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The following people have volunteered to lookup the information listed next to their name. Please remember to thank them for their kindness!  And please DO NOT overwhelm them with too many requests at one time! 

Name of Volunteer

Area of Assistance

Please put your name here!

Lookups, research, transcribers, you name it! As you can see we need help here.

Betsy Parker


Betsy has kindly offered to do lookups in the books listed below. Please note the following on Ontario records:
Because most of the preachers were itinerant and traveled the backwoods of Ontario by horseback, many marriage records were turned in to the clerk in the first large town the minister came to, without regard to County or District boundary lines. If someone asks for a name, I will look for that name in each of my books, not just the Brant County book. Over the years, parts of Brant County have been in several different districts before counties were formed. Also, Anglican and Roman Catholic marriages were not required to be turned in, because these were the two "official" religions of Canada. Therefore, most of these marriages are archived by the church in which the marriages were performed.

District Books:
The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West
Volume 1 - Talbot District, 1837-1857
Volume 2 - Brock District, 1839-1857, (Number 3 includes some of what is now Brant County)
Volume 4 - London District, 1841-1852
Volume 9 - Wellington District, pt. 1, 1840-1852 and pt. 2, 1852-1857, Part one of the Wellington District register includes a complete transcription of the returns in the District Marriage register up to 1852, including occasional baptisms and burials. Part 2 includes all remaining marriages to 1858, and a complete transcription of the separate baptism and burial registers kept by the Clerk of the Peace for the District.
Volume 13 - Gore District, 1842-1856

County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869
Volume 7 - Wentworth County
Volume 21 - Haldimand County
Volume 22 - Brant County
Volume 26 - Oxford County
Volume 32 - Waterloo County
Volume 34 - Norfolk County.

The next two books are the best substitute for a district book that is available, because the district registers were lost or burned. The marriages have been "reconstructed" from church archives, private holdings, etc:

Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West
Volume 1 - Niagara District, 1795-1856
Volume 2 - Niagara District, 1792-1849

Oakland Pioneer Cemetery and the Oakland Cemetery .

Betsy will also do Lookups for the Oakland Pioneer cemetery (indexed in 1986 by Ted & Susan Wallace) and the Oakland Cemetery (possibly also done by Ted & Susan Wallace).

  Both of these publications are from the Brant County Branch of the OGS.


Patrice Locker

Pat is a local of Glen Morris - which is on the East River Road between Brantford and Cambridge. She has access to the Tweedsmuir Histories for the area and can also answer questions regarding Glen Morris which was in South Dumfries Twp until a year ago.

Carol Jean Wolick

I would be willing to do lookups in:
Mohawk Chapel Cemetery
Index of Mt. Vernon United Church Cemetery
Brant County Marriage Licenses, issued at Brantford, 1838 - 1839 by William Richardson
Brant County Mohawk Chapel Baptisms of White Children, 1827 - 1839.
Transcribed by Angela Files.

Linda Asberry


Linda can do lookups in the following books:

Ontario Directory for 1851--names of inhabitants, business and professional men throughout the province. Please give Linda the occupation and locality of your ancestor, because this book is arranged by locality and occupation, rather than by name.

People of Ontario 1600-1900

Valerie Smith

I have a copy of the book:
The Malcolm Family by John Karl Malcolm, published in 1950.
It is a genealogy of the descendents of Finlay Malcolm who settled in Scotland, Ontario (Oakland Twp) in 1800. I am willing to do lookups.


I grew up near St. George and love local history and am involved in the agricultural community, so if I can be of any help please let me know. I've tried to answer some of the queries with suggestions of where to look for more info. I know of some other people who are kind of "local historians" so will draw on their expertise if necessary.

Helen Brenneman

I can do lookups in my copy of the transcriptions of: Scotland Cemetery in Brant County
Wilsonville Cemetery in Norfolk County, but near border
Vanessa Cemetery, in Norfolk County, but near border

Betty Hollands

I would be willing to do lookups in 'Surnames of Greenwood Cemetery' for names beginning with G, I, J, K, L & M as well as lookups in the Farmer's Directory, Brantford Township circa 1891. These are all the Brant Co. references I have at this time. I hope they can be of some help to others.

KathyLee Ballentine

Kathy lives in Brant County and has access to the obituaries. She has graciously offered to post summaries on the GenConnect Obit Boards for us. These obits will be listed from the Brantford Expositor Newspaper and actual copies can be obtained from the Newspaper. Thank you KathyLee!

Ron Cushman

I have the following cemetery transcriptions from St. George:

St. George Baptist Church Cemetery
St. George United Cemetery

Paul Marchand

I have a copy (1972 reprint) of Illustrated Historical Atlas of Brant County, 1875 in which I can do lookups.

Elva Sanghera

I have the records of three Brant County Cemeteries. Would glad to to look ups. They are:
Salt Springs Church Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Pioneer Cemetery

Cliff Ilton

I have the following CDs:
Canadian Genealogy index 1600s - 1900 and
The Ontario Register 1780s - 1870s
Index to Tremaines Map

Cemetery transcriptions for:
Salt Springs, Oakland, Oakland Pioneer, All Saints Anglican(Mt. Pleasant) Mt Pleasant Pioneer and old part of Farringdon.

Bill Bowman

He can do lookups in the transcription of Fairfield Cemetery. He is also very familiar with Burford Township as he has been researching there for many years.

Doug Kingsbury

Doug is a local with alot of resources, but not much time. If you have something specific you want him to look up he may be able to help you. Please do not overwhelm him with all the sordid details of your family tree! <grin>

The original 1927 Expositor Semi Centennial Issue
Brant County A History 1784 - 1945 by C. M. Johnson
Brantford Grand River Crossing by Janet Kempster & Gary Muir
Remember Brantford 1877 - 1977 done by the Kinsmen
Grace Anglican Church 1830 - 1980
A Glimpse of the Past by the Historical Society (First check the index posted on this site)
Brant County - The Story of its People Vol. 1 & 2 by Jean Waldie
Brantford: A City's Century Vol. 1 1895 - 1945 by Gary Muir
The Brantford General Hospital 1885 - 1985
Brantford Golf & Country Club 1879 - 1979
The Governor's Road - Early buildings and families from Mississauga to London
I also have all the Expositor births, deaths, graduations and family announcements since Sept. 16, 1995 originals on paper.
I have North Park Collegiate yearbooks 1964 - 1967 & 1973 - 1977
I have Pauline Johnson Collegiate yearbooks 1956 - 1959 1965 & 1966

Judy Hice

She can do lookups in "Brant County Births & Deaths located in the Brantford Conservative 1852-1857" This is an index only, not the actual notices.

Bill Hirst


This great gentleman runs the Brant County mailing list. Thank you Bill! If you wish to subscribe please put the word "subscribe" in the subject and "subscribe" in the body of your email. Nothing else! It is an automated subscribe system.


Clayton Barker

P.O.Box 486, Burford, Ont., Canada, N0E 1A0


I am a resident of Burford Township (Lived here most of my life), which is in Brant, and have been a local Historian/Author/Researcher etc. here for the past 30 years. I would be willing to assist those doing Genealogy research for ancestors in Burford Township and other Historical queries for Burford Township or Brant County. I have self published 2 books: The life story of Luther Barker, 1990, and The Burford Congregational Cemetery index and map(1834-1995), 1996. I have been working on a third book over the past 20 years (commenced 1981); which will be a heavily illustrated History of Burford Township, including the histories of the places (all 24 Hamlets and Villages), families and buildings. Mapping and re-transcribing the Burford Cemeteries is an on-going hobby of mine as well.

 Please note, a charge may be made for materials or excessive requests

T C Martin


 I will do look ups in the 1881 Census of Tuscarora Township, Brant County, Ontario and the 1901 Census of Tuscarora Township, Brant County, Ontario. Also do lookups in Alphabetical Listing of Interments on the Six Nations Reservation, copyright 1997 (this is basically a transcription of tombstone/grave markers). I cannot provide any photocopies, etc.

Ken Sinclair


 Have deaths marriges & baptisms of the St James Anglican church in Paris on my computer. It was done for the Brant OGS.

I also belong to the paris Musuem & Historical Society, based in the Paris Library.


The following people will do research for a FEE in the areas indicated. This is great for some of you who wish to do some in-depth research and can't come to Ontario personally. Please be advised that neither the County Coordinator nor the Ontario GenWeb Project, nor the Canada GenWeb Project are responsible for their research. We are not familiar with their services and their name has been placed here as a service. It is up to you to negotiate with the researcher regarding his/her fees. But if you use their services, please let me know your experience.  

Name of Fee-Based Researcher

Area of Assistance

Murray Poole
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Milestone Genealogical Photos
A photography service specializing in points of interest, homesites and gravesites of ancestors, family members or friends. With the receipt of an order containing pertinent information, geographical instructions and payment, we will go to the place of interest, take a digital photo and forward the requested picture(s) via e-mail through the internet. We can even send a fifteen second MPEG movie. This is brand new and initially we are only servicing Brant, Oxford and Norfolk counties in the Brantford, Ontario, Canada area but plan to be expanding rapidly and will be adding areas on a regular basis. For more info and ordering information, visit us at our web site

Michael O. Johnson

He will do paid research at the National Archives in Washington DC. Go to his website to see what he can research.


Bill Bowman, UE

Bill is a Brantford local and will do research for a fee. He limits his research to Brant County. He is the kind person who has been transcribing and posting so many of our site's biographical and historical sketches.

Brian Narhi
134 Carlton St #6
Toronto, M5A 2K1
(416) 963-8307

I work in downtown Toronto, and I am close to- only about 3 blocks away from- the Archives of Ontario, U of T libraries, Metro Toronto Reference Library and a short transit ride from the North York Reference Library, OGS, OHS, Osgoode Hall, etc. I do genealogical research, heir tracing, historical research with a special knowledge of Land Registry Records since I was formerly a title searcher and clerked in various Land Registry offices. So if anyone needs information from any of these offices, I can look it up fairly quickly.

Glenn King

Able to carry out family history research in Ontario, Canada. Resources include census, vital statistics, land records, probate records, some church, some newspapers, and miscellaneous records


Norman K. Crowder

Posted by on Thu, 01 Jul 1999 Type of Item: Professional researcher in Ottawa, capital of Canada, with access to National Archives of Canada and National Library of Canada. On approved list of many institutions. Recently received Citation of Recognition from Ontario Genealogical Society. Listed in WHO'S WHO IN GENEALOGY AND HERALDRY. Send enquiry of for further details.


Suzanne Schaller

Research Services in South-Western Ontario. I am a professional researcher living in South-Western Ontario. I can search census records, etc, and have access to libraries and local archives in London and surrounding area. Vital Statistics searches cover entire province. A transportation fee may apply, depending on the location of records. For more information, please visit my information page

Marshall's Research

Marshall's Research is based in Mt. Pleasant, Ontario. Our goal is to assist you in researching your family history and locating Births, Marriages, Deaths and other information from local newspapers. Website




If you would like to volunteer, please contact me!



If you have problems, please email the Brant County Coordinator

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