Dawson's Bridge and Middletown
Glen Morris South Dumfries Twp
Horner Creek
Lovejoy's Pond aka Mohawk Lake
Malcolm's Mills at Oakland
Middleport Onondaga Twp
Middletown In South Dumfries Twp, aka Glen Morris and Dawson's Bridge
Mohawk Lake aka Lovejoy's Pond
Mount Pleasant Brantford Twp, supposedly named by one of the original settlers, Henry Ellis, after a property he owned in Flintshire Wales.
Muir Burford Twp
New Credit Tuscarora Twp
Newport Onondaga Twp, formerly Burtch's Landing
Oakland Oakland Twp
Ohsweken Tuscarora Twp
Onondaga Onondaga Twp
Paris South Dumfries Twp
River's Bend aka Davisville, 1.5 miles W of Brantford
Scotland Burford Twp
Six Nations Tuscarora Twp
Smith's Hill aka Terrace Hill
Smoky Hollow near Fairchild's Creek
Smoothtown Tuscarora Twp
Sour Spring Tuscarora Twp
South Dumfries Twp Originally part of Halton County, became part of Brant in 1852
St. George South Dumfries Twp
Stoneridge Tuscarora Twp
Terrace Hill aka Smith's Hill
Tuscarora Twp Originally in Wentworth County, remains of immense territory ceded to Six Nations Indians


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