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Posted courtesy of Tom and Betsy Parker. If you know more about any of these photos please contact Tom and Betsy.

Oscar and Oliver Scott. Sons of George Walter Scott and grandsons of William Scott and Walter McGowan of Wawanosh Township, Huron North county. The boys moved to Vancouver, BC with their parents and died there as old men. Walter Oscar Scott married Anna Marie Reese on July 21, 1917, and died on Oct 31, 1970 at the age of 88 in Sechelt, BC. He and his wife had no children. William Oliver Scott married Susie Neilans on Jan. 3, 1906. They had two sons, Walter and Cecil. William worked as a motorman on the street railway in Vancouver. He died on Sept. 14, 1942 in Surrey, BC.

This family photo is of John Fairchild (brother of Mary Jane Fairchild and son of Eliza Yerks and Samuel Fairchild), his wife Mary Jane Gee, and their daughter, Eliza. John Fairchild was born July 19, 1833, and Mary Jane Gee was born Nov. 23, 1850. They were married on Dec. 20, 1868. Their daughter, Eliza Jane, was born Aug. 31, 1871. John Fairchild died March 23, 1903, and his daughter Eliza Jane died Sept. 26, 1904. (Death date unknown for Mary Jane Gee.)

George Walter Scott

Alexander Ferguson and his wife, Elizabeth Hastings Ferguson

This photo is of George Walter Scott, son of William Scott and his first wife Hannah Stackhouse, of Paris. George Walter Scott was born Sept. 9, 1854. He married Margaret Bell McGowan and had two children, Walter Oscar Scott (b. July 1o, 1881) and William Oliver Scott (b. May 6, 1876). Sometime after the boys had their photos taken in Clinton, Ontario, the Scott family moved to Vancouver. They appear on the 1901 census there.

He was born on July 11, 1832 in Penpont, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. She was born on April 24, 1837 in Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. They emigrated to Brant County and were married on March 17, 1865 in Brantford. They had one child, Agnes, born Nov. 2, 1868. Alexander Ferguson died Aug. 21, 1915, and Elizabeth died in April 1910.

Eliza Yerks Fairchild, wife of Samuel Fairchild.

Mary Jane Fairchild

(Samuel Fairchild is the oldest son of Isaac Fairchild, friend of Chief Brant). Eliza Yerks was born Jan. 25, 1803, and died March 20. 1873. She married Samuel Fairchild on Feb. 24, 1818. Census of 1871 lists her as born in the USA, of German origins. She is buried by Samuel in the Fairchild Cemetery in Brant County.

Daughter of Eliza Yerks and Samuel Fairchild. She was born March 24, 1839 in Brant County. On March 23, 1858, she married William Scott. When the youngest of their five children was 6 months old, William Scott died of typhoid fever. Mary Jane raised those five children and a son of William's by a first marriage, Walter Scott. Mary Jane Fairchild Scott died on Dec. 15, 1911, and is buried in the Fairchild Cemetery.


Elizabeth Hastings

The identities of this father and his daughter are unknown. The photo was taken in Carlisle, Scotland by A & G Taylor. Mr. Taylor had a photography office on Bank Street in Carlisle from 1893-1903. This photo was in the Scott/Ferguson family album (from Brant County.) Any information as to the identities of this family would be appreciated.

Wife of Alexander Ferguson. She and her brother, David Hastings emigrated to Brant County from Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

David Hastings

Agnes Ferguson Scott

Brother of Elizabeth Hastings. Their father was William Hastings, of Maxwelltown, Scotland. This photo was taken by J.C. Walker, at 148 Colborne St., Brantford. David Hastings was born May 6, 1833 in Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. He married Mary Laidlaw, and lived in South Dumfries, Ontario. Their descendents are the Inksaters of Paris, Ontario, and the Weavers.

This is the wedding photo of Agnes Ferguson in 1893. She married James Bristol Scott, the son of Mary Jane Fairchild and William Scott.



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