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Brantford General Hospital


The information about the Brant General Hospital and Nursing School was provided courtesy of Mary Lou Finn. A big thank you to Mary Lou for her kindness! Please help us identity the nurses in these photos


Comments - Note grads are only listed for years 1888-1932. Also those marked "deceased" were apparently deceased in 1959.

MacBride, Rhea (Mrs. R. Hamilton)

grad 1931

MacDonald, Jean

grad 1923, deceased

Machan, Mrs. C.

see Laura Patterson

Mair, Aileen (Mrs. John Sullivan)

grad 1926

Malcolm, Mrs. Robt.

see Audrey Roadhouse

Mallory, Leah (Mrs. Kellog)

grad 1910

Mann, Emily (Mrs. R. Eddy)

grad 1928

Mann, Marjorie (Mrs. M. Ehlers)

grad 1927

Markel, S.

grad 1909

Marks, Ruby

grad 1924

Marshall, Isobel

grad 1924

Marshall, Isobel

grad 1909, deceased

Marshall, Eleanor (Mrs. G. Cottroll)

grad 1931

Martin, Dorothy

grad 1922, photo

Martin, Dorothy (Mrs. Edwin Noble)

grad 1922

Martin, Ida (Mrs. Frank Howell)

grad 1921

Martin, K. (Mrs. J.S. Caton)

grad 1913

Martin, Lillian

grad 1897, deceased

Martin, Mrs. Perc.

see Amelia Todd

Masales, Amanda

grad 1893, deceased

Massecar, Mrs. D.

see Florence Stewart

Mathews, Mrs. A.A.

see Mary Armstrong

Matson, Mrs. J.H.

see Lyla Stewart

Maynard, Mrs. R.H.

see Gertrude Shaver

McArthur, L.

grad 1906

McCombe, J. (Mrs. L. Miller)

grad 1912, deceased

McCormack, Margaret (Mrs. W.J.A. Erwin)

grad 1925

McCullock, (Mrs. G. Padden)

grad 1916

McCullough, A.M. (Mrs. Reg. Millard)

grad 1913

McDermott, Florence (Mrs. Butler)

grad 1917

McDonald, Beatrice

grad 1930

McDonald, Florence (Mrs. B. Stewart)

grad 1929

McDonald, Mrs. T.M.

see Marjorie Clarke

McDowell, Helen (Mrs. Chas. Herbert)

grad 1926

McGregor, Jessie

grad 1913, deceased

McGregor, Jessie (Mrs. W.J. Rumney)

grad 1929

McIntosh, Mrs. R.

see Alice May Stuart

McKay, Elsie

grad 1917

McKay, Ruby

grad 1924

McKee, Alberta

grad 1922

McKee, Jennie

grad 1930

McKenzie, Mrs. A.

see May Howell

McKenzie, Mrs. G.

see Marion Riddell

McLachlan, Mrs. Hugh

see Mildred Burtch

McLaren, Mrs. R.

see Marguerite Kerr

McLean, Elizabeth

grad 1903, deceased

McLean, Mrs. F.W.

see Edna Clarke

McLelland, Bessie (Mrs. Sidney Eassley)

grad 1916, deceased

McLeod, Alice (Mrs. A.M. Lombardo)

grad 1922

McMaster, Carmen (Mrs. D.A. Morrison)

grad 1914

McNally, Mrs. H.

see Violet Van Valkenburg

McNeil, Kate

grad 1897, deceased

McPherson, J.

grad 1897

McPherson, Mrs. C.

see Audrey Slater

McTaggart, L.M. (Mrs. Dr. Kitchen)

grad 1893

Medcalf, Mrs. H.J.

see Edna Jones

Meggitt, Mary (Mrs. Mary Booth)

grad 1929

Merson, Mrs. Bertram

see C. Elva Kenyon

Millard, Mrs. Reg.

see A.M. McCullough

Miller, A.

grad 1904, deceased

Miller, Edith

grad 1921, deceased

Miller, Helen

grad 1906

Miller, Mrs. L.

See J. McCombe

Miller, Helen (Mrs. F. Gilbert)

grad 1928

Miller, Mrs. Brock

see Muriel Pottruff

Milligan, Margaret (Mrs. Lamont)

grad 1930

Minty, Miss Eileen

Director of the School 1954-1959, Reg N.

Misener, Gertrude

grad 1889, deceased

Moffatt, Mary (Mrs. Donaldson)

grad 1921

Moffatt, Reta

grad 1929

Morgenroth, Emeline (Mrs. E.F. Bertram)

grad 1918

Morrison, Mrs. D.A.

See Carmen McMaster

Mortimer, Mrs. D.

see Verna Woods

Moscrip, Pearl (Mrs. C.A. Norman)

grad 1920, deceased

Moss, Mabel

grad 1922

Moyer, Grace

grad 1930, deceased

Muir, Hilda (Mrs. Wm. Simpson)

grad 1927

Muir, Mrs. D.

see Ursula Austin

Muma, Dorothy

grad 1927, deceased

Nairn, E. (Mrs. David Anderson)

grad 1906, deceased

Neff, Blanche

grad 1914, deceased

Neilson, Mrs. R.

see Jean Douglas

Nelson, Mrs. J.

see Melvina Wilson

Nichol, Muriel

grad 1927

Niederauer, Mildred (Mrs. Kenneth Carruthers)

grad 1925

Noble, Mrs. Edwin

see Dorothy Martin

Norman, Mrs. C.A.

see Pearl Moscrip

O'Range, Mrs. Laura

see Laura Worden

Ovans, Margaret (Mrs. W. Gill)

grad 1930

Padden, Mrs. G.

See McCullock (no first name)

Page, Mrs. J.

see Kathleen Hutchinston

Palmer, Laura (Mrs. C. Windrim)

grad 1930

Parsons, Mrs. C.

see Velma Hunt

Paterson, G.A.

grad 1898

Paton, Jessie

grad 1928

Patterson, Gertrude

grad 1895, deceased

Patterson, Laura (Mrs. C. Machan)

grad 1931

Pearson, Ida

grad 1910, deceased

Perkins, Mrs. J.G.

see Elizabeth Speirs

Perry, Olive (Mrs. A. Sherrell)

grad 1931

Phillip, Ellen (Mrs. Chas. Ross)

grad 1900

Phillips, Mrs. R.

see Genevieve Weiler

Pickell, Olga (Mrs. Ralph Smith)

grad 1931

Pierce, Helen (Mrs. C. Weeks)

grad 1931

Pottruff, Muriel (Mrs. Brock Miller)

grad 1929

Potts, Helen

grad 1918, deceased

Potts, Mrs. Thos.

see Berta Vasbinder

Powell, F

grad 1907

Powell, Grace

grad 1917, deceased

Powley, Mrs. Harry

See Christine Wedlake

Pritchard, Jennie

grad 1923, deceased

Reid, Louise

grad 1914, deceased

Reid, Margaret (Mrs. R. Woodley)

grad 1931

Richards, Mrs. F.L.

see Flossie Stenabaugh

Richardson, Mrs.

see Louise Turner

Richmond, Mrs. Chester

see Margaret Campbell

Riddell, Marion (Mrs. G. McKenzie)

grad 1926

Riddell, Mrs. G.

see Elizabeth Hill

Roadhouse, Audrey (Mrs. Robt. Malcolm)

grad 1930

Robbins, Hilda (Mrs. Zywina)

grad 1926

Roberts, Marguerite

grad 1931

Robertson, M.

grad 1908

Robertson, Margaret (Mrs. J.M. Walker)

grad 1910

Robinson, Pearl (Mrs. Wm. Langton)

grad 1916

Robson, Helen (Mrs. W. Sherk)

grad 1929

Rose, Mae (Mrs. J.R. Stein)

grad 1921

Ross, Mrs. Chas.

see Ellen Phillip

Rourke, Mrs. W.

see Nellie Yardley

Routh, Erie (Mrs. (Dr.) Childs)

grad 1902

Rumney, Mrs. W.J.

see Jessie McGregor

Russell, G.

grad 1910, deceased

Russell, M.A.

grad 1906

Saul, Edith (Mrs. R. Cromar)

grad 1926, deceased

Saunders, Maude (Mrs. Hewitt)

grad 1919, deceased

Saunders, Patricia (Mrs. S. Culver)

grad 1928

Schartzberg, Hazel

grad 1929

Schnell, Mrs. Thos.

see Alberta Bartley

Scott, Mrs. A.A.

see Hannah Day

Scruton, Mrs. M.

see Florence Waite

Sharp, Jean

grad 1913, deceased

Shaver, Gertrude (Mrs. R.H. Maynard)

grad 1919

Shaver, Mable

grad 1926

Sheppard, Mrs. P.S.

see Minnie Blackmann

Sheppard, Mrs. W.

see Eleanor Birkett

Sherk, Della

grad 1908

Sherk, Mrs. W.

see Helen Robson

Sherrell, Mrs. A.

see Olive Perry

Shirton, Mrs G.K.

see Esther Hewitt

Siler, Mrs.

see Alma Lauer

Silver, Louise

grad 1922, photo

Silver, Louise (Mrs. Welcher)

grad 1922

Simpson, Lulu (Mrs. H. Houlding)

grad 1915, deceased

Simpson, Mrs. Wm.

see Hilda Muir

Slaght, Cora

grad 1926

Slater, Audrey (Mrs. C. McPherson)

grad 1925

Slee, Florence (Mrs. Arthur Doherty)

grad 1916

Slee, Mary (Mrs. J.M. Cole)

grad 1930

Small, Doris

grad 1924, deceased

Smith, Minnie

grad 1923, deceased

Smith, Mrs. G.H.

see Pearl Cole

Smith, Madeline

grad 1927

Smith, Mrs. Ralph

see Olga Pickell

Snider, Maggie

grad 1889

Spearing, Laura (Mrs. G. Fuller)

grad 1926

Speirs, Elizabeth (Mrs. J.G. Perkins)

grad 1929

Stein, Mrs. J.R.

see Mae Rose

Stenabaugh, Flossie (Mrs. F.L. Richards)

grad 1909

Stephenson, Eileen (Mrs. D. Varey)

grad 1928

Stevens, A. (Mrs. Bromley)

grad 1916, deceased

Stevens, Hattie

grad 1920

Stevens, Mrs. A.M.

see Amy Adams

Stewart, Florence (Mrs. D. Massecar)

grad 1925

Stewart, Lyla (Mrs. J.H. Matson)

grad 1920

Stewart, Mrs. B.

see Florence McDonald

Still, Mrs. K.

see Mable Bishop

Stock, Beulah

grad 1931

Stoner, Mrs. W.

see Marion Cuff

Stright, Mrs. Percy

see G. Wardell

Stuart, Alice May (Mrs. R. McIntosh)

grad 1925

Stuart, Mrs. J.D.

see Ida Crabbe

Sullivan, Mrs. John

see Aileen Mair

Sutherland, Mrs. A.W.

see Florence Guenther

Tait, M.

grad 1914, deceased

Tarrant, Lottie (Mrs. Theo Tweedale)

grad 1900

Taylor, Dora

grad 1918

Taylor, Florence

grad 1904

Terryberry, Miss Mary

Director of the School Feb-Jul 1943, Reg N.,(B.G.H. '39)

Thompson, A Gertrude

grad 1900

Thompson, Mrs. Holland

see Isobel Lloyd

Thomson, Miss Mable

Director of the School 1946-1949, Reg N.

Tilley, Daisy (Mrs. G. Whitehead)

grad 1929

Tink, Bessie (Mrs. W. Grills)

grad 1916, deceased

Todd, Amelia (Mrs. Perc. Martin)

grad 1890, deceased

Tolmie, Helen

grad 1893, deceased

Tolmie, Miss Helen C.

Director of the School 1895-1911, Reg. N. (J.H.S.H. '93)

Tomlin, Mrs. F.

see Edna Duffy

Traill, Mary

grad 1917

Troughton, Annie (Mrs. Bert Knowles)

grad 1930

Trousdell, Mrs. F.

see Rhoda Campbell

Trumper, Barbara

grad 1920, deceased

Tuck, K/G

grad 1896, deceased

Tucker, Helen

grad 1926

Tunstead, J. (Mrs. H. Harris)

grad 1899

Turnbull, Grace (Mrs. Jim Davison)

grad 1927

Turner, Helen (Mrs. G.V. Force)

grad 1926

Turner, Louise (Mrs. Richardson)

grad 1918, deceased

Tweedale, Mrs. Theo

see Lottie Tarrant

Vagiates, Mrs. John

see Grace Durward

Vallentyne, Martha

grad 1923, deceased

Van Fleet, Minnie (Mrs. Geo. Eacrett)

grad 1918

Van Valkenburg, Violet (Mrs. H. McNally)

grad 1924

VanEvera, Gladys

grad 1923

VanEvera, Mrs. A.

see Reta Hockin

VanStee, Mrs. Jack

See A.C. Hall

Varey, Mrs. D.

see Eileen Stephenson

Varley, Mildred

grad 1930

Vasbinder, Bertha (Mrs. Thos. Potts)

grad 1888, deceased, photo

Veevers, Muriel (Mrs. S. Barrett)

grad 1925

Waddington, Mrs. H.

see Marjorie Williams

Waghorne, Madeline (Mrs. B. Linton)

grad 1928

Waite, Florence (Mrs. M. Scruton)

grad 1925

Waite, Mrs. Dolly

see Dollie Westbrook

Walker, Mrs. D.

see Anna Jenkins

Walker, Mrs. J.M.

See Margaret Robertson

Wardell, G. (Mrs. Percy Stright)

grad 1914, deceased

Wedlake, Christine (Mrs. Harry Powley)

grad 1903, deceased

Weeks, Mrs. C.

see Helen Pierce

Weiler, Genevieve (Mrs. R. Phillips)

grad 1925

Welcher, Mrs.

see Louise Silver

Westbroo, Gladys

grad 1923

Westbrook, Dollie (Mrs. Dolly Waite)

grad 1916, deceased

Westbrook, Florence

grad 1921, deceased

Whitehead, Mrs. G.

see Daisy Tilley

Widdis, Marjorie (Mrs. J. Bell)

grad 1928

Wiley, Mrs. W.D.

see Gertrude Best

Williams, Marjorie (Mrs. H. Waddington)

grad 1925

Williamson, Annie (Mrs. Sm. Dobbie)

grad 1890, deceased

Wilson, Jessie

grad 1921

Wilson, Melvina

grad 1922, photo

Wilson, Melvina (Mrs. J. Nelson)

grad 1922, deceased

Wilson, Miss Mary

Director of the School 1928-1929, Reg N.

Wilson, Mrs. A.

see Mary Hammond

Windrim, Mrs. C.

see Laura Palmer

Woodley, Mrs. R.

see Margaret Reid

Woods, Verna

grad 1922, photo

Woods, Verna (Mrs. D. Mortimer)

grad 1922

Worden, Laura (Mrs. Laura O'Range)

grad 1923

Worden, Lillian

grad 1904

Yardley, Nellie (Mrs. W. Rourke)

grad 1927

Young, Mrs. Robt.

see Hope Doeringer

Zimmerman, Marguerite

grad 1929, deceased

Zywina, Mrs.

see Hilda Robbins




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