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Posted courtesy of Tom and Betsy Parker. If you know more about any of these photos please contact Tom and Betsy.

James Bristol Scott

Alexander Ferguson

Son of Mary Jane Fairchild and William Scott. He was born Nov. 5, 1865, and died Aug. 30, 1941. He married Agnes Ferguson on Nov. 22, 1893, and settled at Maple Grove, Oakland Township, in the west section of the house lived in by Mary Jane Fairchild, on a section of the Fairchild farm. James Scott made wooden pumps and installed them at farms all over the township. The pumps were painted green, with James Scott's name and address in black. He continued this work until his death in 1941.

Photo of very young Alexander Ferguson, taken before he left Scotland for Canada. Photo was taken by Charles Mitchell, who had his photography studio in Glasgow, Scotland, on 149 Dumbarton Road.

Alexander Ferguson

Agnes Ferguson

This is an early photo of Alexander Ferguson, husband of Elizabeth Hastings, and father of Agnes Ferguson Scott.

This photo is of Agnes Ferguson, the only child of Elizabeth Hastings and Alexander Ferguson. She was born Nov. 2, 1868, and died May 17, 1907 at Maple Grove, Oakland Township, Brant County. On Nov. 22, 1893, she married James Bristol Scott, son of Mary Jane Fairchild and William Scott. Agnes and James had three children, Mary Elizabeth, Gordon, and Victor. Agnes died from complications of childbirth after Victor was born. He was adopted by the doctor, Dr. Mott, and his wife, Anna Lewis Mott. Mary Elizabeth and Gordon grew up at Maple Grove.

Mary Laidlaw

William Scott

Wife of David Hastings. They had five children, Elizabeth Jane, Annie, Mary, John, and Edith. Photo taken by J. C. Walker, 148 Colborne St., Brantford.

This photo is of William Scott, husband of Mary Jane Fairchild. He was born in England in 1826, town unknown. He had one child, George Walter Scott, by his first wife, Hannah Stackhouse. Hannah died on Feb. 13, 1856, aged 23 years, 3 months. She is buried in the Princeton cemetery in Oxford county. He married Mary Jane Fairchild on March 23, 1858. They had five children: Eliza Emily, Wallace Alva, William Newton, James Bristol, and Mary Elizabeth. William Scott worked as a cooper in Maple Grove, making barrels. He appears on the 1861 census for Oakland Township as age 35, a Baptist, and born in England. William Scott died of typhoid fever on March 9, 1868, and is buried in the Fairchild Cemetery.

Matilda Fairchild

Eliza Emily Scott

Daughter of Isaac and Lucy Fairchild. Matilda is a sister of Samuel Fairchild. She was born on Oct 5, 1815. She married Lyman Chapin on July 1, 1835. Matilda died on Jan. 5, 1875, and is buried in the Fairchild Cemetery in Brant Co.

Daughter of Mary Jane Fairchild and William Scott. She was born on Dec. 7, 1860, and died May 14, 1944. She was a talented seamstress, and she and her sister Mary Elizabeth Scott were professional dressmakers. In her later years, she lived in Toronto. She was never married.

Mary Elizabeth Scott

Margaret Bell McGowan Scott

Daughter of Mary Jane Fairchild and William Scott. She was born in Nov. 1867. She died June 28, 1918, and is buried in the Fairchild Cemetery, along with her sister Eliza Emily. Mary Elizabeth and Eliza Emily were sisters of James Bristol Scott.

Margaret Bell McGowan Scott, wife of George Walter Scott. Margaret was born on May 23, 1857 in Ontario to Walter McGowan (b. 1830 in Ontario) and his wife Rebecca (b. 1829 in Scotland). Margaret was one of 5 children. After her marriage to George Walter Scott, she had two children, Oliver and Oscar. The family moved to Vancouver, where they remained. Margaret died on Oct. 14, 1951.




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