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Chiefs of the Six Nations

Joseph Snow (Chan-ly-e-ya) "Drifted Snow" Onondaga Chief George H. M. Johnson (Je-yung-heh-kwang) "Double Life" Mohawk Chief and official interpreter John Smoke Johnson (Sac-a-yung-Kwar-to) "Disappearing Knot" Mohawk Chief John Buck (Skan-a-wa-ti) "Beyond the Swamp " Keeper of the Wampum, Onondaga Chief Isaac Hill (Te-yem-tho-hi-sa) "Two Doors Closed" Onondaga Chief John Seneca Johnson (Ka-nung-he-ri-taws) "Entangled Hair Given" Seneca Chief IN the photo they are reading the wampums, 1890
from Tammy Martin

Earl Martin and William Peters
From Tammy Martin

Hiram Johnson July 1898
from Tammy Martin

Miss Healey, Teacher at Mohawk Institute
given to Nancy Miller
From Tammy Martin

Pte Hiram Miller, 2and Depot Batt., 2 and COR Brantford
From Tammy Martin 

Pte Jas. E. Vyse, 114 Brocks Rangers, Haldimand Batt
From Tammy Martin


Mary Jane Willits

Pte, Thomas LaForce
From Tammy Martin

William Peters
From Tammy Martin 

This is a picture of Mary Jane Willits, daughter of James Brooks Willits & Mary Stenabaugh. Mary was born 2 Feb 1845 in Burford Tp, Brant Co., Canada West; died 10 Oct 1871 Hawtry, Oxford Co., Ontario. She was married to Alfred Booker House 2 Oct 1871 Burford Tp, Brant Co., Ontario and had two children: Maitland Willits House and Oscar Charles House. The date of this picture is unknown but was probably taken between 1865-1870. On this photo, please email LaVonne Murray for more info.


David Long Smith, son of James Y. Smith








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