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Brantford General Hospital

The information about the Brant General Hospital and Nursing School was provided courtesy of Mary Lou Finn. A big thank you to Mary Lou for her kindness! Please help us identity the nurses in these photos

Name Comments - Note grads are only listed for years 1888-1932. Also those marked "deceased" were apparently deceased in 1959.
Abraham, Mrs. H. see Sara Chrysler
Adams, Amy (Mrs. A.M. Stevens) grad 1932
Aitken, Mrs. G. see Clara Biffin
Ambrose, Mrs. S. see Bessie Lowes
Anderson, Mrs. David see E. Nairn
Andrew, Mrs. A. see A. Clara Kelly
Andrews, Bertha grad 1903, deceased
Andrews, L. grad 1909, deceased
Andrews, Mrs. see Susannah Fleming
Armour, J grad 1897, deceased
Armstrong, Mary (Mrs. A.A. Mathews) grad 1923
Armstrong, Marjorie (Mrs. M. Hird) grad 1930
Arnold, Dora grad 1925
Arnold, Jessie (Mrs. C. Gilbert) grad 1927
Augustus, Charlotte grad 1918
Austin, Ursula (Mrs. D. Muir) grad 1924
Baird, Helen grad 1919
Barrett, Mrs. S. see Muriel Veevers
Barrick, Georgeina (Mrs. W.T. Cole) grad 1915, deceased
Bartley, Alberta (Mrs. Thos. Schnell) grad 1922
Batty, Frances (Mrs. W. Knoepfli) grad 1930
Beatty, S. grad 1896, deceased
Beaumont, Conice grad 1930
Bell, Mrs. J. see Marjorie Widdis
Berry, Florence (Mrs. W. Howarth) grad 1929
Bertram, Mrs. E.F. see Emeline Morgenroth
Best, Gertrude (Mrs. W.D. Wiley) grad 1915, deceased
Biffin, Clara (Mrs. G. Aitken) grad 1932
Billo, Mrs. E. see Rose Cleaves
Birkett, Eleanor (Mrs. W. Sheppard) grad 1925
Bishop, Mable (Mrs. K. Still) grad 1925
Bixel, Mrs. Oscar see Dora Frank
Black, Mrs. Chas. see Ruby Ferguson
Blackmann, Minnie (Mrs. P.S. Sheppard) grad 1925
Blackwell, Ada (Mrs. H. Edward) grad 1927
Booth, Hilda (Mrs. Hugh Collver) grad 1927
Booth, Mrs. Mary see Mary Meggitt
Borger, Mrs. Geo. see Jean Herman
Bowman, Mrs. Melvin B. Sr. see Annie Hardisty
Boyd, Thelma (Mrs. Keyworth) grad 1929
Brett, Annie (Mrs. J.W. Kersey) grad 1924
Bromley, Mrs. see A. Stevens
Brooks, Mrs. Harold see Daisy Dunn
Brown, E. grad 1906, deceased
Brown, Minnie grad 1928
Buck, Edna grad 1917, deceased
Buck, Mrs. Lawrence see Hilda Greensides
Buckley, Mrs. Earl see Ida Isbister
Buckwell, Velma grad 1931
Bunn, Alva (Mrs. Ashburn Hewitt) grad 1923
Burke, Lorena grad 1892
Burriss, Margaret grad 1893, deceased
Burtch, Mildred (Mrs. Hugh McLachlan) grad 1931
Butler, Mrs. see Florence McDermott
Buzza, Gladys grad 1931
Cameron, Leora (Mrs. H. Foulds) grad 1925
Campbell, Margaret (Mrs. Chester Richmond) grad 1918
Campbell, Rhoda (Mrs. F. Trousdell) grad 1930
Carruthers, Mrs. Kenneth see Mildred Niederauer
Carson, Miss Margaret M. Director of the School 1911-1915, Reg N.
Casey, Mrs. Jack see Ethel Davies
Caton, Mrs. J.S. see K. Martin
Cauvet, Mrs. R. B. see Helen Holbrooke
Champness, Edith grad 1928
Chapman, C. grad 1910, deceased
Charnley, Kate grad 1926, deceased
Childs, Mrs. (Dr.) see Erie Routh
Chrysler, Sara (Mrs. H. Abraham) grad 1921
Church, Amy grad 1906
Chute, Miss Winnie L. Director of the School 1929-1931, Reg N.
Clare, E.A. grad 1901
Claridge, Mrs. Elizabeth grad 1931
Clark, J.E. grad 1904
Clarke, Edna (Mrs. F.W. McLean) grad 1926
Clarke, Marjorie (Mrs. T.M. McDonald) grad 1928
Clay, Mrs. Chas. see M. Esplen
Cleaves, Rose (Mrs. E. Billo) grad 1932
Coates, Mrs. L.H. see Annabell Hough
Cole, Mrs. W.T. see Georgeina Barrick
Cole, Mrs. J.M. see Mary Slee
Cole, Pearl (Mrs. G.H. Smith) grad 1925
Collver, Mrs. Hugh see Hilda Booth
Collyer, Ethel (Mrs. Ralph Dawson) grad 1922
Collyer, Margaret grad 1924
Colvin, Margaret grad 1923, deceased
Conkey, Minnie (Mrs. Harvey Fletcher) grad 1920
Corbett, Mrs. L. see Gladys Edminston
Cottroll, Mrs. G. see Eleanor Marshall
Crabbe, Ida (Mrs. J.D. Stuart) grad 1916, deceased
Crinian, Mrs. R.L. see Mildred Hastings
Cromar, Mrs. R. see Edith Saul
Cuff, Marion (Mrs. W. Stoner) grad 1929
Culver, Mrs. S. see Patricia Saunders
Cunningham, Evelyn grad 1932
Currie, E.B/V. (Mrs. Herbert Dell) grad 1896
Dack, Mrs. J. see Norma Darling
Dales, Olive grad 1907, deceased
Darling, Norma (Mrs. J. Dack) grad 1925
Davidson, J. Errol grad 1922, photo
Davidson, J. Errol (Mrs. R. Lark) grad 1922
Davies, Ethel (Mrs. Jack Casey) grad 1929
Davison, Mrs. Jim see Grace Turnbull
Dawson, Mrs. Ralph see Ethel Collyer
Day, Hannah (Mrs. A.A. Scott) grad 1918
Decarle, D. grad 1914
Dell, Mrs. Herbert See E.B. Currie
DeMarsh, Miss Kathleen Director of the School 1943-1946, Reg N.
Denton, Mary grad 1889, deceased
Diamond, Hazel (Mrs. R. Kirkby) grad 1928
Dobbie, Mrs. William see Annie Williamson
Doeringer, Hope (Mrs. Robt. Young) grad 1919
Doherty, Mrs. Arthur see Florence Slee
Donaldson, Mrs. see Mary Moffatt
Douglas, Jean (Mrs. R. Neilson) grad 1899
Dowdall, Mary grad 1918
Doxy, Mrs. J. see Alice Lambert
Duffy, Edna (Mrs. F. Tomlin) grad 1920
Duncan, Mary grad 1898, deceased
Duncan, Opal (Mrs. Eric Jenner) grad 1931
Dunn, Daisy (Mrs. Harold Brooks) grad 1918
Durham, Vera grad 1924
Durward, Grace (Mrs. John Vagiates) grad 1925
Eacrett, Mrs. Geo. see Minnie Van Fleet
Eassley, Mrs. Sidney See Bessie McLelland
Eddy, Mrs. R. see Emily Mann
Edminston, Gladys (Mrs. L. Corbett) grad 1923
Edmondson, Jessie grad 1921
Edward, Mrs. H. see Ada Blackwell
Ehlers, Mrs. M. see Marjorie Mann
Elliott, Mrs. R. see Dorothy Gardiner
Emery, Mrs. E. see Elva Hodgins
Erwin, Mrs. W.J.A. see Margaret McCormack
Esplen, M. (Mrs. Chas. Clay) grad 1908
Fair, Anne (Mrs. Al. Gray) grad 1925
Fair, Edna grad 1917
Fair, Mary Anna grad 1889, deceased, photo
Fasken, Mabel grad 1927
Feely, Miss Irene Director of the School 1950-1954, Reg N. (B.G.H. '33)
Ferguson, Ruby (Mrs. Chas. Black) grad 1931
Fischer, Alberta (Mrs. M. Gross) grad 1920, deceased
Fleming, Susannah (Mrs. Andrews) grad 1924, deceased
Fletcher, Margaret (Mrs. H. Henderson) grad 1920, deceased
Fletcher, Mrs. Harvey see Minnie Conkey
Force, Mrs. G.V. see Helen Turner
Ford, Estelle grad 1931
Forde, Miss Marion Director of the School 1915-1923, Reg N.
Forsythe, Vera grad 1920
Foulds, Mrs. H. see Leora Cameron
Frank, Dora (Mrs. Oscar Bixel) grad 1888, deceased, photo
Franklin, Dorothy grad 1932
Fraser, Jessie grad 1920, deceased
Frost, Victoria grad 1918
Fuller, Mrs. G. see Laura Spearing
Gardiner, Dorothy (Mrs. R. Elliott) grad 1930
Gerhard, Blanche Flora grad 1926
Gilbert, Mrs. C. see Jessie Arnold
Gilbert, Mrs. F. see Helen Miller
Gill, Mrs. W. see Margaret Ovans
Gillespie, Lavina grad 1919
Gillespie, Margaret grad 1915
Gillespie, Mrs. N. See Annie Ireland
Good, Carol grad 1919
Graham, Miss Mary Director of the School 1886-1895, Reg N.
Graham, Mrs. see Della Ingleby
Graham, Reita grad 1927
Gray, Mrs. Al. see Anne Fair
Greensides, Hilda (Mrs. Lawrence Buck) grad 1929
Griffths, Mrs. W.H. see Harriet Hill
Grills, Mrs. W. see Bessie Tink
Gross, Mrs. M see Alberta Fischer
Guenther, Florence (Mrs. A.W. Sutherland) grad 1928
Hall, A. C. (Mrs. Jack VanStee) grad 1913
Hamilton, Mrs. R. see Florence Keffer
Hamilton, Mrs. R. see Rhea MacBride
Hammond, Mary (Mrs. A. Wilson) grad 1927
Hardisty, Annie (Mrs. Melvin B. Bowman, Sr.) grad 1923
Harris, Mrs. H. see J. Tunstead
Hastings, B. grad 1910, deceased
Hastings, Mildred (Mrs. R.L. Crinian) grad 1922
Hastings, Helen grad 1931
Henderson, Mrs. H. see Margaret Fletcher
Herbert, Mrs. Chas. see Helen McDowell
Herman, Jean (Mrs. Geo. Borger) grad 1932
Hewitt, Esther (Mrs. G.K. Shirton) grad 1918
Hewitt, Mrs. see Maude Saunders
Hewitt, Mrs. Ashburn see Alva Bunn
Hewitt, Mrs. T.B. see Beatrice Jennings
Hill, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. Riddell) grad 1926
Hill, Harriet (Mrs. W.H. Griffths) grad 1892
Hird, Mrs. M. see Marjorie Armstrong
Hislop, S. Louise (Mrs. Jos. Kelly) grad 1929
Hockin, Reta (Mrs. A. VanEvera) grad 1927
Hodgins, Elva (Mrs. E. Emery) grad 1923
Holbrooke, Helen (Mrs. R.B. Cauvet) grad 1927
Hopkins, Verna grad 1922, photo
Hopkins, Verna (Mrs. N.B. Jackson) grad 1922
Hough, Annabell (Mrs. L.H. Coates) grad 1922
Houlding, Mrs. H. see Lulu Simpson
Howarth, Mrs. W. see Florence Berry
Howell, May (Mrs. A. McKenzie) grad 1926
Howell, Mrs. Frank see Ida Martin
Hunt, Velma (Mrs. C. Parsons) grad 1929
Hutchinston, Kathleen (Mrs. J. Page) grad 1918
Hyndman, Mary grad 1893, deceased
Ingleby, Della (Mrs. Graham) grad 1929, deceased
Inglehart, Jean grad 1924, deceased
Ion, Helen grad 1927
Ireland, Annie (Mrs. N. Gillespie) grad 1910
Ironsides, Jane grad 1895, deceased
Ironsides, Nellie grad 1895, deceased
Isaac, Rachel grad 1924
Isbister, Ida (Mrs. Earl Buckley) grad 1924
Jackson, Miss Clara E. Director of the School 1931-1943, Reg N.
Jackson, Mrs. N.B. see Verna Hopkins
Jamieson, Miss S.M. Director of the School (?) March 1928, Reg N.
Jenkins, Anna (Mrs. D. Walker) grad 1924
Jenner, Mrs. Eric see Opal Duncan
Jennings, Beatrice (Mrs. T.B. Hewitt) grad 1919
Jones, Edith grad 1919, deceased
Jones, Edna (Mrs. H.J. Medcalf) grad 1902
Jones, Ina grad 1918
Jordan, Joyce (Mrs. Lane) grad 1930
Keffer, Florence (Mrs. R. Hamilton) grad 1928
Keffer, Violet (Mrs. Ed Kohli) grad 1931
Kellog, Mrs. see Leah Mallory
Kelly, A. Clara (Mrs. W. Andrew) grad 1921
Kelly, Mrs. Jos. see S. Louise Hislop
Kenyon, C. Elva (Mrs. Bertram Merson) grad 1919
Kerr, Marguerite (Mrs. R. McLaren) grad 1916
Kersey, Mrs. J.W. see Annie Brett
Key, Deela grad 1929
Keyworth, Mrs. see Thelma Boyd
Kirkby, Mrs. R. see Hazel Diamond
Kitchen, Mrs. (Dr.) See L.M. McTaggart
Knoepfli, Mrs. W. see Frances Batty
Knowles, Mrs. Bert see Annie Troughton
Kohli, Mrs. Ed see Violet Keffer
Laird, Willa grad 1928
Lambert, Alice (Mrs. J. Doxy) grad 1931
Lamont, Mrs. see Margaret Milligan
Lane, Mrs. see Joyce Jordan
Langton, Mrs. Wm. see Pearl Robinson
Lark, Mrs. R. see J. Errol Davidson
Lauer, Alma (Mrs. Siler) grad 1924
Leask, M. grad 1900
Leaske, May grad 1895, deceased
Leitch, Flora grad 1930, deceased
Leslie, Georgia grad 1919
Lewis, Edna grad 1928
Linton, Mrs. B. see Madeline Waghorne
Livett, Sarah grad 1919, deceased
Lloyd, Isobel (Mrs. Holland Thompson) grad 1928
Lockman, Natalie grad 1927, deceased
Lombardo, Mrs A.M. see Alice McLeod
Lowe, Frances grad 1904, deceased
Lowes, Bessie (Mrs. S. Ambrose) grad 1931



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