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Letters from Scotland Ontario


Some letters from Laura Gundy, living in Scotland, Ontario, to my grandmother Elberta Craig (Bertie) who lived in Brantford and then Craighurst, near Barrie. I have edited them a bit. Sheila Craig

Scotland, July 7, 1901

Dear Bertie:

As Frank [brother] is going to B- today I thought I would write you a few lines. Fletcher and Harry came all right Saturday eve. They missed Frank and hired a rig to come out. We looked for you but you did not put in an appearance. Sure and it's smallpox that is around here. They have the folks shut up who have it. The churches are closed for three weeks. They had no garden party but a consolation meeting instead. It is so completely lonesome, I do wish you could come out, but won't urge you on account of the smallpox. But Daisy [sister] was saying anyone who has been vaccinated is not likely to take it. So Dr. Boyce said, or some such person. Mrs. Smith and Mr. Eadie had it very bad I guess but they were never vaccinated so reports go. The Globe reported it, and there have been no deaths. I'm afraid I won't get away very soon as people may look at Scotland folks rather sideways. I have not been in the village since Sunday morning - and do not feel very frightened, however I do not care to get the disease. They have places placarded who have it. I asked Frank what they had on it and he said "SMALLPOX". I guess that is enough to scare most folks. Well, fare thee well. Laura

Scotland, March 1903

My Dear Bert,

Well here I am a-sittin' in the parlor with the paper on my lap a-writin' to ye. I was visiting Nell McKenzie last week. Met Miss Maudie Reynolds B.A, teacher in the school there in St. George. Nell's best young man (I guess its her best) was at Nell's on Sunday when I was there. Mr. Robertson came home with us after church. He is a beautiful player, very musical, nice looking and as far as I could judge a very decent respectable head though he is an evolutionist and also I think he smokes. I met a week ago the cutest little girl. She is taking vocal lessons from Mr. Andrews, comes from Waterford and goes in on the same train as I do. She is the greatest little talker. Hattie Eddy told me her father is the postmaster in Waterford. I also met her sister and she is married to the Station Agent there. They attend the Methodist Church, which of course goes a long way with me. Did I tell you Clark Munnick is back from college? Miss Grace Crooks has come back to town again. write soon etc. Laura

Here is the third letter from Laura Gundy, Scotland, sent to my grandmother Bertie Craig. They were high school friends (Brantford Collegiate). I have edited it a bit.

Scotland Oct. 30 1905

My Dear Bert,

I rec'd your letter Sat. night. Glad you were able to step over the bounds and write two letters to my one. Lil [sister] and I drove down to Lynedoch on Thursday and stayed only till Friday. About three weeks ago Allan Reid and Miss Edna Hagerman of Lynedoch spent Sunday here so we were returning their visit, in rather a hurry I thought but Lil thought it might be too cold to drive so far (21 miles) later, so we went Thursday. The roads were fine and the scenery beautiful. The woods were so pretty with their many tinted leaves. I liked Miss Hagerman very much. Lil and I stayed with her all night and went up to the Reids for dinner Friday. We left there about 2:45 and arrived in Scotland about 6:30. Well, so much for our Lynedoch trip. About three weeks ago Rev. Arthur E. Eddy B.A. B. D. sent a telephone message to his sister Gerty and wanted to know if I would go up with her to Springford and play for a concert trio. Well I hustled up and got ready and Gerty and I went up. There were only two singers, Mr. Bickle and Miss Powell, and a reader Miss Smith (for whom, by the way, I did not have to play). Mr. Bickle was a pupil of Harold Jarvis and Miss Powell had the nicest soprano voice I ever heard. Arthur, Gerty, Mr. Fred Hendershot, the junior pastor and myself drove out to the concert in a two seated carriage. The night was perfect and the drive lovely. Gerty Eddy has had Mr. Wood with her since last Wed. She invited me over yesterday so I had the pleasure of going to church with them. ps. I forgot to tell you about a friend of Lil's being here, Wilhelmina Spencer. She was on her way from Kingsville to Tilberry, where she expects to take a position as choir leader for the winter. write soon Laura

Here is the fourth (and last letter ) from Laura Gundy to my grandmother Bertie Craig. Laura lived at home in Scotland, and Bertie taught school in Craighurst near Barrie. They were high school friends.

Scotland, Sept 1901

My Dear Bert,

I received your note last night. I suppose you know I had dinner at Gerts' [Brantford] on Tuesday. I wended my way down to Mrs. Howell's and we started for home about 5 o'clock. It is raining this pm and there is a blind lady here to give a concert in the church tonight, but with the weather there won't be many there I'm afraid. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor, Nellie and Emma Malcolm and Mrs. Durham were here for tea last night. Mrs. Durham had been here all day. She took Lill [sister] to school in the morning and after she got home and began to tie Bess up, she, that is Bess, commenced to back and pulled Mrs. Durham into the ditch and gave Mrs D. a poke in the nose, while Bess lay down in the ditch nearly on her back and the buggy stood heroically by. They got the buggy away by cutting the harness. Mary [sister] ran for Frank [brother]; the milkman just happened to come and he went for some other folks and they took the harness off Bess and she stood on her feet unharmed. Mrs. Durham's eye or beneath her eye is swollen pretty badly and is very black and blue and red all over. But we hope she will soon be better without any serious effects. Mary and Frank and Gerty Malcolm went to Delhi today to attend a convention. Mary is to read a paper. Remember me to the rest of the folks etc.etc. Laura


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